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Catalyst Athletics is the world's leading publisher on education books on the sport of Olympic Weightlifting Programming: A Winning Coach's Guide. $ Olympic Weightlifting Workouts and Training Programs - Catalyst Athletics & Greg Everett. A starter Olympic weightlifting program to prepare you to do the Catalyst of the books Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes.

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Catalyst Athletics Book of Programs [E-book] olhon.info store/digital-products/catalyst-athletics-book-of-programs-e-book. Catalyst Athletics Book of Programs [E-book]. E-Book (PDF) 6 x 9" pages. This handy little.. policies and programmes, and enforce new and existing. Olympic Weightlifting and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle . .. Everett is the primary content creator for Catalyst Athletics, known material and weightlifting training programs, and publisher of multiple books on.

Once you hit your RM that will be your last set for that exercise. The percentages are always off of your best in that movement. Pulls will be off of your best snatch or clean. You can transition into a new cycle after you finish a cycle.

If you are feeling especially beat up, you can take an extra light week in between cycles. If you are feeling pretty beat up after you can take a transition week, if you are feeling okay you can go right into the next cycle of your choice.

The snatch pull will be a pull with the hands in a snatch width grip.

Greg Everett Founder of Catalyst Athletes Olympic Weightlifting

The clean pull will be a pull with a clean width grip. The focus for each will be reinforcing good pull positions in each and strengthing the back and legs for the pull. It will depend on the athlete. Some people will be able to handle higher loads for the pulls if their 1rm lifts are technique or mobility limited. You will have to feel it out, but don't push it so hard that it puts you in a hole for the rest of the week. This program has Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday off.

You should be okay taking those rest days. You will always have to feel out if you are too beat up and adjust accordingly. You will have to feel out weights as you go through this program. Don't choose weights where you will fail, but make the sets challenging and focus on improving your technique in the olympic lifts. You should always warm up to the working sets on your exercises and as you transition to the next exercises in workouts.

The 5x2 are the working sets. You should reset on each rep to make every rep good off of the ground. We don't want to bounce the weights and get a poor starting position as a result. You will reset your starting position and take the rep from a dead stop each time. You should squat on every rep, even if you receive the bar high you will take the squat to work on the tempo and the sequence of the lifts.

The upper body beach work is any body building exercises you want to add. These would be good supplementary work too add, in addition to abs and back work back extensions, reverse hypers.

If you would like to try a 5 day a week workout you may check one of the cycles from the training cycles tab in the workouts section. This should be a good place to start, and then transition to one of the cycles from the Workouts Tab above.

To answer your question I will quote Greg from the Program Info section. These workouts are designed to be a standalone program and as such are extremely demanding—attempting to do both is a recipe for overtraining and poor results.

Just as importantly, combining multiple programs is a good indicator that you're trying to achieve conflicting goals at the same time—this never works well. Beach work is any body building work you want to add. This can be rows, presses or curls. Bench press is also acceptable. I would suggest using split jerks if possible. The program will specify when to use push press and power jerks. You will have to feel out the warm ups on a heavy single depending on the day.

You want to warm up and take bigger jumps earlier and smaller jumps as you approach your current 1RM. Heavy single will be different than a max as you will work up to the heaviest you can do for that day. There is more information on the program and notation here. Keep working on your OHS. Keep working on shoulder and hip mobility. You can run this cycle again with heavier weights if you are comfortable with it. The other option is to evaluate your needs and pick a cycle from the training cycles page found here.

The 4-week leg strength block 1 is a popular one that people have had success with. That is correct. Pulls are an abreviated version of the full lift to strengthen your posture and reinforce good positioning in the pulling portion of the lift. This program is designed to get you ramped up to going into the daily weightlifting cycles.

It may apply to general stength, but you will have to temper your expectations of this program if you are also doing triathalon work in addition to the workouts. I would suggest considering your goals, and adjusting accordingly. That should be okay to switch to. Make sure you get good rest on the Monday night so you are good for the snatches and front squats on the Tuesday workout.

Power snatch you will lock the legs up above parallel. Snatch will include the full squat. You can find video examples in the exercise library. For you, I would probably do a taper week something like this: I would suggest keeping the heavy day as the last day, and possibly moving some of the Thursday work that you would like to keep onto the other days. I would suggest reading the About the Program section on combining programs.

It is also quoted above. I would advise against combining programs as it will render both ineffective. If you look in the archives around there are some examples of workouts that incorperate some conditioning work that may be a good program to use.

You can move on to another program after you finish this one. Take a look at the training cycles to decide which one to take next. Something basic like this. Adjust volume as needed. It depends on what those metcons are, and what part of the cycle you are at.

Most likely it will be overkill. You will have to check with the manufacturer of the barbell for that information. The technique program in the book would be a good place to start.

Ease your way into the program and make sure you are keeping an eye on your recovery. You can skip the Tuesday workouts for week 3 and 4 if you are unable to train on those days.

You will go off your current maxes for those lifts, so if you don't have front or back squat maxes you may test them before going into a cycle. There are a few opportunities during this block that will let you test heavy singles so you may use your top weight from those Saturdays for your max. You will have to feel out weights that you can make 6 good singles with. If the weight for the first single is light you may go up a bit but make sure you are making good reps.

You can add in supplementary work, but don't go overboard with anything that will throw off your recovery for the lifts. Try giving the OHS a try and seeing if you can improve your position and possibly work towards a regular snatch.

If you are dead set on split snatching then you can work on strengthing your split. I would not suggest lunges necessarily as they tend to favor the front leg and we would like you to have a balanced split. Possibly snatch grip split push presses behind the neck would be an appropriate substitute. The program will specify when high-pulls are needed.

You can check the difference between high-pulls and regular pulls in the Exercises tab above. It depends on the situation. It will be a judgement call. If it was a lift you should make but just had a brain fart, take it again and make it. If it is a heavier lift and you know you will not come back and make it, you can call it there or take a back off lift to end on a good lift.

This is a program to ramp you up and get you moving toward doing the program from the site if you haven't done a weightlifting program before. You can do this program again if you are comfortable with it and try pushing the weights up. The other option would be to move to one of the programs from the Workouts section above. Work your way back up with the good posture and practice those squats in the classic lifts as well. It will take some time to repattern your pulls and squats but this program should be a good transition to building up strength in those new positions.

Make sure you are getting recovered between sets and making good movements. You will have to feel out what nutrition works for you and keeps you training well and recovering Steve Pan. You will have to determine what your end goals are and adjust the program accordingly.

If your goal is to be a weightlifter you are going to have to be conditioned for weightlifting and focusing your recovery on being prepared for weightlifting. If you are going for general fitness you will have to find a balance in volume between your strength work and the conditioning work you are doing and adjust as the cycle goes.

This should be a good program to use to ease your way back into traing. Be careful and work your way back up and make sure the shoulder is doing okay through the cycle. Be conservative! You may choose a cycle from the training cycles tab in the workout section. Choose one that fits your current needs. Take the weights up on week 3 if you are able to. You can adjust the cycles as needed, however you will have to temper your expectations of the results. Power Jerk and Push Jerk are different exercises.

Power Jerk is not a Split Jerk. Please refer to the exercises section above for the differences. This cycle should be okay to run a few times until you feel comfortable moving on to another program.

You will have to feel out weights that are appropriate. Start light on the first week and work up and add weight each week as you go. Do what works for you, but generally speaking, I would have a day that focuses on pushing e. Don't go overboard on anything that will interfere with the rest of the program.

I would not go to crazy with lunges, reps. Try to follow the rest order as listed. If you are unable to it shouldn't hurt if you need to adjust once in a while. Depends on what exercise and reps you're talking about. That could be heavy or light. Go by feel and make sure you stop at a point at which you could do more. You should try for 6 good sets of 1 and if you feel good you can take the weight up. Adding any supplementary hypertrophy work to this program should be fine.

You should try to take the numbers up each week on this program as you are able as long as there are no restrictions due to injury. Pressing would be assistance work that you can add in if you would like. It all depends on how you are feeling with the lifts and your experience. Finding a coach in some capacity online or live is always a good idea to help you make good progress.

You may want to move the Thursday workout to Tuesday and you can take Thursday off to have a rest day before the heavy single day. You will take the weights up where you are able to. If you feel good and you are able to, you will take the weights up for both. Saturdays are heavy singles so you will fluctuate from week to week and it will be a judgement call on where you land depending on how you feel as you work up.

I would compare Monday to the previous Monday and try and beat that weight if you can. I would try to keep the order the same as above if possible. I am not sure what you are referring to when you say to do week 1 again. A back off week will be reduced volume and intensity to get you recovered a bit to continue on a cycle or attempt to max out. You may test the back squat after a back off week.

If we are working on getting the legs strong we may start a day with a squat. In other cases we will prioritize the lifts and put the squats and pulls at the end of the session.

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You can train the lifts 3 times a week but you will have to feel out what works for you. If those protocols work for you then it would be a good plan to use them. I would recommend against adding conditioning work to these workouts. If you add conditioning you will have to temper your expectations of the effectiveness of the program. Clean pull should be off of your clean max. We recommend against combining programs.

Starter program would be a good place to start. I recommend reading the section here and here so you can plan your training accordingly. You can take smaller jumps if needed as well. Make sure you are warm enough to prevent injury and make all of your working sets.

For the workout above there are no prescribed weights so it will be more about feeling out an appropriate working weight for the prescription. You will try to move up each week as you go. Best way would just be to do all front squats, and clean it into position.

You can increase the number of reps a bit since the weight will be limited, and do some of them as pause squats. Snatch or Clean implies a squat. Exercises will be the full squat version unless otherwise specified. There is some information here on modifying the program to fit your needs.

You can take the OHS from a rack. The OTM program will give you plenty of chances to work up to heavier weights and get your lifts more consistent. You can rotate through exercises for the week. There is no spreadsheet for this program on the site but it should be easy enough to cut and paste. Keep working on building confidence through assistance exercises and warm up primers. Make sure you are safe and have a clear area to lift in and are able to dump weights and perform the lifts safely.

For the clean work on muscle cleans and tall cleans to work on the accuracy of the turnover. You should actively be pulling your shoulders to the bar. The notation is consistent. If there is a prescription for weight it is percentage x reps x sets. If there is no prescription it is sets x reps Steve Pan. I feel like you shouldn't do that if your goal is to do weightlifting. If you are looking to do crossfit and supplement it with weightlifting that should be okay but feel out what you are able to do with the added volume of weightlifting work.

Steve - You are looking to increase your weights from the previous Monday. Then on Saturday you are looking to go for Heavy singles in each lift. You need to select weights by feel - I can't tell you anything specific.

Start with weights that cause zero pain or aggravation to whatever you injured. Build weekly as you can - I can't predict what that will be. You certainly can if you want - up to you. You can do some conditioning work and beach work in whatever dosage and frequency you find feels good. Patrick - What you are seeing is the difference in a regular snatch or clean pull vs.

Here are some videos that illustrate the differences in the pulls. Sergio - With all snatches unless it is specified as a power snatch it is important to end up in a full squat. If you catch them high you want to ride them down to the bottom of the squat. Try not to think about just dropping down into the bottom of the squat becuse it will cause you to lose control over your movement. Here is an article that you may find useful to improve your stability in the snatch.

Here is another that you may find useful for your turnover. Just remember that you always want to maintain control over the bar and stay connected thoughout the entire lift, and if you are loosing control frequently at heavier weights and it is causing you to miss, then keep the weight at something you have control over. Hope this helps! Simon - Unfortunately this program is not available on the exercise.

This is a good program to begin with so you can work on technique and get some based numbers extablished. You can use this as a guideline to work on technique and you will find things you need to work on while doing this program. It is okay to complete this program more than once before finding another program to do. Omar - Doing Saturday's workout on Fridays will work!

Omar - you can play around with the rest days and arrange it so it fits your schedule. And there is no problem in doing accessory work during your rest days. It gives you exactly the exercises to be doing each day This is determined simply by gradually increasing the weight until that criterion is met without any failed attempts. If an attempt does fail, but the reason for failure is obviously technical in nature, the athlete can make another attempt. Otherwise the loading increase should stop when the athlete completes a rep he or she is confident is approximately the best possible at that time.

Adrian - I would recommend it as a tool to loosen up before your workout.

I would keep the pre-workout stretching more dynamic and the post workout stretching more static. It is important to warm up before your workouts. Well, the programs aren't intended to make you worse Yes, you'll get better unless you're doing something terribly wrong. Shawn - For anything with mulitple reps in a set you want to make sure you stop and re-set before each one.

You still want to complete the set in a timely manner, but you do not have to touch and go, make sure you are all set in a good postion for each rep. Ideally pick movements that address things you need to work on - for example pull-ups or pressing movements if those are weaknesses for you, ab work like knees to elbows or hanging leg raises, unilateral leg work like lunge variations not heavy.

Daniel - I would recommend resting about 2 minutes, no more than 3 minutes between sets. Holly - typically the workouts can take 1.

You want to make sure you get enough time between sets in order to have enough recovery time to complete the next set. Caleb - Ideally you would want to do the program as written, since the program is written in a way that is weight by feel, you can adjust your squats accordingly so you can complete them without losing form at a weight that is doable.

Ideally you would develop the conditioning and the squats will get easier with time, but you still want to listen to your body—but know the difference between just training aches and a tweak or injury. Mike - This program is done at a weight by feel basis, so yes—although there are no specific weight prescriptions, ideally you would increase the weight as the program goes on. Kylie - You can do some of the mobility work before your workout as a warm up or activation exercise, but as far as accessory work I personally like to complete that after my workouts.

If you can squat above 90 degrees without pain, I would simply do that - presumably you'll need to snatch and clean above 90 as well, so it will actually help in that effort by strengthening your ability to stop the squat in that position. Manuel - Since there are no prescribed weights, the exercises are done by feel, ideally you want to increase the weight as you go through the weeks, but you want to make sure you are sticking at weights where you can complete each set with good technique and attempt to beat the previous week's numbers.

Aaron - Since this starter program is weight by feel, you will warm up to a comfortable weight that you are able to complete the prescribed number of sets with each rep scheme. Then, ideally, increase the weight for each exercise as the weeks go on.

You can find more information in the description of the program here. Nothing you do is going to be great because you're going to have to stack all of the training in 3 consecutive days. I would use my simplest template and just stack those days - Thu, Fri, Sat. Keiri - My advice would be just to take it one day at a time and stay patient with it. Do each set by feel and make it a goal to beat the previous week's numbers.

Good luck with your training and keep having fun with it! It's definitely better than nothing. Hang from pull-up bar with feet supported on a box and pelvis curled forward like you're doing a crunch; presses with empty bar to make that movement routine and help find the proper pain-free motion; hold bar in jerk grip behind the neck like for a back squat and lift and reach elbows up and forward to stretch shoulders.

And if it persists, you need to find a medical pro to figure out what's going on. Riq - there isn't one specific program that follows the starter program. It is completely up to you. Laurel - It does not have accessory work included, but you are more than welcome to add in your own. Adrian - It will always be a full clean unless specified otherwise. MD - If you do not have the larger training plates available, you can either set up some blocks to get the bar to the correct hight, or perform the lifts from a low hang position below the knee.

Training with an olympic bar and trainign plates do make things a bit easier, if that is available. Mark - You should be able to split up the days like that, if you find that your Fridays are feeling pretty heavy or you are feeling beat up, you can see if Saturday afternoon would be a better option.

David - These are not supposed to be touch and go reps. You don't want to take too mcuh time between reps, just as long as you need to get set at the bar. As far as reps between sets, 1. Mark - I would recommend doing some strengthening and stability exercises as accessory work, which would be a good opportunity to get some press variations in. Luis - Yes, those days will work! Luis - Using a belt is more of a personal preference. You can use one if you feel you need it, but I would avoid it if you feel like you don't.

Lachlan - treat it as a set and try makaing the correction on the next set. If you continue to repeat missed reps one after the other, it does't give your body a real chance to recover from the set. Right here Greg Everett. Kevin - Most ab exercises are great for weightlifting as supplemental accessory work. One of my personal favorites would be weighted planks.

Ronald - the workouts will take anyware from hours. John - A few of the older programs have small metcons included. But these programs only focus on olympic weightlifting to increase overall strength in the snatch and clean and jerk. You can add in some extra accessory work. James - Yes, those will work! Ciao - You want to take as many sets as you need to warm up. There is no set way to do this because it is different for everybody.

Really to work with a qualified PT or similar professional. Some basics would be beginning with a lot of unilateral work using slow eccentrics and plenty of cross friction massage, and gradually reintroduce bilateral squatting with light weight while continuing slow eccentrics and maintaining regular unilateral work never stop that.

Don't return to normal training until the tendinitis is gone and you've re-established strength balance. Britany - You can still do this program, but you won't see as good of results as you would without doing leg intensive exercises on top of the program.

It will still certainly help you with your lifting. Haley - there are a few options. I would recommend the Risers, Waves and positions cycle. You can find that here. Bethany - you want to make sure to reset between each rep.

Yes that's fine as long as you're also doing some kind of pulling from the floor during that 4-week period. Free Snatch Manual When you join our newsletter! Shop Catalyst Athletics Books. No, it's not WordPress. Add Comment. Coach, thanks for posting this. Thank you. Jared ray. Looks great, coach!! Just to make sure, when you say "5x3", do you mean 5 sets of 3 reps? That's always confused me Jared - Yes, 5 x 3 is 5 sets of 3 reps.

Yes 5x3 means 5 sets of 3 reps. You may also see it written x3x5. It means the exact same thing but it includes the load. That confuses a lot people. Thanks Greg! Do you consider Pull ups to be "beach work" or supplemental? For a super heavyweight, If I can knock out strict pull ups, should that be a daily, 2x weekly, or never supplemental activity?

Maybe its worth generalizing that once a lifter can do "X" pull ups, its not that helpful to keep doing them, or do pull ups not correlate well to weightlifting I hope I don't sound like a total noob when I say this, but ummm, where is the conditioning part of this program?

Or is it something that we have to add in ourselves? Thanks for posting this up Greg. I've tried some of your other workouts, but as I'm obviously new to o-lifting, I've had "issues" with the loads, as I 1 don't really know my 1RMs, and 2 my technique on full lifts still lacks so much that the prescribed loading on fragment exercises doesn't really feel challenging enough.

Will try to stick with this one and get my lifts better developed! I imagine you should manage the conditioning stuff, yourself ;. When you say use the same weight, do you mean for the day or for the week? Thanks Use the same weight for all sets of a given exercise, e. I want to do this routine plus Mainpage CrossFit to get in some conditioning. I am also going to be doing some running for an upcoming half marathon and I have BJJ practice 4 thimes a week. Should I run it as written or scale it back some?

A lot of really strong guys I know do CrossFit I like your program because it doesn't have any bench I used to bench a lot , but it's not very functional right?

Greg, Thanks for this and all the great info you put out for free. I love this program and am just about to go out for day 3. But I wonder if you could share some thoughts on someone doing the power snatch when the full snatch is still not a well-engrained movement pattern. Would it be more helpful for someone like me to instead of training power snatches, just do more snatching in order to get the proper motor pattern down for catching it at the bottom? MIchael - What Steve said. If you're really struggling, instead of power snatches, you can do high or mid-hang snatches at the same weight you'd be doing power snatches with, focusing on pulling down under the bar.

This will keep things light on those days as desired and let you work on one of your weaknesses. That said, even with power snatches, you should be focusing on pulling down hard and punching under the bar the same way you do in the snatch. Your are probably right I'm doing too much. I will dial the CF back to only five days a week. Curious, I have programed back squats twice a week, and over head and front once a week. Are you front squatting twice a week to work on the cleans catching in the hole, or the explosiveness to catch and drive?

Why not the heavy back squats twice a week? Is the "heavy single" a 1RM? Nice article but i must be missing some things. Where's the conditioning program that goes with this? Why abdominal work every day?

Brandon Green. Coach I have pain in my shoulders and drop the bar though the weight is low what can I do to improve? Hi yea like guy said I drop the weight at bottom though its light is it my flexability and wat could do I do. When there is more than 1 rep per set are you supposed to control it on the way down then reset and do another rep or can you drop it from the top guiding it down, nothing crazy?

Greg, about to ramp on with the above program prior to following your main site program, from my oly garage set up in a small town by the beach in Australia. Quick Q - would it be too much to program in a sand dune hill sprint sessions once or twice a week in addition to some chins etc. I'm able to split sessions every training day when required.

As per previous comments thank you for making your programming available online. Greg, I am new to your site, but like what I see. I am not so sure about what to do with supplemental exercises or beach work. Also what is the benefit to doing this, is it strength or size? Deadlifts - Do you believe they are necessary with this program?

Greg, I've just started weightlifting at 37 years old. I've had some coaching and plan to go back when finances and time permits. In the meantime, I have my garage set-up. Would you recommend for someone at my age- where learning curve is longer, recovery not as quick, to focus on just learning the snatch? If I should focus just on the snatch, how would you modify the starter program? Greg - Thanks for the "intro" program. I've recently decided to transition to the olympic lifts from the "power" lifts.

At this point strength in the lifts is not a concern of mine, only technique. I'm having difficulty with the receiving position of the clean finding the groove without shattering a clavicle. Any suggestions? Hey Greg and thanks for this intro. I have been doing crossfit for quite some time but for the upcoming months I want to get a lot stronger so thinking about changing the workouts. Im thinking about following this program and then move over to the daily workouts.

However I wonder if it is too much to also incorporate stronglift 5x5 program one of the excercises per day? Would that be beneficial or is it best to just stick to the workouts posted here for best strength gains?

Thanks for all of this great information Greg. Squats, Presses, Deadlifts prior to attempting this starter program? What would you say the general rest period between sets is? Particularly on the 5x1 etc. Program looks great i'm excited to start tomorrow.

Anton Viberg. Thanks for this. I have followed some of your programs and have worked up to a body weight snatch at and a clean and jerk to Would you say that I am still a beginner and can I use this template but go by percentages or stay with it as is. I want to start over and focus strictly on form but not go to fancy adding lifts.

I currently only snatch,fs,squat,snatch from the hip, clean and jerk, jerk for the hip. Thanks for any input. Also I tend to dive on all my lifts and it drives me crazy. My power snatch is pushing and I don't think it should be like that.

James S. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this great starter program. After leaving CrossFit programming to start your Oly cycles I'm amazed at the gains that can be made when you slow things down. I'm itching to finish this last week up and get going with the Strength by Feel cycle. Coach, thanks for the programming! I've CFing since December with some exposure to oly lifts, can I jump right into the main programming or sould I run a month of intro to tighen up technique?

If i'm having difficulty with a movement should I post video in comments or the forum portion of the site? Shawn It would be good to run through this starter program before you jump into the main programing. Hey, just completed Week 1 of this program, and have to tell you I'm loving it so far. I've been a CrossFit athlete and coach for 3 years or so now and have been constantly frustrated by my plateau in Oly lifting.

Already noticed a huge difference just by shifting focus onto Oly lifting and fitting CF metcons around my lifting. Looking forward to posting some BIG pr's soon: Hey Coach, I started doing Oly style couple of month ago, I have a severe pain in my right elbow everytime I try to Lock! I been off gym of 5 days now trying to fix it, any tips or hints? I iced, I flossed, I stretched, I took Ibuprofen, there's still a slight pain if I squeeze my triceps near the elbow See a good chiro or manual therapist and get it fixed right.

Gregory L. When moving from one cycle to the next should there be a rest week. After completing the Starter cycle can I just start the Strength by Feel cycle? And after that cycle would I just start another cycle or rest a week first? Coach, thanks for posting this! I'm looking forward to following your program. I'm an exercise science major, hoping to work in the strength and conditioning field at the collegiate level. The Olympic lifts are certainly something I need to get dialed in, and this program looks great.

Just a few questions. I need to continue to work on my upper body due to my sport Javelin , both anterior and posterior. What days would you recommend inserting bench, rows, pullovers? Or is that something I should play by feel? Would you recommend any supplemental hamstring work like RDL variations or physio ball hamcurls? And last, what typically makes up your core routine? Thanks a lot! This says its a good program for people who have not done much lifting before.

What's a good "next program up" from this? The daily programming? Also, for core work, how much would be done? One from each heavy back, light back and situp variety? Coach, just curious when you say heavy singles how many sets should you do to lead up to your 1RM for the day, and then once you reach that RM how many sets of that RM should you do?

Last question still remains though, how many sets once we reach that RM for the day should we do? It was a blast, but it's time to add some structure to my training so I am starting this. With conditioning I have a few options at home. Between a skipping rope, kettle bell 60lb and a c2 rower, I have a number of ways to get my heart rate up, but I'm wondering if the rower is going to be too leg intensive to go along with this program.

I don't usually go too long m at the most or I do m intervals. Shawn Furbish. I just finished week one of the starter program, well kind of. I still cant go heavy over head due to a shoulder impingment issue which I'm nursing back to healthy.

So on heavy single day I did heavy front squat, heavy dead and some scap work. Any thoughts on modifications that would be beneficail to the program. I was thinking maybe Pendaly rows and good mornings but wasn't really sure on rep scheme. I think it will look like heavy single clean, no jerk, snatch grip heavy dead and heavy front squat.

Just needed to think logicly for a moment. Grant O'Brien. Thanks 1. I apologize if this queation was answered previously, but I was wondering if after week 4, does one take a deload week and then start up with week 1 again? Also, I appreciate y'all putting this program up, it has been super helpful! I heard power versions shouldn't be done unless you've learned how to properly pull under first, else you pick up the bad habit of overpulling.

So, considering this, if a beginner wants to do this program, should he do it as is with the power movements in them or should it be modified? Any opinions on this? What is the difference between the Clean Pull and the Snatch Pull? I've reviewed the videos in the exercise section and am having trouble understanding what the difference is and what the focus of each should be.

Steve Pan Thanks, that really helped clarify not only the pulls, but also the grip width for the snatch and the clean. Awesome website and the videos are great for viewing the exercises. Steve, Going off of Joanna's query, should the pulls be done with loads greater than our 1RMs of the full lifts or sub maximal?

I like this program. I normally lift 4 days per week with short conditioning afterward then one longer conditioning-only day and rest 2 days per week Wed and Sun.

How often do you recommend taking rest days with your program? Nevermind, I see now you left Fridays off the list, so I assume that is the only rest day. So only one day off? Is this also how your more advanced athletes schedule days off as well? I have found in the past that I tend to fatigue and not perform at my best without making myself take my 2 rest days. Any advice?

Sean V. Is there a general rule if how much of my 1RM I should use starting with this program and then how much to increase as I go along. Sorry if this has been answered I just couldn't find it. Steve Thanks. I definitely need to work on my technique. Do I warm up to the weight that I am going to use for all the sets or do I just pick a weight go with it? Example 5 x 2 really pertains to the working weight right? Whenever you prescribed more than 1 rep are these "touch n go" or "drop and reload"?

Example Snatch 5 x Snatch and Cleans we only squat them both when the weight is heavy forcing us down? Otherwise we catch in a power o0r whatever it takes to do it.

Unless specifies squat these are by feel right? Not every Clean or Snatch has to have squat right? Example Today I did Snatch the weight I chose was heavy for a squat snatch but I was able to power snatch was this wrong?

Hi i found this page from sweden when looking to learn the olympic lifts. Im gonna start this beginner routine but i have two question. I'm already accustomed to train 5 days a week. Is it possibile to do this? What can I do in the added day?

My work schedule only permits for two, maybe three days of lifting per week. Would the program still be beneficial as expanded to possibly a wk program? I am interested in starting this program, I just have a couple questions. I have recently just finished the Russian Squat Program, and have started the Masters Program with an added day in the middle of front squats, and I just I am considering just switching to your program.

My best lifts are a lbs clean and a snatch. I have been trying to correct form and not go up to heavy especially on the snatch. My squat is around for a double and for a single for front squats. I have recently moved to a gym in town that just got a good set of Olympic weights, so I plan on doing the lifts more frequently. I plan on starting your program with a 95 snatch and a clean and jerk, and then slowly progressing throughout the program, and really focusing on technique, while adding weight when it is programed.

How does that sound? I appreciate the help. Thanks Steve. I also just joined to forums and uploaded a training video too. Check it out man, my name is Scott Keefer. I will be going through the workout tab to pick one that looks good for my background. Thanks for a great site! Now my question. I still want to do CF times per week but want to know if I can go more with this beginning cycle.

My current plan is to do CF on the rest days, which is a huge change for me normally do 6X week. Is there something inherently wrong with doing a CF workout AND the beginning oly cycle on the same day? I get 5 different answers from 5 different people when I pose this question. Thanks for any suggestions. Hello I'm new here and I've been wondering what "beach work" means? Is it exercises like bench press?

Can I use either of these to get the bar overhead where the program lists "Clean and Jerk"? Thank you Steve. Is there a suggested guide of how many sets you should take to get to your heavy single? And secondly, is a "Heavy single" different to a "Max Lift"? Much obliged. Demoralising total fail. With overhead squats a my arms bend when I'm at the lowest point and 2 my chest folds forward when I cannot keep posture when the bar goes down.

Please help.. Should I stop snatches altogether until I perfect this exercise? Made progress and want to keep it going. Can I go back to week 1 of the routine whilst starting week5 or would that be regressing?

I'll use heavier weight than week 4.

Or would you recommend I pick a different cycle. Thanks again Steve, I can't get my head around the pulls snatch or clean. The form feels weird for one, but secondly as it is like an abridged version of the full lift should we be using far more weight?

I know it's light, I've just started. Dave K. Should I go as is or limit days? Quick background. Continued CrossFit at some good boxes and on my own. I'm a strong believer in fundational strength and want to continue it! Curt F.

Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches

Steve, You have been a great source of help with other questions I have had. If you don't mine me asking another, I appreciate it. In looking at this program, and moving the Wed to my Tue with Wed off Curt Fischer. Actually, I thought about this during the day.

I will make your Wed my monday. The work and rest days will be the same. Thanks again for the help. Louis G. What is the difference between snatch and power snatch?? In the monday and wednesgay workout, I start the exercices to the ground or to the hip?? Sorry for my english, I come from Quebec. What do you reccomend after this program is complete for someone getting ready for their first weightlifting meet?

Sorry if answered already. Billy H. Hey Coach, I'm looking for which program would best suit me as an athlete looking to get into competitive lifting.

I have been doing CrossFit for about 4 years and coaching for about 3 of those and have experience in Oly lifting, but still conisder myself a novice of an oly athlete and coach. I reviewed the Intermediate 2 cycle, but not sure if thats the route I should take or the starter program?

I'm a career firemen, smallest in the dept at BW of but oddly nowhere near the weakest, so I will still be doing CF wods regularly to maintain good conditioning, but with oly training in mind as to not overtrain or doing a metcon with similar work in the wod. Thank you and looking forward to getting in this book and learning some great stuff.

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IMG ; Our website uses cookies to improve user experience.Hi guys. It's meant to begin shifting their strength to be more in tune with weightlifting rather than more general lifting.

What I liked best was all the detailed programs, lift by lift, set by set, rep by rep, day by day, workout by workout. I will do microcycles where I put more emphasis in power and other in streng with the basics doing remainders with the olympic movements A strong hug and thank for your help: Takano covers the theoretical and practical issues, the biological and mathematical underpinnings, and provides a straightforward process for developing training programs with plentiful examples.

If there is no prescription it is sets x reps Steve Pan.