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Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers Book 1) - Kindle edition by Lili St Germain. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers) [Lili Saint Germain] on olhon.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. *Please note this book is dark romance and deals with. Start by marking “Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers, #1)” as Want to Read: As the leader of the Gypsy Brothers MC, he was guilty of many things. But he died for a crime that he didn’t commit, framed by an enemy within who then stole his club and everything he had ever worked to protect.

Seven Sons Book

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Caleb (Seven Sons, book 3) by Kirsten Osbourne - book cover, description, publication history. 'A tight, sensational revenge story.' - Kirkus Reviews Confucius said, 'Before embarking upon a journey of revenge, dig two graves.' I planned to dig seven. Ephraim (Seven Sons, book 5) by Kirsten Osbourne - book cover, description, publication history.

Alvin's father refuses to help, but Mrs.

Vampires Out Now

Miller has all of her sons work on building the church. When the ridgebeam is being placed onto the church in construction, it shivers and breaks, seemingly about to fall on Alvin. However, mid-air, it breaks in two, and misses Alvin - yet another example of Alvin's near-death experiences.

When Alvin goes home, he provokes one of his sisters by poking her, so they get revenge on Alvin by putting needles into his night gown. Alvin avenges himself by using his knack to send cockroaches after his sisters. The plan works, Alvin winning a victory over his sisters. However, afterwards, he has a vision he dubs Shining Man, who makes him promise only to use his knack for good. When Alvin is ten, "Taleswapper" William Blake a traveling storyteller arrives in the town Alvin's parents have founded.

After stopping by Alvin's brother-in-law's house who directs Taleswapper to the Miller house , he visits the church, where he notices that the altar has been touched upon by an evil entity. Reverend Thrower kicks him out, and Taleswapper goes to the Millers' place, where his timely intervention stops Mr.

Miller from killing Alvin. Taleswapper is welcomed in. Taleswapper helps to put a name to the unknown force that tries to stop Alvin from realizing his true powers as a Maker: the Unmaker. Meanwhile, the Reverend Philadelphia Thrower becomes a tool of the Unmaker - the evil force that touched the altar.

Soon the Miller family goes to a quarry to cut out a millstone. Here one of Alvin's knacks is revealed - single-handedly he cuts the millstone through hard rock. During the night, Taleswapper and Mr. Miller guard the millstone. Miller tells Taleswapper a story about how a force is trying to use him to kill Alvin.

Taleswapper advises Mr. My father was murdered by Dornan Ross and his sons when I was fifteen years old. Before my father died, Dornan Ross and his seven sons stole my innocence, branded my skin and in doing so, ensured that their lives would be prematurely cut short. That they would suffer. I'm out for revenge. But I didn't expect to fall for Jase, the youngest brother in the club.

I didn't expect that he would turn my world upside down, yank my heart out of my chest and ride away into the sunset with it. Now, I'm faced with an impossible choice - Jase, or avenging my fathers death? Get A Copy.

More Details Original Title. Gypsy Brothers 1. California United States. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Seven Sons , please sign up. Lauren Reign Lil St. Germain has an epic way with words. If you are looking for a dark This book is not recommended for the squeamish and definitely not for the faint of heart.

I am looking for more MC books like this series. I want dark, f cked up shit. No pussy bikers please! See 2 questions about Seven Sons…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Seven Sons, part 1 of 7. Not anymore. Now I want to remember every tiny detail so that I can exact my revenge. Part 1: Seven Sons Part 2: Six Brothers Part 3: Five Miles Part 4: Four Score Part 5: Three Years Part 6: Two Roads Part 7: The time has come for her to seek her revenge against the man and his sons who, six years prior, brutally raped and beat her within inches of her life.

More on why and how to unfold with story. The story goes on to follow as Julz sets her plan in motion, but not without glitches. Determined, broken, reflective, observant, manipulative, focused, calculated and obsessive.

Only glimpses of Jason Ross in this installment, hence the no sex rating Plenty of sex with other people.

Seven Sons

Eight words to describe Jason: Private, lonely, quite, lost, focused, loyal, analytical and nurturing. Seven Sons is a dark tale of revenge, greed, murder, drugs, crime, consensual and non-consensual sex, broken promises and broken spirits. It ends in a cliffy but no worries, just skip to part 2, Six Brothers for the continuation of their story.

Spellbinding story-telling! Dark, mysterious and addictive plot! A promising hero in the sidelines! Would I re-read this series: Maybe later. Would I read future books by this author: View all comments. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how I felt about this book. A dark and gritty debut novel, this was a quick although satisfying tease into what is planned to be a total of 7 books to be released Jan-July.

It's difficult to review a book like this, as it is only the first book, and pages long. But I can tell you this, I'm complete sucked it. Although I tend to run screaming fro 4 Dark and Twisted Stars What was born as fear and grief has long since blossomed into hatred and rage. Although I tend to run screaming from serials, this one gripped me enough that I will be sitting in anticipation of each book being released.

Was it perfect? Well, no. There were things that left me with questions, some things I wished were made clearer. But I have a feeling Lili will be growing into her own as an author through this series, and all these questions just might get answered. Raped, beaten within an inch of her life and left for dead, she barely survives. In the blink of an eye, she loses everything that has ever mattered; her innocence and her father who was not only brutally murdered but framed for a crime he did not commit.

Now 6 years later there is only one thing that drive Juliette; revenge. She will not rest until the man responsible for all her pain, along with his sons, pays for all his sins. So she concocts a plan to make them all pay. There was just one thing she did not expect, her feelings for the youngest son, Jace, to come crashing back. If you're expecting a romance, that's not quite what you'll get here There is an undercurrent of something between Jace and Juliette, but it is merely hinted at in this book.

I can't wait to get more of these two together. I can only cross all my fingers in hopes of Lili giving them a HEA. As for the other characters Dornan Ross is one sick fuck. I did have a hard time understanding how easily some of the things that happened between him and Juliette happened.

I gotta admit, this was a tough one for me to swallow. Considering what she went through at the hands of this man, it's hard to believe she can appreciate his looks. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait for more. This was one dark, twisted, and fucked up ride.

But then again, that's how I like them. I'm a huge fan of dark and gritty, and this one is panning out to be a doozy. If you're worried about a cliffy, it's not so bad.

It was more of a chapter ending and 'to be continued' than a crazy cliffhanger, which makes it tolerable to wait for the next installment. Pictures courtesy of author at: View all 51 comments.

I knew going into this book that it would be dark and I knew all the books are shorter. Like or so pages.

To be honest this book was exactly what I thought it would be. A nice short dirty dark read with some kickass revenge. I hope her mom is included in that list of bastards getting their comeuppances. I enjoyed this read a lot. I also liked Jase and I hope he gets in on the revenge that is being served up.

View all 14 comments. Quite an enjoyable read, but with some plot inconsistencies that cannot be overlooked. Warning you now, though, this one does end on a cliffhanger and the follow up, Six Brothers, will be released in February She seeks vengeance and retribution from the sickeningly evil Dornan Ross and 3. She seeks vengeance and retribution from the sickeningly evil Dornan Ross and his seven sons after they framed her father and brutally stole her virginity.

Father AND son! Those rat turds deserve to rot in a watery grave for all I care!!! Can she trust him? My quick two cents: I thoroughly enjoyed it! ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Please note that all quotes used in pics are from an advanced copy and are subject to change in the final edition. View all 56 comments. Roosevelt Christ stars! So, I'm not normally a big fan of dark romance.

To be honest, I'm a giant chicken and it scares the shit out of me the majority of the time. But today I stood in line for twenty minutes to meet this author and listened to so many people gush about how amazing this series was. Having seen it floating around Goodreads peeps as well, I decided to give it a shot. And I am so glad I did! Sorry to Jasmine and Allison for cheating on the buddy read! Couldn't he 4 Jesus H. Couldn't help it this was awesome! At a very young ago, Julz endured a form of torture that would break most people, and it almost broke her beyond repair.

Six years later she is looking for revenge, against the man who wronged her and all of his sons who helped in. Changing her appearance and her identity, she infiltrates the compound where they live.

But pretty soon, Julz realizes she may be over her head, but it's too late to turn back now. As I said before, dark is not my usual genre but I could not put this book down!

I was hooked from the first page. Many horrifying things occurred in this book so if you are easily offended this is not the book for you. I was surprised to find it didn't bother me so much because I was reading along thinking to myself "Get your revenge Julz!! The only thing I had a teeny tiny issue with was how quickly Dornan became obsessed with "Sammi".

It seemed to happen really quickly, but since he's fuckin crazy it also makes sense. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series and kind of want a redo on meeting Lili St.

Germain so I can fangirl properly this time. View all 55 comments. Juliet aka Sam, will stop at nothing to get hers. Kill his sons. Live happily ever after. Six to go. Julz is a bad ass chick, chewed and spit out from a world where she was safe and untouched. I truly felt for Julz and wanted to make them pay myself, I wanted them to suffer and to feel the pain she felt. This is the first book in the series that ends off with thoughts of wondering what she has up her sleeve next… View all 38 comments.

Apr 03, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it it was ok Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: Yes, I absolutely would. Alright, so it's not the actual bridge, but I'm scared of heights so cut me some slack. Since the first one was free, I figured what the hell, clicked the button, and intended to not really read it any time soon.

I also figured it would be a good time to read something like Seven Sons. I don't know if "revenge" stories are suddenly the rage or what, but this is the third one I've read recently and I really kinda like 'em. Don't worry, I already warned my husband not to scorn me. Seven Sons began with the typical set-up - the MC Juliette had her In Juliette's case it was by six of Dornan Ross' seven sons and then he murdered her father as the icing on the cake.

To become the leader of the. Okay, it's actually called the Gypsy Brothers, but that's close enough. Six years have gone by, Juliette has made herself unrecognizable to her enemies, and now goes by the name of Sammi. It's her plan to infiltrate the club and seek revenge on all who did her wrong. In case you haven't already figured it out. This is a dark story. If things like rape or drug use or violence bother you, it's totally cool to add this to a never want type of list. I've said before, I have zero triggers and I kind of enjoy these stories where the girl gets to go all stabby stabby on her perpetrators.

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Now to explain the low rating. Here's the deal.

If I know a story is going to be dark and twisted and whathaveyou, I want it to be really dark and twisted and whathaveyou. I even expected that she might have to make the sexytimes with her enemies in order to gain their trust.

I don't give a shit if the guy looks like this. Your body is not going to react in a positive way without your brain being cool with it.

Then you add in the "romance. Blah, blah, blah. And maybe I would have kept reading even with the super obvious HEA that would eventually come if it weren't for a couple of things.

She slips him something in an energy drink to maybe make him have a heart attack. I knew this ended in a cliffhanger, I just wanted one like this. And 2: I know it's not my place to say how much an author should charge for a story, but it is my place to determine if I'm willing to buy it. There's no way that's going to happen. I don't believe there's enough material to keep things interesting for six more books, for one thing, and I read a book a day so I can't allow my one-clickery addiction to even contemplate sliding down a slippery slope like buying these after I was less-than-thrilled by Book 1.

No offense to Ms. Germain - you write well and I'll be interested in seeing what else you come up with now that this series is over. View all 16 comments. Mar 15, Sana rated it liked it Shelves: This book was super disappointing.

I went in expecting a badass, takes-no-shit, hateful, murderous, and extremely evil heroine, but I got none of that lmao. This also promises a forbidden romance between the MC and the son of the man that murdered her father, but there really wasn't much and I was actually grateful for that. I want the girl to get her revenge. Juliette "Sammi" was raped and beaten by Dornan Ross and his six sons at the age of They stole her virginity in the most brutal way possible and left her on the brink of death at the age of fifteen.

Two days later they murdered her father and had him framed for a crime he didn't commit. Now she's back as a brand new person, name, and identity. She's back for revenge. So she gets surgery done, changes the way she looks, changes her name and the girl she once was to someone entirely new.

She fools Dornan Ross and lives as his "baby girl," fucking him, while she plans revenge on killing him and his sons who raped her and murdered her father. It was a little disturbing the way Dornan was immediately crazy head over heels for her and letting her live with him. He was literally obsessed with Juliette and fucked her every chance he got. He's like 48 and she's 21, but he doesn't care. The guys is fucking obsessed with her body. I want him to die a horrible painful death for whatever he's done.

The story doesn't really focus on their romance, except for her having small feelings and thinking about how she loved him in the past. I'm actually glad that there wasn't much romance. Like I've probably mentioned a few times now, I wanted the girl to fucking murder those fucking bastards for what they did to her and her father.

I hated the way she ended the first and oldest sons life. I expected it to happen in a more bloody and murderous way, but sadly it was really dumb. I think she made him drink some harmful drink? She also doesn't murder him until the end of the book.

Which is quite disappointing, when I was waiting for that epic revenge scene. Even though she doesn't murder everyone throughout the book, it was still enjoyable and entertaining. I liked reading this and look forward to better revenge in the next book s. View all 5 comments.

This is a story about revenge. I've seen various mixed reviews for Seven Sons, the first book in the Gypsy Brothers series but it has all the ingredients I like in a book so I thought it was about time I checked it out for myself And I'm so very glad that I did! It was just my cuppa-darker-reading-tea.

Continuing on with the series I discovered the darker twisted path the Gypsy Brothers took me on I'm going to put my heart This is a story about revenge. I'm going to put my heart into words and say I believe the BEST order to read Lili St, Germain's books is to start at the beginning of her writing order so that's all seven Gypsy Brother novellas and then Cartel.

I honestly believe Cartel means so much more having read the later years first. A courageous heroine, a boy she used to love, who loved her back and a man who was her hero. Along with his seven sons he's responsible for ruining the innocence of a fifteen year old Juliet and destroying life as she knew it in every single way.

Dornan has an undeniable presence that women find attractive and men aspire to. This doesn't make him a good person. It makes him all the more dangerous but because of his allure he's completely charismatic on the page… I know his sins, or the ones that have been revealed so far, but I still found my reading mind wondering about him and the man beneath Is there any good in there?

My feelings about Dornan evolve and then evolve some more…. And they continued to do so throughout the entire seven sons series and then Cartel. She's courageous, fiercely determined, some would stupid others have said, no one could possibly do what she did The fact is something drives her more than fear Her greatest incentive is revenge and I totally believed the motivation for the character.

Her adrenalin drives her and keeps her fear at bay. She has an inner strength other heroines can only dream about. Her past is devastating This chilling story made me cringe, I felt repulsed.

The vile evil that one human can do to another Is Dornan an anti hero? Who would willingly place themselves in this situation? The cynic in me says, would this really happen, would someone be able to do this?

But my love of great stories outweighs this thought, as well as the heroines plausible motivation… The author completely drew me into her characters, with their actions and aspirations. So my cynicism was thrown firmly to one side… I really, really, really enjoyed the first part of this series, a series that most definitely has the promise of darker times to come.

The glimmer of a possible romance….. Seven Sons is a four star read for me but by book three this series became a completely wonderful 5 Star read. It simply got better and better and I include Cartel in that sequence. I highly recommend if you enjoy your books on the edgier side, with a dark quality to the subject matter and a main protagonist who makes challenging decisions. View all 31 comments.

Apr 08, Brandi rated it really liked it Shelves: It's intense and gritty, it's definitely not for the faint of heart. My stomach was in knots for the majority of this story. Seven Sons does not romanticize the biker world, it's a harsh slap in the face. Once I set my sights on vengeance, life made perfect sense.

At 15 Juliet's life is forever change - now after 6 years and a transformation, Sammi is ready to hand out seek retribution. Sammi's story has my mind all messed up and there were 3. Sammi's story has my mind all messed up and there were a few things that didn't work for me, but I couldn't stop reading.

It's ironic, really. That, cunning as they all are, they don't realize their judge, jury and executioner stands before them, painted in roses and ink. View all 26 comments. Germain backward, since I've started from the prequel of this one, the "Cartel" stories and the only thing that i can say is that this series are so freakin' addictive!!!

Julie was an innocent girl who in the age of fifteen paid for others mistakes!!! She was just a kid and she 've been violated in the worst way by Dornan Ross, a man that she thought a family, and his six sons!!! Dornan was her father's best friend and they were both members of the Gypsy Brothers MC But then, Dornan pissed off with John and he killed him, but before his death, he and his sons destroyed poor Juliette's innocence in every aspect!!!!

Dornan and his sons will pay for everything they done to her and her father In order to do it, she is taking extreme measures and big risks!!! And the things are not going as she was expecting, but maybe even better But what will cost for her soul??? Today my name is Juliette Portland, but tomorrow I will wake up as someone else entirely.

The only problem is Jase, Dornan's seventh son who used to be Juliette's first love!!! Will Juliette have the strength to get her revenge no matter what??? My mantra, a chant that keeps me sane in times of trepidation.

Fuck Dornan over. Send the rest to jail This was an interesting introduction to this series I loved very much Julz, since she was just an innocent child and my heart was breaking for her because of the attrocities that she had to face I'm craving her revenge I want to see all the Ross's to suffer before they will choke in their own blood Yeah, i know that I'm a little bit bloodthirsty, but believe me!!! Those fuckers deserve to die!!! Dornan is a really bad person and their sons are the same, as him!!!

My only objection is the closeness between Jules and Dornan It's difficult to witness it and i don't like it!!! But, i understand that it's the only way He is very different from them and he deserves more I'm very curious for his reactions when he realises that Sammi is his beloved Juliette!!!!

About us. After all, I might be Samantha now, but before that I was Juliette, the first girl he ever loved. It was very satisfying, but i wanted something more Chad deserved something more View all 23 comments.

Damn, that was something! I'm glad you asked. Juliette is serving death to a bunch of bastards. Nothing much really. Six years ago she lost everything; her family, her innocence and for all intents and purposes her life. Now that she has had enough time to form a plan, grow up and buy herself a complete new face and body she is ready to dish out some hurt herself. And she does it while sitting in the middle of the viper's nest. The targets? Dornan Ross and his sick sons. It's dark and twisted and not for the faint of heart.

So far, it also isn't a romance story. I can guess what the endgame will be, but for now there are no rainbows and unicorns. Actually, my guess is the things that happened in Seven Sons are just a little warm up. It probably will get a lot worse before any kind of light will appear at the end of the tunnel. I'm ready! All things considered I was surprised how the 'dark stuff' didn't really bother me too much. I'm beginning to get a little desensitised. Nothing that happened really shocked me or made me turn away in disgust.

Which is actually a bit sad and sick on my part, I guess. Because view spoiler [setting yourself up to get willingly fucked by the guy who raped you is just horrible beyond imagination. That's just dumb. Not sure if I will review every single book in the series, but I will keep you posted how things are progressing. View all 36 comments. Jan 28, Shurrn rated it liked it Shelves: Some mild spoilers and a lot of cursing in this review I was all hopped up on the description of this book.

Excited about the potential A girl fighting to avenge her father A corrupt Motorcycle Club A tragic loss of innocence plants a seed for revenge.. She will rise like a phoenix from the ashes!!!! Then I was completely let down. I'm not sure what happened with this book So many of the elements should have come together to form a great story, but something was missing.

The tragic past of Juliette Portland aka Sammi There were a ton of dark moments which reminded Julz of her mission There was some decent sex if you can get over the serious ICK factor I think it might have taken me a bit longer than usual because I can't read while rolling my eyes That was my first clue that Juliette Portland was a poor planner of revenge. That was her Plan A! Of course it doesn't take long for her to figure out that maybe she should have had a better plan But by that time I was less interested in Juliette getting her revenge, my focus was on watching the epic train wreck she was creating.

That didn't happen Unless not hating someone somehow translates to love Read at your own risk, folks. I doubt I'll be buying the next book when it comes out. View all 21 comments. I must admit that I was a bikers virgin and this is my first approach with this kind of MCs.

I assume that it won't be my last, although I am not that much into gore, so that can seriously affect me.. Nonetheless, I loved this book!! The story is quite intriguing, it's very intense and keeps me waiting for more! Now I am the one who laughs. This is a dark story of a girl who changed her identity in order to take revenge against the family who destroyed her life.If things like rape or drug use or violence bother you, it's totally cool to add this to a never want type of list.

Although bearing the seven scars across her hip made by them, she has transformed the rest of her body in hopes of infiltrating the club under disguise to kill them all. Germain Goodreads Author.

My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other

Continuing on with the series I discovered the darker twisted path the Gypsy Brothers took me on Other brothers have power of healing, power of green thumb plants , animal whisperer, and so on and so forth. Quotes from Seven Sons.

She slips him something in an energy drink to maybe make him have a heart attack. Like four pieces of advice. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Quite an enjoyable read, but with some plot inconsistencies that cannot be overlooked.