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Muscle Building Bible Pdf

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This is a very important aspect of training that many coaches and trainers overlook. I believe that the client or athlete must know how the program was designed and why it was designed that way. Better yet, they should be a part of the program design.

Whenever I design a strength-training program, the client is a very large part of the process.

Who knows better than the trainee what works and what doesn't work for him? The client has more experience training themselves than anyone, so why not use this knowledge to better the program?

The trainee must know where they're going and how and why this program will help them get there. A second type of introduction micro cycle may be used to introduce the trainee to the exercises he'll be performing over the next few cycles.

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This gives him a chance to have a "walk through" of the different exercises and get used to the correct form and technique that'll be needed for the higher intensities later on. Exercise technique is another overlooked aspect of most training programs today. When I walk into any gym or health club I'm impressed with the lack of technique being practiced.

You'd think with the number of trainers and coaches around today that this problem would be getting better, but in many ways it's worse. Now you have trainers who have no idea what they're doing showing a client how to perform an exercise! Not all trainers are bad, of course. There are many excellent trainers I've spoken with across the world and I've learned a great deal from many of them. These trainers are usually very expensive and hard to find so it would be best for most people to buy a book on exercise technique or attend one of the many seminars offered by today's top strength coaches.

The Restorative Micro: This cycle is designed to aid in the recovery process.

It can involve anything from taking a week off to implementing some restorative techniques such as contrast showers, steams, saunas, massage, active rest or "feeder" workouts. Active rest involves those workouts that implement a type of training other than what the athlete normally does. For a weightlifter this can include walking, or for a football player, playing basketball.

The "feeder" type workouts are those intended to better prepare the muscle for an upcoming training session. When these workouts make up the majority of the training micro cycle it then becomes a restorative cycle.

Active rest and feeder workouts will be discussed in a future article because of the importance they have in the total development of a strength training program. After all, if you're not recovering, then you're not making gains!

The Competitive Micro: This is the cycle leading up to the competition or event.

Building Muscle

For a powerlifter this would consists of the five to seven days right before the competition. During this time they should lower the training volume and intensity. The week before can make or break the outcome of the competition. Too much work and the lifter will go into the meet overtrained and tired. Too little work and he'll go in under prepared.

For the football player this can be the last three to six days before the game. It becomes a tight balancing act during the season to ensure the optimum amount of training with the right amount of recovery and restoration. The Shock Micro: This micro cycle is designed around shocking the body into new growth and adaptation.

This shock can come in many forms and can range from taking a week off to a high volume training cycle. The Meso Cycle This cycle is made up of many micro cycles designed around one specific purpose. Most programs use this cycle to develop one component of fitness such as strength, power, endurance or some other physical ability. These cycles range from one to four months. There are many types of meso cycles including introduction, base, competitive, restoration, strength and power cycles.

The Introduction Meso: This cycle is designed to introduce a person to fitness or strength training. Like the introduction micro cycle, most of the time is spent on the teaching of the movements and training program.

The Men's Health Bodybuilding Bible

The Base Meso: It's been said many times that you can't build a house on a weak foundation. The base meso cycle is usually designed to build a strong and fundamental base of fitness a solid foundation.

An example of the effectiveness of a base-building meso cycle would be my wife, Traci.

When she first came to train with us a Westside, her back was so weak and sore that she had a hard time picking up an empty barbell. Most of her training during the first few months consisted of building up her abdominal, lower back, glutes, hips and hamstrings. She performed endless sets of reverse hypers, glute-ham raises, and abdominal pulldowns.

When her base was built up, heavier training was introduced and within the first year she'd totaled her fist "Elite" with a squat, bench, and deadlift in the pound class.

Not bad for not being able to pick up a barbell without pain 12 months earlier. Without taking the time to develop a solid foundation, her gains wouldn't have been possible.

Other Meso Cycles: The strength and power meso cycle is designed around building strength, while the competitive meso cycle is that cycle leading up to the competition or test date the day you attempt a new PR. These meso cycles can be designed a number of different ways and all are intended to bring out the highest level of competitive strength.

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The average rest between sets is two to three minutes and the average length of the entire phase is between four to six weeks. A legal code was produced during the 14th and 13th centuries which, among other things, clearly shows that the social position of women in Assyria was lower than that of neighbouring societies. It becomes a tight balancing act during the season to ensure the optimum amount of training with the right amount of recovery and restoration.

She performed endless sets of reverse hypers, glute-ham raises, and abdominal pulldowns. Each set you will go up in weight 10, 15, or 20 lbs depending on strength level.