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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Recommended CRT TV Repair Ebook by Humphrey Kimathi. CRT Television repair course is an E book covering all the major building blocks in CRT Television. My repair friend Humphrey Kimathi from Kenya has just launched his ebook recently. If you want to learn how to repair CRT TV then this is the. CRT Television Repair Course Ebook by Humphrey Ready Learn troubleshooting and repair of CRT television from the technician work bench.

Crt Tv Repair Course Ebook

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CRT Television Repair Course Ebook by Humphrey Ready. Learn troubleshooting and repair of CRT television from the technician work bench. Dear Electronic Repairer,. CRT Television repair course is an E. 年10月27日 Регистрируйтесь! Recommended CRT TV Repair Ebook by Humphrey Kimathi. Crt television repair course is an e book covering all the major building blocks in crt television with emphasis given to real life scenario from the. Click the book.

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Crt tv repair course

Voyage on the book voyage for more info. CRT Arrondissement repair course is an E arrondissement amie all the voyage amie blocks in CRT Si with xx given to real life scenario from the pas work bench and therefore voyage a very amie ne point for new pas in electronics and also a arrondissement ne for those already in the field.

Voyage troubleshooting and voyage of CRT ne from the pas work bench voyage of voyage. Troubleshoot Microprocessor and EEprom Circuit. Troubleshoot Monitor Controls. Use an oscilloscope to diagnose and repair monitor problem. Use Blue ESR meter to check for electrolytic capacitor problem in a monitor. Use high voltage probe for measuring the anode and focus voltage of a Flyback Transformer.

Use a Digital Capacitance meter to measure the internal capacitance of a flyback transformer. Use a CRT tester to check the condition of a picture tube. Read the specification of a picture tube and find an equivalent tube for replacement purposes. Diagnose and repair most of the monitor problem covering from 9, 14, 15, 17 up to 21 monitors and many more.

CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview, Page 11 Chapter 7: Main power fuse keep on blowing When you receive a television in your repair shop, it is usually very important to check the health of the power supply.

You can quickly check for obvious safety components to see if they have been triggered on due to fault elsewhere or not. The main safety components in the television power supply is the fuse and the surge limiter I mean triggered by fault elsewhere because rarely does a fuse or surge limiter blows alone, there must a cause why it has blown. Whenever you find any of these component is open and you replace it most of the time you will find that the same component open again.

Advanced Practical CRT Monitor Repair Course: Target Group

This is because there is a fault short somewhere else and what the fuse is doing is a safety measure to cut of the supply otherwise fire can even break out from the equipment. So the rule of the thumb is that whenever you find a fuse or surge limiter is gone never replace it until you have checked the condition of the switching transistor or control ic in that power supply.

To check the switching transistor set analogue meter to X1 and measure between leg marked C and E 1 with the red probe on the middle leg C and black probe on leg marked E. I mean primary because short on the secondary side rarely causes the fuse to blow but only causes the power supply to appear dead. Sometimes component can develop semi short and very hard to test them with a meter like one time I came across a transistor which was shorted base-emitter junction which was around 82 ohms and as you know most meter recognize a short if it reads less than 30 ohms.

This is the supply which supply the fly back transformer to get other voltage which are generated by the fly back transformer just like the voltage which we saw in our previous lesson being generated by the switch mode power supply.

Horizontal circuit can be divided into two sections. RC- network-used to protect the drive transistor from induces voltages from the drive transformer 2. Current resistor-Set the current and voltage to the driver stage 3. Filter Capacitor-Filter and boost the current to the driver stage by charging and discharging through the drive transformer primary.


Drive transformer-this is basically used for impedance matching between the horizontal drive circuit and horizontal output circuit CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview , Page 15 Chapter understanding fly back transformer Fly back transformer is probably the biggest component on the television motherboard and in this lesson we are going to familiarize yourself with this component. The screen voltage behaves as brightness control and therefore whenever you find the screen is dark especially after replacing the fly back and the screen is still dark even after using the remote brightness control button then consider adjusting this knob little and see if the brightness increases.

The focus knob is used to focus the picture and therefore if you find again after replacing the fly back the picture is dis focused then you also try to adjust the focus knob a little.

If you adjust the focus and still not change to the picture then perhaps the CRT is faulty or the fly back itself is bad, but before you change these first change the CRT neck socket and see if the focus improves.

Also in some model the RGB amplifiers supply comes from the fly back transformer usually around Vdc This Voltage if it is missing or low usually causes the screen to be very bright and with lines across the screen but when this voltage is high causes the screen to appear dark blank. T getting shorted after replacement This is a common phenomena with HOT whereby a customer bring in a Television and after checking it find out the Horizontal output transistor H.

T is shorted. Naturally you replace the shorted transistor with a new one and you power on the Television and it come up beautifully and before you begin to celebrate the television goes down again stop working You open the set and after checking the health of the same component H. T you find alas it is shorted again. This problem of H. T getting shorted immediately or after some times of replacement has given many technician sleep less night trying to figure out what is happening here!!

In the lesson I am going to give you some tips on what to do to prevent the H. T getting shorted after replacement. Usually color problems are easy to solve if you do some preparation to analyze failure on this circuit And the best way to analyze this faults is to do voltage testing on the critical test point of this circuit and by so doing you will narrow down to the actual fault section pretty fast. But first you need to have a rough estimate of the actual voltages expected on those test points in order to analyze the information correctly.

Below I have reproduced a chart of estimated voltages at those points but may vary from set to set but not too far from the figures below. Now that there is something on the screen it means the HV is present and therefore the fly back is okay and the heater circuit is okay and therefore not considered for troubleshooting.

First check for dry joints around this circuit by tapping this small board with the back of your screw driver and see if the color changes every time you tap this circuit softly.

You can invest on a mirror medium size and be watching the screen from the mirror when you are working behind the television and you want to see the screen without straining yourself.

If the color keep on changing or you see some splashes on the screen expect dry joints around this board and therefore you should re solder it thoroughly. Vertical circuit problems can be manifested in many ways and therefore one has to be keen when getting clues associated with the vertical circuit because some of them do not point directly to the vertical circuit has a problem but if one is keen you can always tell if its the vertical problem causing the symptoms or not From my experience whenever you see the television screen height is narrow does not occupy the whole area from the top to the bottom of the screen Then suspect some problem on the vertical circuit, others may have some write line at the top or bottom part of the screen.

Also black stripe above and below the screen is common, symptoms like lines on top of the screen or no image at the bottom points to a faulty Capacitor around the vertical ic.

Please note that I mean the picture is present and very clear but there is no sound from the speaker. If it is no audio and no picture this is a different case and should be handed on another topic Below you can see an audio circuit of a television using ic LA Set your meter to low ohm and test between the two pins of the speaker. If okay it should have low reading between 4 ohms and 16 ohms.

Crt tv repair course by humphrey kimathi borner

Usually for the tuner to function it will require the Vcc-in the above model is 9 volts and if this voltage is missing then the tuner will not work and hence no picture and no audio. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview, Page 21 Chapter Understanding and troubleshooting the micro processor Just like computers television set have micro processor which control the functions of the Television.

Microprocessor are quite reliable and highly protected from static discharge and power surges. Most of the time if you suspect the problem is as a result of bad micro you should first be sure that the following is okay because if any of the following is missing then the micro will not work. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview, Page 22 Chapter Understanding and troubleshooting the remote control The remote control circuit in television works like the transmitter and receiver in radio circuit.

Inside the remote control there is a circuit which emit pulses signal and in the TV circuit board we have another circuit which receiver signal and these pulses are send to the microprocessor for interpretations and action.

To isolate the problem you need to confirm if the television front buttons are working and the remote is not working. If the front buttons are working then only can we suspect the remote control unit. So I went down to his residence to check on it…remember most of my repairs are done on the site and therefore I normally do some preparation for the task ahead of the time.

In this assignment I had prepared myself with the basic equipment plus a circuit diagram of the LG television any because mostly TV circuit diagram for a particular model are very similar in terms of major circuit modules. In this case from the symptoms given by the owner via the phone I was very sure the problem was likely to be on the CRT circuit board, so I went down to his place and found he was not around but the houseboy was around to assists me with what I wanted. Asking him about the television he told me that there was another technician there and I wanted to know how far he went into the television even before I opened it and he confided with me the technician came and after a keen observation on the screen for about ten minutes without his eyes blinking he told them that the problem is new in the world and therefore he sees no hope on the television and therefore the best place for it is in the dustbin or make it a toy for his children.

My friend that is why it is very important always to get a second opinion even in the medical world. For me I was very happy with this technician because he was honest with himself and never attempted to repair it because he could have done even more mess.

Also the osd i. This I did and confirmed there were many dry joint because the screen kept on changing.


Sometimes I even managed to get a picture, which was reddish purple in color. I mean this Television has all sort of weird symptoms. The Television was using I.

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You know sometimes if you fail to get the circuit diagram of the exact model you are working on you can go round this problem by getting only the data sheet of the suspect I. C and this can go a long way in assisting you to know which pin is which for proper diagnosis.

Very important is the supply v cc pin which is very important because a new working I. That is why it is very important to make sure the supply voltage to any I.No color symptoms you have figured it is not a big deal and therefore you will hold it a bit to attend more serious repairs Current resistor-Set the current and voltage to the driver stage 3.

Fuse blown, clear inside- Means the fuse might have died through natural dead. Part Two: Chapter 5: If the voltage is reaching the circuit board, then look for the fuse and see if it is blown, if the fuse is okay check also the surge limiter is open or not.