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Download NISM Study Material PDF and Workbooks like Mutual Fund, Equity nism mutual fund distributors study material, amfi exam study material. FREE DOWNLOAD PREPARATORY NOTES GUIDE NISM SERIES VA MUTUAL FUND DISTRIBUTOR EXAM (MFD). olhon.info offers Online Mock Test for NISM, Insurance & Banking Exams. Modelexam website provides ONLINE Mock Test for NISM, Insurance and IIBF exams. Can any body tell me about study material of AMFI mutual fund advisor module. Amfi Study Material Zip Download. × Financial Market study olhon.info

Amfi Study Material Pdf

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While the NISM Certification examination will be largely based on material in this . Appendix 2: AMFI's Code of Conduct for Intermediaries of Mutual Funds. needs to study the scheme properly, before presuming that an income will be. and study material for Stock Market Courses of NSE, NISM and CFP certification. RIFM train personals AMFI Certified for Mutual Funds. IRDA Certified for Life. Download NISM Work Book Guides free, Simplified Study material pdf format.

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Subject Category Recent Discussions. What is NCFM and all the information related to it? Investors in non-gilt debt schemes will keep an eye on credit quality of the portfolio and watch out for sector concentration in the portfolio, even if the securities have a high credit rating. Any cost is a drag on investors returns.

Examination structure

Investors need to be particularly careful about the cost structure of debt schemes. Leveraging is taking large positions with a small outlay of funds. Treasury Bills are short term debt instruments issued by the RBI. Certificates of Deposit are issued by Banks for 91 days to 1 year or Financial Institutions for 1 to 3 years.

Commercial Papers are short term securities upto 1 year issued by companies.

Governments and public sector companies tend to issue bonds, while private sector companies issue debentures. The difference between the yield on Gilt and the yield on a non-Government Debt security is called its yield spread.

A scheme should have a minimum of 20 investors at any point of time. However MF cannot invest Borrowed amount Amongst index schemes, tracking error is a basis to select the better scheme. Lower the tracking error, the better it is.

Similarly, Gold ETFs need to be selected based on how well they track gold prices. Mutual fund research agencies assign a rank to the performance of each scheme within a scheme category ranking.

Some of these analyses cluster the schemes within a category into groups, based on well-defined performance traits rating. Indeed, the costs associated with switching between schemes are likely to severely impact the investors returns.

The underlying returns in a scheme, arising out of its portfolio and cost economics, is what is available for investors in its various options viz. Dividend payout, dividend re-investment and growth options.

NISM STUDY MATERIAL (Simplified workbook notes)

Dividend payout option has the benefit of money flow to the investor; growth option has the benefit of letting the money grow in the fund on gross basis i. Dividend reinvestment option neither gives the cash flows nor allows the money to grow in the fund on gross basis. Taxation and liquidity needs are a factor in deciding between the options.

Financial assets have value, but cannot be touched, felt or used as part of their core value. Shares, debentures, fixed deposits, bank accounts and mutual fund schemes are all examples of financial assets that investors normally invest in. The difference in comfort is perhaps a reason why nearly half the wealth of Indians is locked in physical assets.

Wealth Tax is applicable on gold holding beyond the jewellery meant for personal use. Mutual fund schemes gold linked or otherwise and gold deposit schemes are exempted from Wealth Tax. Real estate in physical form has several disadvantages. Therefore, investors worldwide prefer financial assets as a form of real estate investment.

Bank deposits and mutual fund debt schemes have their respective merits and demerits. Interest earned in a bank deposit is taxable each year.

NISM STUDY MATERIAL (Simplified workbook notes)

However, if a unit holder allows the investment to grow in a mutual fund scheme, then no income tax is payable on year to year accretions. In the absence of the drag of annual taxation, the money can grow much faster in a mutual fund scheme.

The costs related to financial goals, in todays terms, need to be translated into the rupee requirement in future. An objective of financial planning is also to let the investor know in advance, if some financial goal is not likely to be fulfilled. The process of financial planning helps in understanding the investor better, and cementing the relationship with the investors family. This becomes the basis for a long term relationship between the investor and the financial planner. A goal-oriented financial plan is a financial plan for a specific goal.

An alternate approach is a comprehensive financial plan where all the financial goals of a person are taken together, and the investment strategies worked out on that basis. There are differences between investors with respect to the levels of risk they are comfortable with risk appetite. Risk profiling is an approach to understand the risk appetite of investors - an essential pre-requisite to advice investors on their investments.

Risk profilers have their limitations. Risk profile is influenced by personal information, family information and financial information. Spreading ones exposure across different asset classes equity, debt, gold, real estate etc.

Some international researches suggest that asset allocation and investment policy can better explain portfolio performance, as compared to being exposed to the right asset classes asset allocation is a more critical driver of portfolio profitability than selection of securities within an asset class stock selection and investment timing.

Strategic Asset Allocation is the ideal that comes out of the risk profile of the individual.

AMFI Study Material

Tactical Asset Allocation is the decision that comes out of calls on the likely behaviour of the market. The financial planner would have a model portfolio for every distinct client profile.

Young married single income family with two school going kids 1. Third-party cheques are not accepted.

Third-party cheques are accepted in special cases. SWIFT is used for abroad transfer and takes 2 or 3 days. Derivative Investments - Mutual Funds are barred from writing options they can buy options or purchasing instruments with embedded written options.

Risk appetite increases as the number of earning members increases 2. Risk appetite decreases as the number of dependent members increases 3. Risk appetite is higher when life expectancy is longer.It is generally agreed that longer term investment decisions are best taken through a fundamental analysis approach, while technical analysis comes in handy for shorter term speculative decisions, including intra-day trading.

An alternate approach is a comprehensive financial plan where all the financial goals of a person are taken together, and the investment strategies worked out on that basis. February nism series xa study material, nism investment adviser level 1 study material, nism investment adviser study material, nism investment advisor workbook download.

Investors would be incentivized to hold their units longer, by reducing the load as the unit holding period increased. Gilt funds invest in only treasury bills and government securities.