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Modern Warfare 2: Ghost is a comic book series developed by Wildstorm Productions as a companion to the main series game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Read Modern Warfare 2: Ghost Issue #1 comic online free and high quality. Unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Comic Book. VIEW GALLERY. a. MODERN WARFARE 2: GHOST #1 a no- holds-barred, brutal tale of the mysterious Task Force soldier known as " Ghost.

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Comic Book

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Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries This item:Modern Warfare 2: Ghost #1 by David Lapham Comic $ As other reviewers have noted, this dark comic book adaptation about Ghost's past is an intricate, sometimes confusing, read. I first read the "Modern Warfare 2: . Modern Warfare 2: Ghost is a six-part comic book mini-series. The comic series is set before Ghost became a member of Task Force , with events from.

While spending Christmas with his family, Riley gets a surprise visit from Sparks.

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While having a beer together at a local pub, Sparks and Riley rehash old times and their experience during those hellish months in Mexico. Sparks tells Riley that he and Washington are getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan.

Sparks also sees a woman with a nice body that he likes — and wants - while they talk about Mexico and what happened, and how Sparks and Washington operate now.

As they are walking back home, Sparks approaches the young woman he previously saw at the pub and tries to sweet talk her into bed - the young woman is not impressed. Angrily, Sparks knocks the woman unconscious and orders Riley to help him get her inside her house so that they can rape her.

Riley secretly calls the police and they arrive just before any harm can be done to the woman, forcing Riley and Sparks to retreat. Once they both arrive at Sparks' hotel room, Sparks starts having a panic attack and collapses on the bed and asks Riley to get his pills for him.

Riley suspects that Sparks is up to something and when he finally pieces together the clues, Sparks points a gun at Riley's head. Riley immediately disarms Sparks, cutting him in the process and interrogates him.


At first, Spark just says he "Wants to go back", but then finally, Sparks reveals that himself and Washington have been working for Roba, showing that they have been successfully brainwashed. Before Riley can get any more information, Washington arrives from a task, exclaiming "Sparks!

You won't believe what I" and gets cut off when he sees Riley, panics somewhat and attempts to gun down Riley. Riley escapes by jumping through Sparks' hotel window, slightly injuring his leg by getting a glass shard stuck, and steals a cab to make his get away.

Remembering about what Roba said about his family, and what would happen if he screwed up..

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His mother, brother Tommy, Tommy's wife Beth, and his nephew Joseph, have all been executed, no doubt by Washington himself. Riley vows that he will kill them all; Sparks, Washington—and Roba, and his entire clan. Episode 4: Dead Won't Leave[ edit ] Now that Riley is back in the real world, he's finding it hard to tell what's real anymore Episode 5: Dead Won't Rise[ edit ] In an elementary school classroom, Ghost is still tied and bound as a hostage, and continues his story of "Lt.

Simon Riley". The leader of the terrorists barges in fully armed and says the soldiers outside are taking positions and to get ready for a fight.

Ghost looks at him and basically ignores him to continue his story. When he continues, Riley is shown sneaking into a military base. He locates the barracks and immediately kills Lt.

Washington in his sleep and then locates Lt. He takes him back to his house, showing him the bodies that had been executed. Sparks swears it wasn't him that killed his family, but it doesn't matter.

Riley isn't listening. Riley binds, gags, and beats Sparks for the murders of his family members his mother, brother, nephew and sister-in-law.

He is then executed and the house is set on fire. Before torching the place, Riley switches dog tags to make it look like it is his body in the fire since it is his house afterall. Washington's body is discovered the next morning and the base is put on alert. The head officer heads to the security room to check the video surveillance of the night previous.


In Mexico, two ex-military types are enjoying themselves on vacation. They are ambushed and killed. Riley learns about this ambush and quickly starts the hunt for the killers.

He locates the leader and kidnaps him. He is taken to a remote location and tortured for the information he wants and needs. Frustrated with his therapist and the state of his mind, Riley reconnects with Kevin Sparks and Marcus Washington from the Roba mission to relax.

Soon afterwards, it is revealed that Sparks and Washington are still brainwashed, and are actually working for Roba. They betray Riley, and slaughter his entire family except for his father. When Riley discovers the corpses, he laughs, and slips further into madness.

Riley is framed for the murder of his family but Riley doesn't care. Knowing that his father would be killed next, he visits him at his hospital. There, Riley asks why he laughs when he sees dead people. His father reminds him of the time when his father accidentally killed a whore when he tried paying her with a drug shot.

Riley witnessed this but his father started laughing at how the addict died with a smile, where he asked Riley to laugh with him. They both laugh.

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With this answer, Riley leaves and once he exits the building he hears a gunshot from the hospital. Riley follows Sparks and Washington to a military outpost in Bonnington where he kills Washington and brings Sparks back home. At his house, he tortures and makes Sparks regret his crime against Riley.

Riley switches their tags, shoots Sparks in the mouth and burns the house.

Riley then goes back to Coahuila to capture Roba's right hand at a bar. Riley brings him back to where he was brainwashed which was now abandoned and tortures Roba's current location out of him.

Riley infiltrates Roba's summer house and steals information on the terrorist smuggling from his mainframe. Riley finally confronts Roba in a blazing firefight, but Roba desperately escapes out the window.

Riley shoots him in the back and then the head. Riley sets the entire estate on fire and leaves. When he enters an open field, a helicopter arrives and a man with a Task Force emblem on his shirt disembarks and approaches Riley. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Call of Duty 4: Defiance Call of Duty: Behind the Lines:He takes him back to his house, showing him the bodies that had been executed.

Riley is now in a coffin with his deceased Major and wondering what he's going to do. We then flashback to Riley walking away from the burning manor.

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Concentrate on that". He locates the leader and kidnaps him. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Cover by Jim Lee. As we all are aware that the background of this story is borrowed from a game which is famous for its hysteria battles of multiparty people dealing with catastrophic events; however, this was rather of a single sole.

After one of his nightmares, his mother and he have a small talk, and he learns a few things about his father that are both disturbing, but meaningful to the plot as well. However, his therapist refuses to clear him for duty because of the lingering effects of Roba's brainwashing.