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full of information about PokémonTM. |It also lets you hear their cries and see them move. This Pokédex has data for every. Pokémon in the National Pokédex. Pokedex Entries franchise generations next to each other in a sensible way. Three-stage evolution families are placed in. At the heart of Pokemon: Tabletop. The Pokédex contains detailed stats for every creature from the Pokémon games, up to and including the latest Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon/Let's Go.

Pokemon Pokedex Pdf

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A mini-encyclopedia of Pokémon species, types, evolutions, and moves. THE OFFICIAL Pokémon full pokédex GUIDE. EGD9J8I B6C6IDG AVlgZcXZ CZkZh>IDG>6A 9>G:8I>DC @g^hi^cV CVjYjh 8g^h. This book contains the stats of each and every Pokémon in the game, including olhon.info (file size: KB, MIME type: application/pdf).

ABSOL ZORUA DODUO MINUN EKANS ARON THROH KLINK SAWK DITTO SEEL UNOWN EEVEE AXEW ZUBAT ONIX NATU BAGON AIPOM GIBLE LOTAD MUNNA DEINO BUDEW Three-stage evolution families are placed in At the heart of Pokemon: Tabletop Adventures are the monsters that the trainers capture and train.

After these, Their Tabletop Ordering, detailed at the end of this guide, lists the Pokemon entries. Fossil Pokemon and Pseudo Legendaries are listed. Pokemon with a Tabletop Number that starts with the letter L are listed in the Legendary Pokedex, separate from the normal pokemon. The entries are listed as such: Tabletop Number. Individual stages of a single Pokemons evolution- Base Stats: ary line are not part of the same Species, but are part of the Species family.

When talking about a specific Basic Information evolutionary line, or branched evolutionary tree, it is common to refer to the line or branch by the Spe- Type s : cies name of the first Stage of the line. For example to talk about the Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu evolu- Basic Abilities tionary line, you can call it the Pichu evolutionary line. Likewise, to refer to the Riolu and Lucario evolu- High Abilities: tionary line you can call it the Riolu evolutionary line. However, various minor differences can be seen between individual members of the Breeding Information Species.

Sometimes, a Pokemon can look drastically different from the norm of its Species in color.

Types affect how much damage a Pokemon takes when Tutor Move List hit by Attacks and are very important factors to keep track of while battling. Pokemon have access Experience Drop per Level: for GM use to at least one of their abilities from birth. Abilities are detailed in the Players Handbook High Abilities High Abilities are special natural born gifts that a Pokemon can utilize once matured. The Dream Doctor can mess around with these mechanics and utilize High Abilities earlier than usual.

Evolution Egg Groups When Pokemon mature and age, their body drastically changes in mass and shape to reach a new Pokemon are mysterious since they can cross breed between Evolutionary Stages and even Stage of their Evolutionary Line. Some Pokemon do not Evolve while others do and other can Evolve Species, but not any Pokemon can mate with any Pokemon.

There are limits and these limits are defined twice in their lifetime. Aside from learning more about the world and physically maturing, Pokemon as Egg Groups. Pokemon can only produce Eggs when mating with a Pokemon that shares an Egg Group. Sometimes, confidence and happiness is enough The Egg Groups are Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Ground, Humanshape, Indeterminate, Mineral, Monster, for a pokemon to evolve and other times, it is a Pokemons frustration and hate that pushes it to change.

Plant, Water 1, Water 2, Water 3. Some Pokemon require the radiation found in Ditto, who can breed with any other Pokemon to produce an Egg while acting as either the male or Evolutionary Stones to mutate themselves into their next form. There are also Pokemon who require the female. Next to these various ways to evolve there are even more ways for a Pokemon to meet their next level of maturity. Average Hatch Rate Detailed in the Evolution section is the Species Names of the Pokemon that can be attained by the Species in question as well as the requirements to evolve.

Remember, just because a Pokemon has met Depending on what Species the mother of the Egg is, the baby will be the lowest form of that their minimum requirements does not mean they will evolve. Sometimes there are personal reasons for a Species Evolutionary Line.

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Each Species takes a different amount of time to hatch so the Average Hatch Pokemon to not want to evolve. Rate covers how quickly the Egg should hatch.

The Average Hatch Rate however is only an average. Sometimes the Egg may take twice the length of time or only half of it, depending how well the Egg is kept. Carnivores primarily Researchers around the world. When capturing Pokemon be sure to note their Omnivores can eat plants and other Pokemon, Phototrophs can photosynthesize their own food and individual Heights and Weights.

Be sure to note their changes if they evolve as well. Some of the stranger diets some Pokemon have are that of a Terravore; one who feeds on the Pokemon sizes vary from Small, to Medium, to Large, to Huge and finally, Gigantic. On a grid, minerals found in rock and dirt around them, or the Nullivore; which does not need to eat anything to both Small and Medium Pokemon would take up one space, or a 1x1m square.

A Small Pokemon may sustain itself for various reasons. Despite any primary feeding behavior any Pokemon can enjoy any occupy a space with up to one other Medium or Small Pokemon, or a human who is Medium in size. By Large Pokemon occupy 2x2 spaces or a 2x2m square. Huge Pokemon occupy 3x3 spaces or a 3x3m keeping track of your Pokemons needs, you can influence their living conditions in a positive manner square. Finally, Gigantic Pokemon occupies 4x4 spaces or a 4x4m square.

Huge and Gigantic Pokemon and make their partnership with you as Pokemon and Trainer more cooperative. Habitat Weight Classes are used for several Abilities and Moves. They range from 1 to 6 and are labeled in There are some places that a particular Species of Pokemon will not thrive. For obvious reason, the parenthesis after weights. The Habitat entry explains what kind of terrain to look for if you intend to hunt for a particular Species of Pokemon. Keep Breeding Information in mind, just because you may be in the appropriate terrain to find a particular Pokemon, it doesnt mean you are in the right region of specific location.

When a female Pokemon is mature enough, it can produce eggs and if a male Pokemon is mature enough, it can fertilize them. When given some time alone, Pokemon of the opposite sex and appropri- ately matching Egg Groups can produce oval Eggs that are approximately 5.

They have different capacities and for jumping strength and physical strength. Some Pokemon can fly while others can breath underwater. Many Species of Pokemon can be trained for being used as a Mount. Others are too small for that but can Gender Ratio be used for infiltration as a result of their size. The Capabilities list all keywords relating to static abilities the Pokemon has. The Capabilities Keyword list is located on page.

Not all Species of Pokemon have an equal distribution of male and female children. When finding a pokemon in the wild, knowing the gender of a particular pokemon may make or break your desire to capture the target. Move List Each Pokemon can learn Moves. Moves define how a Pokemon can be used in combat and are Capabilities separated into various Elemental Types. A Move can be used to damage a foe or to alter variables in battle to gain an upper hand in battle. There are several ways for a Pokemon to learn a Move but a Pokemon must be compatible with the Move in order to be able to learn it.

A Pokemon can learn a Move while Most Capabilities are very simple to understand.


Except for the Basic Capabilities, each gaining levels, from a Technical or Hidden Machine, when born they already know a Move or a tutor Capability is listed with a paragraph following, that explains exactly how that Capability affects the can teach the Pokemon a Move.

That is because each pokemon in the Pokedex has Basic Capabilities. Paired with each Basic Capability in the pokedex entries are values Written into each Pokemon from birth is a list of every Move their species can learn while which can be matched to the Capability listing that follows in order to define the level of aptitude a becoming more experienced in the world.

Moves on the Level Up Move List are learned when the pokemon has in a particular field. Use the pokemon character sheet to do so. Some Features in Coach and Rider can modify Speed mon, grow an organ within the Pokemon that allows them to perform specific Moves that each TM and Capabilities; as a short note, there is no limit as to how high Speed Capabilities can be. HM teaches. The amount of pain involved with the procedure is unbearable for a Pokemon without medical attention so it is a Trainers best interest to apply TMs and use HMs at Pokemon Centers.

Egg Move List When a mature parent Pokemon gains access to a powerful Move, they instill the ability to use the Move in their child. Cross Species breeding can result in young Pokemon knowing bizarre, out-of- natural-typing, over powered Moves. Tutor Move List There are masters in the world who have taken the aspect of a Move and realized how to imprint the technique in various Pokemon.

If you can find one of these Tutors, this list explains which Moves the Tutors can teach to your Pokemon, if the Tutor knows how to teach that specific Move. The Capture Rate is a number you must roll under with 1d in order to Capture the Pokemon. It is modified by the amount of HP a Pokemon has left, any status afflictions or other conditions. The Experience Drop Rate is the amount of Experience Points your Pokemon get from defeating that Pokemon, multiplied by the level that Pokemon was when it was defeated.

If the Pokemon was owned by a trainer, it drops twice as much Experience Points. As a Player, you should generally ignore these values as they are only suggestions and the Gm may change it as they see fit for their encounters. Basic Power Power represents a Pokemons strength. Next to Power in the Pokemons Capability listing is a Capabilities number from 1 to 10 that corresponds to a weight that the Pokemon should be able to lift.

The weight given is an average, depending on how well trained your Pokemon is, they may be able to lift more then the average. Based on how much they can lifts you should be able to guess at how much they can push, Burrow - Speed Capability or how much force they can put into their strikes.

After the word Burrow, in the Capabilities listing, a number should be listed. The holes dug are only as large as the Pokemon who Power 2 50 lbs - 23 kg burrows. While Burrowing the Pokemon has knowledge of its underground surroundings up to X meters Power 3 lbs - 45 kg away, where X is its Burrow value.

If they already have the Burrow Capability, the Burrow value is raised 3. Power 5 lbs - kg Power 6 lbs - kg Intelligence Power 7 lbs - kg The Intelligence Capability is paired with a number from 1 to 7 that defines the Pokemons Power 8 lbs - kg competence when it comes to simple thought. The Intelligence is an average expectancy of all members Power 9 lbs - kg of that Pokemons species. The smarter the Pokemon is, the easier it is to act on their own accord if you Power 10 lbs - kg cant command them.

This also means that the Species of Pokemon is more competent in the wild and a greater threat to the average Trainer. After the word Sky, in the Capabilities listing, a number should be listed. Normal 23 Natural Gift. Capture Rate: Poison 15 Take Down.

Leaf Guard Magic Coat. Worry Seed Basic Information Type: Normal 32 Petal Dance. Ivysaur Minimum 15 1. Phototroph Average Hatch Rate: Iron Tail. Meganium Minimum 30 Size Information Height: Vine Secret Power. Bulbasaur Evolution: Grass 1 Tackle. String Whip. Grass 39 Safeguard. Worry Seed 2.

Grass 34 Body Slam. Grass 28 Growth. Normal 53 Solarbeam. Normal 45 Synthesis. Grassland Overland 9. Jump 1. Grass 20 Razor Leaf. Grass 17 Reflect.

Intelligence 4. Wring Out Basic Information Shot. Power 4. Grass 3 Growl. Rainforest Diet: Psychic 39 Worry Seed. Normal 12 Synthesis. Normal 13 Poisonpowder. Sprouter Capability List Capture Rate: Grass 31 Light Screen. Grass Special Defense: Venusaur Minimum 30 2. Sprouter Experience Drop: Normal 9 Vine Whip. Seed 1.

Chikorita 3. Grass 45 Solarbeam. Grass 42 Aromatherapy. Normal 20 Magical Leaf. Poison 6 Razor Leaf. Defense Special Attack: Grass 28 Sweet Scent. Herbivore Habitat: Normal 39 Safeguard. Grass 20 Magical Leaf. Jump 3. Grass 18 Reflect. Out- Basic Information Basic Information rage. Normal 45 Solarbeam. Normal 9 Poisonpowder. Normal 60 Aromatherapy. Normal 22 Magical Leaf. Normal 31 Light Screen.

Psychic 32 Petal Dance. Normal 26 Natural Gift. Psychic 42 Aromatherapy. Magic Coat. Normal 40 Light Screen. Grass 54 Safeguard. Worry Seed Basic Abilities: Leaf Guard per Evolution: Sprouter Overland 9. Psychic 12 Synthesis. Grass 46 Body Slam. Chikorita Evolution: Poison 17 Reflect.

Secret Special Attack: Grassland Diet: Capability List Intelligence 3. Grass A1. Meganium Minimum 30 2. Grassland Capability List Overland 8. Bayleef Minimum 15 1. Psychic 23 Natural Gift. Grass 12 Synthesis. Grass Type: Grass Snore. Normal 34 Sweet Scent.

Natural Special Attack: Normal 41 Slam. Normal 11 Quick Attack. Dark 17 Pursuit. Treecko Swift. Normal 51 Energy Ball. Normal 6 Absorb. Jump 4. Seismic Tutor Move List Toss. Marvel Scale 1. Grass 31 Agility. Focus Punch. Overland Treecko 3. Leaf Defense: Psychic 35 Agility.

Grass 11 Quick Attack. Mega Kick. Sceptile Minimum 30 Size Information Height: Fighting 46 Giga Drain. Grass 59 Leaf Storm. Low Kick. Normal 16 Fury Cutter. Seismic Toss. Psychic 36 Slam. Double Attack: Normal 3 Leer.

Normal 26 Mega Drain. Herbivore Diet: Low Basic Abilities: Marvel Scale Kick. Mud Sport. Mega Punch. Dark 21 Screech. Mega Speed: Normal 41 Detect. Bug 16 Pursuit. Sceptile Minimum 30 2. Grovyle Minimum 15 1. Grovyle Minimum 15 3. Worry Seed Type: Grass Punch. Worry Seed Evolution: Worry Seed Special Defense: Grass 29 Leaf Blade.

Grass 53 False Swipe. Crush Claw. Grass 6 Absorb.


Basic Information Body Slam. Jump 5. Fighting 47 Detect. Drain Basic Information Thunderpunch. Grass Basic Abilities: Razor Wind. Drain Punch. Normal 23 Screech. Rock Type: Grass Worry Seed Type: Grass Climb.

Grass 45 Leaf Storm. Ghost 23 Screech. Normal 9 Absorb. Dark 29 Leaf Blade. Mega Special Defense: Bug 13 Razor Leaf. Phototroph Capability List Habitat: Jump 6. Burrow 4. Grass 67 Leaf Storm. Normal 41 Giga Drain. Torterra Minimum 30 Size Information Height: Night Slash. Earth Power. Grass 43 Slam. Grass 25 Mega Drain. Dark 59 False Swipe. Normal 1 Tackle.

Water 11 Quick Attack. Egg Move List Hit Points: Psychic 29 Leech Seed. Basic Information Pledge. Dark 17 Curse. Grass 17 Pursuit. Worry Seed High Abilities: Shell Armor 1. Omnivore Average Hatch Rate: Normal 21 Bite.

Grass 5 Withdraw.

Normal 33 Synthesis. Fighting 37 Crunch. Turtwig 3. Grass Basic Information Sleep Talk. Sand Tomb. Grass 35 Agility.

Spit Up. Grass 51 Detect. Rainforest Overland Grass 16 X-Scissor. Surface 4. Grotle Minimum 15 3. Treecko Evolution: Earth Attack: Shell Armor High Abilities: Rock Hit Points: Grass Base Stats: Turtwig 1. Grass 27 Mega Drain. Tutor Move List Grass 32 Earthquake. Iron Special Attack: Water 5 Withdraw. Frenzy Defense: Dark 27 Mega Drain. Dark 22 Bite. Dark 39 Synthesis. Ghost 17 Curse. Ground 37 Synthesis. Grass 51 Giga Drain. Overland 6. Grass 45 Crunch. Grass 57 Leaf Storm.

Grass 32 Leech Seed. Grass 13 Razor Leaf. Grass 33 Leech Seed. Grass 42 Crunch. Dark 52 Leaf Storm. Ghost 22 Bite. Wood Hammer. Stealth Rock. Water 9 Absorb. Torterra Minimum 30 3. Grass 47 Giga Drain. Turtwig 2. Grotle Minimum 15 2. Grass 9 Absorb.

Worry Seed Defense: Grass 17 Curse. Grass 43 Leaf Storm. Poison 52 Leaf Storm. Normal 32 Leaf Blade. Power 3. Servine Minimum 15 3. Surface 6. Grass 24 Mega Drain. Normal 4 Leer. Worry Seed Speed: Normal 7 Vine Whip. Gastro Acid. Snivy 2. Grass 34 Giga Drain. Normal 13 Growth. Grass 44 Wring Out. Contrary Evolution: Grass 28 Leaf Blade. Sweet Special Defense: Grass 7 Vine Whip.

Poison 40 Gastro Acid. Normal 37 Wring Out. Servine Minimum 15 2. Grass 36 Coil. Grass 22 Mega Drain. Serperior Minimum 30 3. Snivy 1. Poison 31 Coil. Stealth Power 2. Stealth Capture Rate: Twister Speed: Grass Aqua Tail. Mirror Coat. Grass 28 Slam. Grass 10 Wrap. Burrow 2. Sleep Basic Abilities: Contrary Talk. Normal 25 Slam. Poison 40 Giga Drain. Grass 19 Leech Seed. Normal 48 Gastro Acid. Grass 16 Leaf Tornado.

Normal 16 Leaf Tornado. Grass 20 Leech Seed. Normal 10 Wrap. Normal 24 Mega Drain. Grass 34 Slash. Normal 1 Scratch. Mega High Abilities: Contrary High Abilities: Solar Power Punch. Normal 46 Inferno. Intelligence 5. Grass 25 Fire Fang. Dragon 20 Leech Seed. Stealth Overland 6. Normal 10 Smokescreen.

Dragon Rush. Sinker Capture Rate: Fire 44 Giga Drain. Double- Type: Fire Edge. Fire 56 Gastro Acid. Charmeleon Minimum 15 3. Capability List Power 4. Fire 28 Slam. Fire 32 Leaf Blade. Grass 19 Scary Face. Beat Up. Poison 37 Flamethrower. Surface 8.

Normal 7 Ember. Swords Dance Speed: Normal 38 Coil. Metal Claw. Fire 13 Growth. Fire 50 Wring Out.

Grass 43 Fire Spin. Thunderpunch 1. Mountain Capability List Overland Grass 16 Dragon Rage. Belly Drum. Fire Pledge. Burrow 6. Heat Wave. Rock Special Defense: Poison 62 Leaf Storm. Fire Punch. Dragon Dance. Normal 28 Flame Burst. Charmander 2. Fire 41 Slash. Thunderpunch Special Defense: Steel Wing.

Fire 56 Fire Spin. Dragon 21 Scary Face. Ominous Wind. Mountain Diet: Carnivore Habitat: Flying 43 Flamethrower.

Normal 21 Scary Face. Heat Speed: Blast Burn. Fire 7 Ember. Fire 54 Inferno. Charizard Minimum 30 Size Information Height: Basic Information Basic Information Roost. Normal 50 Fire Spin. Normal 28 Fire Fang. Fire 47 Flamethrower. Air Slash. Sky Fire 28 Fire Fang.

(Prima 2007) - Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Complete Pokedex.pdf

Normal 36 Wing Attack. Shadow Claw. Charmander Evolution: Charmander 3. Fire 71 Heat Wave. Solar Power 1. Mountain Capability List Overland 6. Iron Attack: Body Defense: Capability List Firestarter. Normal 17 Dragon Rage. Fire 39 Slash. Sinker Overland 6. Dragon 17 Dragon Rage. Charizard Minimum 30 2. Fire 32 Flame Burst.

Charmeleon Minimum 15 1. Fire A1. Dragon Special Attack: Fire Hit Points: Fire 10 Smokescreen. Fire Type: A2 A4. Fire 57 Rollout.

Snore High Abilities: Flash Fire Evolution: Normal 13 Quick Attack. Rock 46 Inferno. Cyndaquil 1. Fire 55 Double-Edge. Fire 28 Flame Charge. Sinker Firestarter. Rock 68 Eruption. Normal 35 Flame Charge. Snore Special Defense: Normal 1 Leer. Double Kick.

Fire 13 Quick Attack. Cyndaquil 2. Flash Fire Mud-Slap. Mountain Habitat: Fire 31 Swift. Normal 58 Eruption. Quilava Minimum 15 2. Flame Burst. Normal 22 Defense Curl.

Fire 40 Flamethrower. Sleep Special Attack: Normal 24 Defense Curl. Fire 64 Double-Edge. Fire 20 Flame Wheel. Fire 53 Inferno. Fire 6 Smokescreen. Normal 46 Flamethrower. Normal 49 Rollout. Field Egg Group: Field Average Hatch Rate: Carnivore Diet: Quick Speed: Fire 42 Lava Plume.

Normal 10 Ember. Quilava Minimum 15 3. Intelligence Overland 8. Flare Blitz. Typhlosion Minimum 30 3. Normal 19 Flame Wheel. Fury Swipes. Fire Tutor Move List Type: Fire Basic Abilities: Normal 6 Smokescreen. Fire 37 Lava Plume. Fire 28 Quick Attack.

Fire 43 Lava Plume. Combusken Minimum 15 3. Normal 61 Rollout.

Damage When Attacked

Normal 43 Flamethrower. Normal 48 Flamethrower. Flying 69 Double-Edge. Normal 16 Peck. Helping Hand. Torchic 2. Fire 24 Defense Curl. Focus Defense: Swagger Special Defense: Mega Special Attack: Fire 10 Ember. Normal 1 Growl. Ground 35 Flame Charge. Flying 31 Swift. Fire 25 Fire Spin. Normal 7 Focus Energy. Thunderpunch Speed: Swift High Abilities: Flash Fire High Abilities: Speed Boost Evolution: Normal 20 Flame Wheel.

Seismic Basic Abilities: Baton Pass. Gyro Ball. Fire 34 Slash. Normal 19 Sand-Attack. Grassland Capability List Overland Fire 1 Scratch. Low Type: Fire Kick. Intelligence 2. Last Resort. Fire 74 Eruption. Rock 37 Mirror Move. Rock Special Attack: Sinker Overland 4.

Fighting 16 Double Kick. Fire Special Defense: Vacuum Wave Speed: Normal 36 Blaze Kick. Fighting 66 Flare Blitz. Ground 21 Sand-Attack. Torchic 1. Surface 1. Ground 28 Bulk Up. Fighting 28 Bulk Up. Jump 7. Normal 39 Slash. Firestarter Capture Rate: Dual Chop.

Field Diet: Omnivore Diet: Omnivore Habitat: Grassland Habitat: Firestarter Intelligence 4. Fighting 17 Peck. Normal 13 Ember. Combusken Minimum 15 2. Seismic Type: Fire 43 Mirror Move. Normal 50 Sky Uppercut. Fighting 32 Quick Attack. Flying 42 Slash.

Fire 16 Double Kick. Flying 21 Sand-Attack. Power 5. Flying 54 Flare Blitz. Vacuum Wave High Abilities: Speed Boost High Abilities: Fire 59 Sky Uppercut. Flying 17 Peck.

Rock Climb. Fire 13 Ember. Blaziken Minimum 35 3. Tutor Move List Base Stats: Normal 32 Quick Attack. Fighting 49 Brave Bird. Fire 14 Mach Punch. Dark 29 Torment. Flying 49 Slack Off. Monferno Minimum 15 1. Dark 25 Torment. Fire Covet. Quick Guard. Dark 7 Ember. Fire 17 Flame Wheel. Normal 9 Taunt. Fire 56 Flare Blitz. Dark 36 Close Combat. Focus Special Attack: Blaze Kick. Iron Fist Kick. Gunk Shot.Dark 19 Smog.

Fire 34 Slash. If a Pokemon learns the Move Dream Eater and does not have the Dream Smoke Capability, of air capable of lifting light objects into the air or providing lift for a chute. A Pokemon may only make these checks once per hour. Jump Power 1. Using Shrinkable is not the same as using the Move Minimize. Field Diet: