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Results 1 - 16 of 91 The Answer: How to Take Charge of Your Life & Become the Person You Want to Be. 31 January by Allan And Barbara Pease. Online shopping from a great selection at Tamil eBooks Store. for Life (Tamil Edition). 10 November | Kindle eBook. by Allan Pease and Barbara Pease . Results 1 - 16 of 26 Allan & Barbara Pease. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more.

Allan Barbara Pease Books Ebook

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Allan and Barbara Pease, the international bestselling authors of Why Men Don't Listen & Women Can't Read Maps, deliver their. eBooks. Your favourite Allan and Barbara Pease books are available to download in eBook format. Showing all 7 Body Language in the Workplace eBook. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Barbara Pease (Author) Barbara Pease is CEO of Pease Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Self-Help .. Allan Pease was ground breaking in his "Body Language Books, this is how you find the key to.

Let us see where it takes us Society and our peers engrain ideas about success and expectations. We each come into struggle, turmoil, and places we do not wish to go.

{PDF} Allan Pease & Barbara Pease - Why Men Don't Listen & Women Can't Read Maps {eBook}

Tremendous changes are taking place. We do not always know where to turn, or how to respond with confidence. Our other books are about how to be a better communicator, how to be a people magnet and how to build rewarding relationships.

Many people believe they know how to achieve success but most never seem to move forward with their lives. This is usually not from lack of trying, but from not having the right system to move forward and to effectively set the goals they really want. So, you tell your readers, here is The Answer: "Life is a game and here are the rules. Your insight is such encouragement for us all to participate more whole-heartedly in life, yet not for the purpose of using life experience to avoid ourselves.

It sounds like an invitation to notice our own resistance and let it pass through. Its like when you relax, little bits of pain and tightness are released, and we let the creative music in.

It is said that true greatness and transformation hide beyond pain. As we open our eyes and wake up, so much more exists to each of us that what we are taught. How does your book help people see their true colors? That is powerful confirmation you are right on track with your desire to move forward and still guide people to recognize and let go of their comfort zones. We can devote life to staying with the familliar or, explore 'what ifs,' step boldly into the unknown, expand into more of ourselves.

We only experience more of what is available without mental boundaries. We must see and transcend our own. This said, the Self-help book industry is huge. Many say everything that can be said in this genre already has been.

This said, new books are still being written, released and also becoming best-sellers. What enables it to stand out?

We have always written our books for everyday people. We then tie it all together with the science of the brain to explain why and how these things work. The human mind fears uncertainty and resists pain. From a young age, we explore questions to shift focus away from the mental cage created by our fear and discomfort.

Curiously, answers we come up with do not always help realize dreams. As what you teach nipping fear in the bud, readers may be astonished or, find it no wonder your monthly relationship column has over 20 million readers in 25 countries. Many people seek advice to equip them to deal with what arises. Turns out, when the going gets tough, people come face-to-face with big questions. You say participants of your seminars have had their lives changed by your teachings, that your simple but powerful skills help you deal effectively with almost everything that happens.

The techniques revealed in The Answer are simple and practical - not always easy, but simple - and show how when you have the belief you can achieve anything you want — you can! Accessible, easy-reading books like yours help people feel better equipped to deal with what life throws. It contains of course inspirational stories that help people find courage to overcome adversity.

Although your books are more instructive, readers of your books and these relate and imagine their own triumphs.

You have to nurture a dream before you can manifest it. As the single most best-selling female author in Australia with 14 best-sellers to your credit, what advice do you offer aspiring authors? Is writing something you always wanted to do or did the writing career happen unexpectedly?

If you could rewind or fast-forward your life, anything you would change?

Growing up in Central Queensland, I never thought of myself as a writer but as a person who had been given the gift of being able to teach people on all levels and to make people feel valued and important. So when I met Allan he was already an author and he saw in me what I never saw in myself - that I had a talent to offer the female perspective in our books and to reach people globally from all walks of life.

We have always worked as a team on our books so that they have a balanced male and female perspective. Allan and I practice what we preach. We decide what we want in our lives and work every day toward our goals.

I love my life and I am constantly excited about what can happen in the future. Allan and I learn and grow together and create amazing life goals that keep us moving forward.

The process of moving forward is indeed energizing. We can move in so many directions. What is possible begins to expand based on our choice to cross paths and interact more often with people on a similar wavelength. The idea of creating a community of like-minded people who connect, support and encourage each other strikes me as a model with staying power.

Love others as you love yourself and the universe responds by moving mountains. This is true freedom. Speaking on a practical level, what you have seen in practice during your workshops and events since The Answer was released? Is this impact meeting your expectations? How is your vision for the book changing with the changing consciousness of the planet?

On these weekends, we coach up to 30 delegates to discover their true potential and to pursue their dreams. It is indeed exciting to follow up and see how exchanges of energy are affecting the dynamic field of awareness. It is what it is. The examples you share helps us start seeing beyond individual people and stories, and the darkness that keeps chasing us.

We begin to see the power of where and how we are focusing our consciousness. Very cool revelations arise. We see how others interpret behaviour and movement based on what we hold in our minds and the blocks that funnel energy toward more subtle bodily actions and activities. Please offer an example of a few cases where people managed to turn their lives around.

I received an email yesterday from a couple who came to our VIP weekend last year. At the time, they were stuck financially and emotionally in past failures. They emailed us from France… their RAS had found their way forward and they are now living there and loving it!

Another of our delegates from our first VIP Weekend a year ago set a goal of becoming a net millionaire — from a zero start -by age He told us this week he had just achieved this goal — 3 weeks before his 50th!

But suddenly you find a flood of people — especially relatives and friends — trying to talk you out of it. Decide right now that you will not listen to these people. We are not saying that you should be reckless or take unnecessary risks — every choice you make to move forward has risks.

Allan Pease

People who are too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours. And be careful who you open up to. Only tell your dreams to a few people really care. The rest are just curious. Funny thing about France.

Body Language in the Workplace eBook

I sense another synchronicity! Athough it didn't happen right away, I did end up winning a scholarship and completing my Masters and Ph. D in France. That period of my life was full of adventures.

Years later, something similar happened before my move to Australia. Like other readers here, consistenly living dreams is a topic of great interest. You can realize a dream, yet feel impatient for others to happen.

What to do about closing the gap between here and there A lot of research went into it. You talk about the importance of training and retaining the brain. Tried and tested methods appeal. Please comment on the RAS Reticular Activating System , how to activate it, and what we can do to accelerate the process of finding a passion and creating multiple income streams.

How does knowing more about brain power catapult us into more of our true greatness? Every person has the seeds of greatness inside them, but few people realise it. And even if you do know it, how do you make it all happen? When you understand how the brain functions and that you can program it for whatever you want, your life goes into over-drive.

You realise that nothing happens by chance and that you are — and always have been — in charge of what happens in your life. Taking charge, that is personal responsibility for everything, not just credit for what works out but also what does not, is such a key revelation.

We have to love ourselves and express this in more than external body language. More and more people are growing aware that something in their lives does not feel right. Yet that does not necessarily mean they are ready or willing to take action to change. Of course, talkers and doers still exist.

What, in your experience, prompts people to take the most immediate action, especially the leap from fear to being more honest with themselves and doing what they love? For some people, motivation to make a change comes when something bad happens or their life begins to unravel. With this approach, you come to see life in a positive way. Life can be amazing if you want it to be.

I just love revelations you share about human behaviour. You bring those up in other books. The observations you make and write about have such widespread relevance, the themes show up in greeting cards and cartoon blurbs. Susan Doherty. The Willpower Instinct. Kelly McGonigal. Thinking in Bets. We Are Everywhere.

Leighton Brown and Matthew Riemer. The Stonewall Reader. Everything in Its Place. Oliver Sacks. The Second Mountain. David Brooks. Late Bloomers. Rich Karlgaard. Left to Their Own Devices. Julie M.

Marcus Braybrooke. Legislature by Lot. John Gastil and Erik Olin Wright. Dementia Reimagined. An Economist Walks into a Brothel. Allison Schrager.

Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8. Naoki Higashida. Jennifer L. Eberhardt, PhD. Zen beyond Mindfulness. Jules Shuzen Harris. Deep Creativity. The Passion Paradox. Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness.

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Judith Grisel. Gregory Simthsimon. Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Tanith Carey. Good Reasons for Bad Feelings.He produces books, films, and cassettes that are used by numerous organisa- tions around the world to train personnel in communication skills. Han F. The Answer is the self-help and psychology guide which tells the reader how to transform our lives in the way we dream.

Love the opportunities you are creating for natural human connections and jumpstarting innovation. A lot of research went into it.

Thinking in Bets. We are not saying that you should be reckless or take unnecessary risks — every choice you make to move forward has risks. Arlene Stein.