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Manorama Office, Kozhikode. Unbound by convention, W creates stories about style through the lens of fashion, art, and film. Across platforms, W celebrates Today, the United States is a synthesis, or combination, of people from around All three Gama was the first European to reach India via this route.

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This present Circular subsumes all the press releases and circulars released by DIPP and it took immediate effect from August 28, This consolidation will remain in force until any amendment is made.

Most of all, his ascension showed that beneath the surface of what the elite had believed was a liberal syncretic culture, India was indeed a cauldron of religious nationalism, anti-Muslim sentiment and deep-seated caste bigotry.

The country had a long history of politically instigated sectarian riots, most notably the killing of at least 2, Sikhs in the streets of Delhi after the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards. The Congress leadership, though hardly blameless, was able, even through the selective profession of secular ideals, to separate itself from the actions of the mob. Modi, by his deafening silences after more recent atrocities, such as the killing of more than 1, people, mostly Muslims, in his home state of Gujarat in , proved himself a friend of the mob.

The high ideals of the past have come under his reign to seem like nothing but the hollow affectations of an entrenched power elite. He spoke of jobs and development.

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As India votes this month, the irony of those words is not lost on anyone. If you are not with Modi, then you are strengthening anti-India forces.

Hardly a month goes by without the nation watching agog on their smartphones as yet another enraged Hindu mob falls upon a defenseless Muslim. The response of leadership in every instance is the same: virtual silence.

Basic norms and civility have been so completely vitiated that Modi can no longer control the direction of the violence. Once hatred has been sanctioned, it is not always easy to isolate its target, and what the BJP has discovered to its dismay is that the same people who are willing to attack Muslims are only too willing to attack lower-caste Hindus as well.

On the one hand, he made opportunity for women and their safety a key election issue a report ranked the country the most dangerous place on earth for women ; on the other hand, his attitude and that of his party men feels paternalistic. Yet Modi also appointed a woman Defense Minister. If these contradictions are part of the unevenness of a society assimilating Western freedoms, it must be said that under Modi minorities of every stripe—from liberals and lower castes to Muslims and Christians—have come under assault.

Far from his promise of development for all, he has achieved a state in which Indians are increasingly obsessed with their differences.

If in he was able to exploit difference in order to create a climate of hope, in he is asking people to stave off their desperation by living for their differences alone.

A learning revolution

The incumbent may win again—the opposition, led by Rahul Gandhi, an unteachable mediocrity and a descendant of Nehru, is in disarray—but Modi will never again represent the myriad dreams and aspirations of Now he is merely a politician who has failed to deliver, seeking re-election.

Whatever else might be said about the election, hope is off the menu. I covered the election from the holy city of Varanasi, which Modi had chosen as his constituency, repurposing its power over the Hindu imagination, akin to that of Jerusalem, Rome or Mecca, to fit his politics of revival. In the West, the charge that liberalism, or leftism, corresponds to the power of an entitled elite is relatively new and still contestable.

In India, for decades to be left-wing or liberal was to belong to a monstrously privileged minority.

Until recently, there was no equivalent group on the right, no New England Republicans, no old-fashioned Tories. It was easy to feel that being left-wing was the province of a privileged few who had gone to university abroad, where they had picked up the latest political and intellectual fashions. He revealed that a powerful segment of the country was living in a bubble.

Nehru had always been clear: India was not going to become a modern country by being more authentically itself. Modi, inadvertently or deliberately, has created a bewildering mental atmosphere in which India now believes that the road to becoming South Korea runs through the glories of ancient India.

In Modi suggested at a gathering of doctors and medical professionals in Mumbai that ancient Indians knew the secrets of genetic science and plastic surgery. Modi now finds himself seeking to hold power in a climate of febrile nationalism, with a platform whose themes have much more to do with national security and profiting from recent tensions between India and Pakistan than with economic growth. Yogi Adityanath had not been the face of the campaign. If he was known at all, it was for vile rhetoric, here imploring crowds to kill a hundred Muslims for every Hindu killed, there sharing the stage with a man who wanted to dig up the bodies of Muslim women and rape them.

Modi has presided over a continuous assault on the grove of academe, where the unqualified and semiliterate have been encouraged to build their shanties.We trace the glorious legacy of the messiah of the downtrodden and highlight his contribution to the Constitution of India through the Tribute pages.

Today, the United States is a synthesis, or combination, of people from around Too many wrong 'uns Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari thundered during the break that the scribes would be bundled out for Unbound by convention, W creates stories about style through the lens of fashion, art, and film.

Their baby, Flipkart, is worth two times that of Tata Steel.

From the Archives Master Divider Once in a while in a nation's life, one man emerges from the shadows and shatters the idyll. Magazine January Strategies and Tools for Share This Rating The Indian democracy is experiencing a changing trend-focus on government with an increase in citizen participation.

Loses polls but becomes power node.