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The new psycho-cybernetics: the original science of self-improvement and success that the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation and author of The New. PSYCHO- CYBERNETICS, - Home Business tips and network marketing PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life BY MAXWELL. The new psycho-cybernetics: the original science of self-improvement and success that has changed the lives of 30 million people / by Maxwell Maltz: edited.

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one click now, and start reading instantly, (Promise) olhon.info > With this link. This new search engine reveals so much more than 'googling'. A Mind Technology for Living Your Life without Limits The New Psycho- Cybernetics Guidebook Dr. Maxwell Maltz & Dan Kennedy MEET THE AUTHORS Dr. I choose to call this new concept “Psycho-Cybernetics”: the principles You can download a free PDF version of this summary by clicking the.

Move through mental images of relaxation. Practice going through all of these mental images over and over again. You will develop stronger connections between mental images and how you feel physically, and become better at relaxation.

You do not have to unbury every negative unconscious thought in order to change. Focusing on a mistake or guilty feelings can make the mistake the actual goal. Instead, remember that negative experiences helped you orient towards your goals, and then can be forgotten as you practice traveling in the right direction towards your goals.

It has been theorized that those who are successfully hypnotized to do amazing things have simply had negative memories purged so they could achieve greatness. It follows that you can consciously purge negative memories and unlock your own innate success. When you begin to feel negative, look for the cause, and dismiss this cause as absurd. Determine that the irrational will not control you. Repeat this practice whenever negative thoughts and memories start to surface.

Look for new, rational, positive beliefs that resonate with you. Identify a belief about not being able to do something. Evaluate it using the following questions: 1. Get mad about beliefs that have interfered with your success and happiness.

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Allow this anger to spur you on to new beliefs and great success. Rational thoughts must be joined by feelings and desires. Long for who you want to be, and what you want to have. Get excited about these desires. This process is exactly like worrying, except that now you are dwelling on positive, desirable things instead of negative things. As you change your goal picture and engage your positive emotions the possibilities will become more real. Do everything you can under the best of assumptions, and then let the results happen.

There is a limit to rational thought.

If you focus on achieving results with rational thought, you begin to develop anxiety and feelings of stress. Instead, once you have determined your goals and you are taking action towards them, let go of making success happen. You can see how that works when examining the lives of very creative individuals.

Their creative breakthroughs come from spontaneity when their rational mind has relaxed. They have a goal, a question, or a need for a solution that they have consciously examined. Take the time to research, prepare, and make good decisions. And then, once the wheels are in motion, relax. Give your attention now to this moment you are in. Live in today without worrying about the future, or mulling over the past.

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Your attention to this moment allows your creative mechanism to respond at its best. Allow your senses to absorb the experiences of this moment. Avoid multitasking, as this takes the focus away from the moment.

Do one thing at a time. Taking this approach relieves worry, stress, and feeling overwhelmed.

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Let problems go at the end of the day. Sleep on it, and allow your creative mechanism time to work without your conscious getting in the way. Dreams often lead to amazing breakthroughs. Write down what you need to do the next day, make a plan, or identify your problem, and then go to sleep. Have a pen and paper ready beside your bed to record your morning insights. Log In Sign Up. Andre Jimenez.

Maxwell Maltz Dan S. Kennedy is a received his baccalaureate in sci- a self-taught entrepreneurial suc- ence from Columbia University in cess; a high-school graduate and and his doctorate in medicine self-employed virtually his entire from the College of Physicians and adult life.

He started in the adver- Surgeons of Columbia University in tising business in with bor- After postgraduate work in rowed, old office equipment and plastic surgery in Europe, Dr. He became a marketing consultant, owner and prominent international lecturer on partner of several mail-order busi- his specialty and on the psychological aspects of plastic sur- nesses, a professional speaker, and an author.

As a consult- gery, and had two books published on the subjects: New ant, he has worked hands-on with companies and entrepre- Faces, New Futures and Dr. He developed a very neurs in over different fields, with clients ranging in successful practice in New York and treated patients who size from start-ups to billion-dollar companies. He routinely came to him from all over the world, including many commands top fees for consulting and developing direct- celebrities.

Dan is celebrating his 20th year as a professional speaker, In the s, Dr. Maltz became increasingly fascinated with addressing over , people a year, and frequently shar- the number of people coming to him requesting surgery who ing the platform with former U.

Dan faces they desired. After nearly a decade of counseling hun- speaks to corporate audiences in boardrooms as small as 25 dreds of such patients, extensive research of everything to public event audiences in sports arenas as large as from German missile guidance technology then more 25, Over the next ten years, Dr.

Maltz received Standardbred racehorses that race in three states. Cybernetics Foundation. While Dr.

The New Psycho-Cybernetics Guidebook

Maltz passed away at age This program includes important contributions from the 76, his legacy is thriving; in fact, his works have grown in Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation Board members: William popularity, almost entirely through word-of-mouth. Prentice Hall. You can obtain more information about Dr.

AZ Under-Utilized Potential Key Ideas: Liberate the Self-Image with: Here are 10 ways to stimulate your Creative Imagination: How many are you using daily? Varied Input 7. Resist Interference by 2.

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Mental Exercise Left Brain 3. Block Out Distractions 8. Replay Relevant Past 4. Relax Successes Logic Concepts 5. Ask for Vivid Detail 9. Use Mental Movies and Facts Emotions 6.

Nothing all that unusual there. Roughly four percent of all such customers do opt to return my materials for refunds. This par- ticular customer sent along a note. Nothing too unusual there either—many customers send notes, ranging from com- plaints to excuses. But no one in my office had ever seen a letter quite like this one, so they brought it to my attention.

It consists of only 16 words. Here they are: My life is going nowhere. Why fight it? This is a tragedy of epic proportions, for this fellow, and any family members or friends who might depend on him. He is not incarcerated in prison or incapacitated in a hospital. He is self-employed his letterhead told me that. He lives in Longwood, Florida, a thriving area—he is not stuck, for some reason, in a deso- late place devoid of opportunities. No, there is no physical reality that can possibly justify his despair.

So, his decision to accept failure is only a psychological choice. Let us examine another fellow who faced the kind of despair this man must be feeling.

This other fellow was an alco- holic, out of work, a pariah to family and friends, who began to frequent the public library as a place to sit, in warmth, off the streets. He looked around one day and said to himself: I have to fight it. His fourteen books have sold more than 25 million copies in 18 languages. Maxwell Maltz praised and endorsed his works. He only recently passed away. His name was Og Mandino. Every day people face the opportunity to accept despair and failure.

Karl Malone misses two foul shots in a row, to end a play-off game his team could have won had he made those shots. The press criticizes him. Radio talk-show jocks in his hometown criticize him. He must look his teammates in the eyes, knowing he has let them down. Does he slink off into the night, never to shoot a basket again? Does he send his coach a note saying: I have no talent.

Of course not. Now you may say: Unlike the man who sent me the letter, Christopher Reeve is confined to a wheelchair. Just moving his head and speaking requires superhuman effort. By his own admission, he contemplated suicide. Instead, he has fought his tragedy tooth and nail, and returned to productive work as a speaker, actor, film director, and outspoken advocate for health-care reform.

He has become a symbol of hope and inspiration for tens of thousands of handicapped people around the world. He made this choice. And everyday he makes it again. No life is free of failure.

You cannot hide from it, avoid it, or immunize yourself against it. You can decide whether to fight it like a warrior or accept it like a wimp. Focus on One Task at a Time 7. A Mentor to Model, a Mentor 5.


In doing that you commit your success mechanism to work subconsciously while you sleep. You initiate this by focusing on the problem prior to sleep knowing the solution will be provided. Repeat this until it becomes clear and you will create programs that automatically work for you while you sleep, allowing you to wake with the solutions. When the mind is in a relaxed state its more receptive.

This makes it easier to program success in your subconscious mind just like you would program a computer. To begin the process of relaxation you start with forgiveness, that is forgiveness of yourself and others. Then see yourself as a person of great confidence, independent of circumstances or things. Cease to compare yourself to others. Only compare you to you, that is your present self to your past self and you will see your growth and progress which feeds your confidence.

It is equally important to release all chronic frustration. Everyone has frustration during the day, but chronic frustration is due to the problems of yesterday that you continue and carry with you like a pack of weights on your back.

These repetitive past feelings need to be released and this is done by living fully in the present. Begin your days with a few minutes of silence every day as you sit with yourself and observe. This will help you release the painful emotions of the past for healing and aid with relaxing the mind and body for dissolving anxiety. Beliefs become habits and habits are nothing more than self-hypnosis. Begin this process by focusing ONLY on your success while remaining in the present moment.

This is a mental exercise that consists of bringing your success from all past experiences into the present moment.

Then create a clear picture on how you wish to see yourself and focus on that daily. As you continue you will find your opinion of yourself change as your self-image expands and your confidence increases.

It is simply a cycle of thoughts that increases through love and self-acceptance.Synthetic Experience things that make you feel most alive Begin your days with a few minutes of silence every day as you sit with yourself and observe.

Your uniqueness is valuable, and only yours to have. Remember me on this computer. Mental Movies 15 Minutes Daily 8. His fourteen books have sold more than 25 million copies in 18 languages. And just the same, I never discounted some kind of incentive or motivator is not valid.

Assertive Communication 1.