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Not only is Yuichi the most mysterious, sought-after guy at school, he's got an excellent shot at getting into any prestigious University and no one knows this. new PDF Only The Ring Finger Knows Volume 5: The Finger Never Sleeps (Yaoi Novel) Full Online, new PDF Only The Ring. I figured then I could upload a PDF or something since they don't plan I love Only the Ring Finger Knows:3 I have all volumes at home and.

One day Wataru accidentally switches rings with the very kind, handsome, popular senior, Yuichi Kazuki, because for some strange twist, their rings match. For reasons that Wataru doesn't understand, Yuichi becomes uncharacteristically mean to Wataru.

After this strange incident, Wataru and Kazuki happened to meet more often, starting an electric relationship around the matching rings. This meeting of two students that everything seems to oppose, will led to the birth of an unexpected secret that only the ring finger knows. Only the Ring Finger Knows first began as a series of novels, and was later adapted into a manga.

In conjunction with Digital Manga Publishing, five paperback novels are planned to be released based on the series:. The Japanese version of volume 5 was published on September 27, , which is the final volume.

The English version was released on August 29, The manga version written by Satoru Kannagi and illustrated by Hotaru Odagiri only contains one volume and was published by Tokuma Shoten in Japan. The manga is now licensed by Digital Manga Publishing. Only the Ring Finger Knows also has 4 volumes of Drama CDs to date, the first 3 based on the first part of each of the three novels, while the fourth drama is based on the second half of the third novel.

As of mid, the English-language edition of the manga was in its third printing, with sales of over 12, copies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Lonely Finger. Digital Manga Publishing. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

Only the Ring Finger Knows 1

The sound of steps from within the apartment came to his ears and overcame the thump of his irregular heartbeat. A chain was pulled out and the door opened. Curious azure eyes peeped through the crack and became larger after the occupant recognized Sasuke. Naruto opened the door wide for his asshole of a student council president, merely taking one look at him sweating and, without a word, allowed him to come into his loft, aware not only that he was topless but also that all his piercings and his tribal tatoo, unknown to many, were visible.

A tribal tattoo with edges that brushed the beginnings of golden pubic hair shamelessly uncovered by an opened belt and loosened jeans. Sasuke came in, his body seriously feverish and his mind spinning out of control due to both the new discovery about the blond's body and a sharp picture of what he could fantasize about later.

He glanced around at his surroundings as Naruto steered them into the living room. A laptop sat on the coffee table, its browser opened onto the site of the famous rock band whose music now resounded lightly through the room, thanks to the numerous slender speakers all over the place. A veritable library of movies was stacked near them, covers blaring both famous cinematographic names and anime ones.

Sasuke couldn't help but smile when he saw that Naruto had more anime than movies.

When he finished his observation he spun around and looked at the big bay window which was opened to the balcony where teak garden furniture innocently sat. The chairs were surrounded by perfectly cared for plants.

This time Sasuke chuckled silently as he imagined Naruto with his watering can. He returned to examine the room, discovering some manga poster of famous series, and a full library. At the door, near the luxury hi-fi system, he found the kitchen and a two more doors adjacent to a little hall which must both be the bathroom and Naruto's bedroom.

The most amazing aspect however, was the roof which was made almost entirely out of glass panels which let the sun penetrate the place and which certainly be amazing on nights where there were showers of shooting stars. If it's about me eventually getting kicked out from Sandaime, you'd better damn well tell me right now, so I don't end up wasting the rest of three years for nothing.

Sasuke turned back toward Naruto to find him sitting stiffly on a white leather sofa and froze a little…Kicking Naruto out? Why…why would I want to kick you out? I was at Haruno's place…" Naruto winced and leaning over to grab his water glass swallowed the liquid in large gulps. He wasn't a hundred percent sure that he wanted to know what had happened there. What does this have to do with me?

While they were at it they probably should find out what exactly the chemical was. He went swiftly over to Sasuke whose eyes widened when the azure gaze of the blond boy in front of him fell on his lips.

He took a step back Slowly, the blonds' right hand rose up and captured a pale chin between two fingers, pulled Sasuke towards him and, putting pressure on the chin, forced him to open his mouth.

The blond leaned forward to smell his breath. The scent of the tomato was there but it was too strong and was hiding the aphrodisiac. Sasuke couldn't feel his heart anymore and his breath was coming out in soft pants unto Naruto's tanned face hovering just in front of him. The two men were the same height but had different builds. Naruto was far more muscular than he was. It was like it happened in slow motion.

Sasuke's eyes widened when Naruto's pierced tongue touched Sasuke's lips and slid over the bottom one before slowly entering the oral cavity. The pierced lips were pressed tightly to his own smooth ones.

Gently, the tongue ran over Sasuke's gum, caressing his front teeth before meeting Sasuke's tongue in a light, gentle and quick touch. Naruto straightened while brushing his lips with his tongue, frowning in concentration.

He knew both the taste and the warm feeling from it. If you took it with fruit juice you wouldn't taste anything at all. You took a tomato one I need…how…can I get rid of it? Naruto stared at him. Did he dare? He sat again in the comfortable chair and regarded Sasuke with an amused smile…would the Uchiha accept it? The 'Neko' or 'Uke' if you prefer Yaoi terms. I'll kill Sakura. Will you Giving you a shovel so you can dig my own grave later? Do you think that I don't know that you're trying to get me out of school?

I'm not trying to Because I respect what you're doing…and it's why I flatly refused to let them expel you. When I want and where I want, you'll be mine…like a little bitch…my plaything…. After all…he was in front of the one he loved and he knew very well that under this severe and grumpy demeanour hid a lot of kindness. No matter what the vulgar sentence Naruto had just spat said. Then get naked, Sasuke.

The young man reopened his eyes and followed his orders while staring deeply into the blond's gaze. Taking off his jacket and his shirt, he revealed his pale, slightly muscled chest. In stark contrast with Naruto, Sasuke's skin was devoid of any piercings or tattoos and seemed to yearn for touch.

His thin hand went to his belt and he slowly slid it out and off all the while well aware of Naruto's neutral stare on him. He opened his pants to reveal black underwear, and slipped them both off unto the floor. The smooth feel of which caressed his feet when he took off his socks and stood barefoot. Sasuke stood up, perfectly aware of his erection already swelling with pleasure and the precum already spilling over due to the aphrodisiac ripping through his body.

They urged him to jump the gorgeous man in front of him; to throw him on the floor and to fulfil his need.

Standing between Naruto thighs, Sasuke stared at the blond and waited for his next order to follow. Had he been in his normal state of mind Sasuke would have been horrified with himself when he found his body shivering while listening to Naruto's voice.

His velvety voice which had became huskier and deeper as his clear eyes stained with a raw light that rendered the blue orbs nearly red in shade. He saw Naruto slip his tongue out to caress his lip piercing and, with a motion of his tan hand, directed Sasuke to kneel on the floor and look at him face to face before he himself stood up. Naruto stared at Sasuke who was kneeling at his tan feet and, aroused, slowly began to undo the buttons of his jeans.

He observed Sasuke's glowing dark eyes staring impatiently at the tribal tattoo which adorned his low abdomen. Continuing with his slow, bewitching rhythm, Naruto slid his pants down along the lines of slim hips.

Tthe 'V' shape of the defined pelvis drew Sasuke's eyes straight to the golden trail curling at the blond's crotch, surrounding something which Sasuke had always wanted to see.

It was in a deeply detached state that he saw Naruto totally remove his clothing as he had become completely bewitched by the blond's now visible sex. It was then that he saw the previously unknown ornaments which had set off Kakashi's detector. Sasuke bit his bottom lip as he shifted on his knees. Naruto's penis was erect and in front of him, and the dark haired man glanced at it lustfully, dearly hoping to touch it. Naruto sat on the sofa again. He turned his gaze towards Sasuke, raised his eyebrow, and allowed the paler male to touch him.

Sasuke complied with the blond's wishes somewhat abashed. It looked so He was afraid to hurt him. Naruto sat up and spread his thighs. He grabbed hold of his future 'toy's' hand which was tentatively touching his sex and began whispering into the small, pale ears, guiding the slender hand to physically show Sasuke what Naruto was verbally explaining.

The dark eyes were intensely aware of Naruto's guidance and made sure to allow the golden hand which surrounded his own to guide him. The blond's darker forefinger nudged his own. Slowly, sliding along the soft skin, Naruto drove Sasuke's hand between his thighs. Breathing was becoming more arduous; the sensation of being a 'professor' to the dark haired teen was becoming intoxicating.

It's…on the external part of my…prostate, really delicate and very…stimulating when you…caress it! Sasuke looked at him for long moments, devouring the beautiful blond with his dark stare as he slowly moved the little bar against the sensitive spot. He was aware that Naruto's panting breaths had begun during the manoeuvring of the tiny piercing. His onyx eyes rested on the blond's bottom lip which was ornamented with the black ring. His hand became a bit surer on the guiche piercing, moving it slowly on the hidden point.

His actions won a moan from the blond. His brought his hand back up to the seated boy's darkly toned sex; Naruto's virility was as tanned as the rest of him it seemed. He brushed his fingers over three silver bars on the underside of the hard penis, the bars pierced through the skin like a 'ladder', the highest rung of which was just under the desire inflated glans.

Sasuke felt drops of liquid slipping between his thumb and forefinger when he caressed the head of Naruto sex, and wrung groans from the taller teen with his touches. No one's seen them since Haku and there was only one of them then. Naruto's body coiled tight in a split second and he swore violently. His right hand plunged into raven hair, forcefully directing Sasuke's mouth over his erection. One of the kneeling boy's pale hands delicately held on to the base of the thick appendage. His other hand was caressing Naruto naked chest.

Obediently, he moved his mouth forward, caressing the thin skin with his lips, before opening his mouth and allowing Naruto's dripping sex to invade him.

He felt the blond gently caress his scalp as he moaned softly with pleasure beneath the pale boy. Naruto didn't hurry him nor just take his own pleasure but allowed Sasuke to do it at his own pace. The aphrodisiac was getting demanding however. The Uchiha was beginning to not be able to stand the desire. He was shivering more and more violently even as he tried to calm himself and focus on the act he was performing for his lover. A 'pop' near him made him start backward and off Naruto's wet erection and stare at the blond instead.

He found Naruto handing over to him a tube of water based lubricant. Sasuke raised his eyebrow at it. Slowly, the young, dark haired man leant back down to take the erect penis back into his mouth, shivering when his own forefinger dipped down and caressed the most intimate part of his body. Slowly, he pushed it in to the knuckle, moaning in pleasure as the blaze in his body flared. He was surprised- the usual pain of penetration was absent and his body stretched as easily as if he had already been prepared.

He glanced up to Naruto and found the blond smiling as he enjoyed the show. Avidly he licked and sucked Naruto's erected sex, drinking down all the moans the blond made. Naruto's hand tensed for a second in his hair when the fingers of Sasuke's free hand slipped down and came to caress the guiche piercing. The groan Naruto released assured Sasuke that he liked it. The young man situated on his knees pulled backward and licked his lips.

He pulled his fingers from his body and began to stand but stopped for a second, surprised, as Naruto handed him a condom. He looked up at him, questioning silently, and flushed a bit more because Naruto eyes were trained directly on him. You were only with Haku, right? I don't want to take any risks before we've both been tested. The young man placed the thin membrane unto Naruto's erected sex, pinched the top between his thumb and his right forefinger, and with his left hand, unrolled the rest along Naruto's thick cock.

Naruto's light moan made Sasuke smile smugly; completely proud of having provoked those sensations from the blond while he himself was still a virgin. He stood up and straddled the taller boy's golden hips, looking the blond straight in his eyes while bracing himself with one of his own hands on Naruto's muscled chest, slender fingers flitting over a pierced nipple.

Naruto slid slowly in him, holding him by his waist with only one hand, and guiding his sex with the other. Sasuke arched his back a little; the feel of such mass entering him was completely foreign to him. He shivered as he felt Naruto's frenulum penetrating him, the little sensations making him going wild with heavily shivers of pleasure.

So hot! Sasuke pulled himself up unto his knees, feeling Naruto covered sex sliding out before he lowered to take the thick length again into his overheated body. Naruto's hands grasped his slender hips, guiding his hypnotizing rhythm while their groans echoed through the room. Sasuke's pale hands caressed the tan skin before him almost frenetically, making Naruto moan with pleasure.

The blond sat up swiftly and, placing a hand on Sasuke's sweaty neck, leaned down towards him. His pierced tongue slipped out of his mouth and lapped teasingly at Sasuke's chin. The penetrated male was shorter and his height forced Naruto to lower his head a bit more to be able to kiss him.

Sasuke's mouth was already half-open due to his quick pants. Sasuke finally felt Naruto sealing their lips together; he finally experienced the taste he had longed for and shivered as he felt Naruto ball piercing massaging his tongue. Their groans were swallowed as their tongues twined; rolling over each other in a hot, cataclysmic kiss.

Only the Ring Finger Knows - Novel Series

Neither of them cared when thin trails of saliva slipped along their chins. Naruto's hand came back to rest on Sasuke's hips and caressed them before slipping down to grab his ass and thereby forcing both a tremble and a groan out of Sasuke.

The Uchiha started to writhe faster, raising himself up only to slam quickly down, aware of Naruto's strong grip on his body. What he had wished for, for such a very long time, was finally happening. With a swift, unforeseen move, Sasuke was shifted unto his back, his legs were spread widely by Naruto vigorous body and his arms lay near his head.

Sasuke's eyes opened wide in surprise and he stared at Naruto even as he arched his back and groaned. His head fell back as he enjoyed the hard thrusts that his body was receiving. It was with a shivering hand that Sasuke reached down and began to masturbate in rhythm counterpoint to Naruto's; a shivering hand which was immediately snatched away by Naruto and pinned above Sasuke's head.

The blond pressed into the body beneath him hard enough to both bend Sasuke in half on the sofa and to situate his ass squarely on top of Naruto's thighs.

His eyes were burning with pleasure and Naruto smiled wildly, his teeth clenched enough to make his expression almost barbarian. The fierce gleam made Sasuke shiver and release a moan which came out- embarrassingly- like a meow. To be called my little bitch? Don't look away…Nnnngh…I see it.

Yes, he liked that and was almost chastising himself for it; for finding the vulgar term sexy when Naruto said it in that husky voice he had. The blond's forehead came to press against his own as both their faces started to tense together. Without any stimulation to his cock Sasuke orgasmed hard and intensely and forced Naruto to follow him into bliss almost immediately; his cock pulsing inside the Uchiha as he released his cum into the condom.

Silence felt slowly, and Naruto lay down on top of Sasuke, kissing him gently before smiling into the kiss. He was well aware of the raven haired man's erection which had renewed almost instantly due to the aphrodisiac.

Pulling him cock out Naruto, groaning, took off the condom and threw it away into the nearest bin, suddenly impatient to do his fucking tests. He drew Sasuke over him and forced the brunet to follow as he led them into the hall where he pinned the brunet against a wall and ravaged his mouth. Sasuke was caressing all the skin he could reach as he followed Naruto into the bedroom.

Though he had already attained satisfaction once, he wanted it again. Without realizing it, they arrived at the bed where Naruto immediately laid down and pulled Sasuke unto him without stopping the kiss. The raven haired man slowly lowered himself down to Naruto's lower half and his spent sex and began licking it slowly; receiving, in turn, the light taste of the flavoured condom and the slightly bitter one of cum.

Naruto sat up and leaned against the headboard, his eyes drilling into Sasuke's dark ones as the pale youth swallowed his penis and began the wonderful fellatio anew.

He was stopped by the blond however as Naruto drew his body up and around, placing the Uchiha in a position with his ass towards the blond and his chest glued on the bed.

The young man flushed wildly as he tried to change his position and to cover himself up. He didn't mind making love with the blond but this exposure was His fists clutched unto the sheets while he tried to speak, to stop the blond as he felt the burning begin again in his body.

He could feel the rebirth of Naruto's erection under his body and tried to caress it, but, at every movement, Naruto's skilful tongue tortured him. Little by little, he tensed up, aware of the pressure which was so quickly growing inside him. He felt Naruto straddle him again, his sex already in a new condom.

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The blond's hot body glued itself to his while Naruto thrust the head of his penis into his wet hole, already stretched thanks to his previous fucking. His small thrust renewed Sasuke's erection and dragged a groan from his body as the new blood swelled his sensitive penis. Naruto bit Sasuke's neck, panting slightly and prepared himself to take his lover again when Sasuke moved quickly, rolling out from under him and off the bed and to stand shakily in the middle of the room.

Naruto stayed on all fours, his fierce eyes locked unto Sasuke like a wild animal that was about to pounce on his diner. The dark haired man stepped back to the wall began caressing himself slowly, his entire demeanour provocative and damnably tempting.

The blond's growling made Sasuke jolt softly and, before he could comprehend what happened, he had his face against the wall, his left arm trapped to his back in a painful arm lock and Naruto's erection burying into him without any warning forcing him to cry out in pleasure. He could feel Sasuke's body trembling against him while his strangled cries became louder and louder, warning his lover that he was about to come again. Naruto leaned over to Sasuke's ear and began whispering into it while tracing the line of the tender cartilage with his tongue.

Naruto had surrounded his pulsing cock with his fingers, restraining the pleasure and forcing Sasuke to control himself. Then, in a sudden movement Naruto harshly pulled his cock out of the warm body it was buried in. Sasuke staggered back and, turning, looked at the blond stalking away from him and towards the bay windows, appearing 'oblivious' to his excited lover behind him.

His leaned with his against the cool surface of the bay windows, his muscular body covered with sweat and tensed with desire.

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He spread his legs widely and began to caress his hole. Not once did his eyes leave Naruto's while he plunged his fingers inside himself, shivering at the heat, and moaned. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head from the exquisite pleasure but Sasuke forced his gaze to return to Naruto, begging silently, for the blond to come back to him. Then show me! Love me!

But then the demands of his own body washed over him and he laid himself down on top of a mewling Sasuke who gripped at him wildly; wrapping his legs around Naruto's waist and looping his arms around the tan neck.

In a fluid movement, Naruto buried himself in his lover, shivering at the tight warmth which assaulted him, and began to stride towards their climaxes, straining against the body which was so pleasurably split in two. His hands slid down to Sasuke's firm ass. The young Uchiha was arching his hips towards him while their lips sealed together, both drinking in each other's pleasured moans and whimpers.

The orgasm overcame Naruto first, making him arch his body in towards Sasuke's thin one. Violent spasms announced the Uchiha's own blissful end as he cried out loudly against Naruto's neck.

Hot cum was running freely between their overheated bodies like a seal to some hedonistic pact they had made. Breathless, the young men stared at each other.

Naruto was still staying lying on top of his lover, his spent and softening sex still hilted inside Sasuke. In any event he still couldn't leave as Sasuke's face was still red with exertion and his arms were wound tight around Naruto's neck in a strong grip.

Eventually however the blond shifted, pulling his hips back from the intimate embrace of Sasuke's body. The movement made Sasuke wince, but in another instant the ramifications of their actions began to set in. Naruto swerved to one side, sitting up to take off the used condom, scrunching his nose in annoyance as he threw the latex into the bin. The dried sweat on his body made him shiver.

Behind him Sasuke shifted a bit before a fierce oath sprang from his lips and prompted Naruto to turn towards him. The blond raised an amused eyebrow as he watched Sasuke grit his teeth from the pain which had begun to settle into him as the endorphins died out.

The young man strode out of the room and Sasuke heard him walk into the relatively close kitchen. The noise of running water and the click of a cupboard advised him on Naruto acts there, and the awkward silence sprung up again as Naruto came back in the bedroom with a big water glass, a little towel, another one which appeared to be doused in hot water and what seemed to be a black container.

I had thought that you'd have thrown me out already. The little capsules were swallowed and Naruto ordered Sasuke to lie down on his belly so that the blond would be able to wipe his back. Sighing in pleasure, Sasuke snuggled his face into the pillow, grateful for the blond who simply let him rest and took care of him.

Long minutes passed as Naruto covered the pale body with the cold cream which Nagato had delivered that morning, not giving any explanation to his actions save a mumbled 'Yahiko'. Fatigue hit him Naruto suddenly. Sasuke's breath had been evened out for a while now, informing Naruto that the young man had fallen asleep due to the blond's massage.

Naruto sighed while gazing at the sweet face the Uchiha had in his sleep. For three years now had Naruto loved Sasuke in silence due to the coldness and bad blood between them. He had been so sure When he was younger, he has been 'checked up' on by his home tutor, the Ice Bastard Itachi Uchiha himself, who had spoken so often about his dear beloved little brother who was worshiped by everyone that, by the time Naruto had entered secondary school when he has thirteen, he already knew all about Sasuke and could visually recognize him thanks to the several photos that Itachi always had in his possession.

Some of the photos were It hadn't been that simple. From his arrival, the ring, given to him by Itachi with a smile that he Naruto would later term 'Machiavellian', had made a mess in school simply because it was the twin of Sasuke's. In a 'world' where two identical rings on the left ring finger could only be worn by a couple, two bachelors with the same ring was an 'impossible' thing.

The Lord of Hell made it possible though. Deciding to not give up, Naruto had never taken the Celtic ring that he loved- despite demands that he should do so by jealous fangirls- off. Naruto smirked as he shifted a heavy lock of hair from Sasuke face, making the Uchiha twitch his nose in his sleep.

The young man was completely worn out from their previous activities. He was surprised that Sasuke had kept his illegal job secret for so long, and that he had protected Naruto from the student council. These were acts which revealed what Sasuke didn't dare to say…maybe because he was afraid of being rejected. While his azure eyes ran over the perfectly smooth face Naruto remembered the moment when he had realized that he was under the Uchiha's spell.

The moment he had understood why Sasuke's presence, though sometimes annoying and stressful for him during secondary school, had made him a like rush of adrenalin. Why his heart pulsed so hard and why his palms became sweaty. Yahiko had diagnosed his symptoms with a 'You're in love, cousin' which had made him upset a little while, since, at the time; he had been in a relationship with Shion.

The young girl had understood immediately when he spoke to her about it. As he had been completely confused about his next move, Shion had used her departure from the country to break up with him, whispering to him in their last kiss that she wanted him to move on. So simple to say but so very difficult to do. This year he had been so surprised by Sasuke's proposition of helping him in his studies.

The idea had delighted him but he had had to refuse. He already had one devilish professor, and, knowing how Sasuke would force his nose to the grindstone, he hadn't wished for another.

So, he refused the Uchiha's proposition with a wide and delighted smile, trying to pass his 'I'm sorry' through his expression. It seemed to have worked as Sasuke had had a thin smirk in return. Naruto grinned widely when he heard the sweet murmur but got up to go into the living room and grab his phone.

He was sure that it wouldn't be long now before… The ring tone blared out, making him jolt a bit as the singer of LM. C sang 'Boys and girls, be ambitious…Boys and girls, keep it real'. He hastily answered and cut of the noise.

Putting his Samsung to his ear he sighed deeply when he heard a muffled amused laugh. Are you insane? You gave 'Amaterasu' to a person like Haruno?

What if he had been raped? What if he had gone to the other side of town? Anybody could have just grabbed him! Tell your parents that he won't be back tonight.

Already Naruto? You really are the Devil you know that? He can't move even if he took the antidote. Sasuke's whole body aches.Uncaring of the others' stares, all he focused on was Sasuke's gaze fixed on his tongue; the tongue that he slowly pulled back into his mouth while licking his lips and brushing the black ring in the middle of his plump, bottom lip.

I'm not trying to Naruto's light moan made Sasuke smile smugly; completely proud of having provoked those sensations from the blond while he himself was still a virgin. Namespaces Article Talk. While his azure eyes ran over the perfectly smooth face Naruto remembered the moment when he had realized that he was under the Uchiha's spell.

He glanced around at his surroundings as Naruto steered them into the living room.