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@olhon.info Home · About · Photos . Places Dhaka, Bangladesh Free Download Bangla EBook Tutorial Pdf. English (US) · Español. Outsourcing is the way you are working without any boss. For this reason you can read Bangla Freelancing outsourcing book written by Md. Mizanur Rahman. Freelancing- Outsourcing-training-in-Bangladesh-Bangla-Book–>Download Odesk-Outsourcing-bangla-tutorial-ebook–>Download.

Outsourcing Tutorial Bangla Book

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Free Professional Bangla E-Book, tutorial and pdf download | Download Bangla ebook | online money earning and outsourcing in Bangladesh | E Book website. Book Name: Outsourcing Bangla eBook. Book Format: PDF Language: Bangla. Download Now Outsourcing Bangla Book Part 1 Download Outsourcing Bangla. Posted in Web design tutorials (বাংলা বই) | Tagged Bangla books 2. How to use olhon.info Odesk-Outsourcing-bangla-tutorial-ebook.

Continuously bidding to get work but failed to receive any response from buyer. To become a successful freelancer as an expert designer, we have to the following criterions- Expertise in work Fluent in the English language Efficient communication with clients Research and analytical ability The apparent idea and ability to do social media marketing Keep it in your mind, become an expert in work is not always the ultimate way to get enough work in the marketplaces.

You still have to travel a long way to reach ultimate success. If you have a well-organized portfolio added to your skill, you will advance one step ahead to gather the ability to do any work in freelancing marketplace.


Generally, we consider the pass mark of any exam is minimum 33 marks out of In that sense, if you score 45 means, you passed the exam but in 3rd class or grade. Easily understandable that it is tough to find any job with this much quality. Here we mention that you will score 45 only if you have a strong portfolio and enough skill.

However, if you have not that much capacity too, you will not hit the score 45 which means you are failed to fulfill the minimum criteria. In this situation, only luck can manage a job or work for you in the freelancing world.

That is by English communication ability you raise your total scores at 65, means you passed in 2nd Class. It will increase your chances of getting work to some extent. Fluency in English is essential to understand the client request, productive conversation with clients, reading, and understanding of different blogs and articles, research on any topics or searching something in Google, to be active in various community related with the marketplace and updated about the rules and regulations.

The client is always king; A satisfied client brings enormous opportunity for you.

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Means you raise your total score up to 70 which is first class marks. If you are fluent in English not means that you manage your clients properly. To manage or satisfied a client you have to particular communication skill, which you may grab by patients and dedications. As usual or same traditional communication for all clients will not work all the time.

After the completion of your work, a satisfactory client may come back to you because of your excellent behavior or proper communication techniques. Attitude and conduct is such a powerful technique that with average quality work sometimes you may touch the heart of the customer.

Earlier I said that clients are the king, so if you satisfy your customer with work and behavior, you never see back.

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Research and analytical ability — if you have this you advance one step more in your way of freelancing. Information is power. To collect your relevant information to keep you update always read related books, articles, blogs, sites, news, and analysis them according to your requirement. Sometimes we see that the maximum of us have no interest to collect information from research.

Lack of the research ability will seriously pull back us to do well in freelancing. So, try to be active in all related groups in social media or blogs or sites as well as read more and more. This practice also helps you to overcome any problem or to know more deeply about a topic by searching in Google or other search engines. Almost all of us entirely depend on the various marketplace to find and grab work. However, the top-ranked markets occupied with lots of freelancers around the globe which makes it tough to get any job effortlessly.

Top of that, some marketers cut down their commission from your hard earnings too. On the other hand, because of high competition, the chances of suspending your account is also high for any small fault.

If you are solely dependent on a single marketplace, then you can easily imagine that what will be the situation if they suspend you. So, if you have a right hand on social media marketing, then you can handle the tough time by grabbing any suitable clients over media. Expertise in social media marketing will help to secure your future career of freelancing.

So, be active in social media, watch colossal learning video on it, and share your work more and more on social media. Develop you as an expert on social media. If so then you have not to be seated empty. So, nothing can pull back you anymore. One last thing, never think to do any wrong or shortcut way.

In the long run, it will not bring any good for you as well as for our country. Online income bangla tips is this apps. How to income ptc site , How to make money from Bangladesh. Now time Bangladesh has a big number of market in freelancing or outsourcing.

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Our sourcing is a very good occupation in our country. Many student or other man are being income by online internet. So if you take a good training about freelancing you success in life very sort time.

So harry up complete a freelancing training and make money easily from internet. Income and how to make money internet a good tips by the by decorated in this apps. Our outsourcing apps are decorated by - Web design, web development, graphics design , social media income , content writing , article writing , seo, ptc site, etc Computer problems and solution is a computer training in bangla app.

Earn money online the sound is very good but for this reason we have learn. Outsourcing is the way you are working without any boss. You are the your own boss. For freelancing you do not need any fixed time office to maintain.

Work what things you love there is any bounding to work particular job. It depends on what actually you know. For this reason you can read Bangla Freelancing outsourcing book written by Md.

Mizanur Rahman This is the First time in Bangladesh where you can download free professional bangle e book. All Ebooks are free for download. These books are your professional trainer. You can get professional skills from our book s.

Because our book written by professional person whose are working on software industry, Information technology area and freelancing and outsourcing.Sakib Islam 19 April at In quarter Bangladeshi freelancers worked 7 Lac 20 thousand hours in Upwork.

There is enormous possibly to earn a lot of money from a single gig. Web development and software development project has high funding.

The projects have been started for the discussion do not bid on them, since the meeting has begun, so the possibility of getting jobs from them is much less.