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The mysterious Fountain at the foot of the Old Oak (facing page 74). Notre-Dame . Thanks to him, the Gothic cathedral has yielded up its secret. And it is not. In the fabled alchemist Fulcanelli left his remarkable manuscript Fulcanelli and the Alchemical Revival: The Man Behind the Mystery of the Cathedrals. Fulcanelli (fl. s) was the name used by a French alchemist and esoteric author, whose . Le Mystère des Cathédrales (The Mystery of the Cathedrals), written in and published . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Fulcanelli Mystery Of The Cathedrals Pdf

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Apr 6, The Mystery of the Cathedrals, Fulcanelli pdf olhon.info archivos_pdf/olhon.info This one was. various sources, Fulcanelli, J.R. Glauber, Grimm's fairy tales, Jung, and Fulcanelli relates in his, Mystery of the Cathedrals, that the cross is a hieroglyph in. May 9, On out cathedrals the scenes of the Last Judgment show grimacing (12) Cf. Fulcanelli, Le Mystere des Cathedrales (The Mystery of the.

We know what it costs to exchange the diplomas, the seals and the parchments against the humble coat of the philosopher. We had to drink empty, at twenty-four years old, this chalice with its bitter breuvage. The heart injured, ashamed of the errors of our youth, we had to burn our books, to confess our ignorance and, modest neophyte, to decipher another science on the benches of another school In the same way, it appears logical that he should be sought among the chemists, even the eminent physicists of his time!

On another side, it would be advisable not to forget that, if allusions to the color violet were frequent in the work of Raymond Roussel:" lys d'or du drapeau violet" pp. If one refers to the idea that the blazon of the Master must be analyzed such as a "rebus", the letter "J" formed by the tail of the hippocampus would then seem to "violate" the champagne of the ecu, this one being able to suggest moreover the letter "V".

This one wished to publish this quite strange history in a collection of more or less fantastic testimonies but in which was to appear the name of their authors.

Claude Seignolle however gave up to the temptation to publish this story, on the condition of remaining in most strict anonymity. Maisonneuve et Larose. The journalist Henri Rode interviewed him on this subject in the first issue of the magazine Le Grand Albert: "I travelled to Spain, did he confess, not far from Seville, where I was the host of friends having a beautiful residence with terrace and double staircase with a view on the park.

I smelled immediately Fulcanelli in the environment. A pony and two greyhounds accompanied them. But, after one of these long nights of work which I am used to, the discovery that I made still appeared more persuasive me: in a large alley with a dense foliage, a young woman, a queen, was walking towards me, carrying the collar of the Golden Fleece and followed by a duenna.

All that very sharp, very luminous. The young woman made me a hot sign with head, and I was sure that Fulcanelli blew me: ' Do you recognize me? That she was a close relative of the Adept, appeared thus in such a clothing?

Neville Spearman, Jersey , that it was about an "initiatory" phenomenon as during a chamanic trance and symbolizing moreover here perfectly the hermetic archetype of the Androgynate!

At all events, the extraordinary character covered by these experiments reported by Eugene Canseliet deserves well a little interest. Besides he provides other details during various later talks. He says on this subject in Le Feu du Soleil with R. J-j Pauvert : "He Fulcanelli is not there any more. It is on the earth, but it is the terrestrial Paradise. What does he do now?

I did not see anything.


It came to see me where I worked, at the laboratory, and I saw him once, I saw him twice. I am impressed so much by what this worthy relic represents, that I do not dare to reveal the existence What to do about it?

Paul LaViollete. Lawlor remembered that LaViolette had some good theories concerning a disaster from the center of the galaxy. As came to an end I was satisfied that the work was going as desired. My discoveries had been momentous and I was really very happy.

Perhaps the happiest I have ever been. Using Fulcanelli as our guide we visited Hendaye, photographed and measured the Cross at Hendaye I was thankful that it really did exist! At that time I had decided that I finally had enough material to write a book about the Cross at Hendaye, Fulcanelli and my surreal experiences.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I could see why Robert Lawlor was a big supporter of LaViolette and his works. Showing the book to Jirka he became excited also and asked me to invite Dr. LaViolette to the conference.

What happened when Dr. While I had asked Paul to talk about his theories from his book, Beyond the Big Bang, he wanted, instead, to lecture about his new book, Earth Under Fire. I relented to this even though I had never seen his new book. Over the course of the next two and a half hour lecture Dr.

LaViolette answered many of the last problems posed by the mystery of the Cross at Hendaye. Using empirical scientific evidence Dr. LaViollete revealed that there was a periodic explosion from the center of the galaxy depositing iridium on the surface of our planet.

Showing us ice samples taken from Greenland, he revealed how these iridium deposits fall in 26,year layers suggesting that the pulse from the center of the galaxy is somehow linked to the precession of the equinoxes. He showed how the stinger of the constellation Scorpio and the arrow of the constellation Sagittarius were pointing at the center of the galaxy. He unveiled the fact that the vast amount of iridium coming from the explosion of the center of the galaxy would eventually coat the surface of the sun and cause it to explode like a T-Tauri Star.

I was limp by the time the lecture ended. Jirka and I sprang out of our seats running up to LaViolette asking him questions about alchemy and Fulcanelli.


But LaViolette knew little about alchemy and nothing about Fulcanelli. I now knew that the star on the pedestal of the Cross, which sits behind the sun, was the symbol for the explosion from the center of the galaxy. I also knew that the center of the galaxy is the dark sun of the occult, the dark goddess of mythology and was probably the basis for the myth of Isis, who bore our sun as her son.

The mythologies of Egypt, India and Tibet began to make more sense to me also as I placed them in the context of four ages, the precession of the equinoxes and the disaster from the center of the galaxy.

I would Produce and Direct the film and we would make it available to the world so that everyone would know about this incredible information. Excited, I retired to my mountain house and spent the summer of writing and rewriting the screenplay for Earth Under Fire. Also surprised by this synchronicity, he agreed to let me read the translations as they were being done. It was then that I discovered that the pedestal of the Cross at Hendaye was really a representation of the Cube of Space.

The vertical column was the symbolic representation of the space between our solar system and the center of the galaxy, which was represented by the cross on the top of the monument at Hendaye. This place would be a refuge against the onslaught of a celestial disaster perhaps the one that LaViolette had discovered in his research.

The erection of the Great Cross was also the erection of the Cube of Space. Knowing my multidimensional physics I realized what this meant.

The angles of the inner cube were lining up with the angles of the greater cube. This meant that a significant moment in the sacred geometry of our solar system and the relationship to the center of the galaxy was about to occur.

Jirka agreed with me that Sullivan might be able to assist the investigation as least as far as the Peru material was concerned. In another one of the weird synchronicities that runs through the course of this research, I also met Dr.

Juan del Prado who was traveling with William Sullivan. Del Prado is an archeologist at the University of Cusco. Over a glass of wine, we talked about the long and sordid history of Peru. During , he accepted the sons of Ferdinand de Lesseps as students and in two more students: Jules Boucher and Gaston Sauvage.

The Sword in the Stone: Fulcanelli reveals the Secret of the Cathedrals

In , Fulcanelli relocated to 59 rue Rochechouart where he allegedly succeeded in transmuting base metals into gold. As Fulcanelli describes in a strange letter he kept as a talisman about the completion of the Great Work - by someone who is presumably Basil Valentine - he also mentions his own wife: " When my wife told me the good news" and " Every attempt to find him failed.

In August , American G-2 Army Intelligence asked Jacques Bergier to contact a certain Army major who was in charge of the operation of searching for German research reports on atomic energy. The major, whose identity was apparently anonymous, or simply forgotten, wanted to know the whereabouts of Fulcanelli. Bergier could not say and the army major seemed satisfied Fulcanelli could not be found.

According to Fulcanelli, nuclear weapons had been used before, by and against humanity. According to Neil Powell, the following is a translation of the original verbatim transcript of the rendezvous: "You're on the brink of success, as indeed are several others of our scientists today.Besides beginning to read everything I could on the history of Peru I now had something that would allow me to show that the research had actually accomplished something.

Grey or the fasting man. Perhaps the happiest I have ever been.

Fulcanelli follows this pattern and his fourth chapter focuses on the literal symbolism of the cross as the basic plan for all gothic churches. Maisonneuve et Larose. The erection of the Great Cross was also the erection of the Cube of Space. At that time I intended to publish something on the subject, and he made me believe he could help me; he had connections.

Somehow the cross, the anhk, became a stone, and not just any stone, but the rejected stone which became the headstone of the corner, the support on which Jesus built his church. The angles of the inner cube were lining up with the angles of the greater cube.

In short, expose yourself to as much Ormus as possible.