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Swamy's Compilation of FR & SR Part I - General Rules with Free Swamy's FR &. a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. [Government of India decision (1) below SR in the Swamy's Compilation of FRs & S Rs, Part 1 (7th Edition)]. The Head of Office can. This book contains Chapters on Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules ( Except those relating to T.A.), Pay, Combination of appointments, Deputation.

Frsr Part I Pdf

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RULES SWAMY'olhon.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online . Swamy's Compilation of FRSR Part – III – CCS (Leave) Rules, PART – IV. ▫ Leave. Rule ▫ Joining Time Rule PART – V. ▫ Foreign Service Rule ▫ Service under. Local Funds Rule Note - These Fundamental Rules have since became more of obsolete/historic in nature and have been taken over by the CCS (Joining Time).

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Other diplomatic and non-diplomatic officers in BPS and above and other Military Commissioned Officers 6[excluding officers who draw pay in BPS on account of move-over from lower scale].

Non- officials will, for this purpose, be treated as officers of the first grade. When travelling abroad by rail, officials and non-officials will be entitled to actual fare of the class to which they arc entitled under para 13 below.

No extra incidental fares will be admissible as for journeys in Pakistan. Travel by sea will not be undertaken except with the prior permission of the Head of Department and in the case of Heads of Missions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the permission will not be accorded except for valid reason and only after taking into account the extra cost involved including emoluments during the journey period.

Seva Veerata Bandhuta

In such cases the period spent in waiting for a passage by ship and on the journey by sea should not be treated as duty, joining time, etc. By conveyance provided by Government; Under S.

By own car or under own arrangements. Actual cost of railway fare by the shortest route for the class of accommodation to which the officer is entitled. By public conveyance plying for hire.

Charges for a single seat in the public conveyance or railway fare of the grade to which the officer is entitled, whichever is less. By conveyance provided by Government: Under S. By own car or under own arrangements: Officers of categories I, II and III will be entitled to mileage allowance 50 paisa par mile, provided that the officer certifies that he had not performed the road journey by taking a single scat in a taxi motor, omnibus or motor lorry plying for hire.

There will be no occasion for traveling under own arrangements by official of categories IV and V. By public conveyance plying for hire; Officials of categories I to II will not adopt this mode of travel.

जनरल वित्तीय नियम

Officials of categories IV and V will be entitled to the fare of a single seat by omnibus or taxi plying for hire between the places involved. Central Civil Services - Leave Rules.

Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals, records held by. Then, in the Federal Register of February 25,.. FR Annual increment-. Sharma , Dy. Important Clauses of IE Rules, The Federal Register is the authoritativ e source and should be consulted if a need arises to v erify the authenticity of the language reproduced belo w.. Governors of UTs.

Part IV Department of Transportation. The Agency sought comment on both a and an hour daily driving limit..

Distribution of Free Textbook Programme. Effects of pollution - General methods of prevention of environmental pollution. Unit 3.We also provide Teer Shillong Hit Numbers.

OBC Mandal Commission. When inadmissible S.

In reality there is no difference between the two topics But still users search the queries acccording to their convinient. Employees and Pensioners Notwithstanding the provisions of b above, in the following cases, it shall be determined on the basis of pay alone: i Re-employed Military pensioners, whose pay on re-employment in a civil post in fixed without taking into account the military pension under Note 1 below Article of Civil Service Regulations; and ii Re-employed Civil pensioners, whose pay on re-employment is fixed without taking into account pension up to Rs.

Accordingly, children getting stipend, etc.

A , dated the 4th April,