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Says Error: Could not download this product: Download failed. I deleted and re- installed the Nook app, but still no good. I have an e-mail into. The only thing that I am having issue with is when I want to download a PDF file from the web. It will always say download was unsuccessful. Tried unsuccessfully to remove DRM from NOOK books. Ask a Question VitalSource eTextbook to pdf · How to find my Kindle serial number?.

Nook Pdf Unsuccessful

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it just says download unsuccessful? It says download unsuccessful when i try and download a picture . "You can use and installed skype on my b&n nook tablet (os android " . Nook pdf download unsuccessful · Bit ly codec x. You are here: Home / E-Book News / B&N Nook is Failing Because They Make .. I was able to side-load my library of over ePub and PDF. Using the USB cable provided with your NOOK, connect your NOOK to your computer. You should place Microsoft Office files,.txt files, and PDFs in the Documents folders. If unsuccessful, please try olhon.info filetransfer/.

Perhaps it was precisely the fact that Richard, still only 32, was not the dominating figure his father had been and not a military man.

He was proclaimed as Lord Protector all over the country to general satisfaction. The Commonwealth was probably on its last legs by this time in any case. It was deeply unpopular, the regime was heavily in debt and a gulf had opened up between the army and Parliament.

Tried unsuccessfully to remove DRM from NOOK books

The fact that Richard had little or no military experience and his lack of ostentatious godliness did him no good with many officers in the army, of which he was now officially commander-in-chief. According to some observers, a power struggle developed in the council between those who supported the military and Thurloe and others who did not.

Parliament was summoned for January and the same conflict developed there, with the military fearing that a majority in the Commons would shrink the army in size and also chip away religious freedom. Things grew worse as Parliament refused to vote for the higher taxation needed to support the army at its current size and declined to release imprisoned Quakers.

When the House pressed on with moves to reduce and reorganise the army and take a tighter grip on it, senior officers demanded that the Protector send Parliament packing. Richard refused and the officers massed troops threateningly in Westminster. As installed, ReLaunch comes up rather too easily for my liking. At some point you have to say which application you want to complete the action with.

That way it looks very much like an un-rooted Nook to the casual observer. Yes, the rooted nook can operate just like any other android tablet — although you may not be able to use the latest versions of some software. Hi, is there a way to change settings so that when it turns on it defaults to opening the original reader mode? Also, its a shame read it later app no longer works. If anyone has a fix for that too let me know. I was not asked to sign into my google account.

Does this happen automatically, or do I need to select something? I have tried rebooting and run the root again. I have the same problem. I was never given an option to sign into Android. When i restarted the device, it prompted whether to proceed with Home or Relaunch.

Ok, I feel a bit silly. Googlet Market Play is now there as well. All is right in my world. Hi Juan. If you try it, please could you post back with your results? I can confirm, more than a month later.

I used this method on 1. The Nook autoupdated to 1. Have you got any further with this? First things I would check are that you have successfully rooted your Nook and that probably more importantly your versions of NookManager and NTGAppsAttack match, as detailed at http: I had the same issue at first.

I also had the same issue repeatedly. Kept trying to re-root but the same issue. Have you been able to install Aldiko on your rooted Nook? Is it one of those apps that needs side-loading? It gives more options when using them as well as the ability to load other stuff. The only thing I wish Nook Manager included was a way to make the home ReLauncher view the application folder instead of the file tree.

Finally being able to share my books to the device wirelessly will be an enormous boon.

Hi, I have a silly question but do I need wireless to root the nook? I am assuming that once I have the downloaded files I can simply write the image onto an sd card and then simply insert the sd card into the nook and away I go, is this correct? Can I ask a stupid question? Once this is rooted will it have the exact home screen as a regular nook when powered up or will it seem like an android device and the nook part needs to be started.

I want to keep things as simple as possible for my wife when powering up the device. Which one should I use? Does anyone have any other recommendations for particularly suitable browsers?

I also set up a different version of my home page i. It is at nook dot stevechampion dot com if anyone wants to take a look and copy ideas and build upon it for themselves. Do you know if Mendeley or something like that work in nook?? Greetings from Mexico. For those interested, http: Looking into it, there is no official android app, but I suspect you can browse it on the web. I had a problem with mine while I was rooting it and wanted to restore it back to stock.

I followed the instructions here. Can you do this? Relaunch is the launcher that is installed as part of the rooting process. The nook is a low spec device with what is effectively a slow, black and white screen. The Relaunch launcher is designed for a minimalist, high contrast i. Once you are in Relaunch, you can still access all your apps etc, through the app button bottom centre and your notifications still appear at the top. Rooting the device is enabling the functionality that is hidden behind the scenes.

Also worth pointing out is that it is also running a much older version of Android. Thanks Mathew. A lot of clarity now. But have also rooted it per your instructions without this registartyion. How do I do it now? Just need to install Google play and Kindle app. Can you pl provide an idiots guide? I may be able to check this out soon, as my Wife has just ordered a Nook herself, so I may be able to have a play on an unregistered one! Thanks a lot, but it came to the stage where I could not even get into the regular nook homescreen.

It always starte wiht the relaunch screen. So stuck there for further options. It just gives the home page of Re-launch. Thats it. ANy further ideas to maybe start all over again? Whilst you might not want the other launcher, it will have the side effect of resetting your default choice and you can choose again. Could you tell me how you managed to get pocket to work on the device.

My understanding is that you have to install a much earlier version. Is this correct? This is the version I installed:. You have to sideload it i. Do you have any issues swiping up or down to scroll through articles using ReadItLater? I find sometimes it pages up when I want to go down and vice versa. I wish I could use the hard buttons! I have the same issues. I am not able to use physical buttons to navigate through pages.

Does anybody know any solution? Thanks for this guide — root done, have yet to install GApps so no Play store etc. I had successfully logged in to Amazon Appstore and have no problems using it on my phone.

Using win32diskimager but its not working. Its OK,got it working now. Just sent it to SD card instead. Fully rooted now,thanks a million,great work! Hi Khan. There are, perhaps, times that it might be useful to use the text chat feature of Skype — but of course, no audio or video. I have not tried downloading it, but my Google Play account claims compatibility.

nook pdf download unsuccessful samsung

As a more general point… there are lots of things that you CAN run on a Nook for the fun of it — but not too many applications that make sense if you are carrying a smartphone in your pocket.

This is brilliant. Thank you very much! Turned my cheap e-reader into a really rather versatile device! I chose the wrong option and clicked remember my choice ….. Just wanted to say thanks for this, the instructions worked great… and to pass on an additional bit of good news: Could you advice me on what to do?

One question though — is there a way I can remove some of the Android base apps that are there, such as the dialler, to save resources? Is this normal??? Does anyone have experience customising Kindle on a rooted nook simple touch to achieve the following. What directory do I use for side loading. Poor form to answer one of my own questions but it appears Kindle will look for. I uninstalled that version and regregistered my device from the amazon website then sideloaded and installed v3.

I downloaded the kindle app and put it into a microSD card. I hope it helps! Another question re the Kindle app — that link is only showing 3. A quick google should help, unless anyone else on here can help out? Has anyone experienced problems with trying to turn the NST back on after inserting the micro SD card? I turn mine off, insert the card and attempt to switch it back on, but no luck.

I registered my Nook first and then rooted it. You still keep all the Nook features — its like adding or unlocking an extra layer to your Nook. Am I missing something here?

Similar issue to the person near the top of this feed. Version of file is the same as NookManager. Any thoughts anyone? I had this problem too. Extract the NTGatppsAttack attack folder, to the computer first, perhaps to the desktop, or a Nook folder, or anywhere else you can find it. Go to the unzipped NTGappsAttack folder, that you have just extracted, and open it. Inside that folder is another sub-folder called custom. This is the folder you need. You will then find the Custom folder in the options, and you can progress normally from there.

I hope this helps. I have to thank you for this comment even though you wrote it months ago. Can you tell me how you did it? Many thanks, have been successful in rooting after following your instructions, and have installed the NTGAppsAttack package also.

Any ideas what to do to get around this? Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Katy, I just downloaded to my pc from http: Popped the. Certificate warninig when entering Play Store a bit concerning, but downloaded an app no problem. Great stuff. Anyone else experienced this at all? I just want to make a few suggestion: I have had a strange side effect. I used win My nook crashed badly during the process.

I have my NST all rooted nicely now. I used the same sd card, again, no problem. I thought doing a rewrite might help. Have a look at this link — http: Thank you so much! My new superfast cards are back!

Then I followed the link on that site and ended up with http: I suspect I will not be the the only one with this problem as more nooks get sold and rooted; lots of us n00bs out there who only half understand what we are doing.

Tried unsuccessfully to remove DRM from NOOK books

The official SD card formatting utility at https: I am trying to work up the courage to root my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. Does it make any difference that mine is the Glowlight version?

Also I have windows 7 64 bit. Should everything work as in your directions? Sideloading Kobo 3. No, I spoke too soon, still not able to read a Kindle book. Anyone got any ideas? Tried it both with and without SD card. Never mind, I managed to successfully root.

Also can anyone tell me if I need to be careful of the nook autoupdating? Will this ruin the rooting? If there is a way can someone please tell me, or send a link, or something please? Thank you. I managed to sideload Aldiko 1. Thank you for supplying this guide. Do you know of any way to get ReLauncher to go straight to the applications view? There are quite a few screen presses involved to get from Nook screen to applications view I would like to reduce the number of button prresses if possible.

To one if at all possible.

I just purchased a Nook Simple Touch. Thank you for this fantastic article and tutorial. Do you have to have a rooting tutorial video as well? I have tried rooting my nook twice now, but like some people at the beginning for this thread I do not get prompted to sign into my google account. I have tried looking in the settings but can not find anything. I am writing to say I have finally managed to fully root my nook and install google market following instructions listed above. For anyone else doing the same I was not asked to sign into my google account at the end of the first process but decided to continue on anyway.

You need install the NTGAppsAttack using the same sd card as you still need to nook manager for it to work. Good work fella. I wanted to use my Nook to read. PDF files Magazines etc. Using your instructions my Nook Simple Touch Glowlight firmware 1. It took a few hours for things to settle down and I am still not entirely sure things went perfectly, but it works and I am happy. If anyone is having issues my advice would be to be patient, give it a few hours to sort itself out.

I have still to explore a bit to find apps that work well with the E-ink screen, but looking forward to doing so. Screen navigation seems to be a bit of an issue on some apps e. Have yet to see if the settings to actually get backed up like on my other Android devices.

I used a different Google Account from the one originally used to sign up the Nook which I think everyone suspected would be okay, but just had not tried. Dear Mathew, Amazing! Thanks for you and all the Developers out there.

Great Job. Does anybody know how to make the Nook display and for me to read Hebrew characters? Does anyone know how this will affect already-rooted Nooks? Thanks for this guide. I rooted my nook using Nook Manager and now have the web browser and the amazon store.

If I tried to install google play would that need to go on a clean sd card I want to keep the sd card with the rooter image on it in case I need it again! Rooting was the easy part. This is very frustrating. I must be missing something very simple?

Sam — Maybe you would have more luck using the Google Market. I have had no problem downloading all sorts of apps — although Kindle is not one I have tried. Good luck! SteveC thanks for they reply. I managed to get google play installed and now have the kindle app. Does the Kindle App run well on the Nook? Presumably it is intended for reading Kindle material on a regular Android phone or Tablet.

Hi steveC. I used the kindle app from google play. There are others kindle versions out there which can be sideloaded and are more suited apparently but I ran out of patience. I bought NST primarily to use it as an e-reader. I have rooted it, however, I have tried all the PDF apps, but nothing works smoothly; none can highlight texts, which is essential for an academic like me. Hence, planning to revert back the NST to its original state.

Has anyone found a good PDF reader that can highlight texts, or highlight text in any other format? You should be able to use the original reader on your Nook pending finding a better one. It is not free, but well worth the price I paid for it. I am using an 8GB card but after writing the Nook manager image it is now I had the same issue with my card. I do not quiet understand what you are suggesting. Others are suggesting that they could. Am I missing someting? I followed all instructions exactly but when I go to unzip to the root of the sd card there is not enough room.

Sorry for not answering your question, Pablo. I can tell you that i did as it was told, using an 8GB sd card and had no problem.

I would suggest you start afresh: I can reformate the card to 8gb but then Nook Manager is gone. After running nookmanager I overwrote the custom folder with the custom folder from the Gapps, then was then able to step through and install the market.

I used an empty 2gb sd card I already had at home. I created the NookManager image, inserted it into my simple touch and immediately backed up using NookManager. Then I took the sd card out of my simple touch and via the pc unzipped the NTGAppsAttack file straight to the root of that stick with NookManager still on it. No formatting, no deleting. Exactly the same scenario here. Worked fine for me. OK …Got it. I was unzipping using the right click context menu in Windows 7. However this was working it was claiming there was not enough space.

I unzipped using 7-Zip and all is good. Hi, I am trying to download the Win32 Image reader, but the site you provide a link to shows this message:. Recently, it has grown in popularity for other project developers, namely Arm development projects Android, Ubuntu on Arm, etc. Anyone is free to branch and modify this program. Patches are always welcome. Is the download button somewhere I cannot see it or is this a recent thing? Sorry if this is a stupid question — I have no idea what I am doing with this whole process and am desperately hoping it works!!

The win32 image reader site says this:. This program was initially written to fill a need for Ubuntu Jaunty 9. My question is, is this a permanent message and I just cannot see the download link, or, is it a new message that means I cannot download it? Oh gosh! I am so sorry.

I have had a long day! I have found the download link. If you have the access to delete my comments then please do. Sorry again. Try http: I already had it on my machine for rooting something else when I came across Matthews article. The warning about not using the SD card slot on a laptop seems to be correct in my case. No go in the SD slot on the laptop.

You might want to point out that to power down your nook you have to hold the power button for three seconds. I had no idea.

Much better instructions here: NookManager would not load on restart at all until i used dd to make the image. I would be greatly sad, if this would be reduced.. This question relates to all who have rooted their nook simple touches…. I am considering rooting my nook touch with glowlight.

My only concern is what happens to the battery life once rooted. Right now my nook glow has fantastic battery life…. Of course you may use the Nook more after rooting it!

And wi-fi gets very little use on an un-rooted Nook… but more on a rooted one… As long as you turn off wi-fi when not using it you should be fine. Just started using Google Books on laptop and kitkat tablet, searched around and found com. Did see references to v1.

Hi I follwed your steps on how to root the nook st all went fine until I tried to install the GApps thing now it is blank. Can someone please please help me I have been looking for like 4 days and really have no clue on what I am doing. Hi me again, I formatted the memeory card.

Then I re rooted the nook using nook manager. All was fine until the NGTAppsattack.Richard gave way and dissolved Parliament in the early hours of April 22nd. Leading Today Pts Helpful 1. Fixed in master. His wife was dead by then and he spent the rest of his long life unobtrusively in a succession of lodgings until he died at the age of 85 at Cheshunt in Hertfordshire in Unsupported DRM.

Many in the business thought this was a very poor decision and in the months leading up to the new hardware, many top executives were fired. He now retired to Hampshire. Douglas A.