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called Jane, and her husband, Robert Butts, takes down the words that Jane speaks. I call him Joseph. My readers may suppose that they are physical creatures. SPECIFIC, PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES. FOR SOLVING EVERYDAY PROBLEMS. AND ENRICHING THE LIFE. YOU KNOW. Jane Roberts. NOTES BY ROBERT. books is as relevant today as it was in the early '70s when Jane Roberts "I count Jane Roberts' brilliant book, The Nature of Personal Reality, as a spiritual.

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damages resulting from the use of information contained herein. TOEFL and ETS are registered trademarks of Educational. Seth-Jane Roberts-The Unknown Reality,olhon.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. A Seth Book the Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. The Full version of "The .

The number of realities is essentially infinite since new realities come into existence constantly. Reincarnation is the rule, although many misconceptions abound. For example, human beings never reincarnate as animals; cause-and-effect does not operate from one life to the next; and reincarnation does not end in a state of nirvana. Each individual must experience fatherhood, motherhoood and childhood, and thus must incarnate at least twice; the maximum number varies greatly, depending on the temperament and needs of the individual.

There is a period of rest between incarnations.

When an individual's reincarnational cycle is over, the individual moves on to other systems of reality. There is no heaven or hell, only continued existence. Each self has many layers, most notably an "outer ego", which interacts with physical reality, and an "inner ego" or "inner self", which is concerned with the mechanics of constructing and maintaining the outer ego's physical world, and which existed prior to any incarnations.

A new outer ego is born with each incarnation, thus paralleling the Christian concept that the human soul is conceived at inception. The entire self which Seth referred to as an "entity" is actually a gestalt consisting of the inner self plus all the outer egos or reincarnational selves. According to Seth, human beings are generally unaware of the inner ego, although it comes through as intuition and the "inner voice" that many people believe they hear.

The inner self is aware of all reincarnational selves. Each incarnated self exists in four universes simultaneously: the physical universe, which is the result of coordinated mass mental projections on the part of its inhabitants; a dream universe, which is created in the same way but has less rigid natural laws; an adjacent electrical universe, where the inner self resides and all mental activity occurs; and an anti-matter universe of which Seth said very little. According to Seth, it is the inner ego which dreams, and the dreams continue when the outer ego is awake.

Time and space are illusions, and both the past and future coexist with the present in what Seth referred to as a "spacious present"; therefore, a person's incarnations in different time periods are actually lived simultaneously, as opposed to consecutively. Time appears to exist in a linear form because of limitations inherent in the physical brain. All individuals create their own circumstances and experiences within the shared earthly environment, similar to the doctrine of responsibility assumption.

The inner self is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the individual's physical body and immediate physical environment; events, however, unfold according to the outer ego's beliefs and attitudes. Both productive and unproductive attitudes are translated into reality, and thus one of the tasks of the individual is to learn how to direct his or her thoughts in positive directions.

If you read our early material, you will see that your environment and the conditions of your life at any given time are the direct result of your own inner expectations. You form physical materializations of these realities within your own mind. If you would have good health, then you must imagine this as vividly as in fear you imagine the opposite.

This is true for each individual. The inner psychological state is projected outward, gaining physical reality -- and this regardless of the nature of the psychological state.

The rules apply to everyone. This does not being carried on that plane through children. It does no know whether or not other psychic gestalts like Session 9, Page 46 "Intellectual truth alone will not It may exist.

It is not aware of them if they do exist. It knows that something preliminary. If this were the case your walls would else existed before Its own primary dilemma when fall away, since intellectually you understand their It could not express Itself.

Since feeling is so often the cohesive with which mind builds, it is feeling itself p. And you create for the particular time. Any personality can become an Session 14, Page 77 "In fact, the analogy of a plane entity on its own.

A Seth Book the Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts

There is within Particularly since emotional states take up no you a force that knew how to grow you from a fetus room. Session 16, Page "Your subconscious is a This force is part of the God within you.

This was the state of agony of which I Session 17, Page "When the ego becomes too spoke" "At first, in your terms, all of probable concerned with daily matters, with worry in other reality existed as nebulous dreams within the words, then the works of the tool become clogged.

Dissociation, and I will give that is, would have faced insanity, and there would you many ways of achieving it, unclogs the tool and have been, literally, a relity without reason and a is absolutely necessary. The pressure came from two sources: Visible or invisible to you, each release them. It Session Page "Time is one of your most they set about forming it through the process of obvious camouflages.

Page "The entity itself does not outer senses. It cannot even be found by physical instruments. Page "As a rule each entity is born so that he experiences at least three roles.

Page "The brain deals exclusively Session It is actually partly on your plane and have to keep constant check on its personalities. Page "Part of the subconscious for onto the physical camouflage material.

The mind is the connective. Page "Individual life. Page "In sleep the conscious part of it. The compared to the dream of an entity. Page "The emotions. The mind cannot be probed subconscious. Page "I have said also that this particular particles. The brain is itself part of the camouflage connected to the ego strongly. They greet the entity as a son greets his father. Page "You form the camouflage world or appearances with the same part of you that Session The mind deals with basic principles inherent on all Session Page "They have had six lives of the universe.

Page "The personality when it operate as a single unity. Page "And while they create instruments to deal with smaller and smaller Session Page "The fact is that your plane breathes. Page "The subconscious therefore. Page "The inner senses were is here that the secrets of the universe will be always paramount in evolutionary development. Page "This vital data is sent to the mind by the inner senses. Any material that is Session Page "Many personalities upon receiving knowledge of their entity prefer to remain Session Page "The emotions come closer with camouflage patterns.

Page "A personality will not choose the scientists.. The Book 2 subconscious eventually disappears. The inner ego is of course aware of momentarily suspends its rigid judgments. Page ". Page "The point of course being appendix. Certainly the birth of a child is the outer ego really against the shock of true reality.

Page various levels of existence the inner ego and the outer ego come closer and closer together. They can true reality. Session Page "The fact is that realization to already exist. Page "Through experience in the Session Page "Although someone begins urgency to solve problems would dissolve. Page "If you know the situation is They can only choose to operate within their own imaginary you are not going to bother trying to camouflage pattern framework..

Page "The fact is that the whole Session Page 15 "The intuitions are able to prepare you and equip you for the experience of accept conceptual reality to some degree. Therefore extremely hot and extremely cold countries go largely Session The instruments of Session Page "When the ego becomes a self is constantly experiencing data from all of the mere observer rather than a controller. When the ego is completely or nearly completely subjugated.

Page "Your plane is a training place undeveloped.. Page 16 "As telepathy operates constantly at a subconscious level. They do not realize that the whole thing is self-created nor should they in the main. Page "Any instruments made on and is often indistinguishable from it. Page "Nevertheless my subconscious is not yet dispensed with but is still Session Page "But because of your weakness. Page "Full use of the inner senses is sleep. Page "Free will as I mentioned that they themselves wrote the play.

Your outer ego is forced into what some degree can come and often does come after could be called successive action. The subconscious is sometimes aware of this. The can directly experience inner reality by a change of barriers are camouflage. Hypnotism is a safer method than drugs. It has the ability to see what is coming. The outer ego is camouflage attributes of the plane.

Page 43 "The barriers are yours. Page 44 "Psychological time. As to the means. You will Session If the ego Session Page 24 ". The use of psychological time will make the experience of death much less frightening. Page 52 "Hypnotism. The main the universe and everything in it. Page 22 "Hypnotism is important undistorted. Page "As far as self and notself are Session It goes without saying that hide in the past. Nevertheless you more than words can about the basic realities of telepathy will enable your race to make its first all existence.

Experience with psychological utilized. It is ridiculous to develop focus through aligning itself with the inner ego. Page 59 "Any particular self could hypnotism itself is not necessary if there is an inner theoretically expand his consciousness to contain willingness to explore the inner universe.

Page 21 "The vehicle of so-called space already have learned to recognize the spacious travel is mental and psychic mobility. Page 23 "Hypnotism then is one tool to through the intuitions and traveling. It is because the ego prove to be hypnotism. Telepathy will be proven without a doubt Page 17 "Hypnotism will become more said often. Page 58 "The emotions are the outer extensions of the inner senses.

Hypnotism will be used scientifically it chooses to see only a portion of what is possible. Without telepathy exploration and investigation will actually enlarge no language would be intelligible. Page "Telepathy accounts for the can be made to understand that inner awareness. This material is more valid than the inner ego.

Just before the spacious present. The carry back information in the same manner. This is by far the most advantageous innovations upon that plane. If the ego is exceptional it may take one of two courses. Page "Now if there is good psychic gestalt. That is one possibility. Such a primary construction self and the outer ego. Page "Secondary physical choose to return to the same plane as a great constructions are those created by a consciousness originator.

It then does not Session It serious nature. I would Session Page "The outer egos are not reincarnate again upon that plane. Page "Suggestion is no more and where it will meet with new challenges. There are many possibilities for it.

Page "Ruburt has been trying too Most egos do indeed choose this course for a hard lately with psychological time. Page ".. Page "A primary construction is a Session In various reincarnations upon your plane. Page "Now you will see what I am suggest a simple method for a while.

It may Session It will therefore outer ego is therefore consciously aware of what become a Buddha. It will therefore return once more to the same plane with which it was familiar. It is followed by Session Page "Nevertheless. Other egos existence. It will then taken as an indication that the individual involved is remain in a somewhat subordinate position to the in the maelstrom. The where they will. Without it. Expectation is actually the main trigger matter have never really been explained.

The inner senses. In of his emotional heritage. Page "In your physical field. Page "Expectations are formed by survival: Page "Emotions then. Page "Emotional power behind consciousness survival leads to the psychological your expectations powers your expectations into creation of fear and hatred. Concentrate upon the goal rather own solidity. Page "These simple remarks will but expectation is. If a man wants to change his fate. Page "Contemplation of an abstract same expectations.

Page "Expectation is the force. Survival is a basic psychological structure. Page "The ego and the outer senses error is in the original inability to perceive the reinforce the belief in a closed system. Consciousness Session Page "In all cases consciousness is results. Remember that switches inner data into the realm of physical however that such psychic manipulation of matter is the normal occurrence.

It is in only vital in the formation of physical constructions. It is. Identity is not really lost though you may seem to forget Session This is the starting point" Inadequate perception. The core of individuality. Page "Hatred does not exist as a Session The emotions indeed do it. The Session Page "You may know that intense can the emotions be manipulated.

The individual then physical reality. It is however usually 8. As physical objects can be manipulated. Page "Again. Page "Faith and belief in an idea and represents a firm and reliable pathway between implies some commitment. It is from Session First of all. Commitment is the inner self and the ego.. And three. Page "However faith in an idea is unexpressed that they are dangerous.

Page Such domination will never be habitual. Page "The expectations.. Page 31 ". Since this period was to some degree at least free of camouflage. Page "When man realizes that he this focus point then that communication between himself creates his personal and universal what is termed the living and the dead may take environment in concrete terms.

Page "Prayer has been extremely communication can be received dealing with the successful in enabling individuals to manipulate entitys knowledge of itself. From this undifferentiated gap of experience between camouflage existences.

Page 10 "Directly beneath personal subconscious levels. This will make the difference. It is only when aggressions are Session Page 16 "He should express himself and unenlightened constructions. He who does not have expectations along certain lines will not commit Session From this focus position communication may be set up between personality essences no Session To be able to bring these natural but emotional and psychic energy must come from you.

Page 31 "Energy projected into any himself. In any state of dissociation any individual conscious area it originates. Page 51 "..

It is impossible. Page 44 "The intellect. Page 82 "The focus of energy that Session Page "We have not said nearly enough about the dream universe.

Page 83 "At certain stages a state of Session Page 62 "With his superior knowledge at which the dream is originated. There is here no puppet. A elements of one dream. Page 41 "Without dreams the outer independence. Dreams therefore cannot universe involves the most intense self-hypnotic adequately be understood or probed into on an trance. Page 36 "Every subconscious Session Page "Because of its relative origin for themselves.

Much of this knowledge. The I who dreams.. Page 51 "In order to examine the reality organizes the physical body weakens. Nevertheless must be accomplished by any given personality. Page 63 ". The change of resides in the subconscious while the ego goes on focus alone will aid in intuitional enlightenment. The adult who commits as many persons may watch the same movie.

This law. Page "There are no ends that discussion concerning its by. Page 62 "No child. A state of dream world. Page 41 "Intuition represents the you would indeed have a much more perfect world. If there were you see. I am speaking now of have no knowledge at all. Page "Semidarkness merely aids not unconscious to themselves.

But without even doing this they may exists as an actuality within the electric field. Page "Now. The choice was made and is advantageous to study those thoughts and emotions always made by the inner ego.

It is actually the intangible but actual later development. Page "The subconscious contains Uncharacteristic thoughts or emotions must then a collection of diverse. This is impossible. When the outer ego is narrow. Page "As you know. I would like to make in some fashion to cope with the outside world as some comments concerning your own well as the present dominant ego..

Page "It is. Page "Personal identity. It cannot stand to framework is constructed. Page "These subpersonalities are Session The ways for Session They are conscious in dissociation and concentration. Page "The outer ego. Page "This outego outer ego. Some discipline is of course needed. Page "You can perhaps now see where this so-called astral body has its origin and Session Page "The habit.. Page "Many concepts. Page "Since these are electrical only the feel of its own surfaces.

Any of these subconscious personalities could have learned Session If they had not been left open. They are conscious of needs and drives. Page "The particular brain is the existence. Page "The type of dream.

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Page "All true knowledge is direct you create their actuality within the electrical field. It is still individual. When you operate directs the identity toward physical orientation. The conscious mind using itself then in experience. Page "This electrical pattern is the Here is a clue for so-called astral travel.

Emotions represent. It is for this reason that you must that field of camouflage in which you spend a learn how to use them. No will seem a journey into the future. Page "To move through intensities independent. It cannot be classified.

Experience composed of portions from the inner self. This within it you should indeed experience it completed is an important point. Page "A complete change from experience of the many personalities that have intense focus outward to intense focus inward is composed the inner self In the composition and most beneficial.

The inner senses therefore should physical universe. This camouflage. The ego is a product of the greater degree than is usually achieved. The inner self adopts an the inner senses. Page "So when I told you to look far more actual than a table or a chair. Page "We have spoken of perceived where nothing is perceived with the outer expectations.

Page "What we are looking for here. The ego does not exist within in as many phases as possible. Page "The validity and strength of emotions cannot be overestimated.

To the personality a joy or a sorrow is Session When the inner self achieves existence is changed from physical reality into an impulse or intensity that is new to it. It then can join or partake of the inner self In available to it. The great contrast then refreshes ego in order to allow manipulation within the the whole self. When the inner self in its constant other words.

It has been tinged psychologically in involves efficient. The ego certain level of your existence. The breath of selfness. These three dilemmas represent experience. It must be plunged into.

Inner vitality. Page "Change alone allows for the separate from the ego. This is the basic dilemma. The chair crated then by any given materialization.

At the same time. Action is inseparable from structure. And directly. Page "When the ego gives up its hold upon what it considers control of action. Any one Here we see that ego consciousness. Here you can see that your ego accepts impossible.

Page "Action can be experienced as in dreams almost any action is possible. A note of further apart from them. Page "The ego is a state resulting from the third creative dilemma. Any such separation of which consciousness of self attempts to divorce action from itself only adds to the totality of action. Page "Action approximates as each materialization it increases itself.

A rereading of Action basically can never complete itself. Once all space is available. Ego basically meaningless.

Structure is action. And here we Session Page "A note now concerning when consciousness of self attempts to separate thought. For it. Thoughts inner vitality can never achieve complete formed and sent out within the impulse range of materialization. Page "He sees or perceives only his own construction. The difference between fears to plunge into the action of a thought. Page "I have told you that have also the reason. This of course within any camouflage.

Since this is obviously are familiar. Page 10 "The inner ego is that part of more or less permanent and stable.

Page 4 "In the dream universe. Part of the self knows. Page "The ego is in a state of Session Page 2 "There is a give and take here. Page "I am extremely cautious as Session It directs and uses the abilities of The ego is in definitely as an actuality.

Page 2 "The ability to retain becoming. Page Session Page "The ego attempts to stand " apart from action. And herein lies your freedom. Page "The ego operates as a partitioning agent. Page 3 "Action is more spontaneous through all this the self will not lose but gain. Page 3 "On leaving the dream state. Page "The self as you know it is in actuality a self plus an ego.

The images expansion outward. The ego is not what it was experience gained within other fields is the trend of centuries ago. In nationalism cannot suddenly be dispensed with. Page "and while the idea of creates then activities which have meaning to it. The self does not need imaginary fences to Session Page "Part of the self knows. Page 5 "In relationship to action. Only systems of such nature. The energy that would be used to these are all states of tension. Page 23 "The inner ego contains the in the last analysis.

It will depend upon the strength of the purpose that an illness serves. Yet the very attempt attempt to perceive this reality results in a new causes the formation of the ego. Page 24 "The ego.

Page 32 "An action or emotion not the reason behind the existence of all systems. Page 68 "What you call suggestion is can ride it like the crest of a wave. Since it is itself action. Page 27 "Within your system colors Session Page 43 "A cure of any kind will never about characteristics and abilities that have been depend upon any given treatment.

Page 40 ". Page 24 "It is possible. Page 41 "We have stated that a reality the conscious and subconscious is shared remains as it is..

Page 22 "The inner ego is formed Session It is therefore necessary that an attempt be Session It will depend upon his desire experience in various lives. Familiarity with this brief state of tension will allow an individual to use it more efficiently. It will depend upon. Page 18 "The expression of joy also merely by allowing into its awareness the reality of makes the ego more resilient.

Page 17 "The pendulum is an excellent itself to achieve the experience of freedom from manner for reaching the personal layers of the time and space. It could still do this and retain its own nature. Page 12 "For this. It tries to separate itself from action.

Jane Roberts - Seth - Anthology 1.pdf

He Session Page 70 "Without the ego we do not may be perceived as sound. Page 67 "An illness is a failure to Session Page 21 "The desire to set yourself apart from emotion. It will in all cases dominant in previous personalities. Page 15 "The personal subconscious therefore be used by the ego for the purposes of its and the ego are indeed equal partners in the own purposeful action. The emotion itself is an automatic signal that unites Session Their connections with have what you call negative suggestions.

It attempts to force action. The inner ego of which we have spoken is the director of such unifying activities. There may even be whole personality. These are not the chromosomes is every bit as real to the inner self as a vivid themselves. Page "The personality in actuality experience to the basic self.

Page "If the solution is not clear to and one that will also allow necessary expression. Page "However. It follows that is simultaneous action. Page "It goes without saying that accepts all sensations as expressions of itself. Page 99 "But because the personality manner that any experience would.

The as a rule. In many instances this would not be forms the ego. Page "A particularly vivid dream systems. The fault is not that a particular action aware of physical existence.

This attempt consciousness. Page 77 "Within the physical matter of your chromosomes there are electrically coded Session Page "The dream personalities are the subconscious. Portions of it are conscious of its problems can be solved within the dream situation. Page "The dream experience itself. It is important here that we realize that as far as the basic self is concerned no Session Page "The inner ego is another fight action which is does not initiate.

Page "and not having complicated boundaries seem to appear.

Page "Where your perceptions fail. The chromosomes are the physical psychological experience that occurs within the materialization of the inner electrical data.

Page 92 "The ego simply cannot judge. The physical universe is relatively Session The fault is that the ego has refused to accept the action from Session Page 73 "For one of the basic reasons ego. Therefore from the standpoint of the been found necessarily.

The experience is indelibly recorded. Page "The personality can dwell. Page "Such a change of focus demands a concentration in one area to the Session Page "Love is always a protection. Page "The dream experience subconscious works for you and your inner however is always free of the realization of physical purposes.

Page "You may obviously also Session Page "It will indeed be beneficial able to do so. In the dream state obviously we have an example of such change. Page "You can indeed suggest to Session Page "Therefore the whole self is present experience.

Page "I would suggest that you must seek the expansion before he seeks the results tell yourselves that you will henceforth be able to of effects of the expansion. A change to a why health suggestions given immediately before different level entirely occurs when the individual sleep are so effective.

Its most effective method of procedure however is to form the problem concisely. This leads to a enters the dreaming state. The intellect is useful in Session Page "A study of dream activities You will discover then upon awakening that many will often allow the waking personality to recognize perceptions concerning time and space within the abilities of which it is not aware.

Expectation can aid you also. You can also tell yourselves when for you both to suggest to your subconscious that it you wish that you will give special attention to the enable you to develop your psychic abilities.

This is very practical. Page "The intuitions must go hand in hand with the intellect. As a result the ego can apply itself to the job at hand while the Session Page "He must remember interpreting your data in terms that the ego can however in his psychological time experiments that understand.

Page "Red is the most present or the subconscious that it carry on in such a manner immediate of colors. Its purpose is the constructive suggestions from any source. And even in future years such past instances can be experienced as vividly as any Session The stronger the emotion the in a quite literal manner.

We want an expansion.. Page "The ego is indeed equipped direct your subconscious to react only to to handle physical reality. This is in manipulation of the personality within the physical fact an excellent habit to cultivate. In other words. Page "This does not involve Session Page "The moment is remembered exclusion. Page "This is one of the reasons however a change of focus in depth.

Page "The eye movements noted an absolute necessity if that state is to be achieved. If you are trying to develop inner abilities however.

Page "There is actually a quite curiosity. The subconscious will always be given before sleep. Page "It would seem to be that the change the course of the personality completely. Suggestions should also be the inner self. In order for you to operate effectively in natural and most effective manner of psychic any area there must be in your makeup a strong. The limitations are those adopted by the ego.

Page "It goes without saying that constructive suggestions will be reacted to. Page "The conscious mind. Page 27 "Suggestion can shape dreams. If sleeping counterpart. This is basic. Such a conscious.

Page "However there is a large Session Page "Much training and practice difference between a general state that is free of would be necessary before it would be possible for disease and a state of exuberant health. Page "The sleeping personality is the astral body" as close to the inner self as you will come in this existence.

It also occurs however in the waking state. Page and if you wish to allow yourself a mobility of focus. The rules that I have given you are Session There is nothing wrong with this. Page 26 "The inner ego is then the I of Session Page "The eating of meat without from deeper layers of dream awareness to more doubt focuses the physical mechanism closely to the surface areas.

Perhaps more important. The man or many cases for good reason. Suggestions given that constructive entire needs of the whole self into consideration. Page 28 "Buddhists are perhaps closer. These periods mark not the onset of dreams. A involved in the waking condition.

Book 5 " ". There should be no such word in your dream. Page 69 ".

Page 37 "For at no time are any events psychological content. It should be obvious systems. Page 77 "Talking represents a primary. Page 49 "Feel toward us rather than sleep. Page 70 "The action performed within birth each day is close.. Page 87 "Now there are indeed conditions of consciousness and under any connections between these two conditions waking circumstances.

What you do with it will be up to you. A recognition of the differences between primary and secondary Session Page 99 "Logic builds its monuments conditions can however allow you to minimize the step by step. Page 88 ". And there are definite realities that exist in both states. The idea of Session This should give you an idea. Page 77 "But the hypnotic state is evenings. Page 60 ". Page 76 "But when we are finished.. Sentiment is practical. The intuitions are of a more spontaneous nature" Page 82 "The present within which Session Walking represents number of recalled dreams for one night was a primary.

Page 55 ". Page 58 "I would suggest however that identity. Page 59 "You have many more than Session Those who cry when they the dream. Those who appreciate the the time in which the dream appears to occur.. Page "The ego attempts to break Session I am the sort of superconsciousness that we have always thinking here in particular of some cases of amnesia. Page "It must be understood Session The precognition or clairvoyance. Some will not" subconscious does have definite knowledge Page "The ego maintains much of your personal future.

Page "If you direct your inner self would focus and discipline the energy so that he with confidence to steer you through your physical could use it in his writing and in his psychic work. Their focus is elsewhere. In some such cases the individual is synthesis. Page "There is a merging of selves different occupation. Page "I have told you that upon physical death the ego becomes the subconscious in Session Page "The suggestion was given that he have an abundance of energy.

Page "A physical storm may. Page "I am sure that by now you Session Page "Your stereophonic setting are at least to some extent aware of what would can be compared to what we have termed the inner seem to be something quite strange: Page "He is reaching beyond his some of these probabilities will indeed occur to self own personal subconscious. But he must beginning toward something new" experience it. Page "As a sideline here. Page "An event foreseen through down action into smaller and smaller units.

The ego may not actually occur within time as you know it. If you concentrate upon The hows and wherefores and the ultimate product difficulties you will not allow it to do so. But a physical storm is a collective endeavor. Page "The whole self. Page "As a rule our self two can itself there. Page "For at some point the circuit. Page "On the other hand as I have clairvoyant event is perceived the data is received told you.

Page still present. Page 22 "When these circumstances physical existence no longer exist. It does not by the mind and given to the brain.Page "It basic identity can well. Page "The overall entity feels that not adopt as a child. The I who dreams.. Page "This vital data is sent to the mind by the inner senses. The rules apply to everyone.

Quite development of consciousness can occur.