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Start by marking “Best Friends Forever” as Want to Read: Kat Grant and Alice Campbell have a friendship forged in shared confidences and long lunches lubricated by expensive wine. Best Friends Forever is Margot Hunt's debut novel. Start by marking “Best Friends Forever” as Want to Read: Addie Downs and Valerie Adler were eight when they first met and decided to be best friends forever. Jennifer Weiner is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of sixteen books, including Good in Bed, In Her Shoes, and. How well do you really know your best friend? Kat Grant and Alice Campbell have a friendship forged in shared confidences and long lunches lubricated by.

Best Friends Forever Book

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Best Friends Forever: A Novel [Jennifer Weiner] on olhon.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner. At the start of Hunt's solid debut, two Jupiter, Fla., police detectives arrive at the home of Alice Campbell, the tale's unreliable narrator. Chick lit doyenne Weiner offers airtight proof that the genre thrives with this clever , sad and sweet turn on Thelma and Louise –style rage.

At least I can move onto something with more substance now. Jan 17, Karetchko added it. A better title for this one might have been Only Friend Ever.

If that sounds depressing, well, at least it prepares you for the dark side of this book. Adelaide Downs, the main character, really has only ever had one friend, but something happened between her and this friend during their senior year of high school. The phrase "ruined my life" gets thrown around a lot but the exact event doesn't get explained for quite a while. I really think I'd have liked this book more if Addie had had more fr A better title for this one might have been Only Friend Ever.

I really think I'd have liked this book more if Addie had had more friends in her life up to the point where the book starts late in the evening after a high school reunion that Addie doesn't attend. Addie doesn't even have a dog! The least the author could have done was give her a dog. Although Addie is close to her parents and brother, tragic things have already happened to all three of them when the book starts.

Reading this, I really missed Jennifer Weiner's usual main characters, who may not have the bodies they want but who seem like they'd be more fun to know and are definitely more fun to read about. Jul 15, Sarah Kathleen rated it it was ok. I hate to say it but I'm so disappointed in this book.

The characters aren't well developed and Weiner tries to pack too much plot into the book.

Book review: ‘Best Friends Forever’ by Jennifer Weiner

It felt like too much was explained, rather than shown to us. I didn't like the Valerie character and didn't think she redeemed herself - she just came off as unlikable and you wonder why Addie let her back into her life. I also disliked the ending - it felt thrown together, like a cop out and was way too cutesy. I've long been a fan of Weiner's work b I hate to say it but I'm so disappointed in this book.

I've long been a fan of Weiner's work but I wish I hadn't spent the money on this book - definitely not worth it. View 2 comments. Jun 18, Britni rated it it was ok. Do you ever feel like you should like an author or book just because everyone else does?

I know there are people out there that buy everything she writes, but after my second experience with a chick-lit book that lacked any real imagination or characters I could relate to, it'll probably be longer than three years before I pick up another one.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of chick Do you ever feel like you should like an author or book just because everyone else does? Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of chick-lit.

And romance. And novels about best friends. This book should have been right up my alley, but it just wasn't. In Best Friends Forever, Addie and Valerie were best friends all through their childhood until a big incident their senior year of high school that left them not speaking to each other. Until one day after the high school reunion Val ends up on Addie's doorstep and asks for her help. The book follows their weekend long adventure as they try to figure out what happened the night of the reunion and when they do, how to avoid the consequences.

Add in a couple of other strange characters e. I felt the characters in the book were extremely one-dimensional. Val was the blond, irresponsible one that just wanted to have fun. Addie was the sidekick, the girl who was always left behind even when trying to do the right thing. The book was also way too predictable for me but who knows, maybe I'm a good guesser. I read it quickly, not because I wanted to find out what happened to these best friends but because I wanted to move onto another book.

May 12, Kate rated it did not like it. Oh my God, this was horrible. Jennifer Weiner, what happened? Your first two books were pretty good chick-litty, but good and then you give us this drivel? I'm not sure if she had a one-day deadline and churned this thing out in a coffee-and-Bailey'-fueled all-nighter, but this was utter ridiculousness. Not believeable at all, not interesting at all, poorly sketched and redundant characters. Down-on-her-luck, lonely, self-depricating fat girl! Vivacious, bubbly, irresponsible friend as her foil Oh my God, this was horrible.

Vivacious, bubbly, irresponsible friend as her foil! Zany capers! Irrational discoveries! Men who say "we make sense together, you know that" the third time they meet someone! Yadda, yadda, yadda. Holy hell. This made my previous three horrible reads Swan Thieves, In the Kitchen and The Unnamed look like highbrow literature.

And for that, I'm grateful, I suppose. I guess it can always get worse. Stop calling her one. We do not "read the weather". We do not deliver the weather from atop mechanical bulls. And most weatherpeople don't have their eye on the news anchor position and consider weather to be a "means to an end".


There is no way this woman would have gotten a chief met job at a Top 5 station. I really wish Weiner had done a teensy bit of research.

I'm still pissed about it. However as they grow up and move into their teenage years, a shocking betrayal broke the two friends apart.

In a desperate bid to stop the police finding out what she did Valerie convinces Addie to go on a road trip to Florida.

The two head off but there could be trouble ahead as Chief of Police Jordan is on their tale and desperate to find out exactly what happened that night of the school reunion. I know she has an incredibly loyal fanbase because of her wit, her humour and most of all, the fact that her heroines are all larger ladies than usual chick lit heroines. That was a big plus for me as I enjoy heroines that differ from the norm.

It was an intriguing opening to the book and I was desperate to know what had happened. It was a peculiar way for the book to be written. As far as the characters go, the only character I could stand was Addie.

She was sweet, she was kind and unfortunately, she was a bit of a pushover. So it surprised me how easily she let Valerie back into her life. Valerie could have been a fantastic character but she just seemed far too self-centered to be a likeable or sympathetic character. The fact that she did made it all the worse, of course.

As for Dan Swansea, he was a complete and utter jerk. The whole crime factor to the book was so wrong I wanted to scream. To start any kind of investigation into a crime I think you need a little bit more than a belt and a little blood. But no, Jordan Novick launches a full investigation and is determined to find out just why there was blood in a parking lot.

In any crime novel that would make anything he found in court inadmissable.

I also found the attempted robbery laughable and utterly ridiculous. Jennifer Weiner is very good at building up her characters past and that was a real plus for me. Feb 07, Sarah rated it did not like it. Another one I abandoned because I didn't really care what happened or had happened to any of the characters.

Addie came across as such a whiny loser, very negative and depressing, spent her life dwelling on the past and the Big Mysterious Tragedy that had separated her from her high school friend Valerie with whom she seemed rather unhealthily obsessed instead of getting on with life and making new friends.

At the same time she was so self-absorbed and focussed on all the things that had gon Another one I abandoned because I didn't really care what happened or had happened to any of the characters. At the same time she was so self-absorbed and focussed on all the things that had gone wrong in her life that she was completely incapable of realising that Val hadn't exactly had a happy life either - because oh, she's thin and pretty, everything must be perfect for her, not like pooor meeeee, people at school called me faaat, waaah.

The bits about her past were at least realistic - the 'present' section with her and Val going off on some loopy quest for revenge in the middle of the night was just preposturous. The whole thing was just an obvious time filler and frequently made no sense. Sure, I'll come with you and look for him.

Well look at that, he's not where you left him. Let's search the house of a guy he used to be friends with in high school, he's sure to be there. Oh, he's not there? Oh, well, why don't you seduce a pastor in your car? Well, DER! Maybe it was just because I was listening to it on audiobook which makes for a much slower reading pace. Oct 27, Ismail Elshareef rated it did not like it Shelves: The story is about two best friends who grow apart due to some high school drama and then reconnect many years later.

The premise is interesting but everything else is abysmal. The story is tired, the humor is tired and sadly embarrassing the characters are super tired and boring and the dialogue is just really bad and unrealistic. The only thing I really wanted out of this book once I started reading it was for it to end and end fast. The reason I picked up this book was the good reviews I The story is about two best friends who grow apart due to some high school drama and then reconnect many years later.

The reason I picked up this book was the good reviews I read about it here on Amazon. Big mistake. Or if someone whose taste I trust suggests a good book. I don't pick books at random otherwise. Well, this was a lesson learned, for sure. My biggest problem with the book was that it was boring.

I didn't feel for the characters and the way they interacted with each other was just simply unrealistic. The author tries to be funny and she succeeds at times but mostly her writing sounds like something you would hear in a really bad remake of a John Hughes movie.

Please don't waste your time with such drivel. There are way too many better books out there that are worth your time and money. View all 3 comments. Jul 18, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: That is until senior in HS when they had a fight and stopped speaking to each other.

Fast forward to their 15 year HS reunion. Addies opts out of attending the event and Val, now a TV weather girl, goes. Something happens at the reunion and she shows up at Addie's door hoping her best friend forever would help her out of trouble. Weiner goes back to when the girls are younger to tell you what happened and when it happened. Unfortunately, she did a lot more telling then showing. The novel lacked really dramatic scences.

I also feel Weiner failed in making me fall-in-love with the "love interest", Jordan. Personally I thought he was a little sleezy Falling in love with the guy is what makes Chicklit Reading so fun, so that is disappointing.

Overall though, I still love Weiner's writing style. I met her recently at a fundraiser and she writes very much as she speaks.

She is fun and energetic Aug 30, Melani rated it did not like it Shelves: The book follows two stories, one in the present day and the other is the tale of our characters growing up.

However, you start to dig just a little and it becomes this very ugly book. The main message is that fat people can never be happy unless they loose weight. Ugly ugly ugly message. There are other things about the book I disliked, but at this point I just want to wash the book out of my brain and move on.

They have always left that bad taste in my mouth after I finish them, and yet I keep going back for more. View all 5 comments. Sep 02, Meghan rated it liked it Shelves: I admit that I typically hide my reading of Jennifer Weiner books because I am sure I will be mocked.

By whom I am not sure but never-the-less the fear is there. But then I read an article on npr http: So the book is ok. I read it quickly, I enjoyed it. Enough said. Weiner follows a similar patter with most of books a self-proclaimed "chubby" woman deals with some fo I admit that I typically hide my reading of Jennifer Weiner books because I am sure I will be mocked.

Weiner follows a similar patter with most of books a self-proclaimed "chubby" woman deals with some form personal drama whether it be from family or friends. There is typically an unexpected love interest and the book ends on a happier note but not necessarily perfect. I am not sure that this is my favorite Weiner book but there were definitely some moments when she reminded me a Tom Perrota which I mean as a compliment.

I'll probably keep reading some Weiner and I may even admit to some other "chick lit" reads that I have hidden on my bookshelf. Go Chick Lit! It took me a long time to finish reading this book.

I kept picking it up, reading a bit, and then putting it down.

For a while, I wasn't sure why. The situation was compelling enough, the characters were relatable, there were mysteries to unfold as each page turned. It has all the makings of a good book.

But I finally figured out the problem: The characters, at least for me, were TOO relatable. Addie's character, in particular, often made me felt like someone had plundered my private thoughts and It took me a long time to finish reading this book.

Addie's character, in particular, often made me felt like someone had plundered my private thoughts and insecurities and printed them out on the page. It's good to be able to relate to the character, to put yourself in her place, but when it's unavoidable, it becomes uncomfortable. Addie is not a perfect person; she's deeply flawed, and you see her for all the good and the bad and everything in between.

She's real At times it's downright painful to read about her, because you just sit there nodding your head and agreeing with everything. The friendship between Addie and Val is equally painful, for anyone who's ever had a "best friend. And since the story is told from Addie's point of view, you naturally sympathize with her, and don't really see what Val's been through.

She is harder to relate to, harder to sympathize with, and harder to like. In fact, far too often, you're left shaking your head at her stupidity or laughing at her crazy ideas and antics. In fact, for a book titled "Best Friends Forever," the lack of a viewpoint for both friends is a somewhat troubling flaw.

Writing, Reading and Loving Like a Mother

There are two sides of the story, and we didn't really get enough of Val's to understand why she did what she did. Jordan's character was interesting in his sad way. He was even more closed-off, more pathetic, more lonely than Addie, and it was only natural that they would eventually find each other.

And you want both of them to find happiness. The trouble is that so much time is spent on filling out the backstory, and going on the "run" with Val, that they really didn't get much time to build a relationship before the book ended. I would have liked to have seen more of the connection between them, which was impossible given the plot. Yes, it was about the friendship between Addie and Val, not about her possible relationship with the hot but pathetically lonely divorced police chief, but still Instead, he spent more time thinking about the Nighty-Night Lady than Addie.

Despite all of this, and despite the fact that the "on the run" plot didn't really go anywhere, it was an entertaining read once I got into it.

I did eventually reach a point where I couldn't put it down and I finished the rest of the book in two days. And I was left smiling at the hopeful ending, wondering what would become of these characters once Addie's baby was born. I particularly liked Dan Swansea's plot line, in which he was rescued by Holy Mary Armbruster, found religion, and confessed to his crime from so long ago.

I found myself hoping that, as miserable and useless a human being as he was, he turned his life around and made up for the crimes he had committed when he was younger.

Overall, I liked the book, even though it upset me at times. It does give a sense of hope that even the most hopeless cases can be turned around, and that we can rise up like phoenixes from the ashes of our own shattered lives. Jul 18, Jessica rated it liked it. The plot was fun and kept me reading, but ultimately the characters sort of let me down.

Addie Downs, the ever-suffering main character, is a strange combination of self-loathing shut-in and fun modern woman. After being ostracized in high school and losing both her parents, she gains vast amounts of weight and avoids leaving her house - for years.

She rather predictably goes on a diet and becomes a socially-acceptable bmi, and at least Weiner who usually avoids cliches like these doesn't suddenly give Addie a perfect life - though it's close.

But Addie isn't the one who bugged me. Her erstwhile best friend, Valerie Adler, starts off as a weird, out-of-place kid with a seriously messed-up home life and the fact that Addie completely misses that fact is one thing that really annoyed me about her character. When she's re-introduced as an adult, she's vapid, thoughtless, dangerously impulsive and kind of stupid.

And it's funny, sort of, but more often than not I found myself just staring at the page thinking how is this person a functional member of society? She runs a guy down with her car.

She makes out with people to get things and avoid consequences. She goes on the lam and tries to rob a bank with a tampon case. She pulls an actual gun on a police officer. Normal people do not do these things. Sure, one could argue that her childhood experiences turned her into a sociopath She's written as cute-but-flawed, one of those skinny girls whose life isn't that great after all.

Except one of those quirks might kill you in your sleep. Ultimately what I'd have liked from this book was a little more realism. A little more delving into various psyches, a little more dealing with consequences. I'd have liked Addie to be less pathetic and Valerie to be less psychotic.

I'd like them to be people I could relate to rather than caricatures. I'd like to buy it when they said they'd be best friends forever. Apr 21, Judy rated it it was ok. Here's a life tip. Don't run into the library just before it closes and grab an audio book off the shelf for a car trip. Because you might just end up with this book. I'm chalking this one up to a lack of time and low blood sugar.

Now there is chick lit and there is chick lit. If The Secret Life of Bees is at one end of the spectrum, this book is within sight of the other end.

The story is weak and predictable. I don't think that it's a good sign when an event occurs in the novel and I would yel Here's a life tip.

I don't think that it's a good sign when an event occurs in the novel and I would yell out what will happen later in the book based on the information that I just received. And later find out that I was correct. Okay, two girls meet when they are nine years old and become best friends.

Then one of the girls is popular in high school and the other isn't. In fact, the unpopular girl is extremely overweight and is a social isolate. You can see where this is going. Fast forward 15 years and it's time for the high school reunion and the two best friends haven't seen each other or spoken since high school. One is the weather girl on the local Fox news station and the other has lost weight, still has no friends.

The weather girl shows up at her former friend's house late at night with a story that she needs help because she MIGHT have killed one of their classmates at the reunion.

And will her former friend help? And all of this information is uncovered in the first 35 pages. The rest of the book unfolds through flashbacks helping us to understand how both women reached this point and outlining their response to this latest, bonding adventure. Predictable, predictable, predictable. I wanted to enjoy this book--just couldn't. Jul 16, Lauren rated it it was amazing.

It's as simple as this: I adore this book! Weiner definitely knows how to pack a plot full of surprises and turns that you didn't see coming.

As I read Best Friends Forever, there was constantly several questions in my head. Such as "What happened in high school that hurt Addie and Val's friendship? Addie was a charac It's as simple as this: Addie was a character that I loved and was rooting for the whole time. Since, she was a sweet an funny girl who just need to find where she wanted to be in life. Also, I loved how she took care of her brother, Jon, and didn't just run away from him after the accident.

Val, on the other hand was a bit hard to like. Because, as you continued to read Best Friends Forever, you began to find out some things that didn't make her look like that great of a person. Though, as the story went on and I began to like her a bit more, I started to understand her actions.

Leaving me to come to a good place with her by the end. Last but not least, I adored Jordan. He was a loyal and great guy who had a heart of gold in hiding. Throughout, I was hoping that he would come to his senses and admit his feelings for Addie.

Overall, Best Friends Forever is a book that I can say nothing but fantastic things about. I look forward to reading Jennifer's previous books as well as her future ones. While this novel is aimed towards adults, it still has a crossover appeal because of the flashbacks of Addie and Val's teen years. Jul 28, Mirah W rated it liked it. Jennifer, what has happened? You used to write wonderful books I really wanted to like "BFF", I really did, but I just didn't think it ever got above the average rating.

The story seemed so random and most of the characters were not developed in a way that made them understandable or likeable. Addie was a great character but she was also the only complete character But, it wasn't. I mean Val was all over the map I couldn't figure out of she was just totally stupid, scatterbrained, experiencing problems from past drug use, or what.

She was annoying and flippant. There were parts that were beautifully written. Most of Weiner's previous novels and short stories fit this plot profile, but what sets Best Friends Forever apart is its tough emotional wisdom. If there are any doubts that a work of mere chick lit can be deeply revelatory, Best Friends Forever should banish them. It goes without saying that this novel is also very funny.

Weiner has made her literary mark by generating a roll-of-the-eyeballs attitude toward elusive boyfriends, haughty health club staff and the countless other walking torments that populate her heroines' suburban landscapes.

When this novel opens, year-old Addie Downs has just returned from yet another blind date courtesy of the Internet. The loser du jour confessed over dinner that he'd been violated by space aliens.

Andrea Cipriani Mecchi Because Addie lives such a solitary life — her parents are dead, she works at home making paintings to be turned into greeting cards, and she's currently, as she says, "friend-free" — she printed out a note and taped it to her fridge before she left for the aforesaid doomed date.

The text, in full, conveys Addie's bruised-but-droll worldview. Even as she's snuggling into post-date PJs, a knock comes at her door.

It's her old best friend, Valerie Adler, whom Addie hasn't seen since they were both seniors in high school and Valerie dumped her for the cool kids. Blond, thin, gorgeous Valerie, who's now a TV weathergirl, has just come from their high school reunion — the reunion Addie resolutely avoided.

Valerie is wearing a bloodstained coat, and she thinks she may have accidentally on purpose run over the loutish former class football hunk after enticing him to take off his pants in the reunion hotel parking lot.Hard to figure out, this one will keep you turning pages. Reader Reviews. At the end of the book, I had to think about what had gone before. The chapters alternate between past and present which gives the reader a Best friends forever and ever.

When the book is called Best Friends Forever, you cannot have one of the best friends be a fucking cardboard cutout! Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.