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Praise for Mind Gym Believing in yourself is paramount to success for any athlete. Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers. Buy Mind Gym: An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence: Read Kindle Store Reviews - olhon.info Add Audible book to your purchase for just $ Start by marking “Mind Gym: An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence” as Want to Read: Gary's lessons and David's writing provide examples of the importance of the mental game." Mind Gym also had anecdotes which made the mind lessons able to really stick with you and come to life.

Mind Gym Book

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This Mind Gym summary teaches you the 7 C's of mental toughness, why going slow makes you faster & the only 3 L's that really matter in life. Drawing on his work with some of the top teams in professional sports, noted sport psychology consultant Gary Mack shares with you the same techniques and . A book that probably every athlete would benefit by reading is Mind Gym: An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence by Gary Mack with David.

Remember, before you can control your performance you need to be in control of yourself.

Fear releases chemical hormones that can inhibit performance and shut you down. When you are afraid in sports you play small. Instead, hunt your own fears. Pull the curtain away. Unmask your fears and face them down.

Examine them. Over-trying leads to under-performing.

Mind Gym: An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence

All the greats have been masters at it. Any NBA player can pop off for 28 points on a given night, but only a few will hit that mark with regularity. The best athletes win consistently because they think, act, and practice consistently. Here, competitions become challenges that kick your drive to succeed into gear, with no fear of failure to hold you back.

Training Your Brain: 6 Tips for Getting Strong in the “Mind Gym”

Channel your inner excellence next time the going gets tough. Though counterintuitive, a great way to get better faster is by slowing down.

Human muscle tissue makes a great analogy for this. Muscles can be considered in terms of two categories: agonists and antagonists. While they both work hard when we run at top speed, agonists are working to accelerate us while antagonists will work to slow us down.

Mind Gym Key Idea 5: Love, learning and labor are all vital to a successful and fulfilled life. When it comes to judging your success, whose opinion should you trust?

Should you ask your colleagues? Maybe even your rivals?

Mind Gym : An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence

Well, when it comes to deciding how worthy your achievements have been, the only person you should ask is yourself. When judging yourself, take a look at a few of the areas considered by Harvard researchers to make up the metrics of a successful life. The first area is love.

Think of it this way: say you want to become a top athlete. Love goes hand-in-hand with the next factor — labor. A strong work ethic is essential for success. In fact, it can be more important than natural talent. Consider basketball star, Larry Bird. Despite not being blessed with the perfect physique for the game, he worked tirelessly to become a basketball great.

The next key area of a successful life, especially as you grow older, is being able to learn. Young people are often brimming with natural talent, such as a hardy constitution or an athletic physique.

Yet, as we age, these natural powers begin to fade. With the most successful people, this faltering body is replaced by a stronger mind. Drawing from all of their experiences, their mistakes and successes, older people are perfectly positioned to learn the tips to staying successful.

In Review: Mind Gym Book Summary The key message in this book: Training your body and your mind go hand in hand when it comes to achieving your goals as an athlete.

Positive attitudes you have toward yourself and your progress have a powerful influence on your performance. Additionally, if you have ever played a sport even non-competitively or been in the performing arts you will be able to relate to some of the examples!

But what is the book really about? Mind Gym focuses broadly on techniques for improving stress management and positive thinking and why these are important. If you have ever attended a stress and anxiety workshop, few of the concepts will be new, but they will be presented in a different manner.

Mack discusses SMART goals, visualization, distorted thinking, fear of failure and much more all in the context of having a mind gym. The mind gym is where you work on your mental strength to improve your quality of mind.


Statements about the importance of goals in achieving success are backed up by a large body of psychological research which indicates that people do better when they break down a goal into realistic steps mini goals.And it convincingly argues that you cannot excel at anything unless you develop both your body and your brain. Oct 06, Seth Sharpe rated it it was amazing. The author also uses imagery a lot showing when staying positive in game situations when it's most important to control your thoughts and emotions like being at-bat in baseball.

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If I make an error in the field and I think "I'll get the next one" rather than pouting and dwelling on the bad moment.