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Welcome to Anatomic therapy Apps. This Apps has created by Healer Baskar only to do service the people. This Apps contains Body, mind, peace, Educational . ANATOMIC THERAPY TAMIL PDF BOOK. UNDER DIARRHOEA. In case solution is not given watch healer Baskar 5days video in that solution will be given. Voluntary · olhon.info [email protected], Monthly Magazine · olhon.info · olhon.info · olhon.info

Healer Baskar Anatomic Therapy Pdf In Tamil

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Anatomic Therapy Book_tamil - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Anatomic Sevi Vazhi Thodu Sigichai. in Tamil By Healer. Basker C. olhon.info - Buy Anatomic Therapy - அனாடமிக் தெரபி book online at best prices in india on olhon.info Read Anatomic Therapy - அனாடமிக். ANATOMIC THERAPY TAMIL BOOK. by HEALER BASKAR ANATOMIC THERAPY KANNADA BOOK BY HEALER BASKER: THE ART OF SELF TREATMENT.

It does not accept you wholly.

Man is both body and consciousness. There is mind. If the body is affected, it reaches the mind. If the mind is affected, it reaches the body. Everything is interrelated. Just like replacing a broken part in a machine. But does it get any better?

Do you feel healthy after that? Does western medicine ever educate us on how to keep the body heathy and what causes all the diseases? Health is always associated with sickness. Health is defined as absence of sickness. Medicine suggests cure. That is so not positive. Health must have a positive definition. Health is a feeling of well-being. Our body must be understood. We must talk to our body. He further provides a three-step method for natural delivery. He finds out new methods and teaches the common man, its heaer in the easiest way, in a service motive.

Baskar reportedly left the show four months ago as he wanted to focus on his research. You will be shocked to know. It is an unregistered trust which has 35 people working there. He further claims that if the water is white it is a boy child and if it is red, it is a girl. Baskar himself is a civil engineer who has studied acupuncture.

His videos grew in popularity and his messages spread via social media. But, once a person gets Cancer, doctors say that the reason for Cancer is not known and that it cannot be cured.

That so! Therefore, all that we have discussed above are not diseases at all. Our body will always try to keep itself in a healthy condition and it will never try to create a disease. Therefore, from now on, when we get sneezing, running nose or cold, if we send the wast!

So, from today onwards, do not feel shy to blow out any wastage that comes through the nose. We should never do anything to keep the wastage inside our body. Then, all the wastage that have been stored inside our body will come out and our body will be healthy. We can use any of the following methods for sending out the wastage from our lungs: 1. We can consume one Karpuravalli leaf daily.

We can consume Ginger tea. We can consume raw Thuthuvalai leaf or Rasam prepared with Thuthuvalai.

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We can consume cabbage. If we follow any or all of the eight ways mentioned above, phlegm will come out of our body. Thus we can clean our lungs. We do not vomit every day. Please think carefully why we vomit. Vomiting comes only when we eat some bad food or when we eat too much food. Vomiting comes also if we eat when we are not hungry or when we are not feeling well. So, what causes vomiting? If a bad food is heated up in a hotel and given to us, we may eat it, unaware of its quality.

But, our body has got a sense. It will digest the food only if it is good. Our stomach will not digest bad food. Our stomach will check to see if the food that we ate is good or bad. If it is good food, then only the stomach will make the digestive glands to secrete and digest the food and send it to the small intestine.

If the food is not good, then the stomach will stop the digestive glands from secreting and it will order the glands meant for vomiting to se! We might have eaten the food without chewing it fully with our teeth and making it as a paste. In order to vomit such a food, our body will cut the food and make it into smaller pieces.

It will also increase the water in our stomach. We might have drunk one glass of water after dinner. Where did the remaining four glasses of water come from? Our body will gather water from all the remaining parts and give it to the stomach. The bad food that we ate sense! The name of this treatment is vomiting. Therefore, vomit! It is the treatment that is given by our body to itself. But, many people smell a lemon when they get a vomiting sensa!

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It is not the right thing to do. If we do it, the smell in the lemon goes inside our body through our nose and stops the vom! When the waste matter is ready in the stomach for being sent out, if we do something to digest it, is it not a treachery that we do to our body? Some people go to a medical store immedi!

Please do not do any such thing to stop vomiting. After vomiting, will anybody eat the vomited matter? It is dis! If someone takes a medicine or tablet and stops the vomiting, it means that they eat their own vomit. Once the stomach has decided that a matter is garbage and has decided to throw it out, that matter has to come out of our body. What will happen if you take a medicine or tablet to digest that waste material?

It means that you have forced your stomach to digest that vomit. If this waste material is digested, the intestine will get diseases. Moreover, this waste material will mix in the blood and many other parts of the body will get dis! Thus, we understand that vomiting is not at all a disease.

If a doctor says that vomiting is a disease and something is to be done to stop it, then that person is not at all a doctor. Therefore, the best treatment in the world for vomiting is to just vomit well. When the body is throwing out a waste matter, why should we stop it?

Anatomic therapy tamil

So, if you feel like vomiting, please sit in a cor! After vomiting, if you drink ordinary water, you will get vomiting again. Vomiting will come only as long as waste matter is inside your body. Only waste matter comes out when you vomit. Your body will become healthier if waste material comes out. Do the vomiting with the understanding that vomiting itself is a treatment being given by your body.

After vomiting, when all the waste matter from the stomach has come out, if you drink a glass of water mixed with lemon and crystal salt, your stomach will come back to normal condition in about half an hour to one hour.

Then you will feel hungry. If you eat after sending out waste matter like this and cleaning your stomach, your body will be healthy.

Therefore, when you are vomiting or when you have the vomit! Dysentery When you get vomiting, if you take a treatment to stop sending the waste matter out and force the stomach to digest it, the vomit will get digested and it will go to the small intestine, large intestine and then to the blood. Thus, after a few days of treat! If waste matter stagnates in in!

If stool is not passed for several days and stagnates in our body, then one day the doctor inside our body decides to send out the waste by making some glands function. Thus, dysentery is nothing but the treatment given by the body for cleaning our intestine. But many of us are afraid when we get dysentery two or three times. Tell me, what is going out? Is our prestige or respect going out?

No, only the stool is going out.

What is there to be scared about? We can let it go. We eat as per our time schedule. But, do we go to the toilet as per time schedule? Always we are con! Our body does the job of sending out the waste. A person who goes to the toilet regularly will never get dysentery.

The job of the body to clear out the garbage and to clean the sys! Therefore, whenever Dysentery hap! One important point to be kept in mind here is that we will get tired after having dysentery a couple of times.

There is a small way to get over this problem. If we give these three things to our body, we can have dysentery for a few more times without getting tired. If we supply these three things to our body, it will be pleased and it will quickly send out the waste and make us healthy. But, please do not use white sugar and powdered salt. Please observe carefully.

When we get dysentery, urine will not come out in large quantity. This is because the water that is sup! You can know when dysentery has stopped, in the following way. When you keep drinking the water as mentioned above, you will have dysentery again and again.

At a particular point, you will uri! When the entire water that we drink comes out as urine only, then it means that our dysentery has stopped. At this point of time, we have to understand that our stomach, intestine, etc. After a while, we will feel very hungry. Then we should eat rice porridge or any natural food. For the next meal, we can eat light dishes. From the subsequent meal on! If we help our body in this fashion during the time of dysentery, we can be healthy.

But many people try to stop the dysentery using local medicines. If we do so, it means that we are allowing the waste matter to re! If a person keeps such waste in the body, it is actually a disease. So, when dysentery happens, we should not stop it.

If we take any treatment to stop it, that treatment is the actual disease.

Fever 23Anatomic Therapy www. In the name of treatment, if we stop it from going out, this waste matter keeps on accumulating in our body. If we do not allow it to go out, our body then takes a decision. This is called Fever. Thus, fever is nothing but an excellent wastage disposal treat!

There are three reasons for our body getting fever. These are: 1. When wastage accumulate in our body, fever occurs in order to send them out.

When disease! Therefore, fever is not a disease. Some doctors say that fever is a disease. It is wrong. Fever is the treatment given by the body. Now we will learn about fever in detail. Our body temperature will always be 37 degree Centigrade Irrespective of the country or the place we live in, our body temperature will always be 37 degree Centi! Even if a person goes to a cold place, his or her body temperature will always be 37 degree. Even if that person goes to a hot coun!

Its job is to maintain the temperature of all the parts of our body at 37 degree centigrade at all times, which is equivalent to When our body is functioning so sensibly, if all of a sudden our body temperature increases to , degree, what could be the reason for this? Our body does not increase the temperature sud! It is increasing the temperature only because the higher temperature is needed for the body at that time. Therefore, when we get fe! You can check this when you get fever. If you keep a white cloth near the nose, yellow sediments will appear on that white cloth.

Usually waste particles do not come in the air that we breathe out. When we have fever, this yellow stain comes due to the waste matter that comes out in the air we exhale.

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So, what should we do when we get fever? First of all, our body tells us that it is tired. So we should not do any work and take rest by lying down on the bed.

We should not lie on foam bed or sofa. We should lie down on grass mat or mat made of date! We can also use bed made of cotton or silk cotton.

We should not use nylon or rubber sheets. We should lie down in a place having fresh air. We should avoid watching TV, talking on cell phone, etc. We should keep our eyes closed. We have to retain the heat in our body by covering it with woolen blanket or any other such cover.Even if a person goes to a cold place like Himalayas, his body temperature will be always 37 degree.

Mdh , fr, Jt bghJthf eh nrJ bfhtnjiy. After vomiting, when all the waste matter from the stomach has come out, if you drink a glass of water mixed with lemon and crystal salt, your stomach will come back to normal condition in about half an hour to one hour.

Mdh mtfSF 2 kF jh cz ilntis bfhLghf. That is all! Alejandro Occhiuzzi. It means that you have forced your stomach to digest that vomit.