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Aag Ka Darya / آگ کا دریا book. Read 20 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The most important novel of twentieth-century Urdu ficti. River of Fire book. Read 41 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Never before available in English, River of Fire, originally publishe. olhon.info - Buy Aag Ka Dariya book online at best prices in india on olhon.info Read Aag Ka Dariya book reviews & author details and more at olhon.info

Aag Ka Dariya Book

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Aag Ka Darya is a novel written by Qurratulain Hyder in the context of an Indian subcontinent Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Book. Aag Ka Dariya. Author. Kurtul en Haider. Binding. Paperback. Publishing Date. Publisher. Kitab Mahal. Edition. 1. Number of Pages. Language. Aag Ka Darya By Qurat Ul Ain Hairderآگ کا دریاقرۃ العین حیدرfor more books visit olhon.info

Critics and readers unanimously agree that Aag ka Darya is the greatest Urdu novel ever written.

Aag Ka Darya By Qurat Ul Ain Hairder

The novel starts from yeas ago, in the time dariay Alexander the great and Darius third were fighting it out. And she argues for a culture that is inclusive: The third progenitor is an English who comes to India with the famous East India Company to make a fortune.

They are in search of their place in the new scheme of things. Not to mention the wealth of information it contains.

Aag Ka Darya / آگ کا دریا

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. While many people praise it for the scope of its motifs darija the profundity of its characterization, I failed too see how any of this aag true. Quratulain herself left Lucknow and migrated to Pakistan with her family. She wrote the best of her novels post Aag ka Darya during this time. After all, any ideology is perfect, absolute which unfortunately makes it very unachievable as well.

Is their an end to loneliness? Is a man destined to be lonely?

During the course of over years of incarnations, the philosophies of Buddhism, colonialism , Hinduism , Marxism , Islamism and Nationalism are frequently used in the contextualization of the plots.

If loneliness is a philosophy, then it is the major philosophy behind which all the other philosophies find their place. And thus we advance through the ages, the questions as persistent as ever, the characters being reborn and their thinking being redefined according to time and space, yet the questions persisting and piercing as well.

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We get to see a very realistic and unbiased discourse of the narratives cultivated in the minds of ordinary citizens regarding colonialism, independence and post colonialism. At times, Haider also offers insights from the mind of those who are oppressing people. That may be a minor theme as well, how the oppressed or how the people who were so ideologically against oppression tend to do the same things, being molded by the obvious question of surviving in a better way.

The story starts in s when on one hand the freedom movement is progressing and on the other hand communism is spreading rapidly.

A bunch of comrades are working for a red revolution which will soon turn into a dream gone sour. The novel is a social documentary. From Muslim havelis to the Hindu temples and Christian quarters and from Shantinikaten to Sunderban, it paints a beautiful picture of Bengal. The narrative is so rich that you can almost smell the rains, soil and flowers of that land.

Milestones of the story are political upheavals and the human tragedy which followed. The dawn of freedom which permanently partitioned Bengal, the East Pakistan years, the bloody civil war and finally Bangladesh, the characters live through these moments and sometimes succumb to them.

Aag ka Dariya (River of Fire)

This novel is like a jewel in Urdu's treasure. At some point in time she got fascinated by the interesting and colourful history of her illustrious family. She started researching and dug out her roots as far back as AD when her ancestors fled from Umayyad prosecution and took refuge in Tirmiz in modern day Uzbekistan.

Some four hundred years later, they left Tirmiz and finally arrived in India. Quratulain uncovered a wealth of information in form of old letters, photographs and literary references. Thus she set out a literary adventure and started writing a family saga and her own memoirs in the form of a novel, a technique not used before in Urdu. The first volume chronicles family history and memories till and the second volume covers the years between and While sharing her memories, she is always interested in looking beyond the obvious to find a deeper meaning in life.

With the curiosity of a child, she would detect links between two seemingly unrelated things and then find a universe of relation between them. Kaar-e-Jahan Daraz Hai is one of the most important books ever written in Urdu.

Not to mention the wealth of information it contains. Performing arts was one area in which Quratulain was always interested. She was fascinated by the lives, circumstances and hardships of performing artists. She has written many short stories and novelettes featuring nautch girls, singers, theatre artists and musicians.

However, Gardish-e-Rung-e-Chaman is her greatest work in the area. The story starts with the devastating mutiny of in which two orphaned and homeless girls from a respectable family find refuge with a woman of bad reputation and start a new life with her.

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The story moves on to explore the fascinating tradition of courtesans, beautiful women trained in finest dance and singing, well versed in poetry and unlike household women they could take part in intellectual discussions - in short all qualities an intelligent man looks in a female companion. Their admirers were wealthy tradesmen, hereditary nobles and even Nawabs and Rajas of princely states.

The story draws a heart breaking analogy of how times changed for the courtesans, blurring differences between reputable and disreputable. In the later part of the novel, theme of mysticism was introduced.


By this time Quratulain was herself inclined towards mysticism. Quratulain's last novel was Chandni Begum. It was published around This novel was her personal favourite among all her books.The third progenitor is an English who comes to India with the famous East India Company to make a fortune.

Download pdf. Quratulain Haider , in her characteristic aloofness, never responded to any criticism. However, such was the eloquence of this novel that the whole mental structure of Urdu got redefined for me, of what Urdu can be and can contain.

Not to mention the wealth of information it contains.