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Talon series (Book 1 - 5) by Julie Kagawa But destiny is a matter of perspective , and a rogue dragon will soon challenge everything Ember. But destiny is a matter of perspective, and a rogue dragon will soon From the limitless imagination of bestselling author Julie Kagawa comes. In New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa's groundbreaking modern fantasy series, dragons walk among us in human olhon.infoer. Traitor. ROGUE.

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Books by Julie Kagawa available from Harlequin TEEN (Titles in each series listed in reading order) The Talon Saga Talon Rogue Soldier Blood of Eden series. Rogue by Julie Kagawa - read or download the free ebook online now from ePub Bud!. Rogue book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From the limitless imagination of bestselling author Julie Kagawa comes th.

In New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa's groundbreaking modern fantasy series, dragons walk among us in human form. Ember Hill left the dragon organization Talon to take her chances with rebel dragon Cobalt and his crew of rogues. But she can't forget Garret, the soldier of the dragonslaying Order of St. George who saved her from a Talon assassin—and by doing so, signed his own death warrant.

Determined to save Garret from execution, Ember must convince Cobalt to help her break into the Order's headquarters. With assassins after them and Ember's own brother helping Talon with the hunt, the rogues find an unexpected ally in Garret and a new perspective on the underground battle between Talon and St.

A reckoning is brewing, and the secrets hidden by both sides are shocking and deadly. The stakes are higher this time around and everyone's lives are on the line. I did really enjoy this but I do have to say that I was really annoyed by how the love triangle aspect of the story was kicked up a few notches from the last book. I don't know if this has to do more with the fact that love triangles annoy me or the fact that I think I might be on the losing team I'm rooting for Garret but I couldn't help but having a few eye roll moments by Ember's But then again, love triangles seem to be in pretty much every YA series nowadays so this might not bother too many readers that are more tolerant of them than I am.

Other than the love triangle, I thought the story was pretty freaking fantastic. There were so many surprises and plot twists that I just didn't see coming.

I'll definitely continue with the series, especially after that ending!

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Audiobook Comments: I love the audio performances in Talon and this is why I wanted to listen to this one on audio too. We have an extra POV this time, Ember's brother, so we have an extra narrator this time around too. I love multiple narrators and I'm so glad they went the extra mile with this one.

Tristan Morris joins the cast as Dante and he defnitely held his own against everyone else. Most of these narrators are some that I've heard several times MacLeod Andrews is one of my favorite narrators and this performance was fantastic! I highly recommend giving the audiobook a shot if you're planning on reading this, or if you've already read it.

It's true, I wasn't the biggest fan of the first book, Talon. I thought it was a promising start but my overall expectations regarding world building, specially for one of Kagawa's books was a bit of a let down. However, this second instalment, Rogue , was much better. More action, more answers and a lot more romantic entanglements that I found quite entertaining. I can see the bigger picture now, see how things are playing out. How certain aspects of the characters and different organizations ar It's true, I wasn't the biggest fan of the first book, Talon.

How certain aspects of the characters and different organizations are being developed in an unique way and I love where Kagawa is taking this. I always knew that Talon was a promising start but Rogue proves that this just may be epic after all. There are a lot of things going on here plot wise so I wont be going into it, but I will say that I'm impressed with how big this story really is.

I enjoyed the history of St. George but I also liked seeing how Talon operates and how the Rogue made their enemies on both sides of the lines. I also enjoyed all the different point of views and I'm grateful for every one of them. I loved seeing the back-story of Riley Cobalt , what he was like as Talon's Basilisk and what pushed him to go Rogue.

From minute one Riley has been a force, something overpowering and persuasive. I'm really glad we got to know him better. Dante is also another character who was slightly overlooked in the last book.

He's Ember's twin and a determined loyal Talon servant who will do what ever it takes to bring back his sister to the right side. Where she belongs. I don't think I was suppose to be surprised by his actions, but I was and yet I still have hope for him.

Garret is another character I wasn't quite sure about, but I found him to be less robotic in this book. More open and natural even if he was living a very surreal life.

It takes a big person to admit that their whole life is one giant lie and try to make up for it. And as for Ember? Well, I still find her to be rather reckless but at least she has good intentions and I liked her passion and fight. The love triangle is really well done, like Ember I'm not sure which guy I'm rooting for at this point and I like that we have a few more books for the boys to convince us who should own her heart.

All in all, Rogue turned out to be a really fierce read. There is a lot of betrayal against each organization. George against Talon and Talon against St. George and Rogue and Rogue against all of the above. It's hard to know who to trust but it's also fascinating and exciting to see how everything is battling out.

Plus, I love me some dragon fightin'. Kagawa is such a skilled writer and I love the growth she's giving her characters and this vibrant universe where anything can happen. Can't wait for the next book! This is no way impacted in my view. Rogue picked up right after the events of Talon, and I loved the way we dove straight into the action. In this book we were lucky to have the opportunity to see into the minds of four characters: Ember, Garret, Dante, and Riley. I really enjoyed the differing PoV's, though my favourite still remain Ember's and Garret's who are by far my favourite characters in general.

Though I had really enjoyed Talon, this book blew it out of the water. I feel as though Talon was more of an introductory book, and Rogue wasted no time in getting straight to the point, and being as action packed as possible.

I actually felt as if the book was in two parts at time, there was that much happening. I'm really looking forward to finding out more about both of these groups, as well as about the Order of St. George in book 3, and subsequent instalments.

Those who have read Talon will understand what I mean about the love triangle between Ember, Garret, and Riley, and it was further explored here. Personally, I ship Ember and Garret, though I can understand why some would enjoy the relationship between Riley and Ember. The romance, though not central to the plot, was definitely a large part of the novel, and for the most part I enjoyed it, as it never detracted from the seriousness of the events.

Overall, Rogue was the perfect follow up to Talon, and I thought it set up the action for book 3, Soldier , perfectly. I'd definitely recommend this book to those who loved Talon, and for anyone who is a fan of YA Fantasy.

I 3 pseudo innamorati sono: Passa dalle braccia di un pretendente all'altro nel giro di poche righe. Christian Grey rated it liked it Shelves: Quick review: Fitting Rating: PG Thumbs Up: Ending sucked eggs Characters: Well Written Plot: The story behind the blue dragon Page Turner: Yes Series Cont.?

Probably Recommend: Yes Book Boyfriend: The ending sucked eggs and for that reason, I dropped off a star. In fact, everything is plausible. That does Quick review: For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at: View all 5 comments.

Apr 30, Book Fawns rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Book Fawns Rating: Dragons, love, a perfect heroin and super cute guys, what more could you ask for? We absolutely loved and enjoyed Talon, it was one of our favourite reads of last year as it was one of the first novels that had us introduced to the idea of dragons. Julie Kagawa did an incredible job in Rogue and it showed the character development through Ember as she journeys he Book Fawns Rating: Julie Kagawa did an incredible job in Rogue and it showed the character development through Ember as she journeys her way as a rogue dragon with Riley.

Through this book, you really get to know Riley's character a lot better in comparison towards Talon, and we really enjoyed the aspect of this, and he's a definite fav of ours. Sorry Garret, we're team Riley.

Julie Kagawa

The chemistry between them two, and the way Riley looked out for Ember no matter what, was simply adorable. We hoped that there would be more moments of them two together, but we're just gonna have to wait for the next. No more words needed.

Garret's character in Rogue definitely surprised us as we thought that he'd be more of a problem in terms of his role as an ex-solider of St. George, but everything in the end worked out as Riley managed to use Garret's ability and knowledge of the strategies St.

Legion by Julie Kagawa

George used to capture rogues and other dragons. However, the only thing we weren't too keen about this novel, was the interchanging perspectives of five characters. We prefer point of view's throughout novels, but Rogue was fantastic so it did not bother us largely. Julie Kagawa did a wonderful job with this series so far, and we're most definitely looking forward to the next, and it's coming out in Looooooved this book so much, go read it when you have the chance.

It's unique, action-packed and heartbreaking. Mar 02, Amber rated it really liked it Shelves: I realized what rubbed me wrong with the first book, Ember. And I am still NOT a fan of her. The first book followed her very closely, focusing on her adaption to the human world.

The first book was setting it up so that Ember was the center of attention. But, she has some of my least favorite aspects of typical female main characters. Any cha I realized what rubbed me wrong with the first book, Ember. Any chapter through Ember's point of view was my least favorite, she just makes me roll my eyes.

However this book's plot was bigger than Ember. Though the love triangles are there, I was pleasantly surprised by the direction of this volume. George organizations. After this volume I have really begun to like Garrett and hope to see more of him! This volume was also super action packed which kept me much more engaged. While the first volume was mostly set up, this one was delving deeper into an intricate world.

My favorite characters are Wes and Garrett, everyone else mildly annoys me. But, I am in it for the long run! I am looking forward to the next book in the series. My goal is to finish this series within the year.

I am tackling my inability to finish book series head on! Mar 12, Ruman rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Spoilers Ember is bland. I don't like her - she's stubborn, fiery , unreasonable, selfish, and useless. She would jeopardize other hatchlings and humans in Riley's rogue network, in order to contact her brother, Dante, who betrayed her for Talon.

She also became angry at Garrett for killing Faith, a viper who almost killed her because Ember let her go I really dislike the love triangle. It's pretty pathetic to include a love triangle when it's been blatantly obvious since Talon who s 2. It's pretty pathetic to include a love triangle when it's been blatantly obvious since Talon who she would end up with anyway - Garrett.

Why would Ember end up with Riley, a rogue dragon , when she has Garrett, a mortal who cozied up to her in order to kill her. That reason doesn't matter anymore because he fell in love with her god knows why and saved her from St. George an organization that hunts dragons, and one he was a star pupil of , which makes his past "okay.

I also feel like Riley degenerated as a character. First he was a top Talon agent as Cobalt flashbacks occur in snippets , then he went rogue and became a revolutionary freedom fighter against Talon's corrupt organization, but now he follows Ember around on ridiculous missions for what?

A shred of returned affection, that's what. One fact is clear through it all: Why did he have to fall for her? It makes absolutely no sense for him to fall for a hatchling, who is obviously way younger than him.

Why would Riley risk himself and all those people dependent on him? Because if he fails, the whole operation fails. It's completely out of character for him to follow Ember around like a puppy tied to a leash; especially when they rescued Garrett from St.

George headquarters, a suicide mission. Since when did Riley risk his life to save a St. George member than fellow dragons. On the plus side, I love Tristan and Wes. Wes is great simply because of his snarky yet realistic attitude. I love it when he hits Ember with the cold truth of her selfishness. He's the voice of reason when Riley is enthralled by Ember and thinking with his heart, not his mind.

Tristan, on the other hand, makes me drool simply by existing, even though he's a member of St. Nov 18, Dark Faerie Tales rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dragons, war, betrayal, and so much more…. Opening Sentence: Ember convinces Riley to go in and they save Garrett before he is executed by the order. From there the three of them plus Wes go on the run, trying to outwit both the order and Talon.

Meanwhile Dante is plotting and planning to recapture Ember and kill Riley.

Ember, Garrett and Riley end up in Vegas trying to find ways to stay ahead of the order, when they hear rumors of a dragon sighting. They end up trying to rescue two hatchlings, and well you have to read the book…seriously! This book is action from the beginning until the very end. Julie Kagawa picks a subject and writes it in such a way that you just fall in love. I like dragons but have not liked a ton of dragon books, especially those with shifters.

They also kill those who try to leave the fold or who really fail at their jobs. The humans Order of Saint George are just as ruthless in their pursuit of dragons, only drawing the line at waiting to see them in their true form before killing them.

My only real complaint is the love triangle. In this one Ember is clearly torn between Garrett and Riley. I will say that there appears to be resolution at the end of this book, but given that Soldier is the name of the next book I am sure there will not be a real answer until the conclusion of book three.

I love, love all of her books and Rogue was no different for me. So if dragons are your thing go get Talon and then Rogue! Notable Scenes: Harlequin Teen provided me with a copy of Rogue.

Jan 16, C. So, the truth of the matter is I really really absolutely seriously love dragons. So I'm already biased to love this book. I think Talon was better. So if you loathed Talon, don't even try this one. But I still loved the action, the attitudes, the sly wit, and the draaaaagons.

So this book literally takes off where the last one ended.

Books in the Talon Saga series

Garett is about to be executed. Ember is flipping her hair and sassing. And Dante is getting swallowed by the Talon organisation and preened for a position of great power. We get 4 POVs, which isn't my favourite.

My feelings towards Riley are basically: Turn the moody fool into a scaly handbag. We get a lot of his backstory, and a toooon of his POV he's probably go the most chapters and his moody brain made me want to stab him with a spork. Also, because apparently book one wasn't okay with just a forbidden romance Dude, that is wrong. She feels to guilty because he loves her so so much At least that's the vibe I get. And despite risking everything to bust Garrett out of prison Ember's sitting there wondering if she likes Riley?

And Garrett did absolutely nothing in this book, darn it, which made me sad. I liked him a lot in bk 1!

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He's having a lot of emotional conflicts, though, so that was interesting. There was just waaaaay too much Riley.

I also still have a LOT of questions about the world building. Like apparently Talon wants to take over human kind and rule it. Like, I get that. It's a great goal also, mine but whyyyyy?

Like what do they want to gain? What is going on in their brains? I feel like bk 2 should've fleshed this out more. Also the middle dragged like a slug in peanut butter.

That's sad. I love the military vibe and how exciting the action scenes are and. That is awesome. So while the characters kind of belly-flopped in a dragon pizza for me I don't even know what that means, but don't question my metaphors I still LOVE the idea of super slick neat secret-agent-ish dragon organisations. Chat With Julie Kagawa 50 May 31, Rogue, by Julie Kagawa.

Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. About Julie Kagawa. Julie Kagawa. Other books in the series. Talon 5 books. Books by Julie Kagawa. Trivia About Rogue Talon, 2. Pain flickered, and I shoved it away, willing myself to forget, to feel nothing. She was no longer part of my life; the girl with the quick smile and brilliant green eyes, who had made me feel things I'd never thought possible I would never see her again. I didn't hate her; I wasn't even that angry. How could I be, when she had saved my life, when she had showed me so much, including how wrong the Order was?

I'd spent my life slaughtering her kind, and she had responded by befriending me, saving me from execution and fighting at my side against Talon and St. But she was a dragon, and when I'd finally confessed my feelings and confronted her about her own, she'd balked.

Admitted she wasn't sure if dragons could feel that way, that they weren't supposed to feel human emotion. And that her pull toward Riley, a fellow dragon who'd set his sights on her, couldn't be ignored any longer. I'd realized then, how futile it was.

Loving a dragon. It had been easy to overlook her true nature, to just see the girl. I'd never forgotten what she was, especially when she Shifted into her true form and I was reminded of how powerful, savage and dangerous dragons could be. But it was more complicated than that.

Hovering in the back of my mind, constantly plaguing me, was the knowledge that, even if Ember could return my feelings, she would outlive me by hundreds of years. We had no future together; we were two different species, and there was a war raging on both sides that would stop at nothing to destroy us.

Even if I could love both the girl and the dragon, what kind of life would I-a former soldier of St. George-be able to give her? I didn't even have a future for myself. Resolve settled over me. It was better that I'd left; now she could be with her own kind, as it should be. She was with Riley and his rogue dragons. Their lives would be dangerous, constantly running from Talon and St. George, but Ember was stubborn and resourceful, and Riley had been outsmarting both Talon and St.

George for a long time. They didn't need me. Ember Hill, the dragon I'd fallen in love with, would do just fine.

We'll be landing in about fifteen minutes. Taking her neck pillow off her shoulders, she turned to me with a smile. I swear, these flights get longer and longer. Where in London are you headed after this, dear? I'll be staying with them for a couple weeks. London is a wonderful city. Are you planning to visit Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey? Can't visit London without seeing the palace.

As we passed an old church, a flutter of white overhead caught my eye. The flag of St. George, a red cross on a background of white, flew prominently in the wind, and the uneasiness that had somewhat faded on the plane returned with a vengeance. I had arrived. In London.

The Order's largest and most influential territory. Though I'd been to the city only once, I could be sure of one thing: I would find no dragons here, or in any of the surrounding towns. George's presence in the city was huge and obvious. The Order's symbol, the red cross on a white shield, was everywhere throughout London, on signs and churches and building walls.

Though St. George was the patron saint of England itself, and we shared his flag with the rest of the country, the message to Talon was very clear: It was dangerous for me to be here.

I knew that. The Order was looking for me, and if I was recognized, I'd never make it out of the city.

Thankfully, most of St. George's soldiers and armed forces were housed elsewhere, as England's laws on weapons and firearms were very strict. But the Patriarch, the head of the Order itself, ruled from London with the rest of the council and oversaw all of St. George's activities.

If he discovered I was here, I'd have the whole of the Order on my back in a heartbeat. But he was also the reason I'd come, the reason I was looking for answers. How much did he and the council really know about Talon? Did they truly not know about the rogues, the dragons who wanted nothing to do with the organization and the war? I couldn't believe they were that ignorant, that they had been ignorant for so long.

George knew something, and if the Order was keeping secrets, I needed to find them. I had killed dozens-dragons and humans alike-because the Order told me I was protecting the world. I owed it to those lives, to all the innocents I might've killed, to discover the truth.Thingy Things Volume 2: Renata Sousa Pereira. Genevieve Cote's Book: Agnes de Bezenac's Book: It was a. Verbrechen und Strafe Deutsch Russisch Ausgabe illustriert: