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My Fair Lady Script - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. the The music by Frederic Loewe is not included in this. book. Camelot is a musical by Alan Jay Lerner (book and lyrics) and Frederic Loewe Page 1 MY FAIR LADY Adapted from Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion" Book and. A Study Guide to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. My Fair. Lady olhon.info Cover photo: Jason Hiel (left) and Melinda Pfundstein in My Fair Lady, .. what Eliza did” (Pygmalion [Middlesex: Penguin Books, ], ). He goes on .

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My Fair Lady on Broadway (and the film version), Rex Harrison. During . Pygmalion and Galatea, a story told by the Roman poet Ovid in a book called. 'My Fair Lady': this title comes from a well-known nursery exercises, covering shorter sections of the book, can be musical play or film My Fair Lady. “My Fair Lady” (Original cast recording) (). Added to the National Registry: Essay by Cary O'Dell. Original album. Original label. Julie Andrews.

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So horribly dirty. It is unnecessary to summarize the plot or list the songs; if you are not familiar with both, you are culturally illiterate, although in six months I could pass you off as a critic at Cannes, or even a clerk in a good video store, which requires better taste. It is difficult to discuss George Cukor's film as it actually exists because, even now, an impenetrable thicket of legend and gossip obscures its greatness.

Many viewers would rather discuss the film that wasn't made, the one that would have starred Julie Andrews , who made the role of Eliza her own on the stage.

Casting Audrey Hepburn was seen as a snub of Andrews, and so it was; producer and studio head Jack L. Warner chose Hepburn for her greater box-office appeal, and was prepared to offer the role to Elizabeth Taylor if Hepburn turned it down.

Advertisement One of the best-known items in the history of movie trivia is that Hepburn did not sing her own songs, but was dubbed by the gifted Marni Nixon. So notorious became this dubbing, so egregious was it made to appear, that although "My Fair Lady" was nominated for 12 Oscars and won eight including best picture, actor, director and cinematography , Hepburn was not even nominated for best actress; Julie Andrews was, the same year, for "Mary Poppins," and she won.

At this remove, can we step back and take a fresh look at the controversy?

My Fair Lady Script

True, Hepburn did not sing her own songs although she performed some of the intros and outros , and there was endless comment on moments when the lip-syncing was not perfect. Even actors who did their own singing were lip-syncing to their own pre-recorded dubs and an occasional uncredited assist. I learn from Robert Harris , who restored "My Fair Lady" in , that this was apparently the first musical to use any form of live recording of the music, although "only of Mr.

Harrison, who refused to mouth to playbacks. His early model wireless microphone can be seen as a rather inflated tie during his musical numbers. That Hepburn did not do her own singing obscures her triumph, which is that she did her own acting. All of this Hepburn does flawlessly and with heedless confidence, in a performance that contains great passion. Consider the scenes where she finally explodes at Higgins' misogynist disregard, returns to the streets of Covent Garden, and finds she fits in nowhere.

Now you've made a lady of me, I'm not fit to sell anything else.

Higgins Gladys Cooper orders him to behave himself. Higgins realizes he loves Eliza, but even in the play's famous last line he perseveres as a defiant bachelor: "Eliza?

Where the devil are my slippers? Advertisement Apart from the wonders of its words and music, "My Fair Lady" is a visual triumph.

Cukor made use above all of Cecil Beaton, a photographer and costume designer, who had been production designer on only one previous film "Gigi," He and cinematographer Harry Stradling , who both won Oscars, bring the film a combination of sumptuousness and detail, from the stylization of the famous Ascot scene to the countless intriguing devices in Higgins' book-lined study.

Doolittle, according to Higgins "the most original moral philosopher in England.

What distinguishes "My Fair Lady" above all is that it actually says something. He declares that he will wait for her as long as is necessary. Higgins, his mother, and Colonel Pickering are all nervous as to how the evening will unfold, but Eliza passes the test brilliantly. Everyone at the ball is fascinated by her, including a Hungarian phonetician named Zoltan Karpathy.

My Fair Lady

The episode leaves Eliza feeling used and abandoned, particularly as Higgins completely ignores her except to ask where he has left his slippers. When Eliza throws them at him, Higgins is completely mystified by her ingratitude. Deciding to leave the house that very night, Eliza finds Freddy still waiting outside.

He is overjoyed to see her, but Eliza cuts him off, telling him that if he really loved her, he would show her rather than talk about it. But her father, surprisingly dressed in top hat and tails, does. The worst thing is that he now has to marry the woman he has been living with for all these years.

Concert Selections for My Fair Lady

Doolittle and his friends decide to have one last drinking spree before his wedding the next morning. Higgins and Pickering are upset to discover that Eliza has left, and Pickering leaves to try to find her. He is astonished to find Eliza having tea with her.

Higgins demands that she return home, but Eliza accuses him of wanting her back only to fetch and carry for him. She further declares that she was foolish to ever think that she needed Higgins, and that she will marry Freddy instead.

As Higgins returns home alone, he begins to discover what his real feelings for Eliza might be. Its internationally celebrated director, Robert Carsen, has triumphed repeatedly at Lyric, including our revival of Eugene Onegin earlier this season. All of us at Lyric are thrilled by the cast, led by the charismatic Richard E.After all, marriage is not so frightening.

Snatching a chocolate cream from the table, his eyes suddenly twinkling with mischief Have some chocolates. Pulses rushing! You might marry, you know.

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Now for your "H's. The noblest sentiments that ever flowed in the hearts of men are contained in its extraordinary, imagi- native and musical mixtures of sounds. Outside Higgins' house, Wimpole Street.