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The Portfolio: An Architectural Student's Handbook. Category: Architecture. pdf download: PDF icon [Katerina_Ruedi_Ray_PhD_in_Architecture,olhon.info . Request PDF on ResearchGate | On May 1, , Katerina Ruedi Ray PhD Architecture and others published The Portfolio: An Architecture Student's. Working as an architect, member of a multidisciplinary team in organization and I am an undergraduate architecture student at N.T.U.A. (National Techni-.

The Portfolio An Architecture Student Handbook Pdf

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The portfolio is the single most important part of every architectural student's education. This book proides a complete guide to preparing, compiling and. The Portfolio: An Architecture Student's Handbook (Architectural Students Handbooks) [Katerina Ruedi Ray PhD in Architecture, Lesley Lokko Dip Arch, Igor. "The portfolio is a creative act, showing your skills and imagination, but it is also an act across in terms that working architects and designers can understand.".

For professionals, site experience and completed projects become more important if available , and always include a sample of your student work …employers are still interested in this. For both, presenting projects that relate to the employers work will help to establish yourself. For employment positions that are specific, you should predominately weight and tailor your work to that particular aspect, whilst still showing although a lesser amount a selection of the other areas you have experience in.

The example below demonstrates how to successfully present a varied range of experience in a clear and concise manner, from general plan arrangements through to detailed joinery drawings.

This presents a clear and steady timeline of experience and development. However as provided in the excellent description and breakdown in below video, new and prospective students need to demonstrate that they have the skills, basic understanding and passion for the subject, rather than the physical work to prove it.

As with the above portfolio example, some students prior to starting architecture school will attend a foundation year or diploma course in art and design. This may be because they are unsure of what direction to take or just want to gain some extra skills and experience before starting.

This does however make their portfolios slightly more advanced and directed towards the subject, in both the content and the portfolios presentation. Although highly recommended, on average most students do not do this, and instead continue straight through to architecture school without taking any sort of supplementary course.

The below video provides a breakdown and example of how to prepare a portfolio for this very situation: How to create an architecture portfolio For those that have not created an architecture portfolio before or who may be looking for some tips on how to improve their current one.

If you choose to present hand drawings, then make sure that the scanner you use is of high quality. An A3 document enables your work to be easily printed out to scale, or downsized to an A4 without too much trouble and detail being lost. But be mindful to not overbear your work.

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Links to these can be found at the end of this article. This process does and should take time and therefore should not be rushed and left to the last minute. The examples featured further down in this article demonstrate what you should aim for and provide a simple aesthetic, that is both interesting and minimal. The front cover as a minimum should have a title often just portfolio and your full name.

You may also wish to state the college or university you come from if a student and what academic or professional status you are. The inside cover and neighbouring pages are a good opportunity to place your C.

Others are the complete opposite, and so read the submission requirements carefully. For those that except digital submissions you should choose one the methods described below. If sending your portfolio in a PDF format, make sure that the file size is no larger than 10MB 15MB max to enable it to be easily sent via email. You may wish to send it via WeTransfer or Dropbox to avoid large attachment sizes, however this adds an additional layer of inconvenience for the interviewer, and as discussed above, may move you to the bottom of the pile.

So please find out who to correctly address it to and provide yourself with the best chance of getting through. Portfolio presentation tips Edit, Edit, Edit A lot of portfolios suffer from an information overload, and as discussed above you must avoid presenting too much information and therefore EDIT your work down.

The below portfolio sample is a very good example of overloading a page with too much information. In spite of it being very well presented, there will never be enough time for anyone to read the text and study all of those small diagrams.

Hierarchy There should be a clear order to the work your portfolio presents, and for each project you must decide on and draw attention to the most important diagram or drawing and make it be seen first. Then take the viewer to the second and then to the third.

Each section of your portfolio must tell a short story about the projects inputs and outputs, and how they where developed into a finished building. Ramp to Floors Below Concert Hall 1. Reception Desk 2. Lobby 3. Concert Hall 4.

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Stage 5. Public Balcony University 1. Student Lounge 3.

Classroom 4. Outdoor Classroom 5. Conference Room 6. Directors Office 7.

Copy Room 8. Office 9. Public Balcony Civic Center 1.

12 Tips For Making an Outstanding Architecture Portfolio

Coffee Shop 2. Public Lounge Space 3. Meeting Room 4. Computer Lab 6. Childrens Area 7.

Elderly Center 8. Connecting the public with these spaces allows for a stronger relationship between the tower and the surrounding population.


This allows for the building to be naturally cooled. Therefore, the tower features areas dedicated to vertical farming to help provide food for the growing 22 district.

Water collected is used throughout the building, and is also used to water the facade. This also helps cool and purify the surrounding air.

The design of the project places different programs into three distinct yet connected categories, mind, body, and soul. The main purpose for the Re-Ligare Institute is to reconnect people with their authentic selves. The project also features many waterfalls that flow from various levels. The main concept for the waterfall is to create a natural sound throughout the interior.Main Description. Smell: Strategic gardening of olfactory plantlife.

Your email. In spite of it being very well presented, there will never be enough time for anyone to read the text and study all of those small diagrams. Try not to overdo it with font styles, or you will lack consistency and order. The examples featured further down in this article demonstrate what you should aim for and provide a simple aesthetic, that is both interesting and minimal.

Sexual Attraction: Contrast dark intimate spaces with flattering light. Models … include at least one While it would seem that fewer and fewer students build models these days, I like to see them in any portfolio I am reviewing. Also, be careful not to forward the same e-mail to all offices that you intend to look for a job at. More options.