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However, most of the steps in this tutorial are similar to the steps for any other private repository host.

For more information, read our Git Version Control documentation. Set up access to private repositories Generate an SSH key. If you have not already configured one, run the following command to generate an SSH key: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b -C "username example" In this example, username represents the cPanel account username and example represents the domain name.

After you run this command, the system will prompt you to enter a passphrase. Do not enter a passphrase, and press Enter to continue.

Confirm that you generated the SSH key correctly. Important: Retain the full SSH key. The company is managing more than 40 Dedicated Servers and 10 Public Cloud instances totalling 30TB of storage across seven international locations, with some , client connections every two minutes. This agility provides a platform for continuous innovation. The company is now looking at big data, analytics and AI capabilities to enhance its customer intelligence and improve product development.

By moving away from multiple monolithic environments, customers will be able to connect to regional microservices, which are then connected to a central database in the background.

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Arcade Beauty fulfilled their "one company" vision with the help of OVH's Private Cloud, creating a single global infrastructure that has enhanced productivity on all levels. The context. The challenge.

Delivering an application with the highest performance to a globally dispersed customer base Back in — when SnapComms was just starting out — the options for high-performance, global cloud services were limited.

The solution.

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A global network of Dedicated Servers is handling high transaction volumes and enabling a more agile future Rather than restrict their application to a virtualised cloud, SnapComms deployed a global cloud of Dedicated Servers with OVH. The result. Click Install.

If you do not have Bonjour for Windows installed, you are prompted to allow the FileMaker Server installer to install it. If you do not have a minimum update of Java Runtime Environment version 8 installed, the FileMaker Server installer installs it. If Bonjour is not running, you are prompted to run it.

For information about Java and Bonjour installation, see Installation notes. FileMaker Server begins to install. This process may take several minutes.

After the software has been successfully installed, start the Deployment assistant. Windows: In the last step of the installer, enable Start the Deployment assistant, then click Finish. Optionally, you can stop now and start the Deployment assistant later.

FileMaker Server 17 Installation and Configuration Guide

Use a desktop shortcut. This certificate is intended only for test purposes. A custom SSL certificate is required for production use. See Requesting an SSL certificate. To change the host name on the master machine, disconnect all worker machines, uninstall FileMaker Server on the master machine, change the host name, reinstall FileMaker Server on the master machine, then connect the worker machines using the new host name.

To change the host name of a worker machine, remove it from the master machine, change the host name, then reconnect it to the master machine. If a worker machine is connected to the master machine using an IP address, redirects to the master machine will use an IP address.

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If a worker machine is connected to the master machine using a fully qualified domain name, redirects to the master machine will use a fully qualified domain name. Make sure you have opened Admin Console on the master machine to complete installation before connecting a worker machine. Do not connect a worker machine to a master machine that has been installed but not deployed.

Click Add to Master to connect the worker machine to the master machine.


When you see a message that the worker is successfully connected, the worker has been added to the master machine. To allow the unverified certificate, select Connect using the unverified certificate and click Add to Master again. If you receive an error saying that the connection timed out, verify that the worker machine has network access to the master machine. Installation notes For information on the versions of supporting software that are required, see the FileMaker Server system requirements.

Windows: You can install FileMaker Server in a non-default location including a non-boot volume, but not on remote network drives or external removable drives. This format is not supported. During installation, if you specify a FileMaker Server user account other than the default, the specified account must meet the following requirements: Windows: The account must be either a local user account or a Windows domain account. The account must have the same privileges as the Windows system account for local file access.

The account must not be from a directory service for example, Active Directory or Open Directory. If you set up additional database or container data folders on remote volumes, the account specified for the FileMaker Server user account must also have full permissions to access these remote folders. Bonjour installation: Windows: Bonjour is optional. FileMaker Server requires the bit version of the Java Runtime Environment on master and worker machines.Optionally, you can stop now and start the Deployment assistant later.

Ports , , , , , and must be available. To clone the repository, run the following command on the cPanel account, where git example. Important:To enhance the security of your database solution, especially when it is available on the Internet, use a firewall with your FileMaker Server deployment.

When you see a message that the worker is successfully connected, the worker has been added to the master machine. Windows: Choose a language. But with a multiple-machine deployment, you can place the most sensitive data residing in the Database Server behind the firewall and give clients access to worker machines placed in front of the firewall.

The master communicates with the worker to configure the settings on all machines and monitor the status and activity of all components.