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Abstract: George Perec's novel, Life A Users Manual () focuses particular attention documentation of still life ensembles using a variety of media. Represents an exploration of the relationship between imagination and reality as seen through the eyes of the dying Serge Valene, an inhabitant of a large Parisian apartment block. Translation of: La vie mode d'emploi. "Originally published in French in as La Vie mode d'emploi. Life: A User's Manual (the original title is La Vie mode d'emploi) is Georges Perec 's most famous novel, published in , first translated into English by David.

Life A Users Manual Pdf

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Over twenty years ago, Godine published the first English translation of Georges Perec's masterpiece, Life A User's Manual, hailed by the Times Literary. PDF | This essay argues that Georges Perec's Life a User's Manual—at once a novel, an apartment building, and a game of chess—articulates compellingly the . Thirty years ago a colleague put a French paperback in my hand, saying "I couldn't finish this. But you'll probably like it". I'd heard of the author;.

Serge Valene, the artist, has a bedsit.

The basement contains cellars, lift machinery. And so on.

The knight starts in the centre of the building, on the stairs, where chapter 1 begins. Perec devised a more intricate scheme to furnish the chapters. Now imagine a 10 by 10 Euler square.

Just what Perec needed! He overlaid his chess board with an Euler square of order 10 populated not by 2 lists of letters, but by 42 lists of 10 things. Kneeling, sitting, prone, coming, going The chapter must smuggle in text from works by Flaubert, Kafka, Queneau More lists: furniture, clothes, food, drink, jewellery, animals, colours, numbers of pages etc.

If Perec wrote no other book than this he would deservedly be considered a genius. Last half of the 20th century?

Or not. But there is an entire world come to life in these pages, heavily populated, intricate, seething, over-full, all generated from the minute exploration of the individual living quarters in an apartment building on a fictional street in Paris.

A scene begins with the camera focused very closely on one or two subjects or objects, and then is slowly pulled back, maintaining a deep-field focus, deliberately and quietly minimizing the subjects within the frame of the screen, showing the size and composition of the world in which they are contained. There is a similar literary strategy at play in Life. Chapters usually begin with a few paragraphs describing in great detail objects in a particular room- paintings, furniture, appliances, clothing, knick-knacks, etc.

The feeling evoked is similar in Barry Lyndon and Life, the tight focus on minutiae and then the slow revealing of its place in an immense story. Though there is a crucial difference.

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So much of this book is lists of objects, beautifully described. Keepsakes of our affinities.

Objects, whose arrangement in our lives is like the finger trace left in a film of dust on an old desk, the proof we came this way, did this or that. These can be things as simple as our socks and old photographs, souvenirs of voyages, or as complex as novels we write, the family trees we form a branch of. The way we arrange objects, and the objects we choose to keep around us, speak volumes of our interior lives.

These lists of objects that make up so much of Life are the great part the characterizations of the people who make up this book.Just what Perec needed!


I'll also be giving a preview version on 21st January, also in Bristol: see the Meetup page for details. On floor 3, Percival Bartlebooth inhabits a large flat.

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