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Lyrics to 'Sun Saathiya' by Divya Kumar: Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan. Translation of 'Sun Saathiya' by Varun Dhawan from Hindi to English. Sun Sathiya Mahiya Lyrics Translation | ABCD 2 sun saathiya maahiya barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan Print Get a PDF version of this webpage PDF. Google.

Sun Saathiya Lyrics Pdf

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Lyrics In Hindi - लफ़्ज़ों का खेल · Home · Singers. A-B सुन साथिया - Sun Saathiya (Priya Saraiya, Divya Kumar, ABCD 2) Print Friendly and PDF. Sun Saathiya Song Lyrics free download pdf hindi english, listen Mp3, Watch Video, ABCD 2 Ho.. sun saathiya maahiyaBarsa de ishqa Description. Download and print the Sun Saathiya piano accompaniment sheet PDF with accurate piano notes and chords. Arranged in its original key of A.

Everyone departs to search for jobs. Suru returns to work in a bar as a waiter, Vinnie rejoins a beauty parlour and Vernon Sushant Pujari gets back as a delivery boy where, on and off, they are insulted as cheaters. The departure of angry teammates adds insult to injury, and nothing is set to be corrected.

Sun Saathiya Lyrics

Suru hopes to remove the negative tag by planning to win a grander hip-hop competition in Las Vegas. One day he watches Vishnu Prabhudeva , a rogue visitor, prove his dance mettle to a betting visitor in the bar and convinces him repeatedly to be their choreographer.

They audition for people and formulate the team. They visit the qualifiers in Bangalore, where they are pre-insulted as cheaters, but manage to win it after Vishnu begs the audience for one last chance for the team.

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Although things are fine, Suru is broken when Shetty Anna Murli Sharma , the owner of the bar where he is employed, refuses to provide him financial support extending to Rs.

However, Vishnu manages to get the money from Crocxz's Raghav Juyal uncle who he convinces, after Suru loses hope when Vishnu gets angry at his inability to arrange team funds.

Later they prepare to go to Las Vegas, but Vinod Punit Pathak , a deaf-mute dancer, learns from Vishnu himself that the latter has ulterior motives to go to Vegas, and, as a matter of fact, he had deliberately impressed Suru and friends to procure a way out for his plan. In Las Vegas they win the qualifiers. Later Vishnu leaves the hotel with team money to meet his son Manu Jineet Rath , whose mother, Swati Tisca Chopra is married to another man and has moved on in life.

Suhani at first believes that he is simply flirting with her but later, both realize that they love each other. However, Aditya's rich lifestyle and Suhani's middle-class lifestyle creates a rift between their parents.

Sun Saathiya Accompaniment Sheet

Aditya and Suhani elope and get married in a small ceremony. At first, they live in their respective homes and keep their marriage a secret. However, when a proposal comes for Suhani's elder sister, the truth comes out.

Aditya and Suhani then move to a dilapidated house and start their married life together.

Soon, marital problems threaten to drive them apart. A misunderstanding causes Suhani to think Aditya is having an affair and they get into a major argument.

Sun Saathiya Lyrics - ABCD 2 | Shraddha - Varun

Suhani then gets involved in a car accident. As she is crossing the street, a car hits her, almost fatally injuring her.

Aditya has no idea of this and waits for her to return home, happily thinking that they will patch up.

Meanwhile, Aditya discovered her in the ICU of a hospital, registered under another name and having undergone brain surgery. Suhani is in a coma. The film returns to the present, where Aditya has realized that Suhani is missing and is frantically looking for her.

It is revealed that Savitri Tabu is the one who hit Suhani with her car. Scared to own up, Savitri calls her husband, who is an IAS officer. Her husband, Yeshwant Rao Shah Rukh Khan , arrives at the hospital and tells the doctor that Suhani is his wife and he wants her operated. Aditya finds out about the incident and reaches the hospital.

Sun Saathiya Lyrics - ABCD 2 | Shraddha - Varun

Suhani falls into a coma. Yeshwant explains to Aditya, and takes the blame and tells him that he had caused the accident.

Aditya threatens Yeshwant and leaves. Savitri meets Aditya and tells him that it was she who caused the accident and she is feeling guilty. The two shed tears together until Yeshwant comes and picks her up. Soon, Suhani regains consciousness. Aditya runs in and expresses the pain and suffering he went through in the hours of separation.

Suhani also expresses her own love and feelings for him. The film ends as Aditya and Suhani finally makeup and they hug each other on the hospital bed. There are 9 songs composed by A. Rahman and lyrics by Gulzar. Rahman re-used all of his compositions from the soundtrack of the Tamil film Alaipayuthey , with the exception of two songs, "Mere Yaar Mila De" and "Naina Milaike" which replaced their Tamil counterparts "Evano Oruvan" and "Alaipayuthey".

The soundtrack turned out to be one of the strong points of the film. Saathiya won most of the music awards, though having tough competition. According to the Indian trade website Box Office India , with around 20,00, units sold, this film's soundtrack album was the year's second highest-selling.

Saathiya won six awards at the Filmfare Awards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Saathiya Theatrical release poster. Madras Talkies Yash Raj Films.

Box Office India. The Times of India.

Retrieved 24 May Archived from the original on 15 February Retrieved 25 July Archived from the original on 15 February Retrieved Saathiya Hindi: Languages Add links. She is married to the musician Jigar Saraiya of the music duo Sachin-Jigar , also her most frequent collaborators for Bollywood songs.

Album of the Year. Reviews, News — India Today. In Las Vegas they win the qualifiers.