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Half-Blood: A Covenant Novel. Home · Half-Blood: A Covenant Novel Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout Halfblood Chronicles 03 - Elvenborn · Read more. Half-Blood - Armentrout Jennifer L - dokument [*.pdf] Half-Blood A Covenant Novel by Jennifer L. Armentrout SpencerHill Press The Covenant. Half-Blood Best Free Books Online Read from your Pc or Mobile. Half-Blood ( Covenant #1) is a Young Adult novel by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Half Blood Jennifer Armentrout Pdf

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For all the Vampire Academy fans. Covenant series by Jennifer L Armentrout Alex is not a common teenager. She is a half blood. Running to. Armentrout, Jennifer L. Daimon: The Prequel to Half-Blood: a novella/ by Jennifer L. Armentrout – 1st ed. p. cm. Summary: Seventeen-year-old Alexandria . Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout Series: Covenant # 1 Publisher: Spencer Hill Press Publication date: Sept Genre: YA-Paranormal/Urban Fantasy.

Towards the end the author surprises us by using some of her own ideas. I hope she continues with that in the next book.

I didn't even notice this till today but seriously I'm speechless? I actually find it kind of annoying. But this book isn't just similar, it's been copied to the point where I got confused over whether I was reading Half-Blood or Vampire Academy.

And no I will not convince myself to give this author credit for stealing from VA just because she wrote a novel. Let me explain this in a different situation: A person steals a college essay off the internet and changes the names, locations, and switches the words around, but at it's core it's somebody else's words--somebody else's hard work.

That person gets into their top college, in big part to "their" gut-wrenching essay. That person does not give credit to the original essay writer and is taking all the congratulations for getting into this college that's super tough to get into.

Would YOU think that was okay to do??? That is why I cannot reward plagiarism, even though I enjoyed reading Half-Blood. It's not fair, it's unprofessional, and it's an insult to the person she stole from. I mean, she's making profit from someone else's work, without their consent. NOT cool at all, whatsoever. Like the one upstairs, he looked like a freak. His mouthhungopen, exposingsharp, serrated teeth and those all-black holes sent chills over myskin. Theyreflected no light or life, onlysignifyingdeath.

His cheeks were sunken, skinunearthlypale.

Veins popped out, etchingover his face like inkysnakes. He trulylooked like somethingout ofmyworst nightmare—somethingdemonic. Onlya half-blood could see throughthe glamour for a fewmoments.

Thenthe elemental magic took over, revealingwhat he used to look like. Adonis came to mind—a blond, stunningman. I took a step back, myeyes searchingthe roomfor anexit. Daimons could stillwield controlover the elements. Ifhe hit me withair or fire, I was a goner. He laughed, the sound lackinghumor and life. Not likely. I whirled around, spottinga female daimon. She inched closer, forcingme toward the other daimon.

Theywere cagingme in, givingno opportunityto escape.

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Another one shrieked somewhere inthe pile ofcrap. Panic and fear choked me. Mystomachrolled violentlyas myfingers trembled around the gardenspade. Gods, I wanted to puke.


The ringleader advanced onme. I know.

Obviously, she was veryhungry. She circled me like a vulture, readyto rip into me. Myeyes narrowed onher. The hungryones were always the stupidest—the weakest ofthe bunch. Legend said it was the first taste ofaether—the verylife force runningthrough our blood—that possessed a pure-blood.

Asingle taste turned one into a daimonand resulted ina lifetime ofaddiction. There was a good chance I could get past her. The other one… well, he was a different story.

I feinted toward the female. Like a druggie goingafter her fix she came right at me.

Half-Blood: A Covenant Novel

The male yelled at her to stop, but it was too late. Once outside, the odds would be back inmyfavor. Asmall windowofhope sparked alive and propelled me forward. The worst possible thinghappened.

Awallofflames flewup infront ofme, burningthroughbenches and shootingat least eight feet into the air. It was real. No illusion. The heat blew back at me and the fire crackled, eatingthroughthe walls. Infront ofme, he walked right throughthe flames, looking Infront ofme, he walked right throughthe flames, looking everybit like a daimonhunter should.

The fire did not singe his pants nor dirtyhis shirt. Not a single dark hair was touched by the blaze. Those cool, storm-cloud-colored eyes fixed onme. It was him—AidenSt. Our eyes met, and thenhe looked over myshoulder. Like a pro, I hit the floor. The pulse ofheat shot above me, crashinginto the intended target.

Risingup onmyelbows, I peered throughmydirtyhair as Aidenlowered his hand. Apoppingsound followed the movement, and the flames vanished as fast as theyappeared. Withinseconds, onlythe smells ofburnt wood, flesh, and smoke remained. Two more Sentinels rushed the room. I recognized one of them.

KainPoros:a half-blood a year or so older thanme. Once upona time we had trained together.

See a Problem?

He went for the female, and withone quick swoop, he thrust a long, slender dagger into the burnt flesh ofher skin. She too became nothingbut dust. Watchinghowhe moved sucha large body around so gracefullymade me feelsorelyinadequate, especially consideringI was stilllyingsprawled onthe floor. I dragged myselfto myfeet, feelingthe terror-fueled adrenaline rushfade.

Without warning, myhead exploded inpainas the side ofmy face hit the floor hard. Stunned and confused, it took me a moment to realize the Wannabe Adonis had gottenahold ofmy legs.

I twisted, but the creep sank his hands deep into myhair and yanked myhead back.

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I dugmyfingers into his skin, but it did nothingto alleviate the pressure bearingdownonmyneck. For a startled moment, I thought he intended to rip myhead right off, but he sank razor sharp teethinto myshoulder, tearing throughfabric and flesh. I screamed—really screamed. I was onfire—I had to be. The drainingburned throughmy skin; sharp pricks radiated out througheverycellinmybody. And eventhoughI was onlya half-blood, not chock-fullof aether like a pure-blood, the daimoncontinued to drink my essence as thoughI were.

Myveryspirit shifted as he dragged it into him. Painbecame everything. Suddenly, the daimonlifted his mouth. There was no time to eventhink about that question. He was ripped offme and mybodyslumped forward. I rolled into a messy, bloodyball, soundingmore like a wounded animalthan anythingremotelyhuman.

Over the smallsounds I made, I heard a sickeningcrunch, and thenwild shrieks, but the painhad takenover mysenses. It started to pullback frommyfingers, slidingits wayback to my core where it stillblazed. I tried to breathe throughit, but damn… Gentle hands rolled me onto myback, pryingmyfingers away frommyshoulder. I stared up at Aiden. Please saysomething. Alex, canyou stand?Without warning, myhead exploded inpainas the side ofmy face hit the floor hard. Could this be even more obvious that this is a rip-off without stealing such a minuscule detail from the story?

The thing between them was undeniable even without them saying anything about it. Shelve Pure. Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….

Ahhh, it's a beautiful thing! Convenant - 01 - Half-Blood - Jennifer L. As the mortal worl… More.