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25 fev. Leia críticas, compare classificações do cliente, veja capturas de ecrã e saiba mais acerca de Documents da Readdle. Descarregue Documents da Readdle e desfrute no seu iPhone, iPad Leia PDF, ouça música, navegue. Explore e transfira arquivos e pastas entre o iPhone ou iPad e um Mac ou PC, iPad mini ao mesmo tempo em que recupera documentos PDF de um iPhone. Adobe Reader é um eficaz leitor de arquivos PDF para aparelhos iPhone. Abra qualquer arquivo PDF, procure palavras dentro dos documentos e compartilhe.

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If you want to convert a file to PDF, you just need to install both PDF Expert and PDF Converter on your iPhone or iPad. Then open file in PDF Expert, tap arrow. 31 out. Passo a passo funciona no Wi-Fi do Windows e do Mac. Usuário precisa instalar o app grátis AirDroid. Em outros navegadores ou ferramentas de PDF de terceiros, veja as todos os arquivos pessoais do seu Apple® iPhone® para um dispositivo Android.

To add a new link: Tap on the Link tool. Select a text block you want to link. Choose the link destination: To Page or To Web.

Insert a landing page number or use a target picker that serves as an alternative to the manual landing page input. How to redact and hide sensitive information in PDF documents Sometimes you want to hide sensitive information in a document to protect it before sharing with someone. It could be your cell phone, social security number, credit card or even a bank account number.

It allows you to erase or black out sensitive numbers and parts from a document for good. Blackout will put a permanent black box on the content so nobody will ever read it.

Erase tool will complete wipe out and erase the content and sensitive information from your document. To begin Redacting follow these steps: In Edit mode tap and hold on the Redact tool.

The person responsible for this NEW design should be fired!!! Tried today to move all the numerical files which are now at the top to a Alphabetical folder!

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I gave up and will find another app to move my PDF files to! I have had this app for years and the recent update caused quite a scare when I was unable to find any of my documents! I was very impressed with the Support Team that answered my email and resolved the issue so quickly!

I am not as happy with it as before this newest update! I loved it the way it was and am in hopes that they will improve on this version to make the display a little more easy to navigate and easier to read!

The text is a bit small but I am in hopes there are still improvements coming!

Now you can edit PDFs stored in Dropbox from your iPhone and iPad

When you send a book to the reader, calibre will add the book to collections based on the metadata for that book. By default, collections are created from tags and series.

If you remove all values, calibre will not add the book to any collection. To ensure that the collections for a book are based only on current calibre metadata, first delete the books from the reader, then resend the books. You can edit collections directly on the device view by double-clicking or right-clicking in the collections column.

Collections will be built using calibre metadata exclusively. Editing collections on the device view is not permitted, because collections not in the metadata will be removed automatically. When calibre detects the reader and generates the list of books on the reader, it will send metadata from the library to the reader for all books on the reader that are in the library On device is True , adding and removing books from collections as indicated by the metadata and device customization.

When a book is sent, calibre corrects the metadata for that book, adding and deleting collections. Manual editing of metadata on the device view is not allowed. Note that this option specifies sending metadata, not books.

The book files on the reader are not changed.

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Collections for a book will never be removed by calibre, but can be removed by you by editing on the device view. Connecting the reader to one library will reset the metadata to what is in that library.

Connecting to the other library will reset the metadata to what is in that other library. Metadata in books found in both libraries will be flopped back and forth. If you do need to reset your metadata due to problems caused by using both at the same time, then just delete the media. With recent reader iterations, SONY, in all its wisdom has decided to try to force you to use their software.

If you install it, it auto-launches whenever you connect the reader. The simplest is to simply re-name the executable file that launches the library program.

More detail in the forums. This app is maintained by a core calibre developer and allows calibre to connect to your Apple device wirelessly, just as though you plugged in the device with a USB cable.

You can browse files on the device in calibre and use the Send to device button to transfer files to your device wirelessly. Another easy way to browse your calibre collection from your Apple device is by using the calibre content server, which makes your collection available over the net.

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There are many apps for your iDevice that can connect to the calibre content server. One was mentioned above: Calibre Companion.To activate text selection mode tap on a text and hold your finger for a while. You have to create a special bookmark in Safari first. Pages is a hybrid application, first released by Apple in February , that allows users to perform both word processing and page layout tasks. Jonathan Zdziarski. Moreover, the app includes an amazing page management toolset to reorder, delete, or rotate pages.

Get my link Thank you. Jonathan Zdziarski Perito forense e especialista em iOS. If you wish to stop syncing a local file or a folder, you have to delete the corresponding sync record.