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Learn to Read Music [Howard Shanet] on olhon.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book Will -teach the notation of music to those who have. Learn to Read Music by Howard Shanet - This book Will -teach the notation of music to those who have never known it before -serve as a systematic reminder. Learn to Read Music, , pages, Howard Shanet, , http:// olhon.info

Learn To Read Music Howard Shanet Pdf

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Download ✓ Learn to Read Music PDF ↠. Howard Shanet. Learn to Read Music This book Will teach the notation of music to those who have never known it. This book Will -teach the notation of music to those who have never known it before -serve as a systematic reminder for those who once knew how to read music. Learn to Read Music book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This book Will-teach the notation of music to those who have n.

Learn how to read music like share d enjoy learn to read music music should i learn to read music guitar. Learn how to read music piano sheet music learn to read music notes for singing. Learn how to read music reading music learning how to read and count rhythms learn read music piano. Learn how to read music reasons you should learn how to read music learn to read guitar music for beginners.

Learn how to read music websites where you can learn to read music music learn to read music howard shanet pdf. Learn how to read music worksheets how to read music i guess i need to learn how to read music in order to learn how to play the piano and the guitar learn to read music app ipad. Learn how to read music you need to learn note values in order to read sheet music learn to read music notation guitar. And even more confusedis the summaryof contentsprovided by the translatorin his introduction p.

Should not the translatorhave helped the reader by a footnoteat least, instead of retainingthe word lyrethroughout?

Reviews of Books Mersenne's illustrationsare all here and well reproduced,some of them reduced to smaller size, but without impairing their usefulness. Mersenne used engravingsas well as woodcuts; the formerachieve a much higherdegreeof accuracy,not necessarilya resultof the technique employed,since Praetorius'swoodcuts-he used only woodcuts in his Theatrum Instrumentorum-are admirably precise. The woodcut of the harp, Fig. In the woodcuts-not in the engravings-frequentlyseveral instrumentsor parts of instrumentsare depicted with no regard to theirrelativesize.

A warning to this effectwould have helped the reader.

Mersenne, it seems, made no effortto supervisethe draftsmanor draftsmen,quite unlike Praetorius,who must have sat at the elbow of his woodcutter,if he did not actually make the designs himself: so accurate and well proportionedis everything, even to the smallestmouthpiece,crook, or tuninghammer.

Mersenne did not furnishcaptions for the illustrations. The trans- lator does, but they are frequentlyincorrector in contradictionto Mersenne'stext. One can hardlyunderstandwhy the translatordid not simplyfollowMersenne'sreferencesto those illus- trationsin the text.

It is one of the long-neckedlutes still used in the Near East, and Mer- senne himself,familiar with Oriental instruments,calls it Turkish in the text.

The caption "Indian instrument" is not incorrect since Mersenne'stext calls it "Indian"; but unfortunately thetranslator refers to it in hisintroduc- tion as "a complex Indian wind-stringed[! The proofreadingleaves much to be desired.

learn how to read music

There are numerous misspellingsand a disturbingly parsimonioususe of the umlaut. Also le cabinet de IllustrissimeRosinus Venetien is hardly adequately rendered by "the collectionof the most illustratiousVenetians,Rosinus" p.

Foot- note 8 on page should read footnote1, to mention only one of these little errors. The example illustratingthe tuning of the "lyre" actually a lironeor lira da gamba; p. An introductionof fivepages summarizescursorilythe contentsof the seven books on instruments.

The student would have benefitedfrom an evaluation of Mersenne against the backgroundof his time and his role and historicalinfluencein organology. Also, since the books on instrumentsconstituteonly a part of the Harmonie Universelle,an explanation of their relation to the central ideas of the treatisemight have been useful; likewise referencesto the other untranslatedsec- tions,which deal not only with problemsof acoustics in general, har- mony,and composition,but also with matterscloselyrelated to instru- ments, as in the sections on mechanics, the behavior of chords, etc.

One may also have expecteda comparisonof Mersenne's treatisewith Praetorius'sOrganographia,which, preceding the Harmonie by only seventeenyears,has a quite differentapproach to the same problems: it is more systematicin its organization and terminologyand speaks chieflyto composers and performers,while Mersenne gives more advice to instrument builders.

The translationis followed by three short appendices: one gives the units of weights and measures used by Mersenne, another is en- titled "Glossary of Terms and Words" but contains actually only 11 terms. A fourthand substantial appendix gives transcriptions of the musical examples in the text,but it is not free fromerrors: for instance,Ex. Reviews of Books There is, incrediblyenough for a book of this kind, no index of any sort.

Howard Shanet

A list of instruments and of the numerousreferencesto tuning, pitch,bowing,breathing,embouchurewould have greatlyincreasedthe usefulnessof a book of pages with so many cross-references from to proposition proposition. Also a listof the ancientand modernauthors, musicians,and instrument buildersmentionedby Mersennewould have been helpful.

Althoughthe book has a bibliography,the reviewercould not detect the principlesunderlyingits compilation. There is merit,of course, in citing the literatureon Mersenne, such as H. Lenoble on Mersenne as a scientist,and Eitner's list of Mersenne's writings,and also a tinyfractionof the vast literatureon Mersenne's friend Descartes.

Howard Shanet 9 November - 19 June was a U. He was also a music professor at Columbia University , and the chairman of its music department from — Howard Shanet was born on 9 November in Brooklyn , [1] New York, and started his musical career as a cellist , gaining a Bachelor's degree from Columbia in and a Master's in Musicology in During the early s, he was conducting assistant to Leonard Bernstein at the New York Philharmonic.

In , he joined Columbia's faculty as Professor of Music, later becoming chairman of its music department from — As a visiting conductor, he appeared with several major U.

He composed music for orchestra, string quartet, and band.

He was the husband of neurophysiologist Bernice Grafstein Shanet , and the father of film and commercial director Laurence Shanet.The important thing for me was a change of instrument, and to switch to mandolin was a revelation. More Details Through the use of familiar songs like "Jingle Bells" and "The Doxology," the author assists the student in learning to read music.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. If Mersenne,in connectionwith keyboardinstruments, speaks of hammers marteaux long before the invention of the pianoforte, would it not have been more helpful to say what Mersenne means: tuninghammers? Product Details.