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It Started With a Friend Request book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A brand new love story and a story of friendship. About the Book: It Started with a Friend Request A brand new love story from the bestselling author of Few Things Left Unsaid and Thats the Way We Met!. It Started with a Friend Request is a true story which will make you believe in love His books have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Marathi.

It Started With A Friend Request Book

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It Started With a Friend Request [Sudeep Nagarkar] on olhon.info *FREE* shipping on Ships from and sold by Book Depository US. Reviews. Add to Cart. A romance essentially but It Started with a Friend Request is also Sudeep Nagarkar's third book is also about love and romance like his first. Why don't we feel the moment when we fall in love but always remember when it ends? Akash is young, single and conservative with a.

Please do not try to write. Even if you write, no problem. Don't publish it. Sudeep Nagarkar, the author of this fabulous sludge has won Youth Achiever's Award for writing in And I wondered if maybe he did offer his readers something.

If I could remove layers and layers of colorless drab, if I could look beyond some exceptionally uninteresting writing, maybe… just maybe I may find some content… that is making this author a hit. As I drowned myself in this pages of phenomenally unimaginative work in hopes of finding some content, I found myself being questioned b Sudeep Nagarkar, the author of this fabulous sludge has won Youth Achiever's Award for writing in As I drowned myself in this pages of phenomenally unimaginative work in hopes of finding some content, I found myself being questioned by my own conscience.

I mean, how does a story about few twenty year olds living pedantic and uneventful lives make it to the printing press and sell million copies? How can someone who is getting published be so boring and unimaginative that he uses WhatsApp forwards for quotes and allusions?

It started with a friend request is juvenile, dull and a lame novel. This guy makes Chetan Bhagat seem like Niel Gaiman. The only reason to buy this book should be to use it as a support for your wobbly table. I had high expectations from this book. To be succinct,I didn't like this book.

This is the first book of this author that I have read and I honestly know nothing about the book or author but I read the little bio of the author which was given in this book and by reading that, my bar of expectations had been set too far high and I thought this will be a great, enjoyable and smooth read but I was devastatingly disappointed. Sometimes I had to force myself to keep reading the book and not quite it mid way because i have to write a review for it.

This book was a result of the insecurities of female character and stretched misunderstandings and on purpose miscommunication between the main characters. This book had a few minor mistakes like an incomplete sentence or a sentence which would have a wrong word in it except what it should have had still, that's not really a big deal but some mistakes were a bit irritating and made me think "was it really necessary? Then there are the misunderstandings between the main characters which seemes very simple to solve but were stretched just for the sake of the story.

The story was just fine it wasn't really that exciting and the way he described one character and how he tells everything to his "friend" which is unknown for the most part of the story makes it obvious that it has some relation with the main character and this trick is used to create suspense in the story which it did but it wasn't the "how exciting, I wanna know what happens" kind of suspense, it was more if a "I know what's coming" kind of suspense and that killed the moment of surprise and shock which is at the end of the story when the "Relation of a the characters" is revealed.

Is this even a story? It's just another bollywood movie. With long texts and dialogues to read this book will definitely not fail in giving you mental and physical pain.

I thought this would be a good book seeing its popularity and everything. But its because of books like these with poorly written language and long boring dialogues I don't like Indian romance at all. All that so called love and "meri jaan" and crap was all very fake. Also the makeout sessions was super annoying as well A huge fa Is this even a story? Also the makeout sessions was super annoying as well A huge fail and a disappointment.

Please don't read and waste your time, go find another good book. I finished reading this book in less than an hour. Frankly, I did not find the characters well-etched out or with any depth in them.

The writing was pretty average as even a lay person would be capable of writing such. The narration of the incidents fails to evoke any sympathy or empathy for the characters.

It Started With a Friend Request

After a point, I was able to predict accurately how the story would unfold and how the characters would behave.

It looked more like a story picked put from the "Crime Patrol" series which fea I finished reading this book in less than an hour. It looked more like a story picked put from the "Crime Patrol" series which features on television.

Only teenage hopeless romantics would like this book. I had read his one of the novels,"She swiped right into my heart".

That story made me think he is a good author. But so much disappointed with the book, "It started with a friend request". I had given atleast one star for showing some suspense in the last pages. And It's a story with poor characterizations especially the characters of friends.

I thought that Tamanna will be another heroine. But You made her a same-old-film-like-antagonist. This book make me bore after of page no. The plot is weak and writing not good enough. I don't know why did I even read it. Apr 21, Sonali rated it did not like it. The boy had always to prove his innocence in this story to the girl. For some reason I didn't feel this is what love is. I mean the girl never believed him is this what true love is???

He was the one who loved her truly. He had handled all the situation maturely, but the girl sounded immature all the time. This is about the story how I felt it. About the writing also I felt it is immature. I have read couple of Indian authors but none seemed so immature way of writ The boy had always to prove his innocence in this story to the girl. I have read couple of Indian authors but none seemed so immature way of writing. I seriously say all the best to the couple in real life and to the girl, please always don't take decision in a haste, have belief in the person you love.

When there is doubt it's not love. Mentally retarded potatoes. I'm appalled to even think that this author has written two books prior to this and has the audacity to call this mental sodomy a bestseller.

Every character seems to be a despo jumping around in a superficial story that bleeds cheesiness out of its eyes and ears. What's with the munching peanuts and drinking beer on the rocks? I am literally Forcing myself to read this book. Iv barely made it to page 56 so far. Very poor narration and below average script. Some lines are so grammatically incorrect, they make no sense at all. Im thinking buying the book was a mistake. I'm not a person who judges somebody for liking a book I hate or vice versa but but but I can't help but judge all those who praise this book.

This is the most pathetic book I've read in my entire life I'm sorry but I'm judging you all hard. What a terrible book.

I was mislead by all the good reviews this book had got and ended up buying it. The language is terrible and confusing and so is the narrative. How can a story written in first person also have a third person narrative? Plot is totally unbelievable. I am ok with mindless romance but this book made me realize my limits!! Yet another book that discourages you from trying out "new age" Indian authors.

Someone said to me it is best selling n u should read it The worst book of my life yet I m really hopeless with this book. Its all like someone writing blog.

Book Review: It Started With A Friend Request, by Sudeep Nagarkar

I was even not able to connect myself. It become hard for me to complete this book. Very filmi and dumb to the core. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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More videos About Sudeep Nagarkar. Sudeep Nagarkar. You're trending in my dreams. He also writes for television and has given guest lectures in various renowned institutes and organizations.

A story about love at first sight, and a relationship that quickly develops over the phone, with friends playing moral support and a twist that derails their love story. A nice cover design for the book as well.

It Started with a Friend Request

My thoughts: Some stories are just so-so. This one is probably for the die-hard romantics. The story is about Akash and Aleesha. The former is a young working guy, who enjoys his life and is very excitable. He and his best friend Aditya go to a discotheque where Akash meets Aleesha, who is new to Mumbai and has come to the disco with her family friend and roommate Tamanna.

Aleesha is a pampered girl, who worries more about a chat message going through than checking her exam marks. They get talking, and soon exchange their BBM pins. Over BBM, they slowly fall in love, and courtesy Aditya, they meet often as well. Their relationship goes through ups and downs, but they are guided through it by their friends. Then something happens that gives a bigger hurdle to jump over.

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Right… what I liked is the concept of friendship in the book. What Kritika is to Aleesha, and Aditya is to Akash, the narration of that was nice to read. It made me feel happy to see such friends. I like the concept of true love that is portrayed. The ending warranted that, and it got it. Some parts to ponder over, positively… the way Akash expresses his love for Aleesha, the notes of love of each character and the twists.

But I feel this novel, when looked at with a little depth, is more about the exploration of relationships than just a love story. The narration from different points of view of characters was also a nice touch, and it felt right in place from the prologue to the introduction chapters.

The overall pace of the story was quick, and I could finish it in a few hours. What I feel can be better is the language. It feels childish at places, but works to give a little simplicity at others. You feel stuck with some things, when it should move on sooner. When I see a prologue, I feel the epilogue should match it. So when we go into flashback with a gloomy hero, the epilogue should be starting with the flashback ending, and headed toward the climax or finale, rather than just a conclusion of all characters.

This is something that could have perhaps got the story elevated a little more. Book details: Random House India Price: This book was given to me for review by Random House India.It will take every emotions to one step higher. It's just another bollywood movie.

More Details But just when they are about to take their relationship to the next level, a sudden misfortune strikes. Read more. Unhooked and Booked. Actual story was too small and all space occupied by long , irritated , unnecessary messages.

The story is wonderful.