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Kidnapped the Wrong Sister book. Read reviews While it literally takes the entire book for Nikias to realize that Diona (older This was actually pretty good. Read Book Download nline#_ebook-marie-kelly-kidnapped-the-wrong-sister This book is available in full for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Read “Kidnapped the Wrong Sister”, by Marie Kelly online on Bookmate – Mistaken for her sister, Diona Related booksAll . Her voice was full of irritation both from the absurdity of her sister's actions and the intense tiredness filling her.

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister Full Book

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Read "Kidnapped the Wrong Sister" by Marie Kelly available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Mistaken for her sister, Diona. To stop his brother from an unsuitable marriage, Nikias Dranias holds the woman he believes to be Daryle prisoner on his island. However, it is her sister Diona. Read online: Mistaken for her sister, Diona Brown had been tricked into visiting the island home of the Billionaire Nikias Dranias, who planned on keeping her t.

But then I thought But ummmm, nope! Diona had held her breath as he had looked at her with a fire in his eyes which had made her whole body light up with desire, dropping her eyes to her food to hide the sudden matching fire in her own as she had concentrated on her meal. As they had finished he had offered her a drink as they had moved into the living room.

Accepting the offer, she had cleared her throat nervously. I had to force myself to finish the book. A shitload of editing would have to be done. And I do mean a shitload.

Plus the author really needs to take some classes on how to clean up her writing. The first part of the story arc: The later arcs are a bit more troublesome.

The brother is younger than Nikias and has no money of his own. And the ending. Oh jeeze, the ending. Two One Badly Edited Star — for the trope alone.

This book shows a final location of I stopped at location as the search was killing my processors. How to Tell a Lie has a final location of This was actually pretty good.

Kidnapped the Wrong Sister By: Marie Kelly [Novel]

The storyline was pretty decent. You have two billionaire brothers, Nikias and Alexis, who are devastatingly handsome and both known for their playboy ways. When the younger brother, Alexis meets and falls in love wanting to be married immediately, Nikias steps in with intentions to stop the wedding and the relationship as a whole.

In his haste to take action he kidnaps the wrong sister. While it literally takes the entire book for Nikias to realize that Diona older This was actually pretty good. While it literally takes the entire book for Nikias to realize that Diona older sister to Daryle has been telling the truth about who she is and her involvement in their sibling's relationship, it doesn't take any time at all for him to fall for her body and soul.

He just needs his head to catch up to the fact. This book i full of banter and witty come backs. It has a great build up and pretty good characters. Of course the intimate scenes hit the right spot and left me pretty excited! Thank god the book didn't leave me with the usual sappy residue that most romances are dishing out, although it was pretty abrupt. Sep 30, Jane rated it liked it. I haven't even finished this book and don't know where to start! I typically shy away from posting my harsh opinions in a review, but I just cannot let this one go by!!!!

The story is decent enough. However, it has taken my twice as long to read it because the writing is simply horrific! It reminds me of a student who has been assigned a word essay and tries to come up with filler words! The word "had" is literally in every other sentence! Sometimes in the same sentence more than once. See below: With such sweet and almost painful sensations riping through her blackness had momentarily taken Diona, wnaware as she HAD cried out, her whole body arching against his.

As she HAD beat against him in such a way he HAD lost the last thread of restraint, climaxing with her, his finat thrust releasing deep within her soft body as he HAD cried out in Greed, words which she neither heard nor understood.

I will continue to read and finish the book as I want to see how it ends, but it may be a struggle. Oct 31, Mikayla DiNatale rated it really liked it. A Wonderful Mistake This book pulled me in deeper and deeper by each word I read, keeping my mind captive, constantly wanting more. Every page made me want to keep reading. In this book, two young lovers, Alexis and Daryle, were ready to race off and get married.

Alexis being a rich young man and Daryly just an average girl living with her sister. The only problem was that both of their older siblings, Nikias and Diona, disagreed and thought they were rushing and making a huge mistake. Nikias had A Wonderful Mistake This book pulled me in deeper and deeper by each word I read, keeping my mind captive, constantly wanting more.

Nikias had mistaken Diona for Daryle and kidnapped the wrong sister, trying to prevent the wedding. No matter how much she argued or tried to explain he had the wrong one, Nikias didn't listen and kept her trapped on his own island for a week. Over that time, they were brought together, passion and lust overcoming them, but at the same time hate and distrust.

Their relationship constantly changing frome love to hate, back and fourth. Finally they parted, not speaking for the longest time, until Nikias showed up out of the blue, determined to claim what he wanted, Diona.

I liked how the author used different details that fit perfectly in each situation, instead of using the same old dull details over and over. The words pulled me into the story, my mind constantly wondering how Nikias was thinking because most of the book was how Diona was feeling, thinking, and what her experiences were.

It made me wonder, does Nikias love her? Or is it all just lust? What is going through his mind? How the auther chose her words made everying such a vivid image in my mind; so many details pulling me in. Dec 08, Elaine rated it did not like it Shelves: Just discovered this evening that although I read this book in September, I never wrote the review.

I read one of the author's books, Billionaire's Revenge and, surprisingly enjoyed it. So I read this one. Poor editing.

Ridiculous situation with a stupid heroine that needs to be smacked upside her head The supposed Hero is an ass. He didn't Just discovered this evening that although I read this book in September, I never wrote the review.

He didn't deserve the girl in the end, he deserved a restraining order! I was mad at myself for finishing it. Don't bother reading this book. Sep 23, Elly Helcl rated it liked it. I was tempted to one star this book on the grounds of being horribly, atrociously, disgustingly unedited. The story line though was really good!

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I kept waiting for the cliche of Diona becoming pregnant to happen That would have been the easiest way out for the author but she didn't take it. However, she did do something that just irritates me. If this author really is a woman, she should stick to writing sex scenes from a woman's point of view.

Like it or not, we women have no clue what it feels like to have an orgasm as a man. It is my experience, that authors write sex scenes better, when they stick to writing from their own experience or fantasies. Just saying I would only recommend this book to people who aren't grammar freaks. I mean how hard is it to do basic things right? Like, putting a period where it belongs Nov 15, Lindsey rated it liked it Shelves: As far as the characters, Nikias was an idiot, Diona was a likable idiot, and I kinda thought Alexis and Daryl were idiots too.

I mean come on who doesn't realize their sister was kidnapped??

There was so much back and forth with Nikias and Diona, that I wanted to smack both of them lol and of course out of nowhere Nikias thought "oh, you aren't a money hungry gold digger, sweet lets get hitched" and Diona was all "omg you are still a self centered asshat so I will absolutely marry you" and end with an abrupt HEA May 23, Dani rated it did not like it.

Sorry I just can't read this any longer. Just trying to read it is giving me a headache. The story isn't that bad it is the writing. It sucks. The over use of the word HAD is beyond aggravating. I did a word search to see how many times HAD is used in this book Dec 17, Adrianna Duncan rated it it was amazing.

Adrianna Duncan Mrs. Rapp English 1 December 16, Kelly, Marie. Kidnapped The Wrong Sister. It was such a great book and it grabbed my attention starting with the first page. This book makes you feel so many different emotions towards the characters and the story itself.

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister had so many exciting scenes like when she got kidnapped and he thought Diona was her sister Daryle.

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Every time I had to put down the book I was so depressed because I would always have to put it down during the good papers and I'm like what happened between Alexis and Daryle or did Nikias kill Diona. At certain point I wanted to throw my IPad at the wall like when Diona almost had sex with Nikias I'm like what's your problem he called you a "prostitute" and he kidnapped you and to top it all off his brother is about to marry your sister.

When Diona go to a phone I was so excited I was in my mind saying "yes, she can call her sister stop the wedding and leave. I love this book this has to be by far my all time favorite book now. I seriously love the fact that it grabbed my attention so fast made it better.

Honestly I hate reading book take tolong to get to the interesting part and usually I just give up and quit reading until either the movie comes out or someone else's reads it and tells me about it.

Apr 23, Noelle rated it it was ok Shelves: Well another waste of time, this one had such amateurish writing that it could have been written by a teenager. Plus the formatting was bad and it was very hard to keep track of who was talking. Diona h just knew she had to save her little sister from making the biggest mistake of her life by marrying someone she barley knows.

Even though she is terrified of flying , she boards the next plane for Greece to stop her sister. Nikias H just knows he has to save his little brother from making the b Well another waste of time, this one had such amateurish writing that it could have been written by a teenager. Nikias H just knows he has to save his little brother from making the biggest mistake of his life by marrying someone he barley knows. So he shows up at the hotel where the girlfriend has a reservation and confronts her when his brother isn't there.

When she can't be bought off he has no other choice than to lure her out to his island and keep her hostage. Too bad he doesn't realize that he has the wrong sister. If I had to subscribe this book in just a few words ,those words would be boring and unbelievable. Jan 20, Natasha rated it did not like it Shelves: Wow, I don't even know where to start with this book.

How about the horrible writing, grammar and spelling mistakes. The word "how" appears so many times its distracting. Also, I couldn't get over the changing if narrators randomly through chapters, and even some paragraphs.

I gave this book a shot, even being prepared for substandard writing because the idea behind it was intriguing.

Sadly, the follow through on the idea was not there. The characters are unbelievable and trite. Unfortunately th Wow, I don't even know where to start with this book. Unfortunately the reader is asked to buy into Diona complacently sitting back while Nikias holds her captive. And that she would honestly spend her days in his company without any ill will towards him. Also, why would her sister not do anything to try and find her?

She knew that Diona came all the way from the UK to stop her from making a huge mistake but when she just disappears Daryle does nothing?!? I would give this book half a star if possible but one will have to do. View all 4 comments.

Sep 20, Tera rated it liked it Shelves: Not a great book, the story was interesting if nothing else. BUT that had to be one of the worst ending ever, i kept trying to turn the page at the end for an epilogue or something and nothing was there.

Seriously the author couldn't think of anything to come after that? If those ending don't bother you, than its an ok book. Dec 01, Bwmurf rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I can't seem to find a book that I really like lately, this was a book well on its way to just being ok but due to the fact hero slept around while they were separated it ruined any like I had. I will not read again in future. May 31, Allie rated it did not like it.

Completely lacking in the grammar and spelling department. I couldn't read more than a few pages before I deleted it from my kindle and my account. I thought to try it out because the title and storyline sounded interesting. Don't make my mistake. Aug 12, Rgreader rated it liked it Shelves: Good HP-like romance. Not too angsty. Quick read. Drags a bit in the middle.

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Hero a bit clueless. Liked the heroine. Decent read. Nov 04, Skye Burling-Briggs rated it did not like it Shelves: Aug 08, Vashti rated it really liked it.

Hp type book. Aug 30, Toni U. I didn't connect to the characters in this book. It seemed like every other sentence pulled me out of the story. Quite a few run-on sentences as well. It was only so-so for me. Jun 16, Alexandra rated it really liked it. I loved this book but I recommend it to a mature audience. Sep 27, sammie rated it really liked it. This was surprisingly very harlequin-ish and I enjoyed it. It was short, smutty, and the alpha was just an alphahole that worked out for me.

It was ok.

Predictable at times but all in all keep my interested for the most part. Short n sweet. Feb 27, Ujala Rao rated it did not like it. After accidentally receiving a free copy of this book, I wish I could give it less than one star.

Appalling writing, unrealistic characters and just generally poorly structured. A simple mistaken identy changes 4 lives: Daryle tells her sister in a letter that she is in love with Alexis and is going to marry him after only knowing him a week.

So Diona the big responsible sister flys from Britian to Greece to save her sister from herself. However she is not the only one abjecting to the marriage, Alexis' brother Nikias is strongly against it. She goes. No complaints, no fuss. Three quarters of the entire book for some reason or another Nikias assumes Diona is lying to him. But his body can not resist her and vice versa. Can we all just say, ew? And also, how the heck do you build a relationship out of that?

Because sure! Rando men grabbing and kissing women against their will, even if they are attracted to them, is not sexy. Please stop. Can I just say that the one thing I was looking forward to was the skimpy male swimsuits?! Daniel Craig in Casino Royale proves that the Euro style can work. Exhibit A. Okay, further random commentary, our plucky Greek named heroine is Scottish. And is developing quite a tan in Greece.

I know the truth. Another comment this one about the times that we are all usually vague about: missionary? The whole time?It belonged to no particular order of architecture, and was more suggestive of comfort than of splendour, with its great windows, and rambling, nondescript proportions. Special Smashwords Edition.

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