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Chances are several literature textbooks already live on your bookshelves. a world-class collection of literature for English students and booklovers like. cover of Norton Anthology of American Literature, Shorter Version, Volume 2 (9th . You can also use other good Literature In English textbooks to pass. However, the question is “How sure are you that the textbook you want to. English literature from Anglo-Saxon times to the close of the Victorian Era, has. THIS BOOK, WHICH presents the whole splendid history of English literature.

Literature In English Text Book

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and the proposed new senior secondary Literature in English curriculum literary or creative texts are capable of offering learners much aesthetic, intellectual. Buy products related to literature textbooks and see what customers say about Reading Mastery Reading/Literature Strand Grade 2, Textbook A (READING. ' O' Level Literature in English Texts: Lion and the Jewel [Wole Soyinka] on olhon.info *FREE* Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more .


Rhetoric and the study of literature. New York: Henry Holt and Company, Hudson, Henry N.

Classical English Reader. Selections from Standard Authors. Boston: Ginn and Heath, Hunt, Theodore W.

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Theodore Whitefield. Representative English prose and prose writers. New York: A. Armstrong and Son, Jenkins, Rev. Jenkins, O. Oliver Louis.

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Student's handbook of English literature: with selections from the writings of the most distinguished authors. Baltimore: John Murphy Company, c The student's handbook of British and American literature: containing sketches biographical and critical of the most distinguished English authors: from the earliest times to the present day: with selections from their writings, and questions adapted to the use of schools.

Oliver Louis , edited by G. The student's handbook of British and American literature: with selections from the writings of the most distinguished authors. Johnson, Charles Frederick. Outline history of English and American literature. Johnson, Rossiter. A Key to Polite Literature.

London: J. Walker [etc. Kellogg, Brainerd. Lawton, William Cranston. A study of American literature. Long, William J. William Joseph. English literature, its history and its significance for the life of the English-speaking world: a text-book for schools. Boston: Ginn and Company, c English literature: its history and its significance for the life of the English-speaking world: a text-book for schools.

Outlines of English literature: with readings. Long, William Joseph. American literature: a study of the men and the books that in the earlier and later times reflect the American spirit. Mabie, Hamilton Wright.

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Backgrounds of literature. New York: The Outlook Company, Mair, G. George Herbert. English literature: modern. London: Williams and Norgate, c Manly, John Matthews, English prose and poetry Boston; London: Ginn and Company, c Century types of English literature: chronologically arranged. New York: The Century Co.

McWilliam, R. Longmans' handbook of English literature: from A. Miller, Edwin L. Edwin Lillie. Explorations in literature. Chicago: J. Lippincott Company, c Minto, William. A manual of English prose literature : biographical and critical, designed mainly to show characteristics of style.

Boston: Ginn, A history of English literature. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, c Morley, Henry. A first sketch of English literature.

A manual of English literature; thoroughly revised, with an entire re-arrangement of matter, and with numerous retrenchments and additions, by Moses Coit Tyler. New York: Sheldon and Company, c Murray, Gilbert. Some Old Norse poetry survives relating to this period, including the Orkneyinga saga an historical narrative of the history of the Orkney Islands , from their capture by the Norwegian king in the ninth century onwards until about Beowulf , is the most famous work in Old English and has achieved national epic status in England, despite being set in Scandinavia.

Chronicles contained a range of historical and literary accounts, and a notable example is the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. This is the name given to a work, of uncertain date, celebrating the real Battle of Maldon of , at which the Anglo-Saxons failed to prevent a Viking invasion. He is best known for his chronicle Historia Regum Britanniae History of the Kings of Britain of , which spread Celtic motifs to a wider audience. Wace c.

It was also the first historiography written in English since the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. It was among the earliest books printed in England by Caxton. In the later medieval period a new form of English now known as Middle English evolved.

This is the earliest form which is comprehensible to modern readers and listeners, albeit not easily. In its literature, England arguably has attained its most influential cultural expression.

For more than a millennium, each stage in the… English literature has sometimes been stigmatized as insular.

British literature

Yet in the Middle Ages the Old English literature of the subjugated Saxons was leavened by the Latin and Anglo-Norman writings , eminently foreign in origin, in which the churchmen and the Norman conquerors expressed themselves.

From this combination emerged a flexible and subtle linguistic instrument exploited by Geoffrey Chaucer and brought to supreme application by William Shakespeare. During the Renaissance the renewed interest in Classical learning and values had an important effect on English literature, as on all the arts; and ideas of Augustan literary propriety in the 18th century and reverence in the 19th century for a less specific, though still selectively viewed, Classical antiquity continued to shape the literature.

All three of these impulses derived from a foreign source, namely the Mediterranean basin. The Decadents of the late 19th century and the Modernists of the early 20th looked to continental European individuals and movements for inspiration.Only 10 left in stock more on the way. A student's history of English literature.

The Parker Library is a treasure trove of rare medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, as well as early printed books. Computer Books. While the bulk of the collection is from the 19th century, there are some pamphlets included going back to LibriVox LibriVox audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to on their computers, iPods or other mobile device, or to burn onto a CD.