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For the merchandise, see Gravity Falls: Journal 3. In "Headhunters," Dipper flips through a few pages at the scene of Wax Stan's murder, and is seen reading it. Here you can download the pages from Dipper´s Journal 3 from Gravity Falls. These are re-tracings of screenshots taken directly from the show. So, when I started this project one of the main objectives was to re-create hi- resolution version of all the pages to share with the internet since I.

Gravity Falls Book 3 Pages

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Explore Raven Knight's board "| Gravity Falls Journal Pages |", followed by Gravity Falls Journal 3 by weebird on DeviantArt Gravity Falls Book, Gravity. Gravity Falls Small Replica Journal Pages by TheMysteryShack Fallen Book, Gravity UpdatedGravity Falls (c) Alex Hirsch Gravity Falls Journal 3 Replica - The. Gravity Falls Journal 3 Replica - Bill Cipher Page by garrenn. Portal Pages 1 - Journal 3 Gravity Falls by KisaraAkiRyu on DeviantArt Gravity Falls Book.

I did not like when they how they added how dinosaurs are alive. Kamila Z OMG the dinosaurs stored in the sap are from the episode "the land before swine". See all 10 questions about Gravity Falls…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. After several weeks of flipping through the Journal and rereading it, I think I can finally gather my thoughts enough to actually write something for this review. To begin, I suppose that I should note the Journal is best enjoyed by people who have finished watching Gravity Falls.

The first section - the Author's original notes - are enjoyable without any context, as well as Dipper and Mabel's additions that they make throughout the show's run, but after that, things kind of require the context of the show to be fully understood and appreciated. The Journal is broken down into several sections: But for some reason Disney keeps vastly underestimating the popularity of this series, and had told him they'd consider printing a second edition run with the invisible ink only if the Journal sold well.

Your move, Disney. And who knows - after all of this, maybe we'll actually get those DVD releases, too. They're doing a limited edition print of the Journal, with the invisible ink.

And a monocle. Bonus points if the monocle is a black light. View all 11 comments.

Jul 29, fairywine rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love Gravity Falls with the fiery burning passion of a million blazing suns holding a barbecue. It's smart, funny, full of heart, colorful, imaginative, and basically as perfectly executed a show as anyone could hope for.

Adults and kids love it in equal measure and no wonder. So when I learned they were making a real-life edition of journal three, just like in the show with information added in as if Dipper himself had written it in corresponding to the various episodes of Gravity Falls , well I love Gravity Falls with the fiery burning passion of a million blazing suns holding a barbecue.

So when I learned they were making a real-life edition of journal three, just like in the show with information added in as if Dipper himself had written it in corresponding to the various episodes of Gravity Falls , well The entire discussion and signing was so magical. Alex is just a fantastic human being and artist, and I can't wait to see what he gives the world next. One of the greatest things about Gravity Falls isn't that it merely settles for respecting the intelligence of its audience.

Oh no. Gravity Falls takes one square look at its fans, and says "I know you guys are smart as hell and you're gonna prove it to me ". There's a ton of that here. Little details, filling in the gaps of stuff we've seen on the show, tons of new information we've never seen before, a ton of imaginative creatures, and Lovecraftian horror in the form of Bill Cipher and the havoc he wreaks over the life of the Author as well as the people of Gravity Falls.

You should definitely not read Journal 3 before finishing the entire show. It's definitely meant for fans first and foremost, something to enhance the whole experience after the fact. After such a wonderful, bittersweet series finale, it was so great to see these guys one last time and have something of Gravity Falls to hold in my hands.

View 1 comment. Leo IV. As the series was winding down, my kids and I often debated, who watched Gravity Falls first, them or my husband and I? By the time of the series finale aired, we all agreed that it did not matter. For us, all that mattered was that we were watching and enjoying the last episode together. We could not ignore the disappointment we felt that there were no new episodes on the horizon.

In Gravity Falls , Alex Hirsch created characters, a town, a world beyond our imaginations--to say the least.

Yet, when it was all said and done, there were several elements within his animated series that we could all easily recognize and acknowledge.

Hirsch reminded us about the importance of family and friends. He reminded us about how fleeting life can be. He spoke to the need for us to listen to each other more. In two short seasons, Hirsch spoke to us about the power of forgiveness, when it comes to ourselves and others.

Thus, it should not be surprising that Gravity Falls: Initially, when I opened the journal, I went through it while watching a Gravity Falls marathon. I spent a lot of time oohing and aahing about the fact that what I saw on tv was in direct correlation with what I had in my hands. Once I got over my excitement, which I admit was more than that of my 9 year old, I began to actually read the journal. Admiring the illustrations and skimming through the journal took second and third place, respectfully, to reading and appreciating the life lessons embedded throughout the work.

Consider the following: Trust shouldn't be given unconditionally, but it should be given a chance to be earned. There is strength in having the humility to work with and sacrifice for others On the surface, Gravity Falls: Journal 3 may not be for everyone, but once you take the time to read it you will be pleasantly surprised.

I need this for science purposes I'm so glad that Gravity Falls is going to have ten more seasons and three movies, and Bill is not causing the apocalypse, and Dipper and Mabel are safe and happy, and nobody is going to die I'm in denial I apologize for the overload of gifs, I'm in mourning: View all 15 comments.

Dec 26, Mihaela rated it it was amazing. Please tell me there will be, or you'll leave me no choice and I'll make a pact with Bill, leave planet Earth and go in search of a parallel dimension where I can find more Gravity Falls material. View all 3 comments. Aug 03, Alma rated it it was amazing.

To be completely honest, I was really hyped to read Journal 3, but I never imagined I would be so moved by it. I love it so much, and it's definetely one of the most wonderful books I've ever read.

It doesn't compare to the world of Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson.

It's so small, but I think that being a short story made this cartoon so wonderful. I watched the finale on TV and it was one of the most beautiful and touching endings that I've ever watched. I won't deny that the finale episode didn' To be completely honest, I was really hyped to read Journal 3, but I never imagined I would be so moved by it.

I won't deny that the finale episode didn't answer all my questions, but it was expecting that to happen. Gravity Falls was filled with so many mysteries, characters, and creatures that it was impossible to solve everything in 1 hour.

Luckily, everyone who was involved in the making of Gravity Falls found a way of making a final episode that left me with a warm and beautiful feeling, and tears of happiness.

Gravity Falls Journal 3 – Extra Pages

Even when it didn't resolve every mystery, it resolved what was truly important. Well done P We get to know the author so much more. We also get to know his story with F. Why is he so angry if he spent 30 years trying to bring him back? Was Stanley's accident that bad?

I was so angry and distrustful of Ford because of his behavior towards his brother; the only person who understood him and protected him of bullies. Now I understand him better and I learned to love his character too. Everyone makes mistakes, and luckily, he was able to learn from them. Even if it took him like I guess is never too late: If you want to give it a glimpse, do it. Just remember The last pages will give you so many feels, but only if you watch the show. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be part of Gravity Falls.

This Journal is filled with so many characters that you'll learn to love. Thank you for reminding me that being weird isn't bad. Jul 08, Mehsi rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of my most anticipated books in after I watched Gravity Falls and completely fell head over heels with the series. This is the in famous Journal 3 which gets featured heavily in the series.

Several pages are known to us thanks to the series , but a whole lot of the book is brand-new, and full of adventure, full of codes and cryptic messages. The book is split up in 3 parts. You have the part in which the Author talks and tells us about his experiments, about Gravity Falls, about his ass One of my most anticipated books in after I watched Gravity Falls and completely fell head over heels with the series. You have the part in which the Author talks and tells us about his experiments, about Gravity Falls, about his assistant, about his findings, and much much more.

Then we go back to Dipper and Mabel. When Bill is torturing Ford, trying to get the formula that will allow the demonic triangle to escape the Gravity Falls natural Weirdness Magn I write this about my A good thing i want to tell you here discussion. The disscussion Retrieved from " https: June 18, It's hard to believe it's been six years since I began researching the strange and wondrous secrets of Gravity Falls, Oregon.

In all my travels, never have I observed so many curious things! Gravity Falls is indeed a geographical oddity.

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Please enjoy the irrelevant and incomprehensible rambling seen 13 1 6 12 89 10 Bill Cipher Is he watching me? Beware Bill. The most powerful and dangerous creature I've ever encountered. Whatever you do, never let him into your mind. If he gains physical form then all is lost! It is possible to follow the demon into a person's mind and prevent his chaos. One must simply recite this incantation: Fidentus omnium. Magister mentium. Magnesium ad hominem. Magnum opus. Habeas corpus. Inceptus Nolanus overratus.

Once cooling has completed, the popsicles are done. Found while excavating! Watch your fingers! B liquid nitrogen Chamber 3. Carbon, aluminum and steel alloy tube. The power structure is small and limited within new section of laboratory. If you go on enough road trips chances are, you've seen a certain bumper sticker: Finally back safe and sound from one of the weirdest days at Gravity Falls. This journal told me there was no one in Gravity Falls I could trust, but when you battle a thousand gnomes side-by-side with someone, you realize that they've probably always got your back.

Visible only at night No retinal cord No response to contact Spooky. Ghosts Several different ghosts have been observed in Gravity Falls. Turns Power Naps into Horror Naps. Category ten ghosts and spectres are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. In invisible ink Pray for mercy! I encountered my first gnome when I awoke one mourning and found it arguing politics with the stuffed bear head above my fireplace. They have shown themselves capable of the alarming ability to combine their squishy little bodies with large formations.

So keeping my snacks on higher shelves has done nothing to stop their persistent nibbling. Another Gnome stole my glasses and ate two of my cassette tapes. The typical size of the common gnome ranges from ten to eighteen inches.

This includes the hat. They refuse to remove their hats. Do they have pointy heads? Mushrooms are a huge part of a gnomes life. Used for money? They are both the most delightful and most destructive magical species I have discovered. Do not get on their bad side - or come between them and their pet pinecone. Pointy hats! I must find out what's under that blasted hat. The Gremloblin Fungi detail Half gremlin, half goblin.

It's hard to look at it, and it's ever harder to say it's name three times fast! The creature is even uglier up close than I expected.

As I was sketching, my assistant became increasingly agitated. He cowered behind a tree and pleaded me to move along. Just as I was telling him to not worry, the Hyperdrive, which I thought was inactive, emitted an ear-piercing alarm from F's backpack!

Perhaps the altitude-based change in air pressure had kick-started it. The Gremloblin awoke with a start, grabbed my assistant with his claws, and stared intently into F's eyes! Hoping to startle the beast, I hurled my canteen at him, splashing him with water. A word of advise to future readers: Height Altering Legends telling of miniature buffalo and giant squirrels have lead me to believe that there are height altering properties buried deep within the forest The Hide Behind Mysterious creature of the shadows.

Giant pinecones! I have decided to use invisible ink to keep away prying eyes. There is no other place I would rather be in Gravity Falls than the lake. It reminds me of my childhood Glass Shard Beach.

A disappointment to Unicorn enthusiasts and Leprechaun hunters alike, these giggling freaks of nature are found near Rainbows and box of sugary cereals with colorful marshmallow shapes. I picked him up by the horn and throw him as far as I could but he trotted back. Gold coins fell out of his beard, I pocketed a few but later discovered they were plastic, everything about this creature is frustrating I shudder to think how such a horrific being come into existence although I can state for the record that actual Unicorns are just as annoying.

The machine was meant to create knowledge but it is too powerful! The device, if fully operational could tear our universe apart! I was wrong the whole time! It must not fall into the wrong hands. If the clock ever reaches zero our universe is doomed!

Total global destruction! In my investigations I have recently made a discovery, Nathaniel Northwest was not be the founder of Gravity Falls.

And his entire family legacy is a fraud! I believe the proof of this secret is buried somewhere in the enclosed document. If only I could crack the code Do not eat! Maximum brain power! Mind augmentation. Normal brain Super brain! Way out? C fig. One false move and unauthorized persons will be destroyed. Unfortunately, my suspicions have been confirmed, I'm being watched. What does it all mean? Can't Sleep! Is this right? I just don't know anymore!

Truth Telling Teeth fig. Buried 'neath the tree stump in the deep forest are Truth Teeth, which force upon the wearer the inability to lie. Over thirty years prior to Dipper and Mabel's arrival in Gravity Falls, Stanford Pines recorded and compiled a list of all the creatures and paranormal entities inhabiting the town, following his completion of Journal 1 and Journal 2.

Fearful he was being watched by malevolent forces, Ford hid his three journals in separate and elaborate locations around Gravity Falls, hoping to keep the knowledge needed to activate the Interdimensional Portal away from evil forces. Designing a security mechanism hidden above his bunker , Ford kept Journal 3 hidden for years until his disappearance through the Interdimensional Portal. Season 1 Dipper uncovers the compartment containing Journal 3. The journal is found by Dipper in " Tourist Trapped ," when he unknowingly locates Ford's artificial metal tree in the forest.

Activating a switch that revealed its hiding chamber, he immediately relocates to the Mystery Shack , and uses Journal 3's information to believe that Mabel's new found boyfriend, " Norman ," is in fact, a zombie. During his investigation, he discovers that Norman is actually a disguise fabricated by a group of gnomes, to which the journal has no knowledge of defeating.

Following their defeat, he uses the blank pages of Journal 3 to document his own adventures with the town, learning to trust some of the town's residents.

Journal 3 continues to assist Dipper in his encounters with the supernatural, including guiding him into a cave behind a waterfall in " The Legend of the Gobblewonker ," during which he, Mabel and Soos flee from Old Man McGucket 's Gobblewonker robot.


In " Headhunters ," Dipper flips through a few pages at the scene of Wax Stan 's murder, and is seen reading it at the living room table after Mabel returns from her first date with Gideon Gleeful in " The Hand That Rocks the Mabel.

Journal 3 returns in " Irrational Treasure ," the twins read about the town law stating it is legal to marry woodpeckers , and later, after Pacifica Northwest teases Mabel, read about and investigate the possibility of Nathaniel Northwest , alleged town founder and great-great grandfather of Pacifica, being a fraud.

Dipper reads about height-altering crystals in " Little Dipper ," wishing to use them to make himself taller, and checks on its position in his vest pocket as Gideon Gleeful interrogates him about how he came upon the crystals. Later, Dipper uses the journal to help him catch a Gremloblin in " Boss Mabel.

Dipper is seen reading the floating eyeballs and giant vampire bats pages of the journal in " Land Before Swine ," and uses it to follow Bill Cipher into Stan's mindscape in " Dreamscaperers.

Gravity Falls Journal

When the plot fails, Journal 3 falls into Gideon's hands, who believes he has found Journal 1, but quickly learns of the presence of a third journal, and hunts the twins with the Gideon-bot. After a fight, the robot explodes, and Dipper relocates Journal 3 in the rubble. Back in the shack, the twins agree to reveal the journal to Stan, who feigns disbelief in the book's contents, and confiscates it to create new attractions.

In reality, Stan hides the journal within his laboratory alongside Journal 1 and Journal 2, having collected all three. Now in possession of the knowledge he requires, Stan activates the Universe portal, hidden deep within the catacombs of the Mystery Shack.Jul 29, fairywine rated it it was amazing Shelves: That was a really good ending. On the ghost's right hand is a glove with various utensils attach to each finger being a bottle cap opener, a knife, a spoon and a fork.

I went to BAM today and they had it. Ford uses the Memory Gun to erase Stan's memories while Bill is in his mind to destroy him.