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Expanding Tactics for Listening - Test olhon.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Before playing the second section, lets talk 1 (2nd ed).pdf. Fun, natural-sounding recordings that reflect everyday situations. New follow-up listening and speaking activities for in-depth practice. Expanded 'Over to You'. Here are the audio files for Expanding Tactics for Listening, Third Edition. Click on a unit to download and listen to select tracks. You can also download all the.

Expanding Tactics For Listening Second Edition Pdf

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Tham khảo sách 'expanding tactics for listening second edition', ngoại ngữ, kỹ năng nghe tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và. The Expanding Tactics for Listening Test Booklet is designed for unit-by-unit evaluation of Before playing the second section, teachers should go over the instructions and .. Which issue is most important to each person?. Expanding tactic for listening third edition is also useful to help you in the Improve Your Skills: Listening & Speaking for IELTS (PDF +.

You should replace the dust bag with a new one. You should use the right paper size next time. You should use a bigger needle. You should use less ice next time. True 3. False 5. False 2. True 4. False 6. True Copyright c Oxford University Press. False Optional Activity Optional Activity 1. He sits in his chair and watches TV. Three times a week. In coffee shops. Over kilos. Praise 2.

Praise 4. Praise 5. Criticize 3. Criticize 6. Criticize Task 2 1. True 5. False 3. False Optional Activity 1. Getting Ready Task 1 1. False p. Old, New 3.

Old, New 5. New, Old 2. New, Old 4. Old, New 6. Old, New Task 2 1. Getting Ready 1. D Task 2 1. Agrees 2. Doesnt agree 3. Doesnt agree 4. Agrees 5. Agrees 6. Doesnt agree 7Copyright c Oxford University Press. Yes 2. Yes 5. Yes 6. Lets Listen Task 1 5. Channel 7: Question Time 1. Channel Tomorrows TV 2.

Channel 2: Eye on medicine 4. Channel 7: Sea Crazy 3. Channel The World That Wars 6. Channel 4: The Night Show Task 2 1.

Agree 3. Dont agree 5. Dont agree 6. Dont agree 2. Dont agree 4. Tactics For Listening Expanding1. True 6. True Answer Key Unit 11 Citiesp. They have great musicians. There are great buildings like the opera house. There are plenty of clubs and restaurants. It has a mixture of Chinese and Western culture. The water was so clean. There are lots of fun things to see. Montreal 2. Quebec City 3. Montreal 4. Montreal 5. Quebec City Task 2 1.

False 9Copyright c Oxford University Press. Tactics For Listening Expanding2. Published October 1st by Oxford University Press. More Details Tactics for Listening. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Expanding Tactics for Listening. Sam a. Where does each person want to work? Sylvester's 5. Sancken Automotive a. The Blue Room a.

Let's Listen Jenny is talking about her new business. What do they like about each business? Circle the correct answer. What does she think is important and not important? Listen and check 1' the correct answer. Let's Listell People are talking about local businesses. Muscles 4. Uncle Bob's a. She didn't rinse the dishes first. The volume is too low.

The memory is full. He didn't put in a CD. CD player a. Let's Listen People are describing their favorite gadgets and machines. What is the problem with each one?

Listen and circle the correct answer. She put in too many dishes. He forgot to turn it on. Dishwasher a. The batteries are dead. It's too dirty. The bulb is broken. Let's Listen People are having problems using these gadgets or machines.

He put in too much water.

Digital camera 4. It needs more film. He pushed the wrong button. She put in too much soap. Flashlight 5. He put in too much rice.

Expanding Tactics for Listening - Test Booklet.pdf

Rice cooker a. Which gadget is each person describing? Listen and write the correct letter. The CD is too dirty. She has a boyfriend. She is married. Pedro is intelligent. She is the speaker's best friend. She goes to parties all the time. She has brown hair. Susan 4. He is in law school. Laura is enthusiastic. Jack a. She is in good shape. He's shy. Ellen a. He's fun. He sits in the corner.

Laura a. She is single. She eats lunch with the speaker. Let's Listen People are talking about their friends and classmates. Mona is caring. Frank is honest. Let's Listen People are talking about how their friends have changed. Arthur is informed.


Russell 5. He's a rock star. What is each person like now? She has green hair. He's always telling jokes. Let's Listen The host of a cooking show is explaining how to make a banana split. Don't eat the banana split while it is cold. You need strawberry sauce. You need chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce. Add three scoops of chocolate ice cream. Eat the banana split right away. You need a very small bowl. Add two scoops of chocolate ice cream.

Add one scoop of chocolate ice cream. You need a big bowl. Cut the banana into two long pieces. Cut the banana into many small pieces. Let's Listen People are describing different kinds of food. What ingredients do the people mention? Do not cut the banana. Wait an hour before eating the banana split. Listen and circle the correct information. You need three bananas.

You need a plate. Does the information in the chart describe their old place or their new place? What kind of place does each person need?

Let's Listen People are talking about housing. Let's Listen People are talking about why they moved to a different place. The appliances are old. Let's Listen People are complaining to their landlord.

The neighbors are noisy. The kitchen is too small.

The neighbor's TV is too loud. The CD player is broken. The walls are too thin. There isn't an antenna. The toilet is dirty. Does the landlord agree to help the people? The roof leaks. What problem does each apartment have? Let's Listen People are complaining about their apartments. The neighborhood is dirty. The toilet is noisy.

The TV is too small. The bathroom is too small.

The kitchen is too hot. The TV reception is poor.

What qualities are they talking about? Bill b. The man refuses the invitation. D 0 The woman accepts the invitation. Let's Listen People are giving invitations. D D The woman accepts the invitation. Nora's roommate a. Daniel e. Allison c. Let's Listen People are describing their friends.

He invites her to go for a drive. The invitation is for Monday. Jeff d. Listen and check I' the correct answer. Tonight's guest is a singer. The program is on channel The program is on tonight. Passion Hospital. Who Wants a Million Dollars. Let's Listen Announcers are talking about this week's television programs. It's a sports program. The program is on in the afternoon. The program is a talk show. What kind of program are they talking about? The program is a sitcom.

The program is on channel 6. The program is on at 9 p. Let's Listen People are discussing television shows.

Before Columbus. The program is on Saturday. The program is a game show. The Jerry Stinger Show. The Jeffermans b. The program is a documentary. Let's Listen Julie is talking about her trip to California. Let's Listen People are talking about cities they visited on vacation. Are these statements about San Francisco or Los Angeles? What did they like about each city?

The people seem to be in a hurry. The people are more relaxed and friendly. It's sunny and warm every day. You have to drive everywhere. There are a lot of buses and trains. West Beach a. Mackinaw a. Let's Listen Paul is talking about how his hometown has changed. What change or improvement do the people suggest for each city? Let's Listen People are talking about their cities. What was it like before? What is it like now?

Glen Cove 4. Clinton Hill 5.

Belleville a. Mother's Day 2. What did they do? Let's Listen People are talking about their birthdays. Which day are they talking about? Halloween 5. Valentine's Day 3. New Year's Eve 00 2. Christmas 4. Let's Listen People are describing holidays and special events. Let's Listen People are describing things they have just bought. How much did they cost? Where were they made? What clothes are they wearing now?

Let's Listen People are talking about how they changed the way they dress. Let's Listen People are talking about their preferences. What topic are they discussing? Do they agree? Bess Carter To: CQII l. J Mic. Listen to the phone conversations and complete the message pads.. Let's Listen Deborah is listening to messages on her voicemail.. Expanding Tactics for Listening.. Your order has arrive. How does each caller sound?

Student Book (Expanding)

They ordered more food.. She called her mother. How did each person feel? They paid the bill. Let's Listen Emily is describing what happened to her last weekend. Her friend asked to borrow some money. She realized her wallet was missing.

Let's Listen People are talking about things that happened to them. In what order did these events happen? Listen and number the sentences. Will they visit these places? What does each person want to do?

Let's Listen Mr. Washington are talking about their vacation plans. People are talking about vacations they want to take. Naomi says she thinks Freddy is ugly. Lazy Freddy is dating Naomi Cox. Let's Listen Listen to the entertainment news program Super Hollywood. Freddy might date Naomi in the future. Romantic messages about Naomi were on the band's website.

What kind of reports are they? Let's Listen These are the beginnings of news reports. Lazy Freddy is a member of Frog Express. Let's Listen People are giving opinions about schools and education. They can do other interesting things after school. What reason do they give for each opinion?

They teach students about the real world. Listen and check v' 00 the correct answer. They should learn where their food comes from. All children should get a good education. Let's Listen People are giving their opinions. Some people are better at taking tests than others. She published her first collection of poetry. She left her husband. How did she become famous? Number the sentences. When did these events happen? Listen and write the years.

Let's Listen People are talking about the anthropologist Mary Leakey.

expanding tactics for listening teacher's book

She was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. She married the archeologist Louis Leakey. She made her first important discovery. She published her first novel. She took her first creative writing class. She was born in Chicago. She discovered the footprints of ancient humans. She was born. Let's Listen A doctor is talking to his patients about nutrition. What does each person eat? What advice does he give each person?

Let's Listen People are talking about their eating habits. He loves Nancy. Let's Listen People are talking about predicaments. His eggs exploded in the microwave. How does each person feel? Let's Listen Will is talking about his predicaments. He stole his friend David's car.

He lost his friend Michael's sweater. He forgot to do his homework. Which issue is most important to each person? Let's Listen People are talking about global issues. Many people think the suburbs are safer than the city. The suburbs are always safe. Let's Listen A professor is talking about why people move from the city to the suburbs. People often have less free time in the suburbs.

Many people think people in the suburbs are rude. AIDS 4. There is nothing to do in the city. False 5. Los Angeles 1. Let's Listen 1. Before 5. Not important 5. Before 4. True 5. Don't agree 2.

Let's Listen Unit 2 Test New place 2. Agree 3. Let's Listen 2. New place 3. Before Old place 1. New place 1. Dislikes 4. Let's Listen 3. Let's Listen Unit 12 Test 1. Don't agree 1. True 1. San Francisco 2. True 3. Now 2. Let's Listen 4. False 4. Let's Listen Old place 2. Important 5. France 1. Important 4. Dislikes Unit 8 Test 3.

Likes 1. Now 1. False 1. The us. San Francisco 5. Los Angeles 4. True 4. Likes 5. False 2. Italy 2. False 3. Important 1. Likes Unit 13 Test 1. Agree 1. Let's Listen Unit 3 Test 2. Smith Company: Smith Bank 1. Disappointed 2. Apologetic 2. Angry 3. Disappointed 1.

Let's Listen From: True Answer Key. Let's Listen Message: Your order has arrived. Let's Listen I. Agree From: Susan Company: Healthy Planet Unit 21 Test Phone number: Agree 5. True Unit 18 Test 2. Chef Michael 2. Bess Carter 5. Frightened 2. Don't agree 4. Apologetic 1. True 2.

Tactics for Listening 3rd Edition Expanding Class Audio CD 3

True Unit 19 Test 2. Embarrassed Unit 23 Test 3. Yes 4. Pleased 1. Call her back 3. Embarrassed 1. Yes 5. Pleased 2. No Unit 24 Test 3. Yes 1. Unit 16 Test Unit 20 Test 1.There isn't an antenna. Let's Listen Paul is talking about how his hometown has changed.

The only place I bring it to is Sancken Automotive.

Let's Listen Old place 2. Mother's Day 2. Tim was a student in Mrs.