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The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. It is a styling Top 50 CSS & CSS3 Interview Questions & Answers for .. Download PDF. Layout, User Interface etc. Read latest CSS3 interview Questions and answers. and answers. Download CSS3 interview questions PDF. In CSS3, how would you select: Every element whose href attribute value begins with “https”. Every element whose href attribute value ends with “.pdf”.

Css3 Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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+ Css3 Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is wrapping in CSS3? Question2: What is the syntax of Opacity in CSS3? Question3: How do you. Find the best CSS3 interview questions and answers for freshers by experts guidance with free PDF download step by step tutorial only at tutorialmines now!. Answer these CSS interview questions like a pro with our back to basics refresher.

How do you target something inside or around another element? If you only want those that are immediately inside the. What are pseudo elements and what are they used for? Pseudo elements are used to style particular parts of an element, rather than the whole thing. What are pseudo classes and what are they used for?

Pseudo classes are similar to pseudo elements, but instead of styling a part of an element, they apply styles when an element is in a certain state. For example, you could style a button differently based on whether the user has their mouse pointer over it, or when they click the button. Another common use case is to style only certain occurrences of elements in a row. For example, styling the first tab in a series of tabs, or every second tab. They all start with a single colon and look like this:.

What are attributes and how are they used? You already know about classes, which means you already know about attributes, seeing as a class is just one of the many attributes that HTML tags can have. There are a few that apply to all tags, like class and id, but a lot of tags have their own ones. For example, input tags can have a type text, number, radio, etc and a tags can have href.

Can you describe the rules around specificity? What that means is which rules override others simply by being more specific. The following list displays the order of specificity , from low to high: Type selectors e.

CSS3 Interview Questions

Using it in too many places can backfire later on, where you end up trying to override those styles, which can be hard to do. Also, the more selectors you use, the higher it ranks in terms of specificity, e. Should you use! Ahh, no way of escaping this one. Think very carefully before you do so! It may seem harmless, but if you do this all over the place, you will soon find yourself in a big mess that you cannot get out of.

Nothing else can override it, apart from another! And so the cycle continues. How do margin, border and padding fit together in the box model? While the border is pretty self-explanatory, it can be somewhat confusing to see the difference between margin and padding.

The easiest way to understand is to look at a visual representation of it. Looking at the below image, the very centre rectangle is the size of your element. Immediately surrounding that is padding.

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Then comes the border, and only then comes the margin. This means that if your element has a background color, that color will also fill the padding. Margin adds empty space around your element. That means that the aforementioned background color will not fill the margin. Interested in web development? Enter your email address Fonts Something that has almost always come up for me is the way you size your text, mainly focused on the units you use. Defining your font sizes in em allows you to change the size of your text based on the size defined at a higher level.

For example, if a container has specified a font-size of 2em, and you specify a font-size of 2em on an element inside that container, that element has an effective font-size of 4em! However, this can be a little confusing as you might not always see the size you expect! It scales well in the browser, just like em and px, but it uses a base size.

From that, all further rem values are calculated. For example, if your base rem value is equal to 16px, then 1rem will always be equal to 16px, 2rem will always be equal to 32px, and so on. What are web safe fonts and fallback fonts? Not all operating systems and browsers have the same fonts installed.

Web safe fonts are fonts that are commonly pre-installed on many computer systems, such as Arial and Times New Roman. Ubuntu , you should choose a web safe fallback font to display e.

Arial , followed by a generic font family e. It reduces the number of http requests and hence the loading time. Compare RGB values with Hexadecimal color codes?

A color can be specified in two ways: A color is represented by 6 characters i. It is a combination of numbers and letters and is preceded by.

CSS3 Interview Questions & Answers

The value of a color can also be specified. Different media has different properties as they are case insensitive. They are: Aural — for sound synthesizers and speech Print — gives a preview of the content when printed Projection- projects the CSS on projectors.

Handheld- uses handheld devices. What is Pseudo-elements?

CSS3 Interview Questions & Answers

Pseudo-elements are keyword added to the selector that allows one o style a specific part of the selected element. In some cases when extra mark-up or styling is not possible for the document, then there is a feature available in CSS known as pseudo-elements.

It will allow extra mark-up to the document without disturbing the actual document. It can be used for; To style the first letter, line or element To insert a content.Check out advice from coders who've done it themselves.

CSS offers many possibilities to a designer and developer.

This means you can have generic styles, followed by rules that style more specific elements on the page. While an overall block is given to class selector, ID selector prefers only a single element differing from other elements. Narender Dhull. Answers from the Experts If you're new to the world of programming, then you are probably wondering "how long does it take to learn how to code"? Its web layout is also just similar to print layout. Its possible that an element has both class and ID.