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Storybook à. in Fancy > Retro. , downloads ( yesterday) 6 comments · Download. olhon.info First seen on DaFont: before Storybook. You may use this version of 'Story Book' for personal use only but if you wish to use it commercially you will need to purchase a license. Please. We have 12 free children's books fonts to offer for direct downloading · Fonts is your favorite site for free fonts since

Story Book Font

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Use the text generator tool below to preview Storybook font, and create awesome text-based images or logos with different colors and hundreds of text effects. Use the text generator tool below to preview Story Book font, and create awesome text-based images or logos with different colors and hundreds of text effects. Supported Languages. Afrikaans Albanian Danish Dutch English French German Italian Norwegian Portugese Spanisch Swedish Zulu Storybook font preview.

In that case, this post will make it easier for you to work on childrens projects, because we introduce you 13 amazing and playful fonts for children's projects. Firstly, for younger children it is very important that fonts are bigger and thicker. On the other hand for older children fonts can be thinner and smaller, but all together they must be readable.

One of the biggest element in design for children's books is color, so font should be playful, colorful and interesting as much as possible, because color is the first thing that children notice. Colors are drawing attention to children and automaticlly increasing interest in book.

If you put monotone font on cover it will automatically reject children from the book and they will lose interest. For completely perfect book cover you should also use some illustrations, because they are enriching book amazingly.


For the end, hope this will help you in further work and of course enjoy in this post! We introduce you 13 fonts for children's projects! Herald Bouncy Font This font which is made by Flavortype has awesome geometric elements and it is also beautiful serif. The greatest part is that it comes with loads of bonus vectors.

All together it is amazing for children's projects such as book covers,posters and letters and all that is because of its unique but modern style. Rogh and Tumble Font Perfect, playful and readible font for chidlren's books and much more. Mama Bear Font This cute font is inspired by cartoon Bear's Furry and it is made by Win Rico FopiFopi also it is amazing for children's books, cd covers and other projects.

As a plus you get some sweet vector bonus. Sailor's Treasure Font This font is beautiful serif and handwritten font which is made by Victor Barac.

It is also a great and interesting duo font combination which is great for children's projects. Book Worm Font Book Worm Font is cute font made by Rendy Yanwar , which is also really simple and easy to read so it is perfect for younger children.

In the following, we show you great book cover examples where the uniqueness lies not in the selection per se, but in other typographic solutions.

They also played with colors: the title is yellow, which resembles light. The Kawasaki cover is also simple: one typeface, two main colors, some italic.

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But note that the rules are different for non-fiction book covers; more on this with examples later. Note that the designer here plays with space: the emptiness creates the illusion of lightness for the origami butterfly. The added review pieces could also bring extra attention if you keep them subtle enough. As you already see from the examples above, no strict rules are defining the placement of the author and title.

Based on the cover, they have to be able to guess what to expect when opening your book, or it should be tempting enough to be interested in it. And then hook them with something that is special and makes you stand out from the thousands of other books in your submarket.

Book title font generator Book title font generators could be an easy and great way to test many different fonts and settings without actually having to download and install the fonts on your computer. Which can be a bit of a pain if we are talking about the hundreds of fonts you might want to try.

Most of them bring out my childhood memories of WordArt: if you are too young to remember, the built-in Word function enabled people to quickly turn their text into fancy, colourful, 3D logos. Do not use any effect either. We do. Please bear in mind that we mostly monitor the English and US market. The trends can be completely different in other countries. In the following, we help you to find the most beautiful book cover fonts by genre with great examples..

Non-fiction book cover fonts The least we can give is a simple rule: use sans-serif. Most designers of the best non-fiction book covers do. Sans-serif fonts suggest modernity, honesty well, at least for me they do, but there must be a reason why they are so popular. They look straightforward and professional — and this is exactly how you would like to be perceived when publishing a non-fiction. Cookbooks, self-help books and academic anthologies all work well with sans-serif.

Childrens Books Fonts

Do you remember what we said about the importance of kerning? The current trend is the extreme use of bright colours and a light background.

All of the above examples have a balanced, symmetrical layout I really like the diagonal cut of the Graham book , with center-aligned titles. All titles are capitalized entirely. The package contains light, regular, bold, heavy and italic versions and a combination of these; we chose heavy.

A graduation project with impact

A font like this works very well even if used in inverse, putting a pattern under them on a blank cover. We used this simple type to show a bad example of placement: if your title resembles a humming top, change something. Horror book cover fonts Look away now, if horror is not your genre because the following images might be disturbing for some. Blood, ghosts, bones, and Victorian dolls: all well-used elements of the horror book market.

When it comes to typefaces, a bit of fading, some blood drops or fangs can add some spookiness to your cover. Depending on which age your horror is set in, goth fonts can work very well; or the simplest sans-serif for a modern setting. A font like this only works if your title contains different letters only.

It fades and has a grunge quality, but is still easy to read, and has a bit of Scooby-Doo-y playfulness. It is free for private use, but you must purchase it for commercial use.

The Kevin Brockmeier book is an excellent example of the typeface being unnoticeable. The placement draws your attention to the middle of the picture, so at first, you might not even notice what is so spooky about this cover.

Children's Books Fonts

The amazing covers of the Vintage series are well known for everyone. When reprinting a classic, it is extremely common to use a serif font. This cover is a fantastic example of how a good font supports the cover picture. You might have to hire a professional for a cover like that unless you have a very talented friend whom you can bribe with chocolate.

Comic book cover fonts The rules are much less specific when it comes to comic books, as it is more of a medium than a genre: there are horror comic books, romantic comic books, non-fiction comic books, classic superhero comics, graphic novels, manga and so many more. What we said about style, is even more relevant for comics. Pick the craziest fonts for the cover, bright colors, usually all caps, title almost exclusively on the top or in the upper middle part so it is easy to flip through them in a comic book store.

Yes, we know that these covers go against everything we stated so far. On the next cover, at least two different types are used, and both are serif.

This violates the first rule of typography: do not use two conflicting fonts. On a comic book, it works.

Download Free Font Storybook

The title of the Atwood comic has a yellow shadow to make it pop out of the picture; while it would not work for most genres and is widely resented, it is not the same regarding comic books. We need to warn you: these are all real books available on Amazon that came out recently. The first book is an excellent example of an ugly cover made by a traditional publishing house to appear in print.

Butler, J.Smaller x-height makes serif fonts use less horizontal space. The fourth book might be appealing to the German audience, but the use of four different fonts is distracting.

In the following, we show you great book cover examples where the uniqueness lies not in the selection per se, but in other typographic solutions.

A font like this only works if your title contains different letters only.

What article are you looking? Bell MT and Century Schoolbook have had their moments in the sun.