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Top Notch 2. Top Notch Third Edition Classroom Audio Program. Here are the audio resources to accompany the Student's Book. If you have any problems. Top Notch is unique in including a cultural fluency syllabus in which students learn to navigate dealing with people of different languages and cultures. Student Book with ActiveBook CD-ROM Level 2 Top Notch 2 2nd Edition Scope and Sequence (View | Download); MP3-File Student Book with ActiveBook.

Top Notch 2 Student Book

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Top Notch 2A contains Units from the Top Notch 2 Student's Book plus the corresponding Workbook units. The six-level Top Notch program makes English . Top Notch 2 Student olhon.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Top Notch 2 Student Book Grammar Booster - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Solución a libro Top Notch.

Exercise B 1 Jason and Trish didnt use to get lots of exercise, but now they go swimming every dy. I love watching DVDs, and I like to sing too. Avoiding sweets makes a healthy change in your diet.

The most important thing I do is cooking dinner for my children. Whats the point of inviting her to the movies?

Top Notch 2 Student Book Grammar Booster

Theyre always angry about our leaving the lights on late Last year I devoted myself to studying English. Lesson 2 Exercise A 1 is that new film about families being directed by Gillian Armstrong? The largest 5 Of all the monitors I looked at, the X60 is deninitely larger.

My MP3 player downloads as quickly brothers MP3 player. My new computer doesmt log on as slowly as my old computer. My scanner works as well as your scanner.

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The Grant printer doesnt pint as quickly as the Rico printer. I joined a chat room in order to meel new people. Jason surfs the internet in order to find interesting websites. Alison is istant messaging her friend Nancy in order to invite her for dinner. They always print their files in order to read them.

Top Notch (3rd Edition)

I never use the pull-down menu in order to open a file. Exercise E A 1 I exercise outside if the weather is good. B 1 If tou lower its temperature below degrees, water freeses. He runs in the park. C 1 Yhey will see it again if they like the movie. Describe an unusual dish you have tried.

Where and when did you eat it? What did it look, smell, and taste like? Would you recommend it to someone or not? Record your statements aloud.

I used to eat a lot of fatty foods, but I've been cutting back because I want to good look I used go to the restaurants, but I would like the meal of my house, because I do it. I used to shop at food stores, but I prefer the supermarket because is more economic.

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One of the strangest things I've ever eaten is pulpo. Lo com en Salinas el ao pasado en vacaciones, pareca camarn, ola bien y fue muy delicioso. No le recomendara a nadie, porque mis gustos son extraos, pero saba delicioso.

Flag for inappropriate content. OR Has Exercise C Answer will vary. The Grabts have been living in Buenos Aires since the late seventies.

How long have you been studying Chinese? Exercise C 1 finding 12 speaking 23 eating 2 being 13 hearing 24 paying 3 losing 14 letting 25 stading 4 putting 15 coming 26 thinking 5 getting 16 leaving 27 buying 6 saying 17 driving 28 seeing 7 writing 18 meeting 29 beginning 8 going 19 blowing 30 telling 9 making 20 giving 31 bringing 10 fixing 21 runing 32 taking 11 knowing 22 forgetting Unit 3 Lesson 1 Exercise A Answer will vary.

Exercise B Answer will vary. Lesson 2 Exercise A 1 B: Turn them on 4 B: Yes, he does 3 B: Yes, Iam 5 B: And Mrs. Palmer use to go dancing every weekend?

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No notes for slide.Staying in Hotels Unit 4: Perla Zumaya. Top Notch prepares students to communicate in English with a diverse array of speakers around the world who have a wide range of native and non-native accents. Online Resources. OR Weve already finished Online Resources.

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