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The Day 21 by Kass Morgan [Excerpt] - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. It's been 21 days since the hundred landed. Read "The " by Kass Morgan available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. The first book in the New York Times bestselling. The (The , #1), Day 21 (The , #2), Homecoming (The , #3), Rebellion (The , #4), The The Complete Boxed Set #, The Boxed Set.

The Hundred Kass Morgan Pdf Ita

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Download the popular tv series and book from Reading Sanctuary. The right of Kass Morgan to be identified as the Author of the Work has been asserted by The 3 scraping against her throat. If a doctor was coming, that. The is a series of young adult science fiction novels by Kass Morgan. The first book in the . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Once there, the struggle to survive in a world very different from the past Earth. Clarke tends to the wounded, and Bellamy gradually develops a romantic interest in her. It is revealed that Octavia had become a drug addict while in prison.

A few days later, someone sets fire to the camp, killing Thalia. As the survivors investigate, they discover a farm not too far from the site, leading them to the realization that they are not alone. The Homecoming[ edit ] After the dropships crash, Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells lead a rescue party to the crash site, allowing Clarke and Wells to reunite with Glass and Luke. Clarke ponders leaving the camp to search for her parents. The Chancellor, still in a coma, remains trapped in the Colony above Earth.

Vice Chancellor Rhodes takes control over the community on Earth, planning to force Luke to execute Bellamy, as a warning to anyone attempting to challenge him. With Sasha's help, Clarke and Wells escape with the wounded Bellamy. One of Rhodes' men kills Sasha when she tries to get more supplies. Like, thousands? Her father sighed. More like billions. Clarke rose to her feet and padded over to the small, round, star-filled window.

Do you think theyre all up here now? Her mother walked over and placed her hand on Clarkes shoulder. Isnt heaven supposed to be somewhere in space? Clarkes mother gave her shoulder a squeeze. Ive always thought mine would be on Earth.

In a forest somewhere, full of trees. Clarke slipped her hand into her mothers. Then thats where mine will be too. And I know what song will be playing at the pearly gates, her father said with a laugh. Her mother spun around. David, dont you dare play that song again. But it was too late. Music was already streaming out of the speakers in the walls. Clarke grinned as she heard the opening lines of Heaven Is a Place on Earth.

Seriously, David? Her father only laughed and bounded over to grab their hands, and the three of them spun around the living room, singing along to her fathers favorite song. Bellamy emerged from the tree line, breathless. It was too dark to see the expression on his face, but she could hear the urgency in his voice. Come and see this! Clarke stumbled awkwardly through the water. She reached the muddy bank and, forgetting that she was barely dressed, broke into a run, ignoring the rocks under her bare feet and the sting of the chilly night air.

He was crouched on the ground, staring at something Clarke couldnt make out. What was that sound? A bird or something. But look at this. Its a foot- print. He pointed at the ground, his smile shimmering with hope. Its Octavias, Im sure of it. We found the trail.

Relief coursed through Clarke as she knelt down for a bet- ter look. There seemed to be another print a few meters away, in a patch of mud. Both looked fairly recent, as if Octavia had walked by only hours earlier. But before she could reply, Bellamy stood up, pulled Clarke to her feet, and kissed her. He was still wet from the lake, and as he wrapped his arms around her waist, her damp skin clung to his.

For a moment, the world around them faded away. All that existed was Bellamythe warmth of his breath, the taste of his lips. He moved one of his hands from her waist to her lower back and Clarke shivered, suddenly acutely aware that she and Bellamy were standing in their underwear, dripping wet. A cold breeze shuddered through the thick canopy of leaves and danced across the nape of Clarkes neck. She shivered again, and Bellamy slowly unlocked his lips from hers. You must be freezing, he said, rubbing his hands up and down her back.

She cocked her head to the side. Youre wearing even less clothing than I am. Bellamy ran his finger up her arm, then tugged playfully at her damp bra strap.

We can fix that, if it bothers you. Clarke smiled. Even though she didnt think the tracks would vanish overnight, she knew Bellamy wouldnt want to stop now that hed found the trail. He looked at Clarke. Thank you, he said, leaning over to kiss her again before he took her hand and led her toward the shore. They dressed quickly, then grabbed their packs and headed back into the shadow-filled woods. The trail was fairly easy to follow, although Bellamy kept spotting the next print long before Clarke saw anything.

Homecoming: Book 3 (The 100) Kass Morgan PDF Download

Had his eyes grown that sharp from hunt- ing? Or was it the by-product of his desperation? Forget the gills. I think youve developed night vision, she called when he dashed toward yet another footprint she hadnt noticed. Shed meant it as a joke, of course, but then she frowned. The radia- tion levels on Earth clearly werent as high as shed once feared, but that didnt mean they were safe yet.

The 100: Day 21 by Kass Morgan [Excerpt]

Low-level radiation poisoning could take weeks to present, even if their cells had already begun to deteriorate. For all she knew, that was why no more dropships had arrived.

What if the Council wasnt waiting to determine whether Earth was safebecause the hundreds biometric data had already proved that it wasnt? Her heart racing, Clarke glanced down at the monitor clamped to her wrist and counted the days theyd been on Earth. She looked up at the moon, which was three- quarters full. Her stomach plummeted as she remembered a pivotal moment in her parents research.

The day most patients grew sicker. Im used to looking for things in the dark, Bellamy said ahead of her, oblivious to her anxiety. Back on the Colony, Id sneak into the abandoned storage areas. Most of them didnt have electricity anymore. Clarke winced as a branch scraped her leg.

What were you looking for? If any- one did begin presenting signs of radiation poisoning, they had some medicine that might help, albeit a paltry amount. Old machine parts, textiles, the odd Earthmade relic anything worth trading at the Exchange. His tone was casual, but she could hear a hint of strain in his voice. Octavia didnt always get enough to eat at the care center, so I had to find a way to get extra ration points.

The admission pulled Clarke from her own thoughts. Her heart ached at the idea of a younger, slighter version of the boy in front of her, alone in a dark, cavernous storage area. Bellamy, she started, searching for the right words, then cut herself off as she caught sight of something glinting from the shadowy depths behind the trees. She knew she should keep moving; they couldnt afford to lose any more time. Yet something about the way it shimmered brought Clarke to a stop. There was something on the ground, scattered among the roots of a large tree.

Clarke bent down for a closer look and saw that it was metal. She inhaled sharply and reached out to run her finger along one of the long, twisted pieces. What could it have been part of? And how had it ended up here, in the middle of the woods?

Bellamy shouted. Where did you go? Im over here, she called back. You need to see this. Bellamy materialized soundlessly next to her. Whats going on? He was breathing heavily, and there was an edge to his voice. You cant just take off like that.

We need to stick together. Clarke picked up a piece of metal and held it in the moonlight. How could this have survived the Cataclysm? Bellamy shifted from one foot to the other. No clue, he said. Now can we keep moving? I dont want to lose the trail. Clarke was about to set the strange artifact back on the ground when she noticed two familiar letters carved into the metal.

Trillion Galactic. Oh my god, she murmured. It came from the Colony. Bellamy crouched down next to her. It must be part of the dropship, right? I dont think so. Theres no way this is wreck- age from the crash.

At least, not our crash. Clarke felt suddenly disoriented, as if trying to discern between a memory and a dream. There are more pieces scat- tered around. Maybe theyll be something thatll She cut herself off with a cry as a jolt of pain shot through her right arm. Bellamys arm was around her, but she couldnt look at him. Her eyes were fixed on something on the ground.

Something long, dark, thin, and wriggling. She tried to point the creature out to Bellamy, but found that she couldnt move. Whats wrong? Clarke opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Her chest was beginning to tighten.

Her arm was on fire. Oh, shit, she heard Bellamy say. She couldnt see him anymore. The world around her had begun to spin. Stars and sky and trees and leaves swirled in the darkness. The searing heat that had been shooting up her arm faded away. Everything was fading. She fell back against Bellamy, then felt herself being lifted into the air.

She was weightless, just like shed been in the lake. Just like her parents were now. Clarke, stay with me, Bellamy called to her from some- where very far away.

The darkness was rushing around her, wrapping her legs and arms in stars. And then there was only silence. He smiled as she pushed herself into a sitting position and let her long legs spill over the side of the couch. Glass wasnt sure whether the lack of oxygen was making her drowsy, or whether she was just tired from staying up most of the night.

Lying in bed with Luke, the last thing she wanted to do was sleep. They didnt know how much time they had left, so every moment was pre- cious. She and Luke had spent the last few nights wrapped in each others arms: Luke spoke lightly, but they both knew the gravity of what he was propos ing. Ever since the skybridge between the ships had closed, the chaos on Walden had reached a fever pitch. The Waldenites desperate attempts to find and hoard food had turned violent.

Armed with a meager handful of protein packets, Glass and Luke had barred themselves inside Lukes tiny flat, doing their best to ignore the sounds echoing from the corridors the angry shouts of neighbors fighting over supplies, the frantic cries of mothers searching for lost children, the ragged wheezes of those strug- gling to breathe the increasingly thin air. Its okay, Glass said.

We have enough for a few days, and after that She cut herself off, looking away.

Youre really too good at keeping calm under pressure. Its a little scary. You should have been a guard.

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He tapped his finger under her chin. Im serious, he said in response to her look of skepticism. Ive always thought women make the best guards. Its a shame girls on Phoenix never really consider it. Glass smiled inwardly, imagining her best friend Wellss surprise if shed shown up to the first day of officer train- ing.

While he probably wouldve been too shocked to speak at first, she was sure hed have supported her. Before she met Luke, Wells was the one person whod always treated her seriously, who believed she had talents beyond flirting and styling her hair.

The word alone was enough to make her nauseated as she imagined stepping into weightlessness. Luke cleared his throat. You know they dont let just any- one spacewalk, he said with mock grandiosity. Luke was part of the elite corps of guards who were also trained as engineers, responsible for making crucialand dangerous repairs to the ship. She would never forget how terrified she had felt a few weeks ago, when shed watched Luke go out- side the ship to examine a malfunctioning airlock.

For twenty heart-racing minutes, a thin cord had been all that kept him from being lost in the emptiness of space. The cord, and Glasss fervent prayers.

Not to mention, you wouldve looked pretty cute in the uniform. Want me to try on yours, to see? Glass asked innocently.

He grinned. Maybe later. But as soon as the words left his mouth, his face fell. They both knew there wasnt going to be a later. Glass jumped to her feet and tossed her long hair over her shoulder. Come on, she said, grabbing Lukes hand.

I have an idea for dinner. You managed to decide between two-day-old protein paste and three-day-old protein paste? Im serious. Lets make it special. Earthmade relics were rare on Walden, but Lukes family had held on to two beautiful plates an ancestor had carried onto the ship.

Luke hesitated for a fraction of a second, then rose to his feet. That sounds like a nice idea. Ill go get them. He squeezed Glasss hand before disappearing into his room, where he kept the valuable relics hidden away. Glass went into the tiny bathroom and looked at herself in the sliver of scratched mirror above the sink.

In the past, shed found the lack of grooming space endlessly frustrating, but now she was grateful not to know what she looked like after three days in the same clothes. She finger-combed her hair and washed her face with the tepid water.

She didnt think shed taken very long, but when she stepped back into the living space, Glass found the flat transformed. The flickering lights near the table werent flashbeamsthey were candles. Where did you get those? Glass asked in surprise, padding over for a closer look. There werent many candles left anywhere on the Colony, let alone on Walden. I was saving them for a special occasion, Luke said, com- ing out of his room. As Glasss eyes adjusted to the darkness, her breath caught in her chest.

Luke had changed into dark pants and what seemed to be a matching jacket. Could it be a real suit? They rarely appeared in the Exchange. Even the men on Phoenix had trouble tracking them down. Shed seen him casual and laughing in his civilian clothes, playing catch with the little kids in his cor- ridor.

In the suit, he looked as confident as soldier-Luke, but he held himself differently. More relaxed. Im underdressed, Glass said, tugging at the sleeve of her slightly dingy shirt. Luke tilted his head to the side and surveyed her for a long moment. You look perfect. There was a note of admiration in his voice that made Glass grateful for the candles, for the flickering light that obscured her old clothes and her sudden blush. She took a few steps forward and ran her finger along Lukes sleeve.

Where did you get this? It was Carters, actually. The name made Glass snatch her hand away, as if shed been burned. Luke asked.

Yes, fine, Glass said quickly. I was just surprised. Carter never struck me as a suit guy. Carter was an older boy whod taken Luke in after his mother diedout of charity, hed claimed, but Glass had always suspected it was for the extra ration points. He was lazy, manipulative, and danger- ous, and had once tried to assault Glass when she was waiting in their flat.

Luke shrugged. He wasnt. He was short on points one month, so I bought the suit from him. It was pretty generous of him, actually. He couldve gotten a lot more at the Exchange.

No, he couldnt have, Glass thought. Because he wouldve been arrested for selling stolen goods. But then she felt a pang of guilt. Carter had been a scumbag, but now he was dead executed for a crime he hadnt committed.

And it was Glasss fault. Last year, Glass had made the terrifying discovery that she was pregnanta violation of the Colonys rigid popula- tion control law that was punishable by Confinement for minors Desperate to keep Luke safe, Glass had done her best to hide her condition. But when her pregnancy was discovered, shed been arrested and forced to name the father. Glass knew that if she told the truth, nineteen-year-old Luke would be put to death. So, in a moment of panic, she gave the name of a man who made her skin crawl, a man she knew would be arrested sooner or later, anyway: Luke didnt know what Glass had done.

No one on Walden had any idea why Carter had been dragged away in the middle of the night. Clarke si confida con il suo ragazzo, Wells Jaha, figlio del Cancelliere.

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Nonostante dica a Clarke che avrebbe mantenuto il segreto, Wells informa suo padre, sperando che possa salvare i Griffin da Rhodes. Il suo piano non ha successo, i Griffin vengono arrestati e la sua relazione con Clarke disintegrata. Due anni dopo, la Colonia decide di inviare prigionieri adolescenti per controllare se la Terra sia abitabile. Il gruppo si schianta da qualche parte nella East Coast , in quelli che una volta erano gli Stati Uniti. Clarke si prende cura dei feriti e Bellamy si innamora gradualmente di lei.

Viene svelato che Octavia fosse diventata una drogata, mentre era in prigione. Pochi giorni dopo, qualcuno appicca un incendio nel campo, uccidendo Thalia. Durante le investigazioni, i sopravvissuti scoprono una fattoria non lontana dal loro accampamento, rendendosi conto di non essere soli.The temperature had dropped considerably since the sun set. But hallucinations didnt shoot arrows. His eyes searched hers. It was pretty generous of him, actually. What would her parents say if they could see her now, here on the planet they had always dreamed of calling home?