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List Of A to Z Synonyms-Antonyms with Hindi Meaning in pdf. List 1. List of Synonyms-Antonyms (A to F) · List of Synonyms-Antonyms(G to O) · List of. Synonyms-Antonyms list with Hindi Meaning. Word. शब्द. Synonyms. Antonyms. Abandon. त्याग देना. Give up, Reject, Renounce,. Drop, Desert, Quit. Synonyms And Antonyms List with Hindi meaning-Hello Readers Competitive exams की तैयारी जो छात्र कर रहे हैं उनके लिए हमने.

Synonyms List With Hindi Meaning Pdf

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List of Antonyms and Synonyms With Hindi Meaning - Download as Word Doc . doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. List of Antonyms and. Important Synonyms (with Hindi Meaning) for SSC Exams PDF Download. download, ssc, Click Here to Download Synonyms for SSC Exams in PDF. Read Best Synonyms questions for Upcoming SSC-CGL Pre Exam , List of English Synonyms for SSC MTS Exam , Synonyms best gk quiz with hindi.

Embody verb : Be an expression of or give a visible or tangible form to an idea, quality or feeling Synonyms: Represent, Epitomize Antonyms: Conceal, Exclude Example: A national team that embodies patriotic zeal and skill can win laurels both on and off the field in any sports. Synonym: Awkward, clumsy, inconvenient Sentence: His prose can be cumbersome, to say the least Foster verb : Encourage the development of something especially something desirable. Synonym: Encourage, promote, further, stimulate.

Antonym: Block, cease, discourage. Sentence: Maritza Morales has been a foster parent for over 10 years, typically to one girl at a time. Fraught Adjective : causing or affected by anxiety or stress, filled with something undesirable Synonym: charge, filled, replete Antonym: calm Sentence: For a company running into huge losses, it is fraught with danger to introduce new products in the market.

Dormant adjective : Having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time; in or as if in a deep sleep. Synonym: Sleeping, slumbering, resting, Antonym: Active, alert, awake Sentence: Grass turning brown is actually a defence mechanism, which allows them to lie dormant until rains revive them.

Dismantle verb : Take a machine or structure to pieces. Adept adjective : Very skilled or proficient at something Synonym: Capable, deft, proficient, skilled Antonym: Incapable, incompetent, ignorant Sentence: Cassel adept at learning on the fly. Impute verb : Represent something, especially something undesirable as being done or possessed by someone. Synonym: Assign, blame, lay Antonym: Defend, guard, help, protect Sentence: India is committed to respect the religious and cultural beliefs of its people and it will be inappropriate to impute any other considerations to this decision.

Reliant Adjective : having or showing dependence on something Synonyms: Confident, Dependent, susceptible, subservient Antonyms: Disbelieve, Disregard, Ignore Sentence: The whole team is too much reliant on the skipper to score runs in the slog over of a match. Fall —— Drop September had come and the leaves were starting to fall. The climber slipped and dropped to his death.

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False —— Untrue He used a false name to get the job. These accusations are totally untrue. Famous —— Renowned He became internationally famous for his novels. She is renowned for her patience.

Fantastic —— Great The weather was absolutely fantastic. This represents a great achievement.

She walked with short, quick steps. Father —— Dad He was a wonderful father to both his natural and adopted children.

Examples of Synonyms

Find —— Discover Can you find my bag for me? Police discovered a large stash of drugs while searching the house. Could you mend my bike for me?

Fool —— Idiot He told me he was an actor and I was fool enough to believe him. When I lost my passport, I felt such an idiot. The policy prohibits smoking on school grounds.

Chemical weapons are banned internationally. She was pardoned after serving ten years of a life sentence. She is his daughter from a previous marriage. We spent part of the time in the museum. The central portion of the bridge collapsed. She cleaned a small segment of the painting.

Fragrance —— Perfume They are about to launch their first fragrance for men. She was wearing too much perfume. Frank —— Candid He was very frank about his relationship with the actress. I felt she was being less than candid with me. Freedom —— Liberty People here like their freedom and privacy.

The concept of individual liberty is enshrined in the constitution. Her eyes blazed with fury. His face was dark with rage. The house was left unused for most of the year.

Have you read her new novel? I get a lot of enjoyment from music.

Someone could have been hurt. It was a very entertaining evening. Furious —— Angry She was absolutely furious at having been deceived. Her behavior really made me angry. She has acquired a good knowledge of English. I finally managed to obtain a copy of the report. I was only trying to be chivalrous.

Will someone take out the trash? The streets were littered with rubbish. Gather —— Collect His supporters gathered in the main square.

The company collects information about consumer trends. He had long scrawny fingers. She had wild hair and long skinny arms. He was tall and thin, with dark hair. Gentle —— Tender He lived in a gentle age than ours. What he needs now is a lot of tender loving care. Gift —— Present The watch was a gift from my mother. What can I get him for a birthday present?

200 words VOCABULARY with meanings, Sentence

She was very pleased with her exam results. I was delighted that you could stay. He felt bright and cheerful and full of energy. It was a joyful reunion of all the family. Good —— Excellent The piano was in good condition.

She speaks excellent French. People were arriving in great numbers. Synonyms H Learn synonyms list that start with H with synonyms examples.

He is wearing a baseball cap. Help —— Assist He always helps with the housework.

We will assist you in finding somewhere to live. Hot —— Boiling It was hot and getting hotter. You must be boiling in that sweater! House —— Home He went into the house.

We are not far from my home now. Synonyms List I Learn list of synonyms that start with I with synonyms examples. Idea —— Thought I like the idea of living on a boat. Important —— Significant Money played an important role in his life.

Your work has shown a significant improvement. Infant —— Baby She was seriously ill as an infant. Inspect —— Examine The plants are regularly inspected for disease. The doctor examined her but could find nothing wrong.

Interesting —— Exciting It would be interesting to know what he really believed. They waited and waited for something exciting to happen.

Synonyms J Learn synonyms list that start with J with synonyms examples. Please state your name, age and occupation below. He had a very distinguished career in the Foreign Office. Jungle —— Forest The area was covered in dense jungle. Thousands of hectares of forest are destroyed each year. Keep —— Hold She keeps the blue bear as a souvenir.

Synonyms L Learn list of synonyms that start with L with synonyms examples. They find each other in the final chapter of the book. We will accept ultimate responsibility for whatever happens. The law is often tardy in reacting to changing attitudes. Laugh —— Giggle She always makes me laugh. The girls giggled at the joke. My brother studied at the Royal College of Art.

If you love each other, why not get married? Thanks for a great evening. I really enjoyed it. I prefer my coffee black.

Listen —— Hear I listened carefully to her story. He could hear a dog barking.

Long —— Endless There was a long silence before she spoke.Here are the keywords you might be looking for: Synonym antonym, antonyms dictionary, antonym antonym, synonym antonym dictionary, antonyms, synonyms antonyms, synonyms antonym, english synonyms antonyms, synonyms antonym finder, synonym antonym List synonym antonym dictionary download, synonym antonym dictionary for android, synonym antonym dictionary english, synonym antonym dictionary apk, english synonym antonym list, gre antonym synonym list, synonym antonym dictionary This application is useful for : sarkari naukari.

Disruptive adjective : Causing or tending to cause disruption Synonym: disturbing, rowdy, troublesome, unruly Antonym: calming, disciplined, soothing Sentence: Bringing a disruptive technological innovation in the market is never easy for a startup company in the present era of fierce competition in every field.

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Reliant Adjective : having or showing dependence on something Synonyms: Confident, Dependent, susceptible, subservient Antonyms: Disbelieve, Disregard, Ignore Sentence: The whole team is too much reliant on the skipper to score runs in the slog over of a match. Demonstrate —— Protest They are demonstrating in favor of free higher education. I was only trying to be chivalrous.

What can I get him for a birthday present? Unexceptional etc.