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by James Allen by virtue of the thoughts which they choose and encourage; that mind is the master-weaver, both of the By thought we wrought and built. This books (As You Think [PDF]) Made by James Allen. Book details Author: James Allen Pages: pages Publisher: New World Library Language: English ISBN ISBN and provides the tools to achieve olhon.info You Think [PDF] Paperback. As You Think retains the ideas and elegant phrasing of James Allen while applying a more inclusive. And for other transformational materials. As a Man Thinketh.

As You Think James Allen Pdf

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The James Allen Free Library aspires to make all the works of inspirational First of all, we thank everyone who helped us find copies of James Allen's writings. result of what we have thought. Allen¹s Biblical text says, As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Allen insists upon the power of the individual to form his own. James Allen. (12 Reviews). As a Man Thinketh by James Allen free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. "Thought in the mind hath made us, What we are By thought was wrought.

Here is a woman who is wretchedly poor. I have introduced these three cases merely as illustrative of the truth And when he finds himself bankrupt. Such a person is altogether unfitted for prosperity. Here is an employer who adopts dishonest measures to avoid paying the regulation wage.

Such a person does not understand the simplest rudiments of those principles which are the basis of true prosperity. Such a man is totally unfit to have health.

He wants to gratify his taste for rich and unnatural foods and have his health. He is willing to give large sums of money to get rid of it. People are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves.

Here is a rich man who is the victim of a painful and persistent disease as the result of gluttony. The honest person reaps the good results of his honest thoughts and acts and also brings upon himself the sufferings which his or her vices produce.

You may. But the conclusion usually formed that the one person fails because of his or her particular honesty. Someone else may be dishonest in certain directions. Someone may be honest in certain ways.

The dishonest person likewise garners his or her own suffering and happiness. In the light of a deeper knowledge and wider experience. Such cases could be multiplied and varied almost indefinitely. The dishonest person may have some admirable virtues which the other does not possess. Possessed of such knowledge. People understand this law in the natural world.

As a Man Thinketh: Summary & Review in PDF

The sole and supreme use of suffering is to purify. The circumstances we encounter with blessedness are the result of our own mental harmony.

There could be no object in burning gold after the waste material has been removed. And a short while on the journey to reaching that supreme perfection. Suffering ceases for the person who is pure.

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Suffering is always the effect of wrong thought in some direction. A person Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results. This is but saying that nothing can come from corn but corn. It is an indication that the individual is out of harmony with himself or herself. Bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results. The circumstances which we encounter with suffering are the result of our own mental inharmony.

Blessedness and riches are only joined together when the riches are rightly and wisely used. The proof of this truth is in every person. And during the process of putting ourselves right. This being so. A person only begins to be a mature adult when he ceases to whine and speak negatively and commences to search for the hidden justice which regulates our lives.

And the poor person only descends into wretchedness when he regards his lot as a burden unjustly imposed. And as that person begins to live by that law. Let us radically alter our thoughts. Poverty and unchecked indulgence are the two extremes of wretchedness.

A person is not rightly conditioned until he or she is a happy. They are both equally unnatural and the result of mental disorder. He or she ceases to fight against circumstances. We imagine that thought can be kept secret. Bestial thoughts crystallize into habits of drunkenness and sensuality. We cannot directly choose our circumstances. Energetic thoughts crystallize into habits of cleanliness and industry. Hateful and condemnatory thoughts crystallize into habits of accusation and violence.

Gentle and forgiving thoughts crystallize into habits of gentleness.

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Selfish thoughts of all kinds crystallize into selfish habits. A particular train of thought persisted in.

Lazy thoughts crystallize into habits of uncleanliness and dishonesty. Thoughts of courage. Thoughts of fear. Pure thoughts crystallize into habits of temperance and self-control. On the other hand.

It rapidly crystallizes into habit. Loving and unselfish thoughts solidify into circumstances of sure and abiding prosperity and true riches. Negative thoughts of every kind crystallize into enervating and confusing habits. The human Will. You will be what you will to be. The gods are ready to obey. Nature helps everyone toward the results of the thoughts which he most encourages.

If we encourage good thoughts. The world is your kaleidoscope. And bids the tyrant Circumstance Uncrown. Though walls of granite intervene. When spirit rises and commands. Let failure find its false content In that poor word. But wait as one who understands. If we stop our negative thoughts.

Be not impatient in delay. Can hew a way to any goal. It masters time. The offspring of deathless Soul. It cows that boastful trickster. If we put away our weakly and sickly thoughts. Clean thoughts make clean habits. People will continue to have impure and poisoned blood. The body is a delicate and pliable instrument. Out of a clean heart comes a clean life and a clean body.

Change of diet will not help a person who will not change his thoughts. When you make your thoughts pure.

Sickly thoughts will express themselves through a sickly body. The so-called saint who does not wash his or her body is not a saint. The people who live in fear of disease are the people who get it.

At the command of glad and beautiful thoughts. Anxiety quickly demoralizes the whole body. At the bidding of unlawful thoughts. Thought is the fount of action. Thoughts of fear have been known to kill as speedily as a bullet.

The person who has strengthened and Disease and health. Strong pure. It obeys the operations of the mind. On the faces of the aged.

There is no physician like cheerful thought for dissipating the ills of the body. But to think well of all. I know a man well under middle age whose face is drawn into inharmonious contours.

I have recently seen a philosopher on his death-bed. If you would renew your body. As you cannot have a sweet and wholesome abode unless you admit the air and sunshine freely into your rooms.

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I know a woman of ninety-six who has the bright. Wrinkles that mar are drawn by folly. He was not old except in years. The one is the result of a sweet and sunny disposition. If you would perfect your body. He died as sweetly and peacefully as he had lived.

A sour face does not come by chance. With those who have lived righteously. Thoughts of malice. To live continually in thoughts of ill-will. You should conceive of a legitimate purpose in your heart and set out to accomplish it. You should make this purpose the centralizing point of your thoughts. Aimlessness is a vice. They who have no central purpose in their life fall an easy prey to petty worries.

Weakness cannot persist in a power-evolving universe. Whichever it is. You should make this purpose your supreme duty and devote yourself to its attainment. It may take the form of a spiritual ideal. With the majority of people. This is the royal road to self-control and true concentration of thought. This phrase means that as rigid, and stubborn individuals they fail to earn respect from the group. As two separate but highly related units, you should admire people who adopt the right approach and take proper measures.

Underachievers tend to blame the organization for their sinking ship. Feeling downhearted is merely a temporary thing, but they reject this notion and continue with their intentions.


Ask any millionaire to describe the key assets for success. However, not everyone is aware of this. People that are superstitious incline to accuse other people and even environmental factors and signs for their predicaments.

In fact, we rarely find the strength to pull ourselves up from a tight spot.

Influences that are not controlled by you are not in fact, powerful enough to shape who you are. In reality, we are the lords of all creation and the leaders of life as it is. You know the old classic — think positive and joy will follow? We bet you are already pretty familiar with this anecdote. You are as young as you feel — is another saying that yet again proves and endorses this idea.

To reach such heights, you must trust in your potential and ultimately convert your ideas into something of worth, by focusing on the end result.

None of his twenty-two books give a clue to his life other than to mention his place of residence - Ilfracombe, England. His name cannot be found in a major reference work. Not even the Library of Congress or the British Museum has much to say about him.

Who was this man who believed in the power of thought to bring fame, fortune and happiness? Was he, as some say, not only a contemporary of Leo Tolstoy but also a kindred spirit? Or did he, in the words of Henry David Thoreau" march to the beat of a different drummer?

He retired to Ilfracombe, on England's southwest coast, a little resort town with seafront Victorian hotels, rolling hills and winding lanes which offered a quiet atmosphere that facilitated his pursuit of New Thought philosophical studies.

Unfortunately, Allen's literary career was short, lasting approximately ten years, until his death, two years after Tolstoy in During this brief period he wrote twenty-two books, the most famous being As A Man Thinketh. Today, Allen's treasury of thought is inspiring more people than he may have thought possible. His ideas are quoted and expounded upon throughout the world. Despite its subsequent popularity he was dissatisfied with it.

Even though many feel that it his most concise and eloquent work embodying the finest ideas and highest values he somehow failed to recognize its importance. Upon its completion, his wife Lily had to persuade him to publish it.They are the natural outgrowth of long and arduous effort. Joy follows him as his own shadow — sure. My entire life I have always been moody, emotionally unstable, tossed to and fro by my thoughts, bubbling with enthusiasm one moment and then sulking in a stupor the next.

We cannot directly choose our circumstances. So take every chance you get to weed out negative thoughts. August 6. Deepak Chopra. If you want to express your thanks in any way, just drop us a line and donate some money to your favourite charity instead. Share your thoughts with other customers. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.