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Learn SAP BASISinterview questions and answers for freshers and one, two, three, four years experienced to crack the job interview for top companies/MNC. SAP Basis Interview Questions, Answers, and [] Oracle RAC support in the SAP e. Sap Basis 3 Years Experience Interview Questions And Answers. questions, and finally, a very long list of transaction codes and tables that apply to the area of SAP Basis. Each interview question has a question and an answer.

Sap Basis Interview Questions Answers Pdf

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SAP BASIS INTERVIWE QUESTIONS - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. basis interview questions and answers. SAP basis acts as an operating system or a platform for SAP .. so total 20 marks ; Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) with only ONE valid answer. Some Basic SAP Basis Interview Questions and Answers. For Sure, this is not the only thing you need to get through the interview but it address some questions.

Three times of main Memory — at least 2GB 5. On which system you installed SAP? QAS Quallity 6. How many types of work processes? Central Instance have message server installed on it where as Dialog Instance do not have message server. How to see the work process status?

SM50 9. How many types of printer you have configured? Where printer port LPT is running on the system? Network and Desktop printers What is the transaction code for creating Roles and how to users and what is method you will follow?

PFCG , then we generate the profile after that assign roles to users Have u applied patches what is the transaction code? ATT Do you see Sao Notes before applying patches if so what are the two steps in SAP notes that we have to follow the before the applying patches?

SAP BASIS Interview Questions

Yours G. On which system you have applied patches? DEV and QA Have you applied OSS Notes? No What is the difference between remote client copy and client export?

How mucn time it will take to copy a client of size Gb More than 17 hours Do you have faced any problems while connecting to OSS some time is not connected , some time it requires authentication What Is your landscape how many no of application server which production , with specifications Ram connected, some time it requires authentication What is the job of Application Server It takes the request from the user and if the request requires data than it connects to database server and gives output.

What is difference- Central Instance and Application Server Dialog Server Central Instance has a message server and work processes Application server has no message server, having work processes.

What are the Daily Activates Yours G. What will you observe in ST06? What is ST03? What will observe in ST03? What is table buffer and single record buffer? What will observe with respect to buffer? Question 1. C11a install central and database instance. Memory 2. Number of parallel process 3. Instance number 4.

SID 5. Central Transport host 6. Data base name 7. Sap data.. Up1 to Data six locations. Question 2. Question 3. Sapdata1, Sapdata2 ,Sapdata3 , up to Sapdata6.

Question 4. Three times of main Memory — at least 2GB. Question 5. An L access method refers to local printer. It is local to the SAP server, not the user.

An F access method refers to front end printer. This uses the users Windows printer. Question 6. There are 7 types: Question 7. Central Instance have message server installed on it where as Dialog Instance do not have message server.


Question 8. Question 9. Question PFCG , then we generate the profile after that assign roles to users. It takes the request from the user and if the request requires data than it connects to database server and gives output. What Are The Daily Activates? ST06 is OS Monitoring. What Will Observe In St03? Have You Configured Operation Modes?

Which One Is Advisable Why? We can change the profile parameter from OS level. Its not recommended. What Is Development Class? Group of requests under one logical name is development class. When ever we change in R3 repository it should be assigned to development calss and it internally assigned to transport layer.

Yes, If we find load on application server then we have to create logon group If the production department users are more than we have to create logon group for that department. Enque work process makes sure that database in consistent state. Use T-code SU53 , This will show which authorization is missing in his profile. What Are The Daily Transactions?

What Are Patches You Applied? There are 3 types of profiles in SAP. They are. To distributed the workload between application servers. Messages server is will assign the Application server automatically. Depend upon the load, according to module we have to configure logon groups. How To Analysis Abap Dumps? By seeing ABAP dump error we come to know that whether the error or developer technique.

If belongs to insufficient memory dump error display at which stage the transaction terminate and how much memory requires. So that we have to increase the memory Through Instance profile. If belongs to program error we have analysis the ABAP program through se If belongs to developer technique cancel the ABAP program. Then What's The Solution?

Download SAP Basis Interview Questions & Answers PDF:

If u have second application server than we have to configure the logon groups. Whenever we need the change the objects and need to transport we have to perform transports like user request , client transport etc..

How To Perform The Transport? How To Configure Tms?

SAP Basis Questions and Answers

Select all systems in a landscape and select for domain controller and type stms and give domain name and go to remaing systems and configure the same and come to dc and select configure and distribute option. Create transport route and paths. Transport In The Same Server. How Can This Be Accomplished? Open a maintenance window, connect to the machine and kill the ISP connection and see if this kills your connection.

Repeat at will until they believe that the ISP was the problem.

What Is An Ok Code? An OK Code is used by a program to execute a function for example after a pushbutton has been clicked. You can define a new t-code using transaction se Login to your Transport Domain Controller.

Choose the System you want to disable import all. Go to Transport Tool tab. Web help is easier than trying to get every remote user connected to a network share. If you don't want to use SAP's help site, you can setup your own website to do it.

Some times these are the same, For example, if you are performing a copy to an existing client for the express purpose of updating the data, then it is called Client Refresh.

Another way of thinking about this is that a client copy from production to a QA server or from production to DEV server is really a client refresh. Table T contains a list of defined clients, which you can maintain with transaction SCC4. EK Object keys contained within transports. TP controls the process and calls several tools, like r3trans but also e.

During the installation you will be asked for a key, which can only be generated by the solution manager. How Would You Fix This? Finally, type transport number and import as you would normally transport.

The problem is in the support package.

Assuming your release is 4. Where Can I Do This? You can configure work processes through parameters in RZ Or you can configure operation modes for that through RZ Schedule it as a daily background job in order to minimize impact on your system.

I Installed The Kernel Patch 6. I Keep Receiving Error Messages. First go into SE38 in both client and your working client.

Then, check if any "TP" programs are running. There is no standard report. It is safe to run this program while users are working since this only deletes jobs that were completed or aborted, not active jobs.

We Are Currently Running 4. What Could Be The Issue? Ensure that the Oracle client is properly installed on each of the application servers. Also, make certain that you are using the latest versions of all of the kernel, associated files R3trans, tp, startdb, stopdb, etc.

Start with the alert log.Some of the completive softwares include Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics etc. Job Recommendation Latest. In consolidation route - objects can be changed and they can transport from one system to other. To start with a number that I choose, in what way shall I change the transport request number?

Can This Be Configured? What is the use of commit value while deleting jobs in SAP system?

TMS is one of the key component in SAP system and used to control the new requests, to monitor the changes- who has implemented the changes, defining and configuring system landscape in SAP environment. What is the use of transport logs in TMS system? How should this problem be solved? Sandbox server When a project is implemented, at the initial stages a sandbox server is used where all the customization, configuration is performed.