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Download Free United Arab Emirates Maps in high resolution formats for the web , United Arab Emirates (Shaded Relief) (K) and pdf format (K). The following maps were produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, unless United Arab Emirates (Shaded Relief) (K) and pdf format ( K). This map is not an authority on international boundaries. UAE Overview. 2. Abu Dhabi. Ajman. Al Ain. Al Dhaid. Dubai. Fujairah. Khor Fakkan. Liwa (Mezaira'a).

Uae Map Pdf

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Map of United Arab Emirates. Overview. Relocating to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Helpful advice and key information. United Arab Emirates (UAE). The spectacular Hajar Mountains in the eastern part of the emirate were formed over 70 million years ago. One of the main attractions is the UAE's highest. Map of United Arab Emirates. olhon.info ( bytes). Download the full UAE Road Map · PDF Map Of Dubai. United Arab Emirates. The United.

The detail is still good and chances are it will be a more up to date map of Dubai than anything else you can find.

Dubai Explorer Map box set - an excellent, if expensive dhs in Nov , up to date in series of maps of UAE regions. Not as detailed as the Dubai Millenium Map for navigating within Dubai city but clearly shows roads and landmarks outside cities. Features like Jebel Ali Palm Island indicate satellite photos used for the maps appear to be from The maps oddly include locations of cement factories - is there a demand for cement factory tours of the UAE that we're not aware of?

Timeout Dubai - some of their Dubai guide books have useful reference maps. Good pocket size map of Dubai with main roads and landmarks even if you're not interested in Dubai's bars.

Dubai Municipality bus route map is useful - especially if you want to catch buses - but the guide always seems to be available "next week".

Good luck hunting one down and please grab an extra copy for us if you find one. Overview of Dubai showing areas of purple, blue, green, grey and yellow sand Online Dubai Maps Several online maps of Dubai are available but they are usually lacking in detail.

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GoogleEarth has some reasonably up to date images which are good to look at. See end of page for external links to map websites. Dubai City Guide has a good collection of online maps which load fast, are clear and easy to follow, and have a clever print function to rotate the maps and print on one page.

Navigating around Dubai Unfortunately, partly due to the rapid growth and expansion in Dubai, maps of Dubai are often out of date much more quickly than is common in other countries. One of the two best maps for driving and navigation in Dubai and the rest of the UAE is the Millenium Map of Dubai but as it has not been updated since , many people will find intersections, developments, and roads significantly changed.

The Explorer road map of the UAE 1st edition released early is much more up to date but does not include city maps, however, their city mini-maps are quite useful. An additional difficulty when travelling around Dubai with or without a map is that most people don't know the names of the roads, or know them by something other than the designated name for example Al Wasl Rd is more commonly known as the Iranian Hospital Road, and Khaleed Bin Al Waleed Road is known as Bank Street.

In recent years many of the more significant roads were given names of Middle Eastern cities which hopefully is a good compromise between difficult to remember for non-Arab expats Arabic names, and retention of an Arabic flavor for street names in Dubai. Most of the minor streets simply have a number eg Street There is not always an obvious pattern, and numbers are often repeated in different areas.

Most navigation, whether you have a city map of Dubai in your hand or not, is successfully achieved with the aid of landmarks and a mobile phone, and in the case of visiting private residences, a quickly scribbled map faxed to wherever you're leaving from.

For off-road driving, there are a couple of useful books published by Motivate Publishing that have been around for many years called "Off-Road in the Emirates".


They also have one for Oman. Bookshops and sometimes supermarkets stock them.

They're more of a guide book to some of the more interesting off-road spots in the Emirates and Oman and it would be sensible to obtain a comprehensive map of Dubai rather than rely on the Off-Road guidebooks for navigation. Two services - "Mobile Map" and "Nearest points of interest" for Etisalat's mobile customers to work out where they are and what's nearby. Some rental car firms have them included in their cars, and of course, you can buy cars with a GPS SatNav system installed as standard or get one installed later.

Distributor Al Sayegh Brothers.

Geography of the United Arab Emirates

Web www. It is also home of some architectural marvels, such as the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, etc. As you know, UAE is the federation of 7 emirates, so it has a large network of roads. It also has a wide ranging topographical division, consisting of beaches, mountains, deserts, oasis, etc.

Saudi Arabia–United Arab Emirates border dispute

It is one of the most visited destinations by the tourists across the world, with major attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Sharjah which is the cultural hub of the UAE.

The government has undertaken rapid development measurements, with developing the roads other infrastructure.

UAE has well-developed roads connectivity throughout all the emirates, through the desert terrains, making it one of the best developed road infrastructures in the world. This map shows all the important land routes throughout the UAE, such as roads, expressways, highways, bridges, flyovers, etc.

Other books: TMAP NEXT PDF

So you can directly download and print this map from here in HD quality. You can use this map while travelling across the UAE or going on a road trip. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman from one side and Oman from other.

So it can be said to be strategically located in terms of trade with the Far East and Europe. Many of us still search for world maps in markets and this takes away lot of our time.

Maps of Dubai

Also the traditional world maps can be inconvenient since it might not be available in the format you are looking for and cannot be store in devices. This map can be customized so you can mark any important place in this map and use it as a reference.

These 7 emirates came together after gaining independence from Britain and were formally united on 2nd December, So you can directly download and print this map from here in HD quality.

Not as detailed as the Dubai Millenium Map for navigating within Dubai city but clearly shows roads and landmarks outside cities. In the vicinity of Al Fujayrah , where the mountains do not approach the coast, there are sandy beaches.

This park is not accidentally … Open. Good luck hunting one down and please grab an extra copy for us if you find one. Although the locally produced gold is often not distinguished by high fineness, we simply cannot fail to pay tribute to local jewelers as they create true pieces of art from gold and silver.