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Learning Zimbra Server Essentials is a new book with a new concept. There is no big . given at olhon.info Installation and Configuration of the Web Application Server Split 35 Join the Zimbra Forums, to participate and learn more about the Zimbra .. and all readable file attachments such as PDF files or Microsoft Word system status and a series of quick access links for essential tasks. Learn to use the robust Zimbra server like a pro using this practical, hands-on guide.

Learning Zimbra Server Essentials Pdf

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This outstanding Learning Zimbra Server Essentials is published to give the viewers an excellent Obtain them for documents layout pdf, word, txt, rar, ppt, zip. Learning Zimbra Server Essentials Abdelmonam Kouka Chapter No. 1 "Single Server Installation" In this package, you will find: A Biography of the author of the . Ebook Pdf Learning Zimbra Server Essentials Kouka Abdelmonam contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf Learning Zimbra.

Make sure you remember what you enter here! Let's start the installation. Follow these steps: 1. First of all, choose the appropriate language. Choose Install Ubuntu Server and then press Enter. When it prompts for the hostname, type in mail and then press Enter.

The hard disk setup is simple if you are using a single drive; however, in the case of a server, it's not the best way to do things. There are a lot of options for partitioning your drives. In our case, we just make a little partition 2x RAM for swapping, and what remains will be used for the whole system.

Others can recommend separate partitions for mailstore, system, and so on. Feel free to use the recommendation you want depending on your IT architecture; use your own judgment here or ask your IT manager. After finishing the partitioning task, you will be asked to enter the username and password; you can choose what you want except admin and zimbra.

When asked if you want to encrypt the home directory, select No and then press Enter. Choose Install security updates automatically and then press Enter. Press the Space bar to enable each choice, and finally press Enter to continue.

Note that OpenSSH allows us to connect to the server remotely after installation. Downloading the example code You can download the example code files for all Packt books you have purchased from your account at If you purchased this book elsewhere, you can visit packtpub. Preparing the OS Ubuntu server for the Zimbra installation In order to prepare the OS for the Zimbra installation, the following steps need to be performed: 1.

Log in to the newly installed system and update and upgrade Ubuntu using the following commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade 2. Install the dependencies as follows: sudo apt-get install libperl5.

Learning Zimbra Server Essentials

To verify that your network configuration is configured properly, type in ifconfig and ensure that the settings are correct. Then try to ping any working website such as google. If you forgot to install it at that step, you should install it now using the following command: sudo apt-get install bind9 [ 10 ] 11 Chapter 1 2.

Set a hostname for your server.

Later, this will become the name of your Zimbra server. If you do not need it, you may leave it commented. Our DNS server should be working properly at this point. To verify this, run the following command: nslookup mail. Run the following command: dig zimbra-essentials. Don't install Zimbra if your DNS is not working properly; installing Zimbra with an improperly working DNS may result in an install that can do everything except send mails, even from a Zimbra user to himself!

Learning Zimbra Server Essentials

If you have some difficulties in configuring DNS, the following are three useful links: html Zimbra installation There are two stages in any Zimbra installation, as we'll now discuss. Preinstallation Here we take care of some prerequisites: 1.

Unpack the downloaded Zimbra package as follows: tar xzvf zcs Access the Zimbra package as follows: cd zcs If we don't make our choices, it means we agree with the default values.

Hit the Enter key to proceed. The next step is to accept the license. You will be prompted to accept the license agreement; answer with y.

Do you agree with the terms of the software license agreement? Checking for prerequisites If your system lacks some dependencies, the installation process will be aborted.

Account Options

You should install the required dependencies before resuming the installation. If you pass this step successfully, the next one will be the selection of packages to install. In this chapter we are looking at single installations, so we will install all the required packages on the same server. The following are the choices we have made: Select the packages to install Install zimbra-ldap [Y] Install zimbra-logger [Y] Install zimbra-mta [Y] Install zimbra-snmp [Y] Install zimbra-store [Y] Install zimbra-apache [Y] Install zimbra-spell [Y] Install zimbra-memcached 20440 Install zimbra-proxy 20440 As you can see, we don't make any choice we only press Enter on each line to accept the default choice.

You should free the needed space before resuming installation. The installer will ask you if you accept that the system will be modified.

Accept by entering y. The system will be modified.

Cleaning up zimbra init scripts Finished removing Zimbra Collaboration Server. Once the cleanup operation has finished, the installation of the chosen packages starts: Installing packages zimbra-core Setting defaults After installing the packages, the configuration steps start. The first step is to align the Zimbra configuration with the DNS one. Checking for port conflicts Finally, you will get the final configuration menu.

The installer will ask you to save a configuration to a file; accept it by pressing Enter. You will get the config file path. It then informs you that the system will be modified; agree with y. The installation process will finish the remaining steps automatically: Save configuration data to a file?

The system will be modified - continue?

Initializing core config Creating new zimbra-ldap SSL certificate Creating new zimbra-mta SSL certificate Installing mailboxd SSL certificates Initializing ldap Setting replication password Setting Postfix password Setting amavis password Setting nginx password Creating server entry for mail.

Setting Zimbra IP Mode See the Performance Troubleshooting for VMware vSphere 4 guide for detailed information on performance troubleshooting. When memory and disk resources are sized appropriately, Zimbra is not a CPU bound workload. More vCPUs can actually worsen performance - the minimum number of vCPUs required to support the processes on the system is ideal.

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In rare situations, using more than 2 vCPUs may be considered, but please know what you are doing. It is recommended to first increase the memory allocated to the VM make sure you match the VM memory reservation to the total allocated memory for as a JAVA workload best practice. Set the memory reservation for your Zimbra Appliance or mailbox server VMs to the total amount of memory allocated to the VM. Note: This does not apply to the Zimbra Appliance.

See the memory resource section for information on tuning VM memory resources. It is recommended to use VMFS datastores unless you have specific storage vendor requirements to support hardware snapshots or replications in a virtual environment.

By default, new thick VMDK disk devices are created lazyzeroed. This does not enable FT, but does eagerzero the disks.

The scheduler will be reset to the default on reboot.March Purpose At this point, all hosts should be communicating More information. Select the packages to install Install zimbra-ldap [Y] Install zimbra-logger [Y] Install zimbra-mta [Y] Install zimbra-snmp [Y] Install zimbra-store [Y] Install zimbra-apache [Y] Install zimbra-spell [Y] Install zimbra-memcached 20440 Install zimbra-proxy 20440 As you can see, we don't make any choice we only press Enter on each line to accept the default choice.

This More information. Installation Guide Guide Version 2. I would like to thank my friend, my brother, and my partner Ayed Akrout for his support and involvement in this project; this support was indispensable to realize this book.