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Flawless Execution and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. James D. Murphy is the CEO of Afterburner, Inc., a consulting firm he founded in after four years in sales management and eight years as an F fighter pilot. Start reading Flawless Execution on. Flawless Execution methodology. For further information on planning missions refer to Flawless. Execution by James D. Murphy. Afterburner is an organization. Accelerating Performance Through Flawless Execution. PLAN – Six Steps of Mission Planning. 1. Determine the Mission Objective. A. Clear. B. Measurable.

Flawless Execution Pdf

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Flawless Execution is a business framework that equips individuals and teams with the tools they need to successfully drive progress and achievement. EXECUTION. William M. CHECKLISTS BUILD TEAMWORK AND IMPROVE EXECUTION. Checklists developed which they named Flawless. Execution℠. Mar 24, Read now: olhon.info?book= PDF *PDF* Flawless Execution TXT,PDF,EPUB FUll Online pages.

The status of all agreements is monitored and reports produced on a regular basis indicating the overall status. Constant monitoring highlights areas of criticality that can be quickly addressed and brought under control.

The long-term benefits right early in the project yield results in total cost of ownership savings.

Interface management is just one of a complete suite of processes employed by ABB in the overall execution model. The processes have been developed as a result of participation in major projects around the globe covering a wide variety of customers and industrial sectors.

These processes are the foundation of flawless execution. They are based on the premise that the work to be performed is fully defined and responsibilities for execution are agreed and allocated. Goals and objectives for success are established and strategies developed to achieve success. The strategies form the guidelines for action planning.

Loop is a word that expresses well the notions of iteration and recursion. Boyd chose loop to describe an iterative cycle of four parts observe, orient, decide, and act that military aviation has utilized for many decades to improve tactics and aircraft design.

Fundamentally, the OODA loop literally enabled fighter pilots to become more agile or maneuverable than their opponents in aerial combat. Boyd s ideas have informed the development of Flawless Execution, other iterative cycles proposed by management scholars, methodologies for information technology product development, and even training products in corporate learning and development programs. Agility and adaptability are critical capacities that companies have come to recognize the world over.

As the recent Global Leadership Research Project conducted by Chally Group worldwide indicates, adaptability is what corporate leaders consider to be the most important attribute of good leadership. The value of Flawless Execution is that the iterative loop or process that it prescribes enables agility and adaptability for Kotter s right side while simultaneously enabling continuous process improvement on the hierarchical left. Because the processes are the same, both sides of the dual system are able to share a common methodology and, therefore, reduce friction and improve communication and coordination between the two.

Situational Awareness and the Big Opportunity Kotter introduces a new concept in Accelerate that relates to the first step in his 8-step change management methodology.

He calls it the big opportunity. This is an important addition to his original first stage of change, establishing a sense of urgency, because, instead of focusing on the danger of failing to act on necessary change, the big opportunity turns change toward the positive by identifying opportunities rather than threats.

Building a positive vision around opportunities that exist are more effective in energizing people than simply around the negative burning platform of change or die or for his iceberg metaphor, to move or drown.

But opportunities are often difficult to identify.

So, Flawless Execution utilizes nominal group aggregation techniques brainstorming observations at the individual level followed by group discussion and assimilation around a disciplined process to build situational awareness. Flawless Execution defines situational awareness as an acute awareness 2 P a g e 3 of the present environment and the ultimate effects of the range of possible actions one is taking and one might take to affect that environment.

As a consequence of building situational awareness, an organization can begin to identify trends that indicate big opportunities while also identifying major threats, the proverbial burning platform that drives a sense of urgency Kotter s first stage. The most fundamental problem, writes Kotter, is that any company that has made it past the start-up stage is optimized much more for efficiency than for strategic agility the ability to capitalize on opportunities and dodge threats with speed and assurance.

But, from the perspective of the Flawless Execution methodology, it is important to maintain a capacity to do both. Self-Similarity and Organizational Execution If an organization is going to adopt a dual system as Kotter advises, it must keep its fundamental operating model simple. The more complicated the basic processes, mental models, and cultural artifices an organization possesses the more challenging it is to scale those models and promote communication and cooperation across the hierarchical silos of the left side and the networked structures of the right.

Self-similarity is a scientific term used to describe repeating patterns or structures that look the same regardless of scale. Flawless Execution is self-similar because its fundamental process iterates at the highest strategic levels almost exactly as it does at the day-to-day operational and task-oriented levels of the organization.

Project Manager Job Duties

Whether utilizing Flawless Execution to plan and execute broad and long-range strategy, managing projects, or just to get through another day on the job, the process looks and functions the same except for a few minor adjustments.

This means that anyone can learn the process and apply it regardless of scope and scale. At the grandest scale, Flawless Execution enables stages 2 through 5 of Kotter s 8-stage model through what is called Organizational Execution, or OrgEx.

The OrgEx is about collaborating as a leadership team to develop situational awareness, create vision, and then communicate that vision in the form of leader s intent.

The concept of leader s intent is critical to empowering others to act on the vision and to the notion of a networked, agile right side. Leader s intent is not a centralized order to the lower ranks of a hierarchy.

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Instead, it is a broad and often intentionally ambiguous or open-ended statement that allows the right side network to gather information and act on its own to accomplish the intent. It provides a balance between a centralized order-giving hierarchy and a misaligned and uncontrolled rogue force.

Forming a powerful guiding coalition, Kotter s stage 2, is the natural consequence of a leadership team that has built situational awareness and engaged in the planning process in a collaborative way that includes not just the leaders of the organization, but specialists and representatives from middle management and front-line leadership.

High-Definition Destination

Participants in the Flawless Execution planning process naturally become energized and empowered through their explorations and deliberations by facing the cold hard truths of their environment.

Aligned around the threats and the big opportunities, the planning team is ready to move on to stage 3 creating a vision of the future. Flawless Execution takes a unique position on vision creation. It asserts that providing sufficient detail and balancing the description of the future to include a full spectrum of the attributes of an organization to be critical to good vision creation.

It holds that vision is an insufficient term. Creation of an HDD requires a collaborative team to describe leader s intent in a minimum of 5 key areas with the option to select from several dozen more specific aspects of each of the key areas to provide the high definition needed. The key area concept finds its origins in Peter Drucker s original monumental work, The Practice of Management , in which he described a business in a set of key areas.

Flawless Execution s approach modernizes Drucker s original 3 P a g e 4 ideas to provide greater clarity to the vision thereby driving greater alignment in the vision s execution as well as greater ease of communication - Kotter s fourth stage.

value creation is our business

But, the great power of the OrgEx is in its capacity to empower others to act upon the HDD, the vision. The self-similarity of the iterative Flawless Execution cycle or loop operates simultaneously at all these levels of activity constantly feeding up learning, adaptation, improvements, and innovations keeping the organization on the leading edge of change keeping it agile. The End of Strategy Strategy, though never easily defined, takes on a new character in Flawless Execution and, as Kotter clearly demonstrates in Accelerate, may no longer be an appropriate concept for truly agile organizations.

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Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.The first step to winning is describing what victory looks like. Organizations have been experimenting with this dual system for some time. But, Kotter recognizes that those stiff hierarchies are not a bad thing.

Published on Mar 24, He continues, Today, strategy is being viewed in some organizations more as a dynamic force, not one directed by a strategic planning department and put into a yearly planning cycle. From the individuals who bring experience and diverse perspectives to the strategic and tactical efforts, the people are the backbone of any company. The four-part Flawless Execution Cycle finds its origin in the zero-tolerance-for-error world of military aviation. Not only was it the highest rated segment of our annual meetings, but our store managers have begun to apply what they learned on a day-to-day basis.

Standards provide a common set of principles and expectations that keep the organization on track and provide guidance when a plan breaks down.

Useful small wins can be defined by the people taking early action themselves, writes Kotter, and they can provide intrinsic rewards.