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by Nicole Williams Published July 19th Can love triumph forever? Crash - Nicole Williams (1).epub. KB. Clash - Nicole Williams (2).epub. KB. Ms. Romance, Hannah Arden, writes one of the top read relationship advice columns in the nation. Mr. Reality, Brooks North, writes the top. Crash #1 by Nicole Williams Clash #2 by Nicole Williams Crush #3 by Nicole Williams.

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Read {PDF Epub} Download Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams from the story Same by fanningraposo47 with 57 reads. bank, ör, lead. Simple Way to . Nicole Williams - Hate Story (epub) - dokument [*.epub] * * * * Hate Story Copyright (c) by Nicole Williams All rights reserved. Without limiting the rights. CRASH A novel by Nicole Williams CHAPTER ONE CHAPTER TWO CHAPTER THREE CHAPTER FOUR CHAPTER FIVE CHAPTER SIX CHAPTER SEVEN.

Experiencing these any time before stepping into the lobby of the swanky hotel I was meeting him at would have been helpful. I wasn't sure I was ready, but I didn't have a choice. The bills had gone from a pile to a pillar, and if I didn't do something soon, I would lose the house.

I couldn't lose the house. Not ever. It was the only home I'd ever known. There are other options. When I mentioned this a few months ago, it was just a far-off suggestion, not one I thought you'd actually run with. At least not ones that are any less illicit than this one. With the way things had been lately, it was a miracle they hadn't turned into sandpaper.

She was everything I wasn't. Tall, rail-thin, straight blond hair that cooperated, skin that looked like she'd been gilded in something ethereal, and dressed like life was one endless party. Our personalities were a stark contrast as well. She was effervescent, where I fell somewhere closer to the jaded end of the scale.

She wrung the life out of each day, loved like she'd never been hurt, and laughed like she'd never known sorrow. What she saw in me that kept our friendship enduring, I didn't know. I just hoped she hadn't hung around when others bailed because she felt obligated. I didn't want to be anyone's pity penance. She snagged my arm when I walked in front of her, braking me to a stop when I was a few steps from the lounge's entrance.

She was coming from a place of concern, but I was committed. I just needed to get this over with already. I hadn't even seen him yet and I was already pitting out. I so should have splurged for the clinical strength deodorant instead of this cheap dollar-store junk that was probably going to give me cancer one day.

If my budget hadn't been worked out to the last quarter, I would have. I definitely knew what he wanted. I don't know what his first is. She was especially expressive. That was another way we were different. Kate seemed to have no desire or inclination to hide what she felt, whereas I had every desire and inclination to hide. Mister Sturm? Because this twenty-first-century feminist is so not okay with one of her best friends addressing this guy like that.

The word still sucked the air out of my lungs, but it had lost some of its potency. How much more feminist does it get? That chick in that Indecent Proposal movie got a million and she only had to spend one night with him.

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Plus if you factor in inflation, since that movie's almost as old as I am, you are getting the proverbial and literal shaft. In the ass.

Why did I care if this guy's first impression of me was as a profuse sweater? I wasn't asking for his approval or even expecting it. I might have been able to look the part, but I certainly didn't feel the part.

Give me a break. She'd wrangled up a couple of friends to meet her at this lounge tonight so she could keep an eye on me. I guessed she was worried the guy might not be on the up-and-up and might be using a green card as a cover for wanting to sell me off for internal organs or into the sex trade.

I wasn't worried about that, but I was thankful she was here for support if nothing else. After punching in a quick text, Kate circled her phone at me. Did you think there was going to be a ribbon handed out at the end of the night for the most colorful outfit?

I liked color. Lots of it. Living in a place like Portland, Oregon, a person had to find a way to fight off the perpetual gray. This was my chosen method. Dozens of bodies, all of them different shapes, sizes, and colors, and all of them were dressed like they'd conspired to match.

If an iron hadn't been up to the challenge of smoothing it out, my thumb wasn't going to do it.

I'm not here to impress him or earn his approval. When I went to give her a little shove, she slid out of the way. Her friends must have already been there because she waved at someone before lifting her finger in a just-a-minute kind of way.

And if you call him Mister Sturm again, I'm going to pull your hair. Actually, it held the hint of a moan. I could never imagine sighing-slash-moaning some guy's name.

The closest I'd ever gotten to a sigh-moan was over the peanut butter pie my grandma had made for my last birthday. Your sex life nauseates me. Besides, someone needs to make up for your lack of it. I'm about to orgasm all over the place.

Just give the signal if the guy turns out to be a serious creeper, okay? I waited a minute after Kate had disappeared into the lounge. Then I waited one more before forcing my feet forward.

It wasn't like my dwindling courage was going to find its way back the longer I stalled. Taking in a slow breath, I pictured my house. The one I'd grown up in.

Glass Castle Prince by Nicole Williams

The one that had housed a Burton for sixty years. The one that would probably be gutted or ripped down and replaced by whatever rich a-hole bought it at the foreclosure sale. I pictured relief from the stack of bills, the freedom to have choices, and a future that wasn't already painted with bleak hues and dark strokes. Then I moved inside the lounge and took my first step toward my future husband. I couldn't stand out more even if I'd stripped naked and dipped myself in hot pink paint. The lounge kept in the hotel's theme of being expensive-looking and meant for an upper echelon I was not a member of.

I didn't belong there. I felt it as much as I sensed the few stares from people thinking the same thing.

There might not have been a list of rules stapled outside the door, but it was clear there were plenty of unsaid ones. Like one shall not step foot into this space unless their net worth tips the seven-figure boundary. Or one shall not breathe this air unless they drive a car that costs as much as a modest house. Or one shall not rub elbows with the rest of the inhabitants unless they have so many prospects, they've become an inconvenience of their own.

But since no one was guarding the entrance or about to toss me out for forcing my presence on the place, I moved deeper into the room. It wasn't as large as I'd expected it would be, but that could be due to the number of bodies already filling the lounge. It was early by a Friday night's standards, but this place seemed like the kind of spot a person needed to make an early claim on.

Above the bar was a giant stained glass window of a peacock, and the rest of the room followed the same theme. Rich colors, showy accents. It wasn't my kind of place at all. I preferred the local hole-in-the-wall or dive. If this pretentious space was his kind of place, then this marriage wouldn't just be difficult because of our illegal arrangement.

If this was the kind of place he felt comfortable in-the type of people he fit in with-then we were polar opposites. Because this whole thing needed to be more complicated. I scanned the room for someone flagging me over. He knew what I'd be wearing tonight, but I didn't know what he would be in. If the room was any indication, he was probably parading around in a suit that cost more to dry-clean than anything in my wardrobe had cost brand new. I continued to just stand there, doing another room scan.

I didn't know what he looked like. How old he was. What nationality he was. His hair color. Skin color. I knew his last name and that he was willing to pay me a million dollars to marry him.

Exes with Benefits by Nicole Williams (ePUB)

That was all I needed to know to say I do. Some people exchanged sex for money. Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen Chapter Seventeen Chapter Eighteen About the Author. Read Online Swipe version. Read Online Continuous version.

Download now. Buy a paper book. Mister Perfect by Alice Cooper. Wrong by L. Lovell, Stevie J. Mister Romance by Leisa Rayven. Mister Nanny by Bekkah Graham. Wrong by Caitlin Daire. Exes with Benefits by Nicole Williams.

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Fissure by Nicole Williams. Hate Story by Nicole Williams.That, and fighting all the time Second thoughts. Exes with Benefits by Nicole Williams. And known by the athletic training staff as a well-rounded pain in our asses. Go ahead and judge me. It felt natural, not forced.