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4-Hour. Body. olhon.info iii. 10/12/10 you're a wage slave or a Fortune CEO, this book will change your life!. 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss 12_19_pdf PRAISE FOR The 4-Hour Workweek “It's about time this book was written. It is a long-overdue The_4-Hour. The 4 Hour Body is a guide to rapid weight loss and physical excellence. It's a great There's so much information in this book it's crazy.

4 Hour Body Book Pdf

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Excerpts — 50+ Pages Total for Each Book, Click to Download. The 4-Hour Workweek PDF — Part 1 · The 4-Hour Workweek PDF — Part 2 (Apologies for a few. e designed the four hour body cheat sheet in a simple and easy to understand method. We highly recommend you purchase The 4-Hour Body book (if you have . MicroSummary: The book “The 4 Hour Body” is a classic of our dear Tim Ferris. After the masterpiece “The 4-Hour Workweek”, Tim chose to.

Saigon Cinnamon. I am still working on my body. I am not kidding. Essentials Essentials Continued. Organic Peanut Butter. I lost a ton of weight and have created nice muscle mass. I really wanted to eat junk food but I told myself that I needed to do this for my family and for my own health.

For example purposes. After the 3rd day. This means to stay with my cheat sheet program and try not to do any more or less than what is outlined. If you want to use regular peanut butter at home. It also gave me that mental ability to push myself every day to get to my cheat day. Kettlebell 5. Magnesium Gives better R. For Cold Pack. Notice 5 lbs of fat is three times bigger! If you do the shower start with hot water. Do not deviate from anything else.

Lentils or Lima Beans. Make sure you cold pack or cold shower before you sleep so that your metabolism kicks into gear while you take. Chew Your Food: Its very important that you chew everything that goes in your mouth times. Cold Pack or Cold Showers: First of all. If I say eat broccoli.

The best way to lose fat and look slimmer is to build muscle. Now you know why I put chewable on the Check List on page 2. Its all the little things that will add up to a major change in your life. Here's 5 pounds of muscle. You will start to hyperventilate but guess what?

Sleeping Click to Watch Video Sleep is one of the most important things your body needs. DO NOT eat any fruit during this process except for your cheat day. So if I say have beef. Make sure you get at least 8 to 9 hours sleep. You can mix and match your meats and vegetables but thats it. Watch TV and do this. Its because you need to not take too much water before you sleep otherwise you will wake up in the middle of the night to go pee.

You must do all three and stick with the regimen. Lunch Organic beef. Take P. Start drinking lots of water. Take A. Program 1. Do 30 Air Squats between each meal.

Sleep at least 8 hours Cold Pack Place a cold pack on your neck for about 30 minutes. Kettlebell exercise for 3 sets with 10 reps. Dinner Organic beef. You have done a good job to this point. And follow each meal with 1 12oz Dinner Organic beef. Cold Pack Place a cold pack on your neck for about 30 minutes. One thing you need to know: Before each meal. Rest SAT Eat whatever you want.

Air Squats. There is no time frame to as to when to start Program 2 other than if you are happy with the results from Program 1. Cardio Abs Follow the videos and perform the routine for the day marked. You must work out even more during the process otherwise everything you did in Program 1 will be wasted. If you need to keep going and loosing fat.

By building muscle.

Cardio 2 Men Kettlebell or Women Kettlebell. Program 2. If you think about reinventing your life, especially with regards to your physical appearance, removing stored fat and gaining muscle are two essential elements. To gain muscle, you need to find out your EMD which activates muscle growth and the hormone responsible for it. Calories should not be your focus to achieve weight loss.

In fact, calories are only considered significant because they are measurable and monitorable in tests. The 4HB plan will not make you count and cut calories to lose fat. Your motivation needs to be large enough that you not only start the process but also stick to it.

Lesson 2: Even without making changes, tracking data can help you become more aware of your health.

You need to monitor your progress by always measuring your results to keep you on track. You will begin to notice a substantial difference in your weight in the first few months. You may also notice that your weight loss will begin to get less dramatic after the initial three months.

While you lose fat, you are gaining muscle as well. Muscle gain appears on the scale, so even though you are still losing fat, it will not appear because of the muscles you gain in the process. If you are the type of person who needs to see measurable results in terms of body fat , there are some tests you can do to determine the fat percentage.

Begin by measuring your circumference. Use a tape measure, note the size of your upper arms middle biceps , your waist, your hip at the widest point and both of your legs. Add these measures to determine your overall measures.

Next, estimate your percentage of body fat based on your body shape. When you are following the 4HB plan, your diet will be low-carb. If you follow the diet correctly, you can lose up to 10kg of fat in a month. The first rule of dieting is to avoid white carbs. These foods are banned during the diet, except thirty minutes after a high-strength workout.

That includes whole foods as well. The second rule is to have repeat meals. You can mix the foods in your meals, but you should eat the same foods in your meals. These are the foods allowed:. You can eat as much as you want from the above foods. You also need to make sure you have enough vegetables to maintain your caloric intake while you are on a diet, as vegetables do not have many calories.

Make three to four meals and repeat them every day. If you are going to eat in a restaurant, or anywhere but your house, ask to replace the starch with more vegetables. You may have noticed that there is no milk on this list. Milk is forbidden as it causes a high insulin response in the body.

The only dairy product that is allowed is cottage cheese since it is high in protein. Butter is also allowed as long as it is pure butter and has only butter and salt in its ingredients list. Another important factor for dieting is the time you ea t. You need to make your first meal of the day the first hour you wake up. From there, your meals should have a 4 hours gap.

Is it possible to…

If you NEED to snack between meals, carrots are the best thing to eat but do not eat too many. If you have noticed that you are getting hungry between meals, you are not eating enough and you should increase your portions. The third rule is to stay away from liquid calories. You can drink as much water as you want, unsweetened tea, black coffee or other non-calorie beverages. You cannot drink milk, soda or fruit juices.

You can drink soda diets, but need to limit yourself to ml per day. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided.

However, you can take two glasses of red wine a day. The fourth rule is to stop eating fruits. That may seem strange, but the reality is that you do not need to eat fruits to be healthy. The only fruits allowed in the diet are tomatoes and avocado. Avocado should be limited to one unit per day. The fifth and final rule is to take a day off per week in which you can eat anything you want in any amount.

That is not just to help you not give up; There are also benefits of weight loss. When you increase your calorie intake dramatically, you will actually help your fat loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate does not get slow because of the long periods of calorie restriction. You will notice that you have gained weight after your day off but as long as you follow the plan on all other days, you will lose that weight within the next 48 hours.

Beyond the diet, you can take supplements like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. You can also use different seasonings and sauces in your meals. Pepper paste, unsweetened sweeteners, olive oil, macadamia oil and grapeseed oil may also be used. The above five rules are the basis of the 4HB meal plan. Here are two other factors that will contribute to your fat loss and muscle gain:. PAGG is a nutraceutical that can help you in your weight loss and muscle gain.

This supplement consists of 20 or 25 milligrams of policosanol, which is a plant extract to lower cholesterol, to milligrams of alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant that will prevent your body from storing carbohydrates in fat cells, milligrams of green tea flavanols also known as EGCG and at least milligrams of garlic extract, which prevents fat recovery, and coats cholesterol. It is recommended that you take this supplement before each meal and before bed.

You should take it six days a week and stop taking it for a week every two months. Consult a doctor if you have any health problem or taking any medicine, especially anticoagulants. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not take PAGG. Ice Therapy: Scientific research has found that the body burns more energy when subjected to cold temperatures.

One option is to put an ice pack in your upper trapezius muscle area or behind the neck for about twenty minutes every morning. A second option is to drink at least ml of ice water as soon as you wake up, before eating anything else.

You should then have breakfast no more than half an hour later. The third option is to take icy baths for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning or before bed.

Cold baths have numerous benefits, including the release of fatty acids, an increase in adiponectin, stimulation of thermogenesis, improvement of your immune system and an indirect treatment for depression.

The next step is to learn how to gain muscle, which will help keep the fat away and make you feel better. For this, we present some exercises that you can do:. Balancing with Kettlebells: It is, in fact, the only exercise you need to produce drastic changes. To properly balance the kettlebell, stand with your feet at a distance of approximately 30 cm 12 in from each other, and with your fingers pointed slightly outward.

Keep your shoulders back, start swinging backward with the kettlebell while making a movement as if you would sit in a chair. Hold your shoulders back and push your hips forward as you squeeze your buttocks. As you move forward, the thrust and weight of the kettlebell will push your arms, creating a swing.

Exercises to build muscle mass: These exercises are designed to help you get in shape and improve your posture quickly and easily.

4 Hour Body Cheat Sheet.pdf

Make 10 sets each with thirteen reps and as much weight as you can, except for swings with the kettlebell. For the kettlebell, make 20 to 25 swings. Repeat the entire circuit twice. This series has different repetitions for each exercise, but the whole circuit must be repeated twice. The abdominals are probably the most coveted muscle group, especially for men.

Here are two moves you can do to set your abdominal muscles. The myotatic abdomens use their fully extended positioning and their stretch reflex to create a strong contraction. To perform these sit-ups, you need a Bosu, a Swiss ball or a pile of firm cushions.

You want to position yourself on the ball or on the cushions by sitting as close to the ground as possible. Begin with your arms stretched over your head as high as possible; Keep your arms behind or close to your ears throughout the exercise.

Then lower yourself slowly for four seconds until your fingers touch the ground, all the while trying to keep your hands off the ball. Stop at this position for two seconds, attempting the maximum elongation.

Climb up slowly and stop at the top, in full contraction position for another two seconds. Do a total of 10 reps. Instead of working the vertical muscles in your abdomen like the myotatic abdominal, this exercise works the horizontal muscles known as transverse abdominal muscles TAM. To do this, stay on all fours and keep your eyes focused directly on your head or slightly forward.

Do not arch your back or strain your neck. Your abdomen should contract with this forced movement.

4-hour-body.pdf - The 4-Hour Body...

Hold your breath and contract the navel upward toward the spine as much as you can, aiming for 8 to 12 seconds. Take a deep breath through your nose after holding your breath. When it comes to the 4HB plan exercises, it is important to remember that extrapolating your EMD is risky and pointless.Health as Mathematical Obsession I like the approach of books such as. To properly balance the kettlebell, stand with your feet at a distance of approximately 30 cm 12 in from each other, and with your fingers pointed slightly outward.

So if I say have beef. As for the Ferriss approach: If a man inserts his index finger to the second joint palm up and makes a move up and back, as if he were calling someone, the fingertip should touch a spongy tissue.

Ferriss, then, is recommending controlled bouts of being out of control. Avocado should be limited to one unit per day. You cannot drink milk, soda or fruit juices.