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of the Sin-Eaters among their ranks (it's only natural), but wasn't too .. Werewolf the Forsaken, Mage the Awakening, Geist the Sin-Eaters, Book of Spirits and. Geist: The Sin-Eaters - It's a story that begins with death -- with your death. PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Standard) Geist has been fully re-edited to include the latest errata and then developed again to insure that. Geist the Sin-Eaters - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

Geist The Sin Eaters 1.1 Pdf

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A. Geist: the Sin-Eaters (WW): The revised edition – aka Ver. – is in use in the global chronicle. B. Book of the Dead (WW). 1. Geist: The Sin-eaters is property of White Wolf/CCP/Onyx Path Publishing. Initial Concept and that a “Geist “ PDF had to be released. Unfortunately it did. Geist: The Sin-Eaters Rulebook is the core rulebook for Geist: The so a "Geist " edition was released in PDF and print on April 30,

He sees her what I said was stupid. The doorknob was scalding hot. You finally got yourself a bunch of like-minded folks. Her mask is back on. Their mother was a drunk many years ago. Because when I go they got theories. Guess one of them was a PCP freak. I love you too much. I love Mom. Cason tenses.

Drinking rum makes you feel alive. And right then. The van slows to a stop. Cassie with her Red Cason blanches. I loved her. Hate for it to be this way. Me and the Surgeon.

But I hated her. Then he put it on But death. The Seamstress tells me what the right path is. You should see it. You bring salt? I never forgave her. A husky girl climbs out the back: To feel alive again. Both with new friends that right? On the side. No stone yet. Cason thinks he sees a colorful decal of the Cason and Cassie sat playing in the other room: Cason grumpily Grim Reaper surfing a crystal blue wave.

Van smoke too late. A wind kicks up. Cason turns. Cason sees a mulberry-colored conversion van slide that her bottle was unmercifully empty. Still has some of the became: You ask someone so nice. Not like the dry.

His bright blue-and-red Superman T-shirt stands her kids. Kelley Barnes-Hermann. Matt Heslin. Charles Ethan Skemp. Craig S Grant. Freder- Ingham. Matt K Smith. David Martin. Kat Burress. Check out White Wolf online at http: Elgin Howell. Brad Allbritton. Eloy Lasanta. Steve Alan Alexander. All rights reserved. Mage the Awakening. Matt Karafa. Chuck Wendig. Chris Simmons. Vampire the Requiem. Storytelling System. Richard Pellegrino.

This book uses the supernatural for settings. Dawn Andrews- Joseph Carriker. David Bounds. Jess Hartley. Craig S Grant Interior Art: Joel Biske. John Olvey. Craig Henderson. John Snead. Rodney Eslinger. Matthew McFarland. Federico Piatti. Jamie Jackson. All characters. Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden. Frank Frey. White Ethan Skemp Creative Director: Richard Thomas Editor: Werewolf the Forsaken.

Eddy Webb. All mystical and supernatural elements are fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only. John Newman. Jesse Heinig.

Michelle Webb. Wood Karpinecz. Aileen E. Credits Initial Concept and Design: Russell Bailey. Andrea Developer: Geist the Sin-Eaters.

Jeff Holt. John Wigley Cover Design: Craig S Grant Keys: Luke Boswell. Stephen Carpenter. Josh G. Matthew Travis Stout. Laura Jackson. Joshua Smart.

Coz Koniotis. John Chambers. Aaron Voss. Anwen Walters. Alan Alexander. Zack Burk. Martin Written By: Kyri Koni- otis. Malcolm Sheppard. Jason Bolte. Jennifer Frison. Adam Maxwell. Lori Karpinecz. Reader discretion is advised. Justin Norman. Richard Thomas. Brian Wade. Eddy Webb and Chuck Wendig Eslinger. Character Creation. At the Cemetery Gate Descent to the Underworld Let me. The voice rushes in my ears. IntroductIon I nod. I see the three men in front of me. It feels like when I died.

The stillness is rising up in me. I am between heartbeats. The Caul is over my eyes — shapeless. My pulse has stopped. Everything goes slow. I realize that my watch has stopped: I can feel the cold metal back against my wrist. Its fingers rest on my shoulders.

My fear is down there.

You can see ghosts menace them and their loved ones. Enter the Sin-Eater. By moving to assist the ghost. They stand with one foot left unfinished. Hunger is a warning of the death of starvation. Each geist thirsts to achieve things the path of transition.

The catch is that the thing offering that new life What is a second chance worth? And how do you is not a god. This is the question all Sin-Eaters are asked just unable to pass on from its state unless someone by virtue of the Bargain: If you almost died —if you did die.

And when its offer On the broadest scale. Among the many aspects of death as a theme conjuring phantasms. Even in the traditional Tarot you need to do. And you have a second lifetime to do what speaks of a threshold. The geist within you can it through countless metaphors.

You have power. A ghost is trapped in repetition. They may cross wrongs from its life. As an extension of this theme. How would you spend your second in their own way. They carry geists inside them. They are the Sin-Eaters. We speak of it in terms of poltergeist strength. Geist is a game about their stories. With inevitably asked: The Sin-Eaters are born when they die. But what mortals are worth ment of oblivion that lasts for moments and seems the intercession?

Which of the restless dead need to last forever. Theme and something unlike one. He may want to protect others from a too. And yonder all before us lie Deserts of vast eternity. It may wish to avenge or set right on either side of the boundary. Each Bound has two sets some cost. In the World of Darkness. The shadow of the Reaper is what gives life meaning.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters Rulebook

But humanity all around him — and you can hear their pleas for deals with death in countless ways. And in a pause. Nothing informs life more than the shadow of death. The Sin-Eaters. Not undead. The offer has come from a geist. To some being to another. Each appetite that sustains a living being is a counter- reaction to the inevitable end.

As Of course. New York City. The protagonists are alive. At the Cemetery Gate discusses the set. A film about people who buy. Some act with desperation. The multitudes of the dead are your and culture. Death surrounds you sort of thing Sin-Eaters cannibalize for their ceremonies wherever you look.

Six Feet 11 the Great Below. The Trip of a Lifetime. But you are alive. But they Non-Fiction are alive. A somewhat This is the emotion that fuels the Bound. The information is loosely vividly surreal supernatural concepts. The trappings of a ghost one-shot or an extended chronicle. A number of Storytell. An interesting meditation on fates averted or stolen. Whisperer all blend the theme of character development James is hailed as one of the truly great authors of the ghost story.

Chapter Three: Systems elaborates on the peculiar rules Intacto. Introduction Mood The mood of a Geist chronicle is informed by morbidity. Television Appendix One: Geist is informed by Dia del los Muertos and Carnivale. Dead Like Me. The follow- out pageants of wrath and revenge or a grim. A well-made look at what deathsight brings of Darkness. Sources and Inspiration world. Rum Is the Drink the Dead Like Best that explains and celebrates our very human tendency to and this Introduction are snapshots.

The titular ghosts have the sort of iconic also find the Manifestations and ceremonies they use to status that befits a geist.

Storytelling is designed to help the Sto. And Appendix Two: The Modern Gomorrah offers but not shackled to it. Character Creation outlines the process toward the dead. A human-inducted- for your game. A true ghost Bound.

Sequels optional. And like many people around the history that engenders many a ghost. You have died. A memento made from the anchor of a ghost. Slang term for a freshly dead ghost. Take your pick.


Refers Depths. A lesser form of memento. Any of the games in the Persona series may interesting deaths. Another term for Sin-Eaters. Persona 3. A place where the wall between the living one city. Another term for a small. Formal plural is Geister. A bizarre form of ghost. Not about the mythic some interesting ideas for Thresholds. Avernian Gate: Another term for a cenote. L exicon Aspect: The archetypal name and nature of a geist.

The moment of death and rebirth deathmask: A memento forged from the remains where the geist bonds with its mortal host to create of a destroyed geist. Usually revealed through the course of of a morgue.

A classic. Autochthonous Depths: The highest and most shallow region of the Underworld. Dead Dominion: A subregion within the Lower Mysteries of the Underworld. A classical term for the Autochthonous Bound. Another euphemism for the Bargain.

An extended meditation on death. A particularly large and formal Sin- Codex: A cache of lore and secrets recorded by a Eater gathering. Video Games Strong inspiration for the theme of descent in an Grim Fandango. A common term for a Sin-Eater gathering. The largest and most influential type griever: Slang term for a human who still remembers of krewe.

The average murder mystery is contribute interesting visual designs for a geist. And of course. A krewe large enough to have several cliques within itself.

Haunts and Avernian Gates. Great Below: Another term for the Underworld. One of the legendary rulers of the Un- world. The five archetypal figures of Sin-Eater mythol- Sacrosanct: A Sin-Eater that strives against his fellows out ogy and symbolism that represent the five Thresholds. Ancient guardians of the Underworld, bound Sin-Eater: A human being who has died temporarily and and dedicated to enforcing the Old Laws or punishing returned to life, or suffered a near-death experience, and transgressions against them.

The name refers to the implied burden of the sins of the dead, as well Key: A supernatural affinity for a particular aspect of as the potential duty to serve as a medium. The measure of psychic unity between a Bound keystone: A memento specific to one particular geist, mortal and geist.

A classical term for the Lower Mysteries. A group of Sin-Eaters united by a common purpose. Usually ritually bound as well, which allows them certain Threshold: An informal term for a cenote. Twilight Network: The eclectic network of coded and underground communications Sin-Eaters use to keep in Lower Mysteries: The deeper, less accessible portion of touch with one another.

Underworld, the: The realm of the dead. A geist that is not bound to a mortal host. An object steeped in the power of death, able Upper Reaches: The Autochthonous Depths. Also called memento mori by more formal Vacant: A former Sin-Eater who has been severed from Sin-Eaters. A memento associated with a person, place, vanitas: A memento crafted deliberately by a Sin-Eater. A gathering of Sin-Eaters for the express purpose of ofrendas: Offerings to the dead.

Old Laws, the: A code of rules that governs the Under- Wretched, the: Bound that have been brought back from world; laws that govern interaction with the dead. Kept by death one time too many, serving as empty shells for their the Kerberoi.

The immaterial pseudo-matter of which ghosts are yellowbones: Slang term for a particularly old ghost. Monica reached it over to him as he slid down into a crouch in the circle. There was room on the sofa next to her, but you had to admire Ali: Obits only going back a week, grievers still thinking about him.

Monica leaned over a bit. What you think I meant? Was it a Viking, Ali? A man driving on a deserted road late at night sees a girl standing on the shoulder. He stops to give her a ride — she tells him her car broke down and her boyfriend went to get help hours ago. They talk as they drive, about life and love, about holding on to people past their time. The man assures her that sometimes the best thing to do is to let go of them, to let them move on.

He tells the girl her father loves her very much, and that he will always remember her. As the car passes by a cemetery, the man looks over at his passenger only to find that he is alone in the car. There are more lost wanderers who need to be guided home. On a moonless night in the old churchyard, three men and two women gather with shovels and lanterns like bit players in a Frankenstein movie.

The man buried here was a very bad man in life. In death, he became even worse. The five are in agreement: There can only be an ending. One of them clutches a box of salt while the others begin to dig. They say the old van der Meer house at the end of the street is haunted. Old Man van der Meer was a sorcerer and a cannibal, they say, and his wife cheated on him with the Devil himself. He killed his father first, and then his mother. Then he stalked the servants through that maze-like old house and killed them all.

By one. As you stand outside the ruins of the old van der Meer house, the thing in your head whispers in the voice of a thirteen-year-old boy: Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Have you ever told a ghost story? Eat, drink, and be into the mirror in fear and secret hope that she merry, for tomorrow we die.

Stare oblivion in the might appear. Maybe even sitting around the table eye and spit in it. B with friends, telling shared stories of the unquiet dead.

We love ghost stories, and not just because they scare us — although the thrills are undeniably part of the fun. More than that, though, we love ghost stories because, in a perverse way, they give us orn With a Caul hope. One girl has an imaginary friend this life. It might not be the shining paradise our in childhood. A boy is committed At the same time, most ghost stories are strongly to a mental institution for increasingly-frequent panic colored by the fact that the ghost wants something.

It might be to see her children grow up Another is shunned throughout elementary school safe, or it might be to get her first novel published for being a creepy loner. The Sin-Eaters is a game about that kind death before the Bargain. We must be on you and sometimes it just starts happening one day and but cannot see you.

Gas is running low. Unlike, say, a vampire, whose first comfortable with the dead than the living. Pad- order to use, or she might be driven purely by a desire to ding her bank account is just an added boon. One Foot In the Grave know how this is possible. She might try to communicate with the dead in some way which, given that she lacks the full gifts of a Sin-Eater, is likely to be imprecise and prone to cause more trouble than it solves , try to help them resolve On a frozen lake, the ice suddenly cracks with the sound of a whatever keeps them here, or her actions might be motivated gunshot.

Burden[ edit ] The 2e replacement for Thresholds. Unlike the Thresholds, the Burden isn't about how you died so much as why you struck the Bargain.

Abiding[ edit ] These Bound died forgotten and insignificant, and return to life in order to leave a legacy that's more substantial than an unmarked grave. Bereaved[ edit ] They seek someone they lost.

That, someone, may be living, or they may be dead- either way, the Bereaved will tear the Underworld apart if it means they can be reunited with their loved ones.

Hungry[ edit ] You know the saying "you can't take it with you"? These guys heard that and decided that they'd just have to come back for their stuff instead. Kindly[ edit ] Bound who died before they could put right some wrong they committed and came back to make amends for it.

Vengeful[ edit ] The name says it all, really. The Vengeful blame someone for their wrongful death and want to get even. Archetypes[ edit ] For Geist, the "class" splat is your Archetype, aka how your death changed you. When a Manifestation is used in such a way it requires no Plasm, making it free to use but secondary effects still use Plasm.

Advocate[ edit ] Advocates are there to help spirits move on in life. The Virtuous do so to help a ghost to a better place while the Vicious do so to gain something out of it themselves.

Bonepicker[ edit ] Bonepickers seek to make their mortal lives as comfortable as possible by amassing large amounts of wealth and resources.

Virtuous Sin-Eaters do this so that they can help other people while the Vicious do so for selfish reasons. Celebrant[ edit ] Celebrants are the mandatory "they're totally not there just for sex, guys" splat. They embrace life and all the fun stuff it offers, seeking thrills and desires so that they can make the most of their return from the grave.

The Virtuous take a careful and moderate approach to their revels, while the Vicious are full-on Slaanesh tier. Gatekeeper[ edit ] Gatekeepers are the border watch between the worlds of the spirits and the living. Virtuous ones take a gentle but stern approach to keep newcomers out and drive out those who are already here while the Vicious take the violent and easy approach.

He tried to stop her, tried to get her to go He tells her he was alone with her when it happened. Up until now, lay back down, but she was adamant. Her trembling hand traced the lines and curves of confused.

A the sewing machine. Their mother put her foot on the wrought iron low whine came from the back of her throat. And then she died. She just… crumpled. He caught indefinable, even for them.

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The soul is a thing well beyond his her head before it hit the edge of the table. For as close as he understanding, despite his supposed insight. They always were strange children, he and his sister, able to see things — they could was to death, he said it surprised him. Death takes hold swiftly, always make the Ouija move, could always sense the cold spots and he explained: the skin goes swiftly gray.

The body stiffens. Not the dark shadows. Cason felt for a pulse and found nothing. It death. He watched them carry her place, back to the world of the living. It happened two more times, out in a black body bag. He opened the moldy, dusty curtains to just like that. Him holding her, her body ashen and still, and then: watch the hearse pull out of the long, gravel driveway. Then he sits quiet for a while, watching the trees pass outside as He tells her how, minutes later, when she had no more breaths to Cassie drives, fumbling with the bottle of old rum in his hands.

But soon, she speaks. Her skin had gone from gray This is what Cassie tells Cason: to yellow. Life, he says, is something altogether She tells him that their mother can go fuck herself. Ella grabs a bottle of Everclear, pours it onto the items, and sighs. She has souls to find. The Souls to punish. They go up. They burn. It stinks. The sandhogs — the moves. The bricks part. All without a sound.

They were their own people; a cult, really. And It works.

Out of mist and darkness, the gray ghost arrives. She is a woman, beautiful but for her rotten midriff. All she knew was that, when eyes. But her midsection… Ella shudders. The skin is rotten and she closed her eyes, she saw her: eyes missing, a tongue made of puckered, shriveling away from a pile of dusty guts ill-contained by book pages, hair done up in a tight swirl, and a moccasin-red rope a few meager webs of leathered flesh.

The ghost walks before her, but in a blink, appears behind her.

I find you beautiful, too. The Librarian. The second, a symbol that looked a bit like But I do. Stay with me. We can be together, for a time. She smells perfume and decay. A smell The Underworld. Need information. One by one, she pulls items out, naming them I have no information to give. Come with me, girl.

A copy of my favorite leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. I know who killed you. Shotgun blast J. Freeman As Herself, thank you very much — signed by Blume, to the stomach, I also know who the clumsy fools were who too. So, bonus. And finally, bones. Cat bones. Care to make a trade, then? He sees her what I said was stupid, so, yeah.For obvious reasons, this is a fate to be avoided.

Leaving aside these legends. Selected Option: Interactions with other beings in [ As with other power traits, it can be added to contested rolls against supernatural powers. The Keystone grants access to one threshold and two keys. Ella grabs a bottle of Everclear, pours it onto the items, and sighs.