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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 [ film] by Sanaa Hamri, film 2. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Books ) by Ann Brashares, omnibus edition . Traveling Pants Our pants weren't like the neurotic puppy whose parents left it alone .. Bridget and. Carmen were always the ones who staged friendship. 2 0 . The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants has 11 entries in the series. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Series). Book 2. Ann Brashares Author ().

Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2 Pdf

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The sequel to the female buddy film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants consti- tutes an adaptation of Ann Brashares' novel Forever in. Read, review and discuss the entire The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 movie script by Elizabeth Chandler on olhon.info olhon.info: The Second Summer of the Sisterhood (Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, Book 2) (): Ann Brashares: Books.

God, whatever. Just talk to him, don't talk to him, I don't care. Yeah, coming! Hey, Mom, can we pick up Ashley on the way? Why didn't you tell me she'd been writing all these years? Where did you get these? Where you hid them. Your mother and I weren't on speaking terms with Greta.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 movie trailer

What, to make me think my own grandmother didn't love me? You had no right to do that to me! I had a right, Bridget. I'm your father. It's my job to protect you.

Protect me? From what? I can take care of myself, Dad. In case you hadn't noticed, I've been doing it for years. Julia, Julia, Julia, darling.

How nice to have you back with us this season. Of course. But she sends her love. Tell her love should not be sent.

Carmen, this is Bill Kerr, our brilliant director. KERR: Uh-uh-uh-uh. My actors are brilliant, I merely facilitate. Well, I shall try not to hold that against you. KERR: Charming. God, I love this place. As you may have heard, this season on the main stage And, as is tradition Is he drunk? Auditions begin tomorrow at By my troth, an hour I know not well. Oh, God, I could vomit, I'm so nervous. Are you kidding? You're gonna be fine. I'll run lines with you.

Hello and welcome. I am Professor Nasrin Mehani, director of the university program. Let me show you where you will be working. Shall we? I'm guessing you're a virgin. Pardon me? To figure drawing, I mean. You look a little nervous. Oh, God, no. I've never officially taken a class before It's a model, right?

It's not like I know the woman. Talk that much when you're not nervous? Actually, I don't normally talk this much, like, ever. Good morning, everyone. Please grab an easel and let's get started. We're ready whenever you are. Have fun. Relax your strokes, Lena. Find the areas of tension within the pose, and then Thanks, Leo. He's a nude model, Lena, not a porn star. Hey, Tibby? The return box is so jammed, nothing'll fit through the slot, do you mind?

Yes, I absolutely mind. It's inconsiderate of the customers I'm gonna call you back. MAN: Tibby! I'm with a customer! Happy anniversary. It's 10 months today. And I thought You have a good memory. I'm a romantic guy. And I have a calendar on my cell phone.

I told them the creators of "Dragon's Lair" That I had to see my favorite person in the world. Oh, and you too. Well, your favorite person in the whole wide world is clearly incompetent. You have to How's everything so simple for you?

Everything's simple. I mean, you don't play games Would you like me to give you a simple answer? Go on. I love you. So you just use the L word and I'm supposed to Get a little emotional? That'd be nice. I'm not gonna fight you here. I know you really want me to, but I can't.

I just want you to know that even though I am a feminist I still do enjoy a nice box of chocolates. And I don't hate all poetry. You okay in there? What's wrong? I think, um I think we had a malfunction. It's not a computer. It broke. I don't understand. Those things last forever in landfills. Look, I mean, I was a little preoccupied, you know.

My uncle gave it to me for graduation, you know. I was saving it. For two years? What was I, just like the first girl to say yes? Of course not. I wasn't the first girl? No, I mean, of course you are. Iook, I understand that you're worried. I'm not worried. I just have to work on my script, you know, because it's due soon. It's okay. You sure? MAN: It's gotta come down at least six inches.

It's gotta clear it. Can we hold the work, please? And the rest is silence. Ian, it's your time. What you do still betters what is done.

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When you speak, sweet, I would have you do it ever. KERR: Ian? Are you okay? I'm sorry. I don't know what happened.

As long as it wasn't a comment on my acting. No, I wasn't even watching you. KERR: Where the hell is the technical director? KERR: Go around. Go around. MAN: I think it's a jaw.

Should've brushed more. Hey, guys. Good day in the dirt? Great, I almost have Hector all the way out. Very heroic name. What makes you think it's a he?

The size of the skull. We found a female skull last week. And what did you name her? I've been searching for the last few bits of her because her skeleton's almost complete.

It really doesn't get to you, does it? No, why would it? I mean, these people are way long gone. And what is "way long"? How do you calculate the moment when a person's death becomes scientific I guess when the last person they knew died.

Then you, my friend, have a thing or two to learn from the Greeks. Come on! Bridget, come on! No, you're not tired!

Look, I really just I just want to talk to you. Can you call me, please? What rock are you hiding under? Haven't heard from you in a while.

Call me back.

It's Brian. Not exactly the lively type, but he's got the wisdom of the ages.

LEO: Aren't you a little early? Pretty sure class doesn't start for like 12 hours or so. I just thought I'd come by and get in some extra studio time. What are you doing here?

Is this yours? In exchange for the modeling, they let me use the studio at night. I like it. I really wish I were brave enough to try something like that.

I'm sure you have your own style. I'm Leo, by the way. We didn't formally meet. I mean, I was at the, I saw I'm Lena. Interesting jeans, Lena. Oh, yeah. It's a long story. I like long stories.

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Who knows? Maybe you could tell me one over dinner sometime. I like dinner. IAN: Are you stalking me? Oh, God, it's you. Shouldn't that be my line? Oh, no, mine would be, "Oh, bollocks, it's her. And here I was thinking, "He does a really good accent. May I? So did I screw up your audition? I didn't get the part. It was more of a formality.

I played Mercutio in Bill's Romeo and Juliet last year. That's very impressive. Did you make a good death? Just your basic poisoning, child abandonment, obsessive jealousy. Yeah, a more sensitive side of Shakespeare. Have you thought about auditioning? I'm pretty sure I'm right where I belong. According to? Um, okay, bye. Sorry, I don't even know your name. That's definitely not a backstage name. MAN: Goal! I'll get it. Jesus, Bee, what the hell were you thinking?

We have rules for a reason, young lady.

Okay, okay, sorry. Won't happen again. So any idea what the room was used for? It is where the women spent most of their time: Weaving, entertaining visitors It is likely where your friend Cleo raised hers. Cleo had children? You can tell that? You can tell a lot from a skeleton. We know that she stood at just over 5 feet The shape of the pelvic bones rules out childbirth as the cause I just never imagined her that young.

My mother died at the same age, four years ago. I can imagine how difficult that must have been. So are we done here? All set. Stay out of trouble. Will't please you, sir, be gone? I told you what would come of this. This dream of mine. Being now awake I shall queen it no inch farther Excellent, Julia. KERR: Excellent. Trippingly on the tongue. All right, thank you, everyone. What do you want? IAN: Do you have time for one more? IAN: You won't be disappointed. KERR: Yes, fine.

Shock me, thrill me. Come on. What have you got to lose? This is Carmen. Wow, those lights are bright. I'm Carmen Lowell. You don't have to write that down.

I'm not here to act, I'm just doing some backstage work. I'm not an actor. Not that I don't love the play. I love the play.

KERR: What do you love about it? Well, I guess mostly the character of Perdita I guess. KERR: Why don't you give it a shot?

Page Ian, would you be a love and read Florizel with her? Begin with "No shepherdess. I hate you. No shepherdess, but Flora Sir, my gracious lord I should blush to see you so attired Thank you, Carmen. Give me it! I said no. No, no, no, period! Morning, sunshine. A guy named Brian called for you twice. Could you check the return date on these for me? I think I might be a little late. What'd you just say? I said I think I'm late.

Is that supposed to be funny? Sorry I'm late. Okay, I'm just going to waive the late fee for these. What do your folks think about art school? I think they probably wish I was still going just on Saturdays after school, but They just want what's best for me. What's that, two-car garage, house in the suburbs? Yeah, I mean, they've worked so hard for what they have It doesn't make you ungrateful. Just for wanting to find out for yourself.

Wow, everything looks so beautiful. You cook with so many colors. Only another artist would even notice that. Can I taste something? Okay, let's try this. Looks good. No, no recipe. It's like painting inside the lines, you know? The downside is you never know how it'll turn out Okay, so how can I help?

Yeah, try the saffron. Just try not to knock anything over tonight. All right? LENA: Yeah, yeah. Excuse me, excuse me. Beckwith, Beckwith, Beckwith. Well, at least I have a line, right? That's good. I was actually talking to Carmen.

No, no, no. No, no, that's not right. No, this has to be a mistake. Did you audition? Actually, yes. I did, but it wasn't for real. I was just standing there.

I was watching you and It's gotta be a mistake. I'll be happy to help you in any way that I can. This is a big deal. Come on, let's go celebrate. I promise. You okay? I'm fine. Because you haven't answered your phone or returned my phone calls.

I know. I've just been busy with the script, you know. I'm worried too, Tib. But until we know if this is real I don't mean that. Yes, I could get a job, I could come to New York. We have options. What about my options? What if I wanted to take it all back Where's my option? What are you saying? I think I'm just a little weird and What does that mean, like, what, do you need space?

I hate when people say that. Yeah, because they usually mean something else. Like, I don't know, you want to break up with me? I can't finish that sentence. Well, then why don't you call me when you can?

Oh, I know, but David felt that we should move sooner. Mom, guess what. I got cast in a play. Nena, that's wonderful! Well, they're kind of busy. I have to go. I'm gonna be late for rehearsal. Can I call you back? Dear Carmabelle, these might have had a miracle left in them after all. I'll e-mail you! Love, Lena. You ready? The read-through starts in 10 minutes. Hey, Margaret. Where would you like us? We changed the call to principals only. We just need Carmen. The rest of you can have the day off.

Wow, well, good luck. Oh, I'm sorry, did I forget to say thank you? How do you feel? Like a fake. You had them at, "Um, hi. Nigel, this is Carmen Lowell.

She's playing Perdita. It's nice to meet you. I'm a big fan. Huge, actually. Yes, our young apprentice on the main stage. Was that a compliment? With Nigel, you'll never know. KERR: Margaret. The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare. Act one, scene one. How is it going in the new room?

Well, apparently these women never vacuumed. Have they found any more graves near Cleo's? Not yet. I was thinking, maybe I should transfer there, just in case they need more help. These people, they painted their pots, made their sanctuaries It is what I love most about them Yeah, but Like you, I have lost family To a bloody war. I'm just fascinated by what is left.

What endures. Nothing happened. Give me a miracle. And feel the miracle. Pants, please give me a miracle. And stretch the miracle back. What's going on? You haven't answered any of my e-mails. I'm getting in the car right now. Hang on. Can I bring you anything? Pregnancy test? Lift up your countenance, as it were the day of celebration Oh, Lady Fortune, stand you auspicious!

God, why don't people talk like this anymore? We've gotten so lazy. We don't say, "Oh, Lady Fortune, stand you auspicious. It's just, it sounds so good and it feels so good to say. It's rich and luscious and See how she lays her cheek upon her hand? Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek. See what I mean? Give me those flowers there, Dorcas. Here's flowers for you. Hot lavender, mint, savory.

I would I had some flowers of the spring that might become your time of day What, like a corpse? Like a bank for love, to lie and play on Um, sorry, Bill. I forgot my line. Take a break. We'll pick it up where we left off. Do not go to drama school. It'll ruin you. Well, thank you, Nigel. I'm enjoying your work too. Did anybody see that? You told him you weren't pregnant in an e-mail? If I had called him or told him in person Well, why not?

I mean, if you're not pregnant, then what's the problem? I suck at relationships.

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Should've been a guy. No, a guy wouldn't worry about sucking at relationships. Every time I try to get close to somebody Tibby's about to be happy. Better get her. Well, maybe you're just scared. Yeah, maybe.

Hey, I should really get back. And leave me in the middle of my life? I'll have another breakdown if you stay. But I have an early class.

I'll walk you back. Hi, hon. The summer breeze blows the sweet perfume from our garden into my kitchen How you love flowers! I'm sorry I can't visit you now.

But you should know I always love you. Dear Honey Bee: Sometimes I want to help your mom I hope that she will get well and let us visit again real soon. Love always, Grandma. You said archaeology is more than finding bones. And you were right. People do have a power over us, even after they're gone. When my mother took her own life, I tried to forget the past. I ran away from the pain because Well, I guess I was afraid.

But the past is always with us, and it's time I stop running. Thank you for the lesson. Alas, Florizel, I know not 'tween the turkey club sandwich What say you?

Well, I come not to bury Caesar, but to have a caesar salad. Only child? Brothers and sisters? Only child. Oh, no. Well, not for long. My mom is gonna have a baby.

The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2

It's kind of a long story. Or not that long of a story. Am I interrupting? Can we take this chair? Sit down. Do you know Julia? Yeah, we've met once or twice. Ian's family are in the theater, just like mine. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, it's in London. I'm hoping to catch the show when I go to New York. We should get a whole group of people together and surprise him.

Sounds fun. You know, we really should order. We've got a rehearsal to get back to. Caesar salad, please. Excuse me, sir? Um, I'm really sorry. I should have called first, but I'm I think I know my own granddaughter. You're not running away from home, are you? No, actually, I'm coming home, from Turkey. That's an interesting sense of direction. So you fix your own car? Cars are easy. It's people you need a manual for. Come on in. You must be exhausted. You don't even know. Wow, you look great.

You think? So, what's the occasion? Um, Ian asked me to dinner. I mean, I can be so dense sometimes. I didn't even know that he liked me that way.

But, then again, I can be pretty dense too so I just thought he might have said something to you You know men. So you're going, then? You're going on a date? I mean, he's gorgeous, and he's really nice, and For an actor, anyway. I just thought, why not give it a chance? We have so much in common anyway, and it might really work. I know you need sleep before rehearsal tomorrow. I'll be really quiet when I come home, but don't wait up. Well, have a good night. Thanks, Greta. I'm sorry, I don't know which I haven't heard from you in Look, my dad, he hid your letters from me.

I just found them this summer. Bridget Blake Lively visits her grandmother Greta Blythe Danner in Alabama to ask about her mother's suicidal depression. Tibby Amber Tamblyn goes through a pregnancy scare with her boyfriend Brian, and alienates Carmen.

Carmen America Ferrara auditions for the role of Perdita in a Vermont acting workshop. Bridget discovers her father Ernie Lively had hidden letters from her grandmother Greta and she rejects his explanation that he wanted to protect her. In Turkey, she immerses herself in an archaeological dig under Professor Nasrin Mehani Shohreh Aghdashloo , who notices how glibly Bridget treats the past.

After reading her grandmother's letters, Bridget leaves the dig early to visit Greta in Alabama, where she learns that her mother, who committed suicide, denied having depression. Though Bridget's father had accepted this, Greta could not and cut ties with both of them. When she worries that she will become unhappy like her mother, Greta assures Bridget that she is stronger than her mother.

The conversation brings Bridget and Greta closer together, and allows Bridget to reconcile with her father. Lena has gone to mourn the death of Bapi in Greece, but discovers her old boyfriend Kostas is married and his wife is pregnant.

When Kostas comes to see her, revealing that marriage was annulled after his wife revealed she was never pregnant, Lena forgives him but refuses him because she does not believe they are the same people any more. However, after spending time with Leo, she realizes some people only fall in love once and she still cares for Kostas.

Tibby has been working at a video store in New York while retaking a NYU screenwriting class that requires her to finish her script. She's dating Brian Leonardo Nam and sleeps with him, but the condom breaks. Afraid that she might be pregnant, she withdraws from her friends, using her script as an excuse.

Lena brings Tibby a requested pregnancy test kit, but Tibby gets her period before she takes it.

Tibby drives to Vermont, hoping for Carmen's support. After arguing over who ignores the other more, Tibby leaves. She ends going to Brian's house and apologizes, confessing that she had been afraid dealing with change. Realizing that he loves Tibby, Brian breaks up with Effie. Julia is comfortable in the acting world and friends with the director, Bill Kyle MacLachlan , while Carmen is uncertain of where she belongs.

After accidentally dropping a curtain on classmate Ian Tom Wisdom during his audition for The Winter's Tale , they watch Julia audition for the lead in Perdita and Ian encourages Carmen to try.

Carmen talks about how she connects with Perdita, winning her the part, while Julia, though clearly jealous, promises to help Carmen. Initially uncertain about her acting abilities, Carmen grows more confident when her talent is recognized by the director and the other actors, including Ian, with whom she begins a flirtatious friendship.

Julia grows more jealous, and her competition for Ian upsets Carmen. Carmen believes Ian would prefer to be with Julia, so she declines his offers to practice and falters in rehearsals. Also, feeling her friends ignored her all year, she pushes Tibby away, but reconciles with her after her mother Christina Rachel Ticotin goes into labor. Carmen asks Tibby to help after she and her stepfather Paul Coughlan cannot get to the hospital in time.

Ian comforts Carmen, who is distressed over missing her mother's labor. Ian prefers Carmen to Julia, who pursues him.

Carmen overhears Julia tell director Bill to replace Carmen, but he does not. She performs spectacularly, regains confidence, and kisses Ian after the play.

While packing to leave, she finally tells Julia off.Yeah, things around here have been slow anyway. Although, Bridget does decide to go and visit her grandmother, who she has not seen or heard from in years. I should blush to see you so attired What have you got to lose? I know how much Bapi meant to you. How would he look to see his What do you want? Partially due to their separate adventures, and partially due to their increased independence and individuality, the girls primarily go through their journeys of discovery on their own.

Better than Farmville, anyway.