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The Secrets Of “Physical Game” You've Long Been Missing To Excite And Lead get more physical with girls and converted them into an in-depth book that will . Great book. This guy teaches you the fundamentals of pickup. Including how to start a conversation, physical game, personal experiences and coaching drills. The Physical Game book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This is a book that balances technique and self discovery. Through.

Physical Game Book

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olhon.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online So leL's wrap Lhls up and geL on wlLh Lhe chapLer of Lhe book LhaL wlll. The Physical Game by Osvaldo Pena Garcia, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. All Physical Game should be done from a close distance or it will look and feel awkward, As a top priority, you must cut the space between you.

Tell a story you are passionate about from your life 3.

All PG should be done from a close distance or it will look awkward 4. Introduce yourself and shake her hand and keep holding her hand for as long as you can 5. You need to find the group leader often fattie in the group early and befriend her if not sure befriend everybody 6. Hugs, High-Fives, Spinning, the more touch the better 7.

The Physical Game : A Pickup Coach's Complete Guide To Approach, Physically Lead And Bed Women

The claw How to get into positive state: Every time you struggle in the field take one step back and focus only on befriending the room Share this: Twitter Facebook. Kommentar verfassen Antwort abbrechen Gib hier deinen Kommentar ein CompleLely unLrue! W Women 1ake It?

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Scary facLs crawl ouL when we dlg deep ln Lhls area. Some lay Lhem ln Lhreesome fashlon. Crazy, rlghL? So, yes, you can have a dlfferenL sLory. Powever, our knowledge was very llmlLed flve years ago.

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Llve by Lhe manLra: "good enough ls good enough. Pere lL goes.

Cn any glven nlghL some glrls wlll accepL you no maLLer how bad you screw up, and, on your same nlghL, Lhere wlll be a number of glrls who won'L care for you, no maLLer how good or soclally savvy you are. Slmple enough. Avold sophlsLlcaLlon llke Lhe plague and glrls. As l approached a venue's door and saw Lhe bouncers, l felL an uncomforLable sensaLlon ln my sLomach.

Pavlng never been a soclal Lype, l had a loL of fear of sLrangers. Why C ubs?

Cou d I Meet G r s Anywhere? Llke a playground where llLLle chlldren learn Lo walk, a club provldes unparalleled slmpllclLy for pracLlce.

The Secrets Of “Physical Game” You’ve Long Been Missing To Excite And Lead Women RIGHT NOW…

We learn Lo lmprovlse, grow, become beLLer and geL lald. So we can pracLlce aL wlll wlLh zero delay beLween approaches. We meeL guys Loo ln Lhose groups. And we learn Lo deal wlLh Lhem Loo.

Same for Lhls game. MosL people are golng somewhere durlng Lhe day. CulLe Lhe conLrary.

Approach Lhem - buL lL should be regarded only as your bonus round from Lhe club. Clubs should be your meaL and dayLlme your poLaLoes.

AoJ Mote Women have no power over Lhem.

I have taken great care in breaking things down to the point that the average guy can use it right now. I have also peppered what I call "reality checks" and "coach drills" throughout the book so that drills that I propose can be carried out without being misused or misguided and the student can become its own supervisor.

It is important to follow my "reality checks" so that the drills meet the outcome they were intended to produce.


All the drills proposed have been tested over and over during my years of coaching pick up to regular guys. What the reader gets today on this book is direct knowledge through trial and error distilled over years of coaching.

The underlying theme of the book is that everyone can apply this wealth of knowledge and change their lives.CuallLy recognlzes quallLy.

I turn guys into approaching—machines capable of doing anything and everything. CeLLlng mano-a-mano wlll become your second naLure. The difference between a success and failure in any aspect of life is speed of implementation, whether in business life or social life or dating life.

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