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Series: The Twilight Saga. Bree Tanner, a self-described "vampire nerd" first introduced in Eclipse, lives in terror in a coven of newborn vampires. Stephenie Meyer is the author of the #1 bestselling Twilight Saga and The Host. Compre The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (Twilight Saga) Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais . Read "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner An Eclipse Novella" by Stephenie Meyer available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first.

The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner Ebook

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This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is. Editorial Reviews. From Bookmarks Magazine. Even diehard fans of the Twilight Saga may olhon.info: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (The Twilight Saga) eBook: Stephenie Meyer: Kindle Store. Grace wants to go, but knows she never will. Her friends call—so why doesn't Grace ever answer the phone? And how can she cook such elaborate meals but .

But that's just it. She's smart. She's a more civilized newborn than the others. Sure, she can't control her thirst, but she can think for herself.

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I saw no difference between her adjusting to the vampire life and Bella when she was first blooded er, sorry, that's a Darren Shan term I got used to , except that Bree wasn't feeling guilty about trying not to harm humans, of course.

She's just smart about it. She and Diego. And that's another thing; she only spends like a day with the guy and already they're comfortable enough to kiss well, he kissed her. Near the end we reach the scene when the Cullens are facing the newborns.

That was a disappointment. Don't know if I'm spoiling or not, but the missing fight scene in Eclipse between the rest of the Cullens and the newborns is missing in this book too.

That is, it happened, and Bree was there, but she took no part in it. She was looking for Diego. Stephenie Meyer seems to be afraid of making decent fight scenes.

I mean, apparently the newborns fight alot amongst themselves, but the ripping off limbs thing can get pretty boring. As it is normal for Bree. True to its name, this book is pretty short, only around pages or so. Basically, the newborns live with Riley, who keeps them in order, and they are ignorant.

They believe the old myths, about the sun burning them which is the way it should be if you ask me, none of that sparkle stuff! Diego and Bree befriend each other while hiding out in a cave underwater waiting for the sun to go down, and they start questioning some of the things they've been told. Diego 'experiments', and finds out that the sun really doesn't burn at all.

So um, they want to go tell Riley, in case he doesn't already know, and they overhear him and Victoria talking with the Volturi whom they know nothing about ; turns out Jane wants Victoria to defeat the Cullens, and gives her five days to prepare the newborns before she wipes them out. So Diego waits up for Riley and Bree goes back to the house, and Riley comes home without Diego, and he starts training the newborns, who even when the time finally comes to fight the Cullens are too disorganized to do anything he feeds them this lie that once every four years the sun can't hurt them so that they'll go outside.

And, well, you know the rest. Bree doesn't see the wolves because Jasper has her eyes and ears closed after she surrenders. She thinks they're another breed of vampire. Here is where you can really sympathize with Bree whilst comparing her to the Cullens because she really doesn't know anything about vampire life. And, as you know, she never will. And that's basically it. I mean, it was interesting, but good for an online short than an actual book.

It wasn't worth my time. I got a massive headache when I'd finished. I'm sick of all the blood. I mean, atleast the vampires in there are not totally perfect in every way, and they can grow older and be killed. Okay, okay, you guys can stop telling me what the book cover of Twilight signifies, as you might've noticed I've received a billion comments chastizing my ignorance.

View all 24 comments. Jun 11, Kat Kennedy rated it it was ok Shelves: We went traveling through the upper end of North Queensland once as a family. We came to one of those strange, small-town, out-of-the-way places for a quick bird study tour with my scientist uncle. The place's claim to fame was that it also housed a giant mango. You heard me right. A giant, massive replica of a mango. Within the giant mango was an ice cream shop. Nobody could explain to us why there was a giant mango or why the giant mango has somehow spawned an icecream parlor from its bowe We went traveling through the upper end of North Queensland once as a family.

Reading Bree Tanner was a little like that. It was something that didn't make sense, from a series that was much bigger than it should have been and in the end, nobody could properly explain its existence to me. I asked my Twilight friends why it had been published and their nonchalant, disinterested shrug was almost identical to those crazy North Queenslanders with their giant mango. Glad I didn't pay money for it.

Couldn't be bothered finishing it and at least the freakishly large mango gave me ice cream. This just gave me a headache. View all 12 comments. Jun 11, Meredith Holley rated it it was ok Shelves: I know, I know.

This book had police caution tape all around it warning me not to read. I heard someone say the other day that the purpose of art is to make people feel. I know, doi , but I had never looked that one in the face before. Meyer spends most of her time, in all of her books, trying to cushion the reader from really feelin I know, I know.

Meyer spends most of her time, in all of her books, trying to cushion the reader from really feeling anything. It makes sense that she does this, since her writing started from what sounds to me like a sort of limited self-counseling exercise.

And, I think this is why her other books worked so spectacularly for me when they did — I already had so many feelings going on about so many different things that I was looking for comfort, not art. Her books are a fake, plastic world with fake, simple people. Her plots are driven by basic motivations and superpowers. I love it. Here, though, it worked out pretty unfortunately.

You could feel that Meyer was writing it because her teacher assigned it to her and the due date had passed. In her introduction, she goes to great lengths to warn the reader that she might be forced to feel something at the end of the book; there was just no way for Meyer to get around it.

This is another example of Meyer being unable to handle any of her characters winding up unhappy. But in this case, I needed her to suck it up. Meyer points out in the introduction, you already know about the timely or untimely, if you consider how long and drawn out it is end of Bree. Basically, the story breaks down into three parts: Act 1: The Cheeseburger of Pain.

This is where Meyer is at her best. This is what I love in Meyer. It is everything shallow in culture, and so it is absolutely beautiful. It is its own caricature. Act 2: The Metaphor of the Cave.

This is where Meyer is on shaky ground - in consciously or unconsciously referencing other canonical works of writing.

The title of the book, for example, is a major problem. Why would you rip off the title of one of the greatest short stories of the English language for a high school vampire romance?

List Chapter or Page:

That is a problem. The title hurts my feelings a little bit. So, the premise of the story is that there are all these baby campires that an eeeevil campire is turning into a campire army. BUT, the evil campire told the babes that they will dust if they go into the light. It fell a little flat. Act 3: Finding Forrester. There are, as I may have already ranted to you, so many reasons to be embarrassed for Gus Van Sant.

Not the least of these reasons is the movie Finding Forrester. That is so not okay. I actually think Van Sant has a lot of decent movie-making skills, but these choices he makes are so embarrassing to me.

It would have made so much sense to end this book after the cave metaphor. That movie pretty neatly combines what this book has to say with what Eclipse has to say and is totally watchable, imho. It even has some great John Hughes moments, and I felt like it was laughing with me, not crying while I was laughing at it.

(ebook) The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner

If you can manage it, go when there are about year-old girls in the theater, too. The swooning is a really important part of the Twilight experience. All future comments will be equally loved and appreciated. View all comments. Mar 30, Buggy rated it really liked it Shelves: Opening Line: Well as it turns out the answer is Yes.

At pages this novella manages to also give up some new revelations regarding Jane and the "dark cloaks" Volturi -j Opening Line: At pages this novella manages to also give up some new revelations regarding Jane and the "dark cloaks" Volturi -jeez, that Jane is evil! There was more violence here then I would have expected from Meyer, as the newborns pillage Seattle and dispose of their drained food sources.

Because we all know the outcome there is a building level of suspense throughout the story. Bree Tanner can barely remember a life before the relentless burning thirst took over. Now as a newborn Vampire this 15 year old runaway lives a precarious existence, trying not to draw attention to herself while her and her fellow newborns fight amongst themselves, killing each other as often as their prey. Her only other constants would be Riley, who as their leader the army follows submissively and without question and a horrifying creator known only as "her".

But when everything you know about yourself as a vampire is based on a lie how do you find out the truth, who do you trust and how do you get yourself free? With such an insignificant character like Bree getting her story told I realized that the novella possibilities here are endless. Now if we could only convince Stephanie Meyer to finally finish Midnight Sun. I closed my eyes. View all 34 comments.

Mar 30, Shawna rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Twilight fans. But I think I speak for a large majority of Twilight fans that what we really want is for Ms. Meyer to move past her hurt feelings and wounded pride and just finish Midnight Sun , darnit! Seriously, the Meyer the Martyr routine is getting a little old and continuing to punish and deprive her loyal fans of what we want most just makes her seem a bit immature and petty, IMO.

View all 26 comments. Jun 07, chucklesthescot rated it did not like it Shelves: This was without doubt a cheap ploy to fleece money out of Twilight fans by throwing together some utter drivel about characters you don't give a rats ass about.

The only interesting character was Fred, and the rest were a waste of space. Bree is nothing like the way newborns are talked about in the Twilight Saga magically of course she is more restrained than they are The so-called love story never even starts and the end scenes where Bree faces the Cullens is piss poor, badly written and a total anti-climax. The so-called 'shock' in the book was so obvious that I was just shaking my head!

Now I loved the Twilight books but this was pure rubbish and I certainly won't buy similar novellas in the shops again.

I feel totally cheated and ripped off with this twaddle. Now I'm off over to readitswapit. View all 14 comments. Jun 12, Annalisa rated it it was ok Shelves: Okay, I'm no longer curious. I'm bored out of my mind. I can't force myself to finish this novella before the movie. New SM promise: I will not watch either Breaking Dawn movie. Um, in the movie theater.

Unless someone makes me. And I promise to put up a fight. At least in my head. And by making, I mean asking. I mean, it's got to be so bad it's good, right? I am so morbidly curious about that one. View all 13 comments. Bree Tanner had a minor role in the Eclipse book from the Twilight Saga.

This book was an interesting curiosity in the Tw Bree Tanner had a minor role in the Eclipse book from the Twilight Saga. This book was an interesting curiosity in the Twilight Saga, and it was nice seeing part of the story told from another perspective. This is a really fantastic novella! This was the first time I read the book and it definitely offered a really wonderful and interesting perspective that I absolutely loved.

It was really well-crafted and absolutely sad which was expected considering we know how the story must end. Fantastic addition to the series that I honestly think is better than both Twilight and Eclipse.

View 1 comment. Jan 27, Mariah Roze rated it really liked it. I read the Twilight series back in High School, even before I knew the movies were coming out.

I really liked the series but by the time this book came out I didn't want to go back and read another Twilight book, but for some reason now I wanted to. I am so glad I saved this book for many years later. I never re-read books unless I have to, so this was a great feeling of reading a Twilight book, but not re-reading anything I had previously read. I forgot how amazing Stephenie Meyer is at writing I read the Twilight series back in High School, even before I knew the movies were coming out.

I forgot how amazing Stephenie Meyer is at writing. She really draws great pictures in your head of what is going on, and she makes you feel exactly what her characters are feeling. I really need to read another book by her! I haven't read anything by her but the Twilight series. I suggest this book to anyone that has read the Twilight series: Puede que a grandes rasgos esta novela no aporte nada a la saga.

Short Second was like a so-so fanfiction that let allowed readers to jump back into a generic form of Twilight. Is Diego Mexican? Does he speak Spanish?

(ebook) The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner

How do you Short Second was like a so-so fanfiction that let allowed readers to jump back into a generic form of Twilight. Why was Diego so different from the other vampires and wholeheartedly trusting of Bree? And why did he even survive as long as he did with this way of thinking? And Bree, was she really that lonely?

But I know what freaky Fred looks like! Stringy blonde hair down to his shoulders and really tall. Did Edward dye his hair? My fuzzy memory believes he had golden brown hair, not red. As for all the revelations I was expecting to become common knowledge, zilch. Even I, a person who is capable of overlooking grammar and spelling mistakes, sighed at the many I found with every flip of the page…. There you have it. And from a fan, too.

Tsk, tsk. View all 7 comments. Sep 07, Richie Chagas rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 18, Penny rated it it was ok Shelves: Wasn't bad. Actually this was a good nod back to the days before this series picked up its awful stigma that it has now. I like to pretend the fourth book and the movies didn't happen--these books weren't so obnoxious back then. The benefit of this book is you see how Riley and Victoria were controlling the newborn vampires--gets all the technical stuff out of the way and ties it all together nicely.

Not bad. View all 4 comments.

twilight - bree tanner

Mar 31, Emma Louise marked it as to-read. I'm being cynical, and I'm also a little angry, and I can't comment because I haven't read it Twilight is over.

You can't keep pushing it for all it's worth anymore. You have to accept that eventually all good things come to an end and it's best to end this before you completely ruin it although you did a pretty good job of ruining the whole series with Breaking Dawn. There comes a time when it's quite sad that you have to start I'm being cynical, and I'm also a little angry, and I can't comment because I haven't read it There comes a time when it's quite sad that you have to start writing fanfiction for your own novel.

I'll read it but I doubt I'll be happy with it. Having said that, I wish that Stephenie would start on a new project. I would like to see something else from her that's not Twilight or The Host.

View all 35 comments. Not really the novella we wanted but the novella we got. This takes place during Eclipse when Victoria and Riley build a newborn Vampire army. We read from the point of view of Bree Tanner, a girl who got transformed into a Vampire against her will and is forced to fight against the Cullens.

This definitely isn't a novella that you have to read, to understand the story.

You don't miss anything skipping it. It's just a little extra insight on what happened on the other side while Bella and Edward tr Not really the novella we wanted but the novella we got.

It's just a little extra insight on what happened on the other side while Bella and Edward tried to figure out who behind on all those killings was. It certainly kept me engaged and was a quick read.

I am most definitely a fan of the Twilight series and the books will always be special to me. Two, I wasn't sure I really wanted to read about the burning thirst and struggle of a newborn vampire.

I appreciated getting this viewpoint of events that were behind-the-scenes in Eclipse, and I note some of the things in this book were included in the movie. Not only that, I got to see through red eyes! One scene, in particular of a mass feeding was quite upsetting, reading it through my human eyes - for obvious reasons! And there is really nothing more I can say without going into spoilers.

I will say, though, that I felt sad at the end, even knowing what would happen. But I also felt okay with it.

I will remember you, Bree, and I really wish things could have been different for you. Your life was not insignificant. I know I sound nuts talking as if fictional characters are real! You know this: But at least you will know the whole story. And that no perspective is ever really trivial. I recommend this for fans of the series. Though that's not to say that you will necessarily have a similar experience to me.

After all, we all look through different eyes. I wish the book had been divided up into chapters. Aug 10, Gerasimos rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't care what your thoughts about Twilight are.

It will always have a special place in my heart because of all the memories connected to it. If you are a fan of twilight then this book is enjoyable and an interesting way to get some more backstory on the events of eclipse.

I love being in Bree's mind and seeing things from her POV as a sort of clueless vampire. Oct 25, Jenny Baker rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, this was boring. Buy securely. Book of the Month. Authors Tim Winton Sarah J. Top Pick. For immediate download. Check your local Dymocks store for stock.

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